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on 18 April 2014
This arrived very quickly. Quicker than it said it would in fact. I also purchased a multitude of coffee pods and granules, and some latte glasses (all from elsewhere but on Amazon). This machine sits a bit too squat for the taller (11cm) latte glasses to fit under so that was a waste of money (although to be honest, they were rubbish anyway). So that is issue #1. The cup area is quite small and will only take shorter cups/glasses. Also, a pair of wide cups are pushing it a bit as well. And then onto issue #2, the steamer/frother. There is clearly an art in getting the milk to froth with this machine, and I have not found it yet! Mine always end up looking like a washing up bowl with fairly liquid in. I am getting there though, and suggest that you remember to give the frother a blast into an empty cup (or the milk jug) before frothing to release any water build up. So the skill is all in the operation of this machine. Don't expect a perfect shop grade coffee first time round. It's gonna take a fair bit of trial and error to figure out the best way to use this. For the price though, I am pleased with what I have so far (despite the couple of niggles)
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on 28 December 2014
Love the coffee. Love the ease of using it but just wish the milk wand was more flexible and has more power. It does froth but seems to take so long. We used over Xmas period and when you've got around 10 coffees to make I think I was doing them for around 20 minutes plus. .. We use costa coffee with ours and it's a great buy it would be good if it had an automatic switch off feature, like a button for the 1 shot and a button for 2. Some people may see it as a plus that it doesn't do that so you can add the desired amount of coffee but I think it should really run an accurate amount of water per coffee scoop.

6 months later update

I don't know what I'm doing differently. In fact I'm confident I'm doing everything the same. I use the scoop that comes for coffee measure and tamper coffee same as always. I've given it a thorough clean several times and no matter what I do my coffee is not producing a crema. Which means disgusting coffee. I've tried buying different brands. Probably a good 10 or so and I've just thrown them all away as nothing is working. The only conclusion I can come to is that the machines temperature isn't right so the coffee isn't caramelising .. We are really disappointed and think we may have to give up on this machine.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 May 2014
I recently bought this coffee machine to use at work. I have a De Longhi coffee machine at home, which is very good if a little expensive. For work I needed something more compact and this coffee machine seemed to fit the bill.

The Positives

*The machine is aesthetically pleasing and very compact.
*The water tank is easy to fill and empty.
*The quality of the coffee produced is reasonable, not the best but given the price of this machine it is very good.
*The machine reaches pressure quickly.
*The machine is inexpensive as espresso machines go.

The Negatives

*The steam wand is difficult to use and squirts far too much water into the milk, especially when you first turn the steam on. This can leave the milk very watery particularly if you use skimmed milk.
*The machine has a very small clearance height between the espresso spout and the cup stand. I make it roughly 9cm. Most beakers and certainly no latte glass will therefore fit under it. I have to use an espresso cup then pour the coffee into my latte glass.
*The steam capacity of the machine is low and will only froth enough milk for two lattes before it needs recharging.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. I did not want to spend too much for a machine for work and this is an excellent price. The quality of the coffee is good and I can work round the other drawbacks of the machine. However, if I was to buy a replacement machine for home I would definitely buy a De Longhi machine over this one.
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on 27 December 2013
Nice and Bright in your kitchen with a touch of glossy red. This is very easy to use and takes coffee grounds and sachets - like tea bags. You can make two cups at the same time but as I like a very strong coffee I use it into one cup at once. Keeping the water filled is easy and so it is ready to go at a moments notice.
The only downside I can see is the hassle of emptying the grounds after use. The only other thing I have noticed is that different to the old one the grounds still come out quite wet whereas the old one seemed to produce the remnants very dry. I still pack the coffee in extremely tightly to give me the maximum strength espresso.
Good value for money
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on 26 March 2014
Ordered this with reasonably high hopes. Doesnt Even switch on! Poor show amazon. Can't really give anything above one start to something that doesnt work. Very frustrating

Having received a replacement I'm happy to report that its really good value for money ( got mine for £60). The milk frother works well, and doesnt need much time to heat up. I manage to warm a jug of milk enough for 2 people with no problems. I know some people are saying it doesnt get the milk hot enough - they must be doing it wrong. I purchased a thermometer with mine and it lets you know when its at the right temp so that it doesnt burn the milk - something I would recommend for a couple of quid.

The espresso coming out of it is good, and its easy to make more than one of you are entertaining guests.

The only slightly frustrating point is that the space under the filter isnt enough to fit some mugs in.

I have a friend who spent £120 on one one here ( cant remember the make, but i remember it had 4.5 star reviews) and I would say this one matches upto it, with the steamer on this one being a better performer.

Very happy .
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on 26 December 2014
Looks quite nice on the kitchen counter. Build quality is not bad, we'll see about durability over time.

Worth £75? I don't really think it is. If it had been £50 I'd have been delighted but for £75 we're really pretty far away from bargain territory.

The coffee it makes is alright. I used Illy but gonna try Lavazza next and see how it gets on.
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on 12 November 2014
I bought this machine at the start of 2014 after seeing the Which? review and have used it - with increasing frustration - throughout the year.

It has now broken completely. The comments below reflect my machine...and it could be that I simply got a duff one of course!

The good:
- it looks good and makes good coffee.

The not so good:
- Not a lot of clearance to get a cup under but can always remove the drip tray so it's not so bad.

The bad:
- the handle is VERY stiff when setting into place into the bracket.
- coffee not that hot - so drink it quick!
- it leaks...all the time! Practically every time it's used the water seems to find a new way to leak out round the side of the bracket no matter how firmly it is turned into place.

So in all, pretty disappointed by the quality. I struggled on and on but it simply became increasingly bad with more and more water leakage before it gave up the ghost completely.
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on 2 July 2014
For under a £100 you can't complain. This makes good espresso from either ground coffee, or if you are lazy you can get the coffee in sachets. (make sure you get the right ones). Its manual operation. Wait for it to heat up and press the button and release when cup is full.
Milk frother works fine but there is a technique to this so might take some practice. (same with all steam pipe machines.
Looks good in red and if you have other appliances from the Morphy Richards range then it matches well.
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on 7 June 2014
great product for the price (around £50 at time of purchase)
It does sometimes get a little warm, and sometimes if the coffee isn't packed perfectly the pressure is inconsistent and therefore the coffee can vary a little too.
Im on my second - the first one died after a few months of much use! Amazon happily exchanged the item, so far so good!
I don't really use the steam function - on the odd occassion i have, it worked fine and i got good results.
i'd happily recommend this as a good priced option for espresso addicts! mine runs pretty much constantly all morning 7 days a week, i'd be lost without it now. looks fab in my kitchen, is quite petite for an espresso machine and neatly tucks into a corner.
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on 2 January 2015
I guess its a case of , you get what you pay for ! . When it works, it was fine , good pressure , great coffee with a good creamy texture , steam function produced good milk for a latte BUT ,in the end I had two fail on me and eventually got a refund with both exhibiting the same fault . If I used the milk frother on a regular basis it seemed to cause some kind of leakage inside the machine which meant that as the pump was running under pressure it was pouring out water from the base all over the work surface. Its clear some kind of seal fails under pressure. Which is a shame as it did produce good coffee when working , but after two fails I wont be buying another and will be saving up a bit more for another brand
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