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on 7 April 2011
i own the zx3. so when kodak said they where bringing out another waterproof camera with macro i couldnt wait to see what it was like.
it is alot like all the other kodak camcorders. it records in the following:
WVGA, 720p 30 and 60 FPS, 1080p
it also has a 5 megapixel camera option on it.
it has 4 extra colour effects which are good if the mood strikes.
normal, High Saturation, 70's film, Black and white and Sepia
it also has the glare shield which the zx3 has. the difference with the zx5 is it has a sensor which change's the screen automaticaly. i have tried it and it works very well.
i found the low light to be better than the zx3. the 60fps low light was really good.
it has an internal battery which some people dont like. i thought it would be a problem to but after having the zx5 for nearly a week i havent even noticed the internal battery.
you can record 2 hours and 35 mins in 720p at 30fps. which is better than the zx3.
you can edit the video on the camera its self and then press the share button to upload it on to facebook, youtube and other sites. you also have the arcsoft software that comes with the camera.
the zx5 has water correction which i would ashume works the same as the H20 setting on the zx3. the underwater video is a lot better than the zx3. it is very clear and the autofocus works very well underwater.
here is some underwater tests using both cameras:


some people have said about the zx5 having bad audio. i have had a lot of pocket HD camcorders and some of them had bad sound others have had really good sound. to me the sound is ok. i would admit that the zx3 has slightly better sound but to me the zx5's sound is ok.
here is a sound test which was done. i dont think the sound is that bad.

kodak have said that the zx3 will be discountinued soon. which means that the zx5 will take its place. i think that the zx5 has a lot to offer. the zx3 has some huge shoes to fill but it also has had its issues to.
the only issues i have found so far are that there is a background noise when using the camera underwater. also sometimes when you move the camera infront of the sun you get a bronze flash on the screen. some times the autofocus tries to focus behind you when there is nothing there. its not as bad as the sony bloggie cm5 but it is there.
i do like the zx5 and i have really enjoyed using it. i dont find the sound an issue and having used the zx5 for nearly a week i havent had any problems with the internal battey.
at the end of the day you have to make up your mind what you want and what camcorder fits those needs.
here are some pros and cons for the zx3 and zx5:
ZX3 Pros:

Cheaper. better sound. removable battery.


soon to be discontinued. zoom has problem. low light is grainy. some have green pixels in low light. low light not so good. records 1 hour and 20mins per charge

ZX5 Pros:

has macro. has auto focus. better underwater video capture. battery records 2 and a half hours per charge. zoom is better. video quality is better. has special colour effects. low light is better. its dust proof, water proof and shock proof.


slight background noise when underwater. bronze flash sometimes on sunny days. autofocus can sometimes jump. which means it goes out of focus for a couple of seconds.

so there you go. i really like my zx5 and i think i will be using it alot more than the old zx3. i hope this has helped.
for more videos and reviews check out Chrisc74 on youtube.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2012
Considering the size of the tiny lens on this thing it's not good for anything beyond making 'fun' videos. I guess that's why they call it a PlaySport. The sound quality is terrible, with a horrible whining noise marring everything. You'll have to dub your own sounds over it or just mute the clips. It shoots in 1080p but the resolution, while not bad, will not look good on a screen larger than an ordinary laptop. If you're going on holiday and want to shoot stuff around the swimming pool or beach then go for it. Though I must warn you that the flaps on the side which contain the memory card are very flimsy, and might pop open underwater (and ruin the camera) if you are not careful. Lots of light is needed to make the image quality acceptable, so sunny holidays are definitely the time and place for this device.
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on 11 July 2012
I purchased a Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera from amazon last week as we had a few important events coming up. Firstly at the weekend my daughter had her first swimming class and it would be a great opportunity to get some videos. Also my wife was due with the birth of my son and i wanted to get some important moments from the event.
The first morning i tested the video camera, we took some videos in the house and the camera took some pictures and videos then i noticed that it would not turn on or off. I pressed the reset button and when we next turned it back on, some of the pictures were missing. I thought that i would give it a chance, formatted the card and started again.
That night I took a lovely video of my daughter, over 7 minutes. When it came time to download the video, it would not export, and i was also unable to view it on the camera. In fact all 5 videos that I had taken would not play on the camera and were corrupt.
The next day, after a full reboot of the camera and a further format of the card, followed by using my macbookpro rather than the old white macbook, i thought i would try once more. I also checked for a firmware update to see if these issues were rectified and despite many similar storys online, no firmware has been released since 2011. As i had no choice but to use the camera as my wife went in to labour that night, i hoped that the teething troubles had gone.
This was not the case and over half the videos i took on the night and the day after my son's birth are unreadable. Some are able to be displayed on the camera, some not. None are exportable with iphoto or the bundled software. Massively disappointed, i organised a returns label to amazon. While putting it in the box i noticed a large leaflet for me to stop and contact kodak before i return the item.
I emailed Kodak who replied to me saying that as I bought it on amazon, I may as well return it to them. Not a great apology or voucher offering for all the hassle their cack product had caused me. So with no other option I returned it to amazon. I got a full refund.
The product, was designed with excellence and intelligence. It's underwater performance was amazing and all the videos I made with it were beautiful. Indoor ones were a little grainy at times and you have to be aware of your positioning and sources of light, but if this product was not let down by the poor quality software it would have been amazing. I have given it two stars because I hope my issues are fairly infrequent occuring amongst all the cameras out there, however with the other reviews of people having the same issues as i had, it makes me wonder if it not a wider problem.

I am not sure what you could do in my case as this camera is pretty useless as a camera, but i thought i should let you know. I love the idea, i love the form factor, but i hate being let down.
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on 28 June 2015
A good pocket video recorder. Picks up colours and lighting pretty well outdoors. Indoors it's slightly worse but still bearable. No flash and the macro is okay but nothing special.

Also ideal for small YouTube videos including vlogs and song covers but not too much more than that. Easy to use with buttons that don't wear out too easily.
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on 25 April 2013
Used for two Centre Parcs holidays. We now have fantastic photos and videos of our children in the pool and used it on the water slides too, it is very hardy (we've dropped it several times!).

The quality of the photos and video footage really surprised us. Excellent value for money.
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on 7 September 2017
Great small size camera - I gave as a present and it has been well used. Takes short videos - convenient size to take out or on holiday.
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on 19 November 2014
Best camera I have had.
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on 14 April 2011
Fantastic Video Camera but does not work with Class 10 SDHC Memory Cards. After frustrating time on the Phone to Kodak they admitted that it does not work with Class 10 SDHC Cards. Firmware upgrade may resolve this issue later when its available. Their documentation states Class 4 or higher, in the enclosed documentation and on their website, as class 10 is higher than class 4 I assumed that it would be OK. But evidently not. Kodak say that it will work with Class 6 and 8 with no known issues. Thought I would play safe and have purchased 2 off 16G Class 4 Cards and they work fine. Each card gives just over 2.5 hrs of 1080p video. Great little Video Camera but just be aware of the SDHC Card issues mentioned.
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on 5 December 2011
Got this to go kayaking with, initial response is that it's good. Easy to use good pics in good light. Will update when i have given it some use......... This review has been cut down by amazon, i had posted that i tried the panasonic first as i luv those cameras but the touch screen on the panasonic for me was unuseable. Shame as i luv Panasonic.
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on 30 November 2011
I bought this fantastic little camera just for a second camcorder to my main camera to get some extra angles and for some underwater footage.
Being so tiny and so cheap I wasn't expecting anything too great, however I was very pleasantly surprised!
The great thing about this camera is it's so tiny - about the size of a mobile phone, that you can just slip it in your pocket to take it anywhere, ready to capture that magic moment!
It has a nice feeling rubberised finish which gives it a good grip and a nice quality feel.
It also has a standard sized tripod mount on the base which comes in very handy.
Despite its small lens the video results are very impressive, colour reproduction is excellent and picture quality crisp and clear, even in low light conditions the picture remains pretty good without being excessively grainy.
Not had any problems using underwater either, although the mic does go a bit muffled, but that's understandable!
All in all if you're looking for a cheap go anywhere camcorder with great picture quality, that has the bonus of being sea and sand proof look no further!
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