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on 11 August 2016
Solar aspect doesn't work well at all: even in 30-something degree heat, constantly in direct sunlight for almost 24 hours total = 1 LED worth of power, and even then... only a few minutes worth of charge. Otherwise, charging from the wall, etc. works fine.
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on 9 July 2017
Stop working put it in bin
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on 27 July 2013
Does what it says on the tin, charges up and will run the phone and top up the battery. easy to use, all the right adaptors.
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on 27 July 2015
Tried the charger on a camping and caravan site with no electricity-charged the families devices well. Very pleased with the item would recommend to others as great value for money.
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on 17 March 2015
Came with all the adapters you could want, and kept my iPhone charged while trekking in Peru. Easy to use, and light to carry.
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on 20 March 2014
Use it while playing golf and using a Golf GPS app on iPhone - excellent recharger and happy to recommend.
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on 4 August 2012
Hi Amazon Customer, the PowerBee Exec charges quite quickly off the mains / USB supply.

I used my HTC smartphone's USB charger to charge my PowerBee and also used the solar cells to keep it topped up.

I bought it for a cycling trip in the South of France - July 2012, to charge my camera and phone - it does take a while to charge via solar power alone and charges best titled at 45 degrees - as opposed to horizontal and of course, facing the sun.

Once fully charged it re-charged my HTC phone and my TZ30 lumix camera, so the internal battery does has a high capacity.

If you've watched Prof Brian Cox on the Beeb {or DVD / Blu-Ray etc.}, have read his books, or are a just a student of John Herschel or physics in general, you'll know that direct sunlight on the equator at midday gives about 1kW per sq metre ** {or 1,000,000 sq mms}. Now the solar panel on this device is only about 5,000 sq mms {approx 50 x 100 mm} or 1/200 th of a sq metre

So it'll perhaps generate, at best, something less than 5 watts in perfect conditions , so at 5 volts, that's 1000 milli amps tops. If we assume say 50 % efficiency due to the real word, as opposed to ideal solar cell and losses due to imperfect angle to the sun then . . .

1 hr of direct sunlight will be no more than 500 milli amp hours.

So, in 'perfect conditions' something like 8 hrs of direct equatorial midday intensity sunlight, {clearly less in the morning and evening} would be required for a full charge. As you move away from the equator, the light intensity gets less and then there is cloud cover too, so it will take a while to charge up in the UK, still quite some time in sunny southern Europe.

The solar panel is thus best used to keep the internal battery charged up.

I was happier to leave the panel on charge in the campsite washrooms in the South of France than leave my phone and or camera on charge unattended. I kept the PowerBee topped up with solar power as we cycled along. I know of a few people who use dyno-hubs, with a rectifier and regulator, to charge devices like the Powerbee when it's not so sunny.

So all in all, the PowerBee worked out OK for me on my trip and if you keep the above physics in mind you'll see that any such device will take quite a while, possibly many days, to charge up FULLY in the often cloudy UK from a FULLY discharged state.

"Captain, I canna change the laws of physics!"

** Coxie does an experiment in Death Valley USA, Wonders of the Solar System, BBC TV programme and book, to measure the power of the sun. A tin of water is heated up by the sun's rays, from which, like John Herschel many year earlier, the Prof' calculates that the power of the sun arriving on a square meter of the earth is about 1 kw.

Aside: Multiplied up, taking a sphere of 150 million km radius (the sphere we are in); the output of the sun is 400 million million million million kilowatts - that's the power output of the United States in a year, radiated in one second by the sun.

Cannot put weblinks in this review, but if you google " clips from wonders of the solar system " some of the results will take you to BBC iPlayer and you can watch the experiment - if you have not seen it.
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on 20 March 2012
I bought the Powerbee Executive prior to Glastonbury 2011 to keep two phones (HTC HD7 & Xperia X10 Mini Pro) going.
At the start of the five days I made sure it was fully charged by USB in the car on the Wednesday morning, I left it in the sun when at our tent or sitting around and then topped up our phones each night. We did turn off unnecessary data usage to conserve power but I was still impressed that this charger had sufficient capacity with top ups from the sun to keep both phones running for five days.

With subsequent useage I've found that it can recharge my HTC HD7 almost twice over from a full charge making it an excellent backup power source.

With regards to solar charging it does require outdoor sunlight for at least a day for a full charge, but this is no more than is claimed, or than I would expect. If you aim to charge from USB when you can and then keep it topped up in the sun then I think you'll be very pleased. However if you buy this with the intention of solely powering your phone from the sun then you have unrealistic expectations and will be disappointed.

Overall I believe this an excellent product.
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on 10 April 2012
Its hard to say if this charger is good or not, I'm kind of in the middle at the moment, on the good side it looks great being simialar in size shape and overall look to an iphone, it arrived quickily and was fully charged on arrival, i used it to charge my HTC sensation xl from flat which it did easily, i then used it to charge my wifes phone as well which it did before the charger itself then ran flat. It also come with loads of adapters for different phones and devices which is ace.

Now for the problem part, once it ran flat I decided to test how long it would take to fully re-charge from flat on solar power alone. Its been 3 weeks now and its still only 3 quarters charged and doesn't look like it will ever make it to fully charged without being plugged into the mains. You also have to bear in mind that this 3 week period covers the really hot weeks we had in the UK over march when temperatures during the day were in the 20's, in addition I put it in my kitchen window which is south facing and gets the sun all day, in other words probably the most optimal conditions you can get to charge it with solar power and it still hasnt managed a full charge. Over and above this the bulk of the charging took place on the really sunny days (you can check with the led charge indicator) on the days at the start and the end of the 3 weeks when it was cooler and over cast the device hardly picked up any charge at all. I even tried putting it outside thinking maybe my k glass windows were blocking the uv light it needs to charge but this didnt make any difference.

In short the decice is great for re-charging your phone when out and about and in this respect is really usefull, just dont think of it is a solar charger that can re-charge itself using sunlight alone in a few hours, thats never going to happen. I think its probably best to think of this device as a portable power source for your phone that is charged off the mains/usb but can also be topped up with solar power if needed, do this and you wont go wrong.
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on 17 March 2011
This is what i have been looking for, a solar charger that actually works. I had purchased a cheaper model, not from the same seller, and it turned out to be a waste of time. This one comes with loads of adapters and works well with my htc. It comes charged and the best thing is u can easily check how much power is left in it. Good case is provided and it charged my htc from half to full with lots of power to spare. It acts like a power bank because it can be switched off to stop it from discharging as quickly. If you need a backup power source for yr gadgets you can't beat this..
Have had this working for a while now and its great, charged my htc whilst out walking with gps running twice before it needed a top up. That may not sound much of a feat but smartphones are power hungry when gps is running and this charger kept it going. U must realize that it will charge much better outdoors as glass impedes the suns rays. Overall still very happy with it...
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