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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 January 2014
A lot of other reviewers have already commented on the influence of Douglas Adams on this book, and I'd certainly agree. But that's not the only author whose works resonate with this one. As a couple people pointed out, there are some Terry Pratchett undertones here and there - the only thing that would make it stand out more is if the "historical asides" were in footnotes as opposed to integrated within the chapters themselves. Fans of Robert Rankin will find the madcap comedic plot twists and offbeat characters a treat, while the zany dialogue and narration will please avid readers of Tom Holt. In fact, Eftimiades has real-life commonality with Holt as an author, in that they both have more "serious" books as well as comedic fiction...this is the first book by Eftimiades to leave the non-fiction world behind (though he naturally brought along some of his slightly-right-of-center personal views, unusual for the genre, which shine through particularly in the asides).

All of which is just background, really; the upshot of all of it is a fun story with eminently likeable characters (even the baddies are endearing, at least eventually). Be aware that those asides do cut into the plot here and there, but if you're at all familiar with Douglas Adams (or early Terry Pratchett), it shouldn't bother you that much. Definitely looking forward to more from this author!
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on 15 November 2012
This book has a bit of everything: action, drama, sci-fi - even a hint of romance - and because of this it is so suitable for almost every casual reader. It takes a unique and rather outlandish view on all major issue we face today, providing a lengthy backstory and several side-tales that build up the futuristic world occupied by people not too different from ourselves.

The length is suitable for the depth and storyline it goes into, and the ending (I won't leave spoilers) finishes it off well and provokes, as the rest of the novel does, your thoughts. Overall I would thoroughly recommend this book for any confident reader!
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on 27 October 2011
This is a heavyweight if light-hearted sci-fi tome. Set about 200 years into the future, it follows the vague thread of Edward's life story, whilst meandering around to take in futuristic advances in various fields - war, lawsuits, evolution, cloning, IT, population growth etc - and it is in these 'offshoots' that the book hits and misses its satirical marks. Some of these are very clever, probably accurate predictions and quite profound. Some are ludicrous and probably intended as comedy, but the reader is never really sure which. Other reviewers here mention Hitchhikers' Guide, and that may well be a good comparison (from what little I remember of the 1980s BBC TV series). All of it is well-written, with no Kindle-isation problems and I think many sci-fi fans will enjoy it.
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on 2 January 2012
Eftimiades has produced a comedic look at a future world where computers have emotions and character and humans interface with them. Edward's journey is a captivating and fun read. The story is told at a fast pace and the plot grips the reader to want to know more, I could not put this down once started as the story line was encapsulating. I am not normally a reader of Sci-Fi but I would thoroughly recommend this book as I enjoyed it fully and I look forward to Edward's next adventure.
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on 15 February 2012
To say that "Edward of Planet Earth" is a far reaching, creative romp into the technical imagination, would be an understatement. With elements akin to "Hitchhiker's Guide" and the movie "Idiocracy" it is a another vision of a whacky future, where in my opinion, the proverbial search for meaning [and whether God exists], is right in front of us, without us really ever taking the time to notice. A highly recommended read for the adventurous sci fi enthusiast.
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on 26 October 2011
Eftimiades has hit a home run with this work. It's lighthearted, fun sci-fi with a basis in today's advanced technology research. Computers and software protocols have developed the same idiosyncrasies and character flaws that humans have. Edward Temple is caught in the middle trying to make sense of it all and ends up involved in a quest to prove the existence of God. Sci-Fi fans and technology buffs alike will enjoy the book. Highly recommended.
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on 18 February 2012
The book is excellent with some clever uses of science-fiction tropes in an unusual context. The ending is a real cliff-hanger, but it is hard to see how the author could continue the series without detracting from the end. As for what the end is, you will have to buy the book!
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