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on 1 November 2011
After being exasperated with Inkjet printers that continually failed to do the 2 things asked of them, namely feed paper, and print on it, I decided to upgrade to a laser (or in this case what I understand to be a LED printer which is somewhere in between a true laser and an inkjet).

A useful tip to help you wade through the 1000s of choices in this saturated market... many printers have the letters C or N or D or all 3 in their model numbers. This means colour, networkable, and duplex. Ideally I wanted all 3 attributes but found that the D came at a price and also meant a much bulkier machine at almost twice the size (but more on that later).....

First impressions (I've only had it 3 days so can't comment on long term reliability or economy of the cartridges although the cartridges do look small so I hope they don't run out too quickly) :-

1. Excellent delivery from Printerland (next day).

2. Paper trays seem flimsy and prefer to rest on a flat surface (mine overhangs a desk). Also only holds 150 but if you aren't printing too much this is better than having paper left unused going damp and curly.

3. Actual box is neat, relatively compact for a laser, but reassuringly solid and heavy.

4. So far so good on printing.... .. no issues. Quality is laser like (doesn't smudge like inkjet). Colour looks excellent.

5. Easy to set up using the disc (but you do need a USB lead as this isn't provided or an ethernet cable - I haven't used the network function).

6. But what really impressed me is there is a manual duplexing facility which allows you to print on both sides by feeding the paper through twice (this is directed by the system and is achieved very easily). So I got my "D" after all.

Just hope the initial good impressions are maintained for a few years now and this would have been a bargain at £115.

I have now had this printer for about 6 months now and am very pleased with it. It prints consistently and rarely jams. I have also connected via ethernet to a lap top. I have changed the inks once which ran out fairly quickly after purchase but the replacements (which were cheaper copies, and not the manufacturer's own) have so far lasted fine (although I have set the print quality to light draft). Overall very happy and so much better than the previous cheap junk I've tried.

The colour ink cartridges have now run out (fairly quickly, but I did not use the manufacturer's make). However an advantage is the printer still allows you to print black and white only even when the colour cartridges are empty, which I have continued to do so for another 6 weeks or so to date.

I guess I must have had this about 18 months now. It's still going but my long term view has faded a little. The printer does jam sometimes (it doesn't get used much and this could be due to old damp paper) and the replacement inks are incredibly expensive (but aren't they all?). The inks don't last long. I have replaced with cheap unofficial inks which are difficult to find on the internet. The current types I use don't fit exactly in the compartments (and need adaptation with a saw!). Therefore sometimes the ink holder flap has to be held in while you print. There is no doubt for someone needing serious amounts of printing the size of the ink cartridges is probably a bit on the small size and they'd be better off with a more office standard proper Laser printer, but for a small home PC this remains a good value choice in a market saturated with junk. Borderline 3 stars but will just keep it at 4 for now!

I have now dispensed with this printer and have docked it 1 star so now a 3 star, borderline 3 1/2 as it did provide useful service for about 4 years which is pretty good in this junk market. It still works ok but had begun to jam more and more and fail to communicate with the PC a bit more often. But the main problem was the ink supplies - the cartridges are very small, incredibly expensive (I took to mutilating cheaper copies in order to fit them in the casing), and run out very quickly.

{editors note - I'm now using an HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 which is granted more expensive, but you can tell it's better quality - I guess you get what you pay for}
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on 11 May 2012
I've just paid £79 delivered for a brand new, colour laser network printer, what's not to like? I pulled it out of the box, plugged it into my router (it came with a euro and UK cable, but not network or usb cables, just like all other printers),my W7 laptop found it in network folders instantly and installed the drivers, box to printing first page, about 30 seconds! Installing it on my PC with XP on it wasn't quite as quick (needed the cd or downloaded drivers), and first time I installed it something went wrong and I had to un- and re-install the software, BUT, unlike many printers I've owned, it uninstalled cleanly, and everything went right this time. BTW it comes with mac and linux drivers, so I'm going to give my old ubuntu-driven lappie a tickle later.
Print quality is as expected, it wouldn't threaten a £1000 mono laser, but it's better than an inkjet for text and graphics(everything has an appealingly professional look to it), not quite up there with the best inkies for a photo, but still perfectly acceptable, pics coming out a touch dark by default, but a little fiddling fixes that.
OK it's not all plain sailing, if I'm being picky I do have one or two criticisms: firstly the cover for the paper tray actually is the paper tray when opened, this is a pretty flimsy affair, and when open adds about 10-12cm to the overall dimensions; then there's the design, it's kind of white, with transparent blue bits, fine in your office, but you wouldn't exactly want it pride of place in your living room (where mine is - damn!). Oh, yeah, and there's the small(?) matter of toner cartridge replacement cost: I think the best word to describe this is - ouch! - it's about forty quid for an original cartridge, £30 for a compatible, and just to add insult to injury, the cartidges that come with the printer are only half full "starter" carts. However, if you do a lot of printing, it is possible to refill these cartridges to "high yield" for about £17 without too much trouble.
Paper tray aside, it seems a very solid little machine, so with the provisos I made, it mostly deserves the 5 stars I gave it; you could remove one star for my niggles, but at this price point I don't think you'll find better with network capabilities, even if it isn't wireless.
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on 11 May 2011
This is an excellent printer - very neat and compact size. The installation software included animated diagrams on how to install and set up the printer. Installation of the networking driver went very smoothly. There is a small delay in printing the first page as the printer warms up; thereafter it has a good print speed. Print quality is excellent, with crisp, clear detail in printed maps. I have also used it for printing gummed address labels, which many other laser printers will not accept.
The first printer I received was dead on arrival but it was quickly replaced by Xerox and I am now very pleased with the replacement.
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on 18 October 2011
Initial reactions - and this is without having had a full day's work out of the printer - is that this is a nice little (for a color laserjet) printer. It has a positively tiny footprint for a colour laser - smaller than the HP Officejet 8000 it replaced for us. There is next to no packaging to remove - no cardboard or tape lurking at the back of paper trays and the like. XP only needed pointing at the driver and it installed no problems, and color rendition is clear and bright. Only a 4 rather than a 5 due to the lack of a UK power lead in the box and a slightly flimsy paper tray.

1. Edited: No UK power lead was supplied with the box. The lead was supplied seperately by a different courier, and did not arrive at the same time. The first lead turned up a few days later. We have since bought a second of the same model, and the lead turned up before the printer.
2. Flimsy paper tray with less capacity than some laser printers in this price bracket (no worse than many of the printers in this bracket, however).
3. Not true photo quality (I would not expect true photo quality from any laser printer in this price range, however).
4. Non-intuitive location for the toner, and the side positioning could be awkward for those in a tight space (like ours).

1. Supplied ready to set up in your operating system. Just lift it out of its box, remove the loose plastic bag, and plug it in.
2. Easy setup under Windows XP. The Xerox website has the driver readily available for download if there is any problem with the supplied CD (assuming you have an Internet connection), and the download I attempted also ran smoothly with a useable file at the end of the process.
3. For those who worry about the aesthetics, the printer is plain and bright. It won't win prizes for innovative appearance, but it also won't stick out like a sore thumb. It looked quite at home in a nursery environment (Hmmm... maybe that should go under 'cons' for some people).
4. Acceptable print quality. Text is clear and readable, colours are bold and clean, print is slightly glossy.
5. Acceptable print speed. Nowhere near the speed of our new heavier-duty colour lasers, but it outperforms our older ones.
6. Easy to replace the toners- as long as you can access the side door.
7. Didn't object to slightly less-than-pristine paper. This is a big plus for us, as sometimes stored paper gets a little damp and bobbles or curls ever so slightly. Laser printers especially can jam as a result. This printer coped fine.

Not able to comment on:
1. Toner costs. On manufacturer's figures, they appear more expensive per page than our larger colour laserjets but still cheaper than most of our inkjets, but until we have run it for a time it's not possible to say how the figures match up to real use.
2. Long term reliability.
3. Network capability.
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on 28 June 2016
A great printer with crisp clear black and white or colour printing. Duplex works really well. Excellent printer for small office/home use. Cartridges are very pricey to replace - ok if colour print outs are only done occasionally. Can produce very professional documents on this little printer.
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on 25 August 2011
Great printer!
I had an Epson inkjet since 2005.
I purchased it because it was cheap and I couldn't afford a laser printer.
Since then laser printers have substantially been reduced in price.
I was going to purchase a Lexmark but heard horror stories about their printers & print quality.

Xerox printers came up trumps and the only thing that folks were up in arms about was the price of the toners.
I run my own business and print all types of documents from photos, brochures, leaflets, labels to 1st class stamps.

A variety pack of Epson PX800FW ink cartridges (with the hummingbird image) costs £60 odd.
Unbearable especially since I had to purchase it 2 or 3 times a month and put up with the poor Epson print quality (*crap* not crisp).

Inkjets, for me, are a thing of the past - I'll stick with my Xerox laser printer.
As the previous review states this Xerox printer is very neat and compact in size, easy to install (from box to desk within 10 mins)with superb print quality.

One thing, make sure you purchase a USB printer cable as it is not included.
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on 29 September 2012
Update - 2

Xerox support very good - engineer on site next day and fixed a simple little 'clutch' issue. The support company service Samsung, Xerox, HP plus others. My issue was the third call out for the same problem. Seems to be a small batch build and was easily resolved. Back to printing in quality :). Happy again.....

Update - 1 week

Well all was well with the printer - installed easily - some reasonable software for monitoring - good email alerts. HOWEVER, today it has developed a HARD fault 075-100 Paper feeding mechanism. It's basically failed and after no more than 25 printed A4 pages. It appears to be a common fault (google Xerox phaser 6010 and fault code 075-100).

In the interests of checking the support from Xerox I have, today, contact them and raised a fault. Lets see where this goes......


Firstly I have only had the printer for one day (and I intend to update this as I use it).

Installation was a breeze - I use a DHCP server so the printer obtained an IP address immediately - I used the web interface on the printer to change to a static address, all very easily done. The printer supports IPv4 and IPv6 (dual stack if required). The web page linked to the support site where I found an updated firmware - downloaded and installed - a little hitch at the start, but all went very smoothly. Downloaded Windows 7 x64 drivers for one PC - installed all ok - found the printer easily: - Note. You need to leave the printer discovery a little while (Windows 7) and install under LPR not WSD (for some reason Windows failed using WSD settings). Also installed the XP x32 drivers and this was easy too. So up and running, firmware updated and two PC installed within 30 minutes (including clearing the old printer out the way).

Network support - It supports SNMP, and provides an ok web interface. It also has an email alert facility and the ability the disable the local control panel configuration remotely. Password protect is supported. Mail alerts on Consumables Status, Paper Jam Status, Printer Booting, Login Error. Also supports a Host access list based on IP address/Address Mask (IPv4 only).

Print Quality - very nice text printing and very clear. Colour output is lovely - well worth it (as you expect from Xerox). I have not tried to install the Pantone colour calibrated tables as yet but there is good support - as quoted "Custom CMYK data has been developed for 1,341 colours from the PANTONE® solid coated colour library of the PANTONE PLUS SERIES and/or 2,058 colours of the PANTONE GoeTM System for the optimal reproduction on a specific output device".

It's reasonably quiet while printing - definitely quieter than the latest inkjets I've seen and our older HP laser (B&W).

Features and support - The printer options are very good for this class of printer with some nice power saving features allowing the user to decide how and when the printer will go into a power save mode. Once in the `power save' it does take the printer about 20 seconds to warm up for the first print.

I'm very happy with the Xerox Phaser 6010N. There will be further updates after a week or so usage.
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on 18 July 2012
Having received this in very quick time, ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday. Easily set up, quality of print, even photos on plain paper, far better than expected. Double sided print easy to do.

Update Feb 2013
After over 6 months, still very pleased with this printer. I've seen other reviewers complain about the cost of the ink. For me it's cheaper than the inkjet I owned. I would buy new ink, print a couple of pages, a few weeks later I'd go to print and have to print numerous test pages after cleaning the heads,. This didn't always work, do would have to buy new cartridges. Hours of frustration, a page print from the inkjet probably worked out at £5 a page!!!

Now I know that when I print a page it will print first time and good quality, saving time and money.

No doubt in my mind that this is a good buy.
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on 14 March 2012
Printing is very good quality though not fast. I had problems with the set up (kept wanting to print double sided) not sure how I changed it, certainly wasn't simple.
When I connected it to the router, installation of the drivers on one computer was fine but when I put the disc in the second computer it changed the settings on the first, totally naff. I'm now using it on USB until I feel strong enough to face trying to network it again. I don't believe the people who write the software ever test it in real world situations!
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on 13 July 2013
Having had inkjet printers in the past and living and working here in Greece, where the ink cartridges are not readily available, I have ordered from Amazon for over 12 mths now. I have got so fed up with having to drive around the Peloponnese looking for ink or waiting for orders from Amazon that I have just bought this Xerox Phaser 6010_N and only set it up today. Early days yet but was able to set up via Wifi and no need to use the disc supplied as using on a Netbook at home at the moment. Driver loaded automatically, so very pleased with that aspect as not so technically minded and was worried I would need to get a technician and trying to find one of them here in the area at the moment is proving difficult. Xerox have an excellent reputation and for the price, I thought it was very good, especially as I needed it today for work purposes and my very good but old Canon "died" whilst the last order of ink was in transit! The printer in my office is an Epson and is slow, noisy and the ink is not economical; bought 2 years ago in error! Should have bought a Xerox then but don't think this model was out then.

Am very pleased so far but as I only set it up about an hour ago, will have to wait and see.Will give full review at a later date. That is the only reason for giving 4 instead of 5 stars.
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