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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
I Came Here To Blow Minds
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 19 May 2011
Having been a fan of Wendy's work with Transvision Vamp as well as her solo album "Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears", and, perhaps to a lesser extent, her work with/as Racine, I was eagerly awaiting what many have touted as Ms. James first "proper" album, "I Came Here To Blow Minds". I was not to be disappointed. This album marks the best output to come from Wendy. The music veers from electro-accoustic, to accoustic-electro, spliced with meaningul, heartfelt lyrics on tracks such as the sublime "These Beggar Memories" and the wonderful "Don't Shoot - I Ain't Dillinger", among the rollicking barn burners including the amazing "Speedball", "No Dice" and the fantastically titled "New Wave Flowered Up Main Street Acid Baby". Wendy's voice is on better form than ever, sliding from punk, to soul-searching, post-modern whimsical balladry and just damned good playful rock-pop (as evidenced on the quirky "You're a f***ing Mess, But You Sure Is Pretty" and the hook-laden "King Hoodlum"). The production is slick, smooth, but not overly-so as to make it sound too "corporate"; it's as if, on this record, James has merged the two Racine albums (the stark, minimalism of "Number One" and the gritty, garage sound of "Racine 2")with the simple, raw deliciousness of the b-sides from the "Now Ain't..." singles (for those of you lucky enough to have heard them), augmented with sweeping strings and punctuated with stabbing guitar riffs and electro snaps. The result? A perfect LP for 2011 audiences, both long time Wendy fans and new audiences. The opening track, "The Moon Dead in the River" alone is certainly enough to keep people wanting to hear more. This album proves that Wendy James is no mere footnote in pop's history and hopefully will continue to blow minds with masterpieces such as this for some time to come. Well recommended.

(I'm sure I'll be subjected to a barage of moronic, monosyllabic insults from our good friend Dbaby, e.g. one "liners" spread out over four million pages which mean precisely nothing, serving only as a purpose to highlight his bitterness since Wendy sacked him, but in the words of a certain song..."Baby, I don't care...")
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on 18 May 2011
Just to point out,i have already reviewed this album as a download if you want something more in depth.
The truth is the album is full of top quality material,with the hints of racine 1 + 2's brilliant originality very much coming into fruition.
Some songs hark back to the days of TRANSVISION VAMP,both musically and vocally (MUNICIPAL BLUES being one of the best in my opinion) which is no bad thing for anyone who has an interest in Wendy. Her vocals are very strong on the tracks here,showing she does indeed know how to carry a tune,both softly and with venom.
Tracks such as SPEEDBALL,NO DICE,YOU TELL ME and YOU'RE A F***ING MESS BUT YOU SURE IS PRETTY are top,killer riff songs that deserve recognition as being up there with the best music around today!
I can't recommend this album enough.
True,you may not be impressed,but if intrigued don't judge before listening.
She came here to blow minds,give her a chance to blow yours.
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on 12 August 2011
Utterly dreadful. This may be the worst album I've ever bought and boy, do I own some rubbish. Ms. James wrote all the songs which was clearly a terrible idea; she does have the ability to produce some tunes that border on adequate but the lyrics are the real catastrophe. It honestly seems as though the lyrics and tunes were written entirely independently of each other so she is reduced to gabbling words in an attempt to make them fit the music, which they don't. I enjoyed Transvision Vamp's 1st 2 albums but the ill-fated third album is a bit too ploddy for my tastes, however it stands as a work of genius when compared to the abomination which is "I Came Here to Blow Minds"
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on 29 May 2011
Really not a good "album" at all. Very poor fare from the once alright Ms James.This "album" is NOT going to sell at all is it? You'd be better off with one of the myriad Transvision Tramp compilations to be honest. At least they had tunes.
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on 9 January 2012
I heard Wendy James for the first time by buying this cd and it was a surprise.
I was used to hear the Transvision Vamp and this work is very diferent.
The way lyrics are combined with the music is very strange at first. I needed to hear the album a couple of times to actually enjoy it.
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on 25 October 2012
Its true. This album is the best I've bought so far this year. I must admit I didn't have high hopes, so listened to a couple of tracks online and was impressed. I just had to get it. Wendy James has had a bad time with the press, but I think if they took time to actually listen to this they'd be hard pushed to criticize. Wendy enlisted Elvis Costello to help write her first solo album, this one is all her own work, but it kinda sounds like she enlisted Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer! Her voice is still as strong as ever. The music veers from garage rock to 60s girl group with punk, pop and country thrown in for good measure. I wouldn't be surprised if any of these songs turned up in a Quentin Tatantino film. Its good intelligent Rock N Roll - the type you rarely get these days. When I say its the best album I've bought so far this year I really mean it. I've bought about 50 CDs including big hitters like Jack White, Muse and Lana Del Ray. Wendy James' is far more vital than any of those. Trust me on this!
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on 26 September 2013
I was aware of Transvision Vamp in my more youthful years (OK I'll be honest - particularly Wendy James!).
I liked the music, plenty of zest - good motorway driving music. But I never bought the records.
Stumbled upon this album and decided to take a chance.
Love it. Plenty of variety and style and the innate energy and expression from Wendy and the band (a very tight outfit) is obvious.
Highly recommended, my most frequently played album at the moment.
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on 30 January 2015
Impressive. When I ordered this CD I did so, not really knowing what exactly to expect. I can say now, it is utterly brilliant. Wendy James has certainly moved on from 'Racine' which I found to be a bit boring and not my cup of tea. She has written, produced and sung an album which is completely different, showing her incredible voice off to it's best. Need I say ''I love it!'' You will be amazed.

I must say ''Thankyou'' to Wendy James.
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on 20 May 2016
Great, very under rated album - Some of the songs take a bit of listening too before you can fall in love with them but having always been a fan of Transvision Vamp and Miss James solo stuff it wasn't hard work to add this to my regular listening.
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on 2 January 2018
Wonderful vinyl to add to collection of one of the great rock artists
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