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on 14 January 2013
Having done a bit of research, these headphones seemed to come out as a winner for the price. I've had cheaper earphones and also ones of a comparable price before. I'd have to say that for the sound you get out of them, they really are brilliant. The clarity is startling, and you really do notice new things in songs you've heard countless times before.

The bass has a decent thump (but you have to have snug fitting rubber pods in, because if they don't fit well you lose the bass frequencies and they sound very tinny) - but that's common to all in ear phones.

On sound alone I'd recommend these earphones without hesitation.

However, I bought these earphones in May, in November the left ear piece came apart at the seams. I did notice a number of reviews had mentioned this type of thing happening so wasn't too surprised. I simply glued it back together again and it was as good as new. A few months on and the dreaded 'only one earlhone works unless you wiggle the wire' problem occurred. Within a day or two, both ears were the same and the earphones are now unusable.

I have to point out that having suspected the fragility of these earphones, I treated them more carefully than I've ever treated earphones before, taking care to not wind them too tightly or to squash them in a bag etc. I'm very disappointed in the poor build quality, and having seen reviews before I'm convinced it's not something I've done to ruin them particularly rather that it's an inherent flaw in the way they are designed.

So eight months on from spending £60 plus on earphones I'm looking for another pair. I love the sound I got from these earphones but it's simply not worh it if you have to replace them every 8 months! I may as well have got a pair for £120 and they might have lasted me a full year!
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on 19 March 2014
One can pay the earth for in-ear cans but these are really good value for the money and I can recommend them. Thbey come with three different fittings and I fiound the middle ones ideal for me. The are comfortable, keep in place, block out extraneous noise and let one hear the music perfectly.
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on 14 May 2017
Great sound, flimsy build. I went through two pairs in 12 months.
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on 23 September 2013
My second pair of Beyerdynamic in-ear earphones, these were highly rated by What HiFi magazine. When you can get them to fit right (they need to be deep into the ear to get any bass response, an unfortunate feature it'd seem of any earphones of the in-ear/canal type) then a great sound, very clear with any music type. However too often the sound is a bit tinny due to poor fitment, despite trying the three bud sizes they come with. Disappointingly after 11 month's careful use indoors only the cases have come apart on both sides rendering them unsuable, but I can't fault Amazon's return policy. My previous Beyers gave up the ghost too (weak sound in one channel) before they ought to have done. Considering their high cost I won't tolerate this weak build quality again and will look to a different brand in future.
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on 5 November 2012
Bought these earphones a few months ago. The left earpiece came apart at the seam, or rather unglued. Amazon sent a replacement quickly. About 2 months later the same thing happened again. Amazon won't replace them a second time so I'm having to send them back and look for a replacement which is a shame as the sound was really good.

The sound quality is very good for listening to a range of music. Bass is large without thumping too much and I heard things with these headphones that I hadn't heard on songs before. They were comfortable for use in most day to day situations except running where they tend to fall out. I would have stuck with them but can't be bothered with broken headphones.

It might have been a dodgy batch, but for almost £70 I won't be taking the risk with these again. I'm not saying don't buy them, but be prepared for them to come apart.
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on 25 July 2012
These earphones are wonderful,they're tons better than the Sennheiser CX150's they're replacing and for the £40 I payed are an absolute steal.

In terms of build quality these are very rugged, the wire is nice and thick and the parts where the cable splits off have a great amount of rubber around them, the actual earphones themselves have an aluminium housing and are very durable more durable than a set Klipsch Image X10i which I have previously owned which i payed £166 for.

The sound is slighly bass heavy but overall very even and I suspect that after a bit more use when they will have 'burned in' they'll have a very balanced and natural tone.
Another key thing is the soft case given, it has space for my iPod touch 4th gen and these earphones

I recommend these above most ear phones especially if you're a teenager like me and love Rock, Indie, Metal, screamo and a punchy feeling to your music
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on 1 June 2016
After four years' solid use, my previous pair of Beyerdynamic in-ear earphones faded rapidly and I had liked the sound quality, so I opted for another pair of Beyerdynamic.
The sound again was quite nice, especially for this price range, but the cable must be very weak. They didn't even last a year, and I am not using earphones to anywhere near the extent that I used to.
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on 11 June 2016
OK first of all, I have owned these earphones for OVER 3 YEARS and I'm still so impressed by them that they are definitely something I want to write about now that I seem to be doing the whole review thing. In short they sound amazing but are a little on the fragile side it seems.

In long...

I am not an audiophile but I am very fussy. I only bought these as a temporary measure because I couldn't decide on a pair of over/on ears at the time and I need to be able to listen to music so as not to go insane at work - basically it was pretty urgent I got something when my old headphones started breaking. These cost me £66 at the time - yes this is a lot of money for something that is supposed to be "temporary", maybe that's a good indication of how fussy I am. I justified the purchase because it is useful to have a spare set of earphones anyway and it's almost impossible for me to sleep on trains/planes with massive on ear 'phones. My main point here I guess is that I was so blown away by them that I only very recently purchased my new on ear headphones (AKG Y50) so they didn't end up being so temporary after all.

So the bad point - yes, each ear bud has come apart once (which is why they only get 4 stars) HOWEVER it was at least a year before the first one went, the second I'd say nearly another year after that. I tried to be careful with them but with heavy use there is only so much you can do for a device like this. Perhaps a good time to point out that the carry case is pretty neat, extremely lightweight and I can't see how it would fail to do it's one job. Back to the topic - when they did start coming apart it was very gradual, definitely made instantly worse by me "inspecting" the damage and I still finished my work shift using them, just extremely carefully as it was the wire side that they came apart. On both occasions the wire remained intact and I fixed the casing with the tiniest drop of super glue. Then they were probably better stuck together than ever and are still going strong.

Fast forward to a lot more recently. It caught my attention one day that they just didn't sound quite amazing anymore, I could swear one bud was slightly quieter and I thought it may be the end, therefore my latest headphone search began. This time I considered all types, and if you're wondering why I didn't just re purchase these it's purely down to liking shiny new (different) things and curiosity, I might find something even better if I tried.
During this I thought that actually the sound difference could be caused by dust and ear wax build up (disgusting I know but it happens to all of us) so I took it upon myself to pull off the rubber bit and the forward plastic section of the casing that it sits on, and pop out the tiny little mesh thing from that. This revealed the little speaker itself in the main section of the can, which looked to be pretty clean and had been well protected all this time. The plastic bit that the tiny mesh sits in (I apologise if there are more official names for these components, I don't know them or care to look it up) was also pretty clean, I just dipped the end in hydrogen peroxide and wiped it. The mesh bits I let soak in the peroxide, it became apparent that they had become quite clogged up. I also used tweezers to grip them whilst using a cheap toothbrush to help clear any remaining dirt. It was super fiddly for sure, as was getting it back in place within the plastic housing. But I did it and used the trusty super glue to completely reassemble the buds. I honestly wasn't expecting much of an improvement, or maybe more expecting to have made them worse. NOPE! Good as new, I was as blown away as I was the first day I tested them. Yes I still bought the AKGs, because I want these to go on as long as possible as my choice for travelling and as a back up and I figure that the super glue is going to make it difficult to clean them again..

So to summarise, these are such amazing sounding earphones, the bass is there as are the mids and highs - the other reviews seem to cover this adequately. And although they may be a little on the fragile side, they certainly have put up with a lot and still sound good as new. I can imagine that the newer earphones from Bayerdynamic may sound even better yet, but there is very little room for improvement. Maybe they're just better made now!
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on 28 March 2013
Crystal clear top end, satisfying punchy bass, everything you could want from a pair of buds. So much better than several more expensive rivals, Bose or Beats which quite frankly feel like a rip off compared with these.
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on 7 February 2014
I've had these for quite a while now and wanted to allow them to 'burn in' before reviewing - and I'm glad that I did.

When i first started using them the sound was slightly off - I can't quite articulate what it was but it was definitely noticeable. After a month or two of using them every day (I commute 4hrs per day) the sound came good. The bass is clear and very present and doesn't dominate the sound at all. The mids are just as good (especially good as I listen to a lot of metal) and the treble is also clear and crisp without being at all 'tinny'.

I replaced my Shure SE-215 phones with these and I don't regret it for a second. just would have been improved by using a flat cable rather than the thin tangle-prone one that they've used.

I can't think that anything would be as good as these for the price. Very impressed overall.
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