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on 15 March 2017
Nice game, good graphics interesting story
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on 8 April 2017
is a good game and all the gea that is included is cool to the bonus ingame stuff makes it so much better on top of it all
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on 10 March 2011
When i brought this item i received a free compendium with it which was in rather good condition, The statue's arm had come off but i easily just stuck it back on with super glue, anyway the game was sealed with no scratches it also came with a mouse pad, a pack of playing cards, 3 in-game codes and in-game quest, a bonus dvd, the statue and a map of antaloor.

The gameplay is a bit confusing and takes a bit of getting used to, The magic system is quite good as you can mix certain cards to get certain effects, The alchemy system is rather good, like you can only put 10 items in the cauldron such as put 5 lot's of 2 items, but to make really good potions you usually have to put 8 of 1 item in and add 2 power or duration increasers, The fighting is rather easy as it's basically just hold left trigger to block and use the right trigger to attack, or block then after getting hit do the right trigger to counter, Also you get 3 weapon sets to use as you please, The main game is in chapter's and there's about 3-4 in total but you can go back to places to do missions you missed earlier or just to buy stuff.

The online play is rather good, you can play online with other players, although you have to create another character to play online, to play village mode you need 10,000 auras (auras is in-game currency) to start it with which you can easily get by going through the online multiplayer mode adventure, These are the multiplayer modes as follows Capture the crystal, Adventure mode, Deathmatch mode, Village mode, or if you wanna play on your own in adventure, just set the game as private and then play until your hearts content. And i think this pretty much covers it all.
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on 3 March 2012
The game is good, it's a RPG with a lot of hours of fun (50 or more the 1st time you play it doing all the side-quest). The configuration of sound more likely for spanish people is with voices in english and subtitles in spanish. The game begins good. The voices matches the subtitles in the 1st island, only a few times it doesn't. In the 2nd island begins all the mess: I don't know if the people in charge of subtitles were bored or what, the thing is that some random guy could speak a lot in the videogame, telling important things about the quest and in the subtitles only say "aaah, ok". It's repeated in almost all the dialogues in the 2nd island, which is very annoying because you know something important is being explained for the amount of things the character is telling and the subtitles doesn't say it.
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on 28 March 2011
I would like to start by saying that this game is excellent and is well worth buying. For those who can't be bothered reading long reviews that's all you need to know. For those who like to know a little more then please read on.
The critics would have you believe that the spell system is difficult, unexplained and non - sensical. Absolute hogwash. It is relitively complex compared to some other games but if you are unable to grasp simple concepts like "add missile type to fire card with a damage card creates a fire missile that damages a target with fire" then you really shouldn't be playing a RPG - stick to COD! Anyone who likes games such as Oblivion will have no trouble at all using spells and alchemy - which is fairly similar - add item that grants fire resistance with item that extends time and an item that strenghtens a potion and you get a strong fire resistance potion that lasts a while (I hate to say it but the reviewers that couldn't work these systems out must have been pretty dense). The spell and alchemy systems are simply excellent and well worth experimenting with, even if you do accidentally create a black hole centered on yourself and promptly die as everything not nailed down in the vicinity bludgeons you to a pulp! (actually happened to me)
Any trouble with poor fighting and animations I'm guessing must have been patched as combat is very tactile and full on. Every hit is felt.
The enemy AI is fine. They will try to swarm and surround you, trying to negate any defensive skill you may have while blocking your attacks if they can. Kind of what you expect an enemy force to do really!
The voice acting is hilarious and although it does glitch often (huge pauses between words or sentences cut short) it really detracts not one bit. There are some graphic glitches as there are in every game in existence but these in now way spoil the fun. In fact, smacking a rhino into a tree only to have it get caught up in said tree just adds to the fun most of the time. And my favourite - hitting a skeleton so hard that it bounces off the floor and flies through the tunnel roof and disappears. Things like that I'd happily see as deliberate graphical events.
As most reviews agree on, the skill system is great. Some impatient types may not like having to find or buy the initial skills, but again I say go play COD then. This is a game where you must progress your character, not have EVERYTHING given to you you get the essentials given for free to start with so stop complaining).
Overall this game will keep you playing for weeks, if not longer, on single player alone. If you are eagerly anticipating Skyrim then do yourself a favour and buy this. You will not regret it
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on 13 July 2011
For those who want to know what the royal editions contend:-

+Hand-painted ''Cassara'' figurine appr. 27cm includes base,
+Playing cards (55 peice set
+hardcover Art Book (72 pages)
+bonus disc with Soundtrack
+Double-sided Antaloor map poster
+4 exclusive In-Game Items such as weaponary and armour etc

I hope this helps those who are thinking of purchasing this edition all i can say to you is, if your a collector then this is a lovely item to own the actual box is huge, which i wasnt expecting, all in all im very happy i bought this, and id also like to add that amazon got this item delivered to me within 2days of purchasing, brilliant stuff..
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on 4 March 2013
Great tradicional rpg experience mixed with lots of free exploration.
You can customize the appearance of your character from the begining and after a short development of the story-line, your free to roam almost anywhere on the world map or continue progressing through the main quests.
The game also features a multiplayer gameplay, seperate from the singleplayer game. with renewed objectives, you really can expect lots of hours of entertainement from this game!
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on 1 March 2013
Great colletor's edition that has to offer many collectible things such as a mouse pad,the map of the game,playing cards and a nice rpg adventure to spend long hours of gameplay
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on 14 June 2013
have not played the game, but the conditions and includes are awesome. this game is in my play list after finishing skyrim.
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on 7 December 2012
A great pack, really surprised me with so many stuff in it, the game itself could be better but still worth the money.
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