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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£35.24 - £37.99
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on 24 May 2011
After playing Dirt 2 for 30+ hours i was really looking forward to dirt 3. There wasn't much hype so i wasn't sure what to make of it but after receiving it yesterday and having played it now for 4 hours i am very impressed. First to start off with the gameplay:

GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10

The handling of the cars are solid and alot better than other titles this year e.g. shift 2. The variety of events, from rally to Gymkhana, are a lot of fun. I am very pleased that it has focused alot on the rally events as that was after all the place where Colin Mcrae became a household name. From dirt tracks to snow tracks the game is consistent in handling and the overall fun of each type of event. The only thing i can criticise is the limited amount of cars but the racing element overshadows this.


From sunset to snow flurries, Dirt 3 looks beatiful. The dirt getting lifted from the road while you are flying down the road at top speed looks even better than it did on Dirt 2. The background detail e.g. buildings, look just as good as they do on any other modern racer and the cockpit looks fantastic. While you are in cockpit view the environment looks beatiful and it looked that good I almost crashed on my first race taking in the scenery.

SOUND: 9/10

Voice acting very clear and easy to understand just like previous Dirt titles. However it does get boring after a while but you will probably be too gripped by the racing to even pay attention. Details like the crunching of packed snow and skidding onto tarmac sound solid and the sound of the engines on different cars is very well executed.

LENGTH: 9/10

The tour mode provides an excellent amount of events i'd guess it will probably last about 10-12 hours and after you have completed the tour mode the multiplayer should keep you hooked as flying through tracks to beat your friends and setting new time records will surely keep you playing for the future.

SOUND: 9.0

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on 25 May 2011
So I'll start by saying I was a massive fan of Dirt 2. Unlike almost every other racing game I have played, it didn't become unplayable as you rose through the ranks and the cars got faster. The tracks didn't become so difficult to navigate you couldn't enjoy them, and the AI remained fair and balanced throughout. Dirt 2 is one of only two games I have achieved a Platinum trophy on. I loved it through and through.

So my hopes for Dirt 3 were huge. I wanted more of everything and to have everything finessed to perfection. Codies have such pedigree with games I was almost drooling with anticipation!

Enter Dirt 3, then, after what seems like an eternity of waiting. I plug in my DFGT wheel and steady myself...

GRAPHICS: They're nothing short of astounding. Not just because they look pretty - and my goodness they look pretty - but because everything that should collapse when you drive into it collapses. Water flows and splashed like real water, snow like real snow. The cars take damage so realistically it puts all other racers to shame and the whole look of the game is just sublime. I have to mention the lighting in this game too, as they've turned everything down to a more realistic level, giving each track its own personality. The overcast skies of Finland and the burning red sunsets of Kenya. It's almost enough to put you off as you barrel down a narrow, winding road at 120mph.

HANDLING: So I played Dirt 2 to death, I've learned a lot. I crank Dirt 3 up to Advanced where all assists are off and the AI has one thing on its mind... winning. I tried this in other racers (notably NFS: Shift) and laughed at how poorly the cars handled and how aggressive the AI became. No so in Dirt 3. These are professional rally cars and they handle wonderfully with or without assists. The assists are there if you need them, but they're not there to fix poor handling issues. The cars in Dirt 3 are fast, agile and above all predictable. My first race I came last. Second attempt, last again. Then sixth. Then fourth. Then after some effort, first place. Each time I felt I wasn't turning early enough, or late enough, or I didn't approach the corner properly, braked too hard or too late - basically it was my fault I wasn't finishing in first place, not the car's. As I practised I better understood the weight of the car, how it reacted when I threw it into reverse lock, accelerating out of trouble. It's absolutely wonderfull straight out of the box. I haven't needed to changed the wheel options at all.

PRESENTATION: I loved Dirt 2's presentation so I'm a little sad to see a menu system more like GRID than Dirt 2. Still, it has all the bells and whistles and is very easy to navigate. Back are the nicknames and first names (if you have a common name it will call you by name "Hello Matt"). The voice acting is a little dry, but it's nice to have and keeps everything flowing together nicely.

Right, that's enough. There's so much more I could say about this game, but these are the important things for me. Handling and looks. It scores a solid 10/10 for both from me. I can't wait to get back behind the wheel.
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on 30 May 2011
Great graphics, sound, and control of the car. Nice to see more rallying in this Dirt series. Overall an enjoyable game, BUT!, Dirt 3 has missed many opportunities to being a AAA rally game. Codemasters claim 60% is rally. The problem is a large majority of the tracks are less then 2mins long, with almost half in snowy conditions - this becomes very tedious. The loading screens feel longer then the actual races!!. Due to this you end up feeling your playing mini sections of one large circuit, rather then, a full course of the whole rally circuit. Many well known tracks from around the world are also missing.

Dirt 3 STILL refuses to let go of Americanism and X-Sports; thats still annoying as ever!!! WHY! because it feels as if Dirt 3 is trying to please the Tony Hawks fans by stripping away the deeper rules, customization, race immersion of what rallying is about. Simply to appeal to the arcade 'RESPECT' gaming crowd. The whole rallying experience has been simplified and stripped compared from previous deeper gameplay mechanics from CMR 1&2 on XBOX1, eg: Limited-time preparation getting your car ready for next race by repairing the damage you caused from previous rally race, looking forecast for weather and condition on track to set-up car for next race, season tables, longer tracks, more realistic damage condition to car performance..etc. Dirt 3 misses many important rally features inc the necessity car customization, as it is rarely needed now, as Dirt 3 default setting does everything for you!. Car damage that effects the car is lessoned and is more eye-candy rather then mechanical. This making driving less skill based and more carefree with less worry damaging the car (no tyre wear or damage, engine/gear damage really takes a lot of beating to effect the car, lights never damage, don't have to worry about fixing you car for next race!). All this takes away the feeling of pushing the risk/reward play involved in rally driving. The whole feeling of being a rally driver has been over casualized - you're rallying one minute then doing X-Sports the next!. You don't feel part of a team that needs to succeed, or feel the need to care for the car you drive. Cars are also to easily available and with no threat of getting thrown out the tournament due to carelessly damaging your car. The menu screens are again too BLING for my liking.

Dirt 3 while less Americanized (thankfully!) then Dirt 2. It still misses the essence, excitment, danger of what rally is about. It feels it's been stripped back from previous CM-R games and seems to be drifting more towards trying to be everything by adding silly X-sports, and less about proper real rally, with proper racing conditions. I just hope upcoming FIA Championship Rally will bring a proper deeper rally game, rather then a bit of everything game and Americanism.
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on 25 May 2011
As a bit of a veteran at rally based games I waited for this with eagerness, particulalry after the dissapointing WRC game launched last year.

Not since the WRC 4 and Colin mCrae 2005 has a rally game delivered like this in my opinion - admittedly I only managed to play it for a couple of hours on the day of release - but it made an awesome impression straight out of the box.

Handling is fantastic, the steering is quite sensitive but it took me only a couple of time trial runs through a stage to adjust to it - really feels like the physics of actually driving a rally car, unsettling the rear of the car, off throttle braking etc etc - simply brilliant.

Graphics are excellent too - much much better than the WRC game and even contain little details like wildlife running across the track and people moving about - excellent.

The best thing about the game for me is the sounds - as a regular rally spectator i can tell you that the replication of the engine sounds is so accurate its amazing - and with the variety of cars on offer this is a real plus point if you are a rallying fan.

There are im sure lots of other things to discover as more game play is made, but some of the small touches like the scences with cars queueing up at the stage start really hit the button.

Obviously this review is quite biased towards the rally element of the game, but the other areas of the game, rallycross, raid etc are equally as good.

Only small negative at this stage - loading times and annoying voices offering advice between events.

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on 17 August 2011
I have played recent games before Dirt 3 such as Gran Turismo 5 and Shift 2 and found them not to be as good as they hyped up. Gran Turismo 5 had incredible detail but was very boring at times and repetitive whilst Shift 2 had a great collection of cars (huge fan of FIA GT1 and GT3) but too aggressive and the handling was quite annoying at times. However, I think Dirt 3 is one of the best racing games this year.

+ Excellent choice of cars and tracks. Something for everyone and much better choice than Dirt 2 (especially the cars!).
+ Menu is modern and sleek.
+ Graphics are really good.
+ Sound of the cars are spot on, much better than Gran Turismo 5. Sound of tyres crunching on snow and gravel and spectators shouting are nice little touches to the realism of a rally.
+ Handling is perfect, it is manageable unlike Shift 2 at times.
+ Plenty of disciplines to choose from the old fashioned rally to the newer Gymkhana which is better than I thought. Online these disciplines are available as well as the light hearted 'Party' modes.
+ DLC's are not too bad, nice choice of cars and tracks.

- Youtube uploader only 30 seconds. Would be better if it was longer so I could upload a FULL rally, not just a bit of it.
- Commentators a bit cheesy at times but there has been worse (ahem Shift 2!).
- Frame rate not as quick as other games, does slow down a bit when there is a lot happening at once (noticed this a few times in multiplayer and single player).
- Being very picky here but surprised there is no 2011 Citroen DS3 WRC or another S2000 car to choose. Maybe a DLC for the future?

Overall, I enjoy this game very much because it is so much fun and great to play. Well done Codemasters for bringing back more rally and all the best for the Golden Joystick Awards! :)

P.S Pleased with the company who dispatched my product. It was prompt and there were no problems. Thank you Amazon! :)
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on 27 June 2011
I love driving games. Codemasters used to make the best on the last gen consoles, Toca race driver 3 being my favourite. This could have been brilliant, but it's too watered down and it has way to many problems for me to recommend it. Here's the pros and cons I've come across so far.
Cars handle really well.
Works brilliant with my DFGT wheel
Plenty of car type. Vintage, group b, hillclimb etc.

Not nearly enough proper stages. These are the best part of the game, but you don't come across them nearly enough in career mode. And they're really short too.
Gymkhana. This is a sort of add on that you should be able to play about with in your own time. Instead they made it into part of the game. One of many sad attempts of trying to make the game "cool". It's basically skidding your car in circles.
That sad sad voiceover between races. Codemasters should release a patch ASAP to just block it out. I've read lots of reviews and have been on a good few messageboards and haven't heard anything positive about this. It's a pathetic attempt of trying to make the game "cool"
Gymkhana. This is so bad it deserves to be mentioned twice. Do a skid around a lampost. Drive through some boxes. Shocking that they included this.
DLC. Think it's expected from codemasters at this stage. Why not include it in the price of the game?

For all the bad things about this game its still great to do a proper rally stage. The graphics are great, cars feel and handle great, you can counter steer around a corner and control it with the accelerator nicely. The attempt to make it "xtream: to the max" has failed miserably. If they just created a rally game like the old Colin McRae with 7 or 8 countries with 8 or 9 stages in each it would have been brilliant. With all the cars in the game just throw in the odd classic rally for bonus points or something. If they did that I'd be playing the game right now.
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on 22 March 2015
I bought this for the PS3 with high hopes, but they were unfulfilled. Loading menus and events takes forever and there is no way of turning off the annoying voices of the commentators who patronise and generally talk rubbish at you, so you spend more time staring at a lifeless screen and waiting for them to shut the hell up than actually driving. When you do get to choose a car for an event you will find that you have to pay extra for many of them as the game is missing tons of available content - including events.

I use a Fanatec wheel and pedals, not a joypad, so my experience will be very different to that of a joypad gamer. I knew I was buying an arcade game rather than a racing sim, but even so it's really not very good at all. It's very difficult to get the cars to oversteer on most of the tracks, even using the Scandinavian Flick and the handbrake doesn't help much. This came as quite a surprise especially on the group B cars... or at least the few Group B cars that come included in the price of the game, rather than the ones you have to pay again for. One exception is the Smelter venue where you can almost believe you are Tiff Needell, but it's a miserable and depressing place.

The replay camera is annoying and has very limited options and you will keep getting nagged to buy the VIP Pass so you can upload your replays to Youtube... whoopie.

Along with GT6 and FM5 this is just more of the usual rubbish designed to get you to part with your money. I'm so glad I bought it secondhand.

Do yourself a favour and get Assetto Corsa for the PC if you want a truly great driving sim.
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on 15 June 2011
Had this pre ordered for release day and was looking forward to it immensely as someone who had previously played the whole Codemasters rally series from the initial McRae game though to the Dirt games.

Codemasters promised us much improved physics, the game drives pretty much identically to Dirt 2.

Codemasters told us the emphasis was back on rallying and the game was 60% rallying! Really? Because it certainly doesn't seem it to me.

This game is just Dirt 2 with less depth, shorter tracks, a change of car line up, the addition of a ridiculous menu system (what are those triangles all about?????) and loading screens which seem to take an eternity, probably because of the stupid menu system and the need to show a car sliding every time it loads a new screen up.

Only plus side really is the ability to use the Opel Manta and the graphics/audio are very good (excluding the lawnmower engine sound of the Mk2 Escort DLC), it's OK but not really any movement onwards from 2.

Even Colin McRae Rally 2.0 had more depth and longer stage to it and that was over 10 years ago now.

If your looking for a rally game save yourself some money and get Dirt 2.
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on 11 May 2013
A welcomed change from the repetitive previous releases by Codemasters. I enjoyed the original Colin McRae rally games but after a bit each release became pretty much the same just slightly better graphics. I still love the originals ( Colin McRae 1 & 2 not the Dirt series) but this is very good too.
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on 25 July 2011
For me Dirt 1 was excellent but Dirt 2 was a step backwards now Dirt 3 has taken a big leap forwards in the right direction.


This is what I like most about Dirt 3 is it actually has more rallying than the last two games. Similar to the rallying in the previous games but theirs more tracks and some are in the snow or at night time.

Dirt Tour:

This is where you go to do the game and unlock everything. It's a bit annoying having those two commentators talking to you all the time and begging you to upload your lap onto Youtube. I also dislike the whole menu system it's cool at first but seeing the same thing fly about time after time gets annoying.

Anyway onto the Dirt Tour basically you do all type of events and work your way up the career ladder to become the best driver in the world. As you move onto the next level the races get harder and harder. The things I disliked about the Dirt Tour is those Ken Block stunt thing smashing gates and doing spins not really my thing but some people will love doing the stunts and stuff.

Graphics & Handling:

This game is beautifully made with great graphics and detail every single track and car have been carefully made to fit the real thing. The car handling is also realistic however no real change from the previous games but that doesn't matter because they have it spot on anyway.


Improvements have been made here. I can get into games quicker than the previous one. Just like Dirt 2 you earn XP and level up online as well. I am in a clan and every week we meet up on Dirt 3 to race it's great fun however we noticed you can only get 8 people into the lobby this isn't great for big clans or a large bunch of friends to meet up online. Another great thing added to Dirt 3 is games. One is called 'Outbreak' basically someone is randomly infected and you have to hit every single car and infect them all. Their are a few other type of games and there all fun.

Graphics and Detail.
More rallying.
Improvements to multiplayer.
More tracks.
Snow and night time added.
Updated cars.

Over done menu system.
Annoying commentators on dirt tour.
Some cars that came with the game in Dirt 1 and 2 you have to buy off the PSN store to get them in Dirt 3.
Only 8 people in one lobby online.
Lap record ghosts are obviously been hacked I downloaded a lap record ghost I could see the car and they stopped then disappeared then reappear near the finish and their time is 20 seconds or something quicker than the guy who has the real quickest more realistic record lap. I wish Codemasters would delete these times.


I love it how they have added more tracks and concentrated on bringing rallying back to where it should be with night time added and snow tracks as well. A great game with excellent graphics and detail with online more to offer than ever before.
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