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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2011
Usually I avoid games that are related to films, but seeing this had its own story and being a big Green Lantern fan I thought I would give it a go.

The gameplay is fun. You have your standard and heavy attacks, blocks, dodges but then you also have an array of constructs you acquire and unlock as you go through the game. There is enough variety in my opinion to give you the feel of being a Green Lantern using its imagination to create weapons. The controls are easy to learn as well so you dive straight in.

The coop multiplayer is a good feature and the occasional flying episodes are a good change of pace (although those controls were a little harder to get used to).

The graphics are good, although I haven't experienced them in 3D. Some of the facial animations seems a bit 'creepy' (for lack of a better term) due to the skin textures feeling a bit off and some of the facial movements looking off as well.

It goes into some of the lore of the game, including some of the recent aspects (I won't say what as they would be spoilers).

The biggest downside to this game, to the point where I thought why did I bother buying it, is that I completed it in approximately six hours. Albeit I was playing on easy but I managed to unlock most of the upgrades and collect pretty much all the hidden items. I feel being able to complete this game in a evening and a short morning play session is an extreme diapointment. Combine this with the fact it costs the same as games that can be about 10x longer I really don't think it is worth getting it. For me there is little replay value. As I mentioned I unlocked the majority of the upgrades so there isn't a push to try out the stuff I skipped.

It feels like the foundation of a good game but that there is a lot missing. It has re-affirmed my feeling to avoid games related to movies. Despite its fun gameplay it does feel like it was just released to cash in on the upcoming movie.

So overall:
Gameplay - 4/5
Graphics - 3.5/5
Content - 1/5
Replay value - 1/5

Total - 2/5
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on 13 June 2011
If you`re a Green Lantern fan, you should play this game.

Because of the rep movie games have, and the fact that not much was shown of the game nor were there any reviews that I saw before I played it, I was worried that GL would follow the trend and not be very good. However I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is a very fun experience, and something all Green Lantern fans should play.

It was very cool to be playing a game and hear all these references to GL lore mentioned, such as yellow Fear energy, violet Love energy, and you can even find hidden blue meteorites that contain Hope energy that raise your health meter. Not to mention visiting Zamaron, home of the Star Sapphires and Biot, home of the Manhunters. The gameplay is very solid too. Dare I say that it reminded me of God of War in some ways? You have a light fast attack, and a heavy attack that can be used together to form combos, and theres also a grab move which can be used to throw enemies or spin them around and then slam them into the ground. An evade move is mapped to the right analogue stick also, with a dash-attack move on R1, and a shield on L1. Then you have your special construct moves which use up your ring energy meter. These are unlocked as you progress through the game and can be mapped to any of the face buttons while holding either L2 or R2, giving you a max of 8 special construct moves that can be used. There are other constructs too, so its up to you to decide which ones you want mapped to the buttons. The constructs include a giant hammer, a baseball bat that can knock enemy projectiles back, a jet plane and a mech suit! All very cool and fun to use. Beyond the regular levels there are also a couple flight levels that place you in an on-rails shooter environment and require to shoot at enemies as they appear, with the occasional boss. These are fast and fluid and the environments are very nice.

You also gain experience points as you go and can level up. Each time you level up you gain some new upgrades that can be purchased using the experience that you`ve collected. Upgrades include increasing the damage of your constructs and extended the length of time you can use Ring Surge, which is a sort of overload mode that you can trigger when a meter is full. The graphics are very nice too. Whilst not on par with some of the AAA titles that can be seen today, its still a nice looking game. The lighting in particular is good, and the environments also give a distinct look to each planet.

The reviewer below says it took him 6 hours to complete the game, but then it would if you are playing on Easy. I played on Normal and while I agree that the game isn`t very long, on this setting at least the game does provide some challenge in certain fights. More than once I came to a boss or group of enemies that I would have to retry a couple times before I beat them, and there was a definite sense of accomplishment when this occurs. There are even a couple of puzzles that require you to actually stop and think about how to solve them, but nothing that will have you throwing your controller out the window in frustration. There are also hidden green meteorites that extend your ring energy when you find 3 of them, with a trophy for finding all of them and also the blue meteorites. For me this is a good reason to want to go back and play again to find them all, but even without them I would still play again just because it was fun to play. Also, I`m not sure about Xbox 360 users, but for PS3 gamers, you can download a free game pack off of PSN that gives you access to an extra costume that more closely resembles Hals costume from the comics.

All in all I found Green Lantern to be a very solid and enjoyable experience, and as a GL fan I got a real kick out of it. If you`re a Green Lantern fan, have no Fear!
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on 14 February 2013
I bought this game mainly for the co op campaign which was really good. We mainly like how you can choose your powers and which ones you want to upgrades. The only thing I can say was the final boss was a bit easy even on harder difficulties. Overall a really good game if your playing with a friend :)
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on 13 February 2013
When I'm bored or waiting for a big release I play simple but fun games. Green Lantern ROTM was just that. Easy but fun. The levels are set after the movie and the gameplay consists of mostly hack'n slash with a collection of awesome powers which can be upgraded throughout the game. The levels are also quite lengthy and can be tackled in co-op mode with a second controller.
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on 17 September 2011
Green Lantern is a movie licensed game and believe it or not it doesn't suck.
The game starts off with Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds taking the ring from Abin Sur one of the greatest green lanterns ever. But before you can say butter Oa is attacked by these robots called Manhunters. Turns out before the guardians had the Green Lanterns they had these robots but they went dark side and they locked them away but now they're free and they want revenge!

The game features drop in/drop out co-op and thats a +2 bonus.
The gameplay is not repetitive because you unlock all this epic upgrades and attack that kept the game engaging for me. +1
The graphics and the voice acting is good I like the all green thing in my sceen!! +2
The story is original and fun +1.

5/5, I recommend this to any Green Lantern fan or any other Superhero fan.
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on 28 June 2013
This is a decent beat em up game, nothing spectacular but I found it fun. You can unlock different constructs and select which ones you want to use, using a combo of buttons of your choice. The fights tend to get a bit repetitive however I found it great fun to play in co-op in 3D which is pretty cool. So all in all a good game for the price.
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on 17 April 2012
I played the game and i though it was awesome.
You can do lots of stuf and gain lots of new attacks and inproves for you powers!
Althought in the game you cant explore the environment neither can you fly, the game is pretty fun!
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on 22 March 2015
Normally I don't like games that are spin off's from the films, but I'm a massive green lantern fan so I thought I would give it a go and I'm glad I did. The game is really good and very enjoyable, would definatly recommend to anyone who is a fan.
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on 22 November 2011
I don't expect much from a movie tie in game so `Green Lantern' came as no real surprise when it was not that good. A third person action game, you play as Hal Jordan in his Green Lantern form in an all new adventure designed for gamers. You must battle across several planets against robotic foes in a bid to save the Universe. The story is uninvolving and is little more than an excuse to string together the levels; this is a real shame as the Green Lantern comics have some of the richest lore to play with - so many places to visit.

With a lacklustre storyline it's up to graphics, level design and gameplay to make up some of the ground. Graphically, `Green Lantern' is not an ugly game, but there are so many better examples out there. Although the backgrounds look impressive, the characters themselves are a little underdone. Perhaps the weakest element of the game is the level design. The levels all feel like the same thing over and over again as you have to fight hordes of enemies on a planet with a different colour palate. There are some hidden extras to be found if you go off path, but these are few and far between.

Linear level design is not always a game breaker if the game you are playing is actually good fun, `Green Lantern' borders on not being so. The fighting is incredibly generic and requires you smack buttons until the enemy dies. One nice touch is the different powers the ring can produce. You can map up to eight of these onto the d-pad and produce some amusing combos including a Gatling gun, giant robot and a hammer. Even with this variety of weaponry, the melee combat becomes increasingly samey throughout so that the last hour becomes a chore. On a positive note, I did manage to complete the game as it was easy enough to pick up and play.

`Green Lantern' is a slightly below average game that should only be considered if found at a reasonable price. You will have some fun playing it, but there are many better experiences out there.
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VINE VOICEon 6 July 2011
Rise of the Manhunters is an above average movie tie-in. The storyline seems to pick up after the movie, with Hal Jordan learning more about the Green Lantern Corps. Mentored by Sinestro, the protector of Sector 2814 must overcome a brutal Manhunter attack.

Gameplay is very reminiscent of the God of War series, with furious combos and a `Ring Surge' ability that is remarkably similar. Health and magic are also upgraded via hidden chests, and `hard light' constructs function as weapons. The variety is quite impressive, totalling 12. Those essential to progression, like the baseball bat and blaster are unlocked as the game progresses. The rest can be purchased as upgrades, and include a Gatling gun, fighter jet and mech suit. Constructs can be assigned to specific buttons, which is a nice feature and prevents confusing or messy controls.
A levelling system unlocks new skills and abilities at a steady rate, and prevents combat from becoming stale. There are some on-rails, flying sections, yet these too are enjoyable and well presented. Boss battles are also a highlight, and can prove a challenge on the Emerald Knight difficulty. A split screen, 2 player co-op mode is also available, which is criminally overlooked by many titles.

Sadly, visuals are sub-standard, with laughable support for 3D TV's. Audio is stronger, with some nice sound effects. Ryan Reynolds also lends his voice and likeness to the game. In addition, there is some nice fan service; one level features the violet love-based energy of the Zamorans, and characters and events are mentioned, (albeit briefly), such as the history of the Manhunters, and their connection to the Green Lantern Corps.
Rise of the Manhunters is surprisingly fun, and a competent brawler, but there is simply not enough content for a full price purchase. Weighing in at just 10 levels, this is over in hours, and the Platinum achieved within days. A highly recommended rental.
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