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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 March 2009
This dvd you will either rush to buy or hope to avoid for the rest of your life. For the first time since my early teens, and after watching the opening sequence, I began to wonder if I could actually stay the course of watching a horror film. Thankfully, the gore set-pieces were paced throughout the running time.

This isn't a good film and at times, because of unexplained cutting from one scene to another, difficult to follow. Also I didn't recognise one cop when, out of samurai-stylised uniform, he transformed into a total idiot who wrongly thought himself the coolest dude in the city. Characterisation is minimal -there are only really two, our heroine and main villain, everyone else is a cipher at best.

The satirical elements -tv ads for some form of violence such as having chirpy teen girls promoting small knives to use for self-harm- are wincingly effective.

However, the selling point are the surreal images and the over the top gore (often one and the same) and good grief it is over the top, piling image after image you never imagined in your entire life and the one (if you're male) you might fearfully have imagined then you certainly hoped that you never would see.

I feel deeply ashamed of myself to admit that I did enjoy this film and, worse, that I'll watch it again some time in the future. In mitigation, all I can say is that it is a black black unreal comedy which displays a remarkable, albeit appalling, invention, rather than being a witless sadistic slasher. It may not leave you stirred but it will quite likely leave you shaken.
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on 25 February 2011
I'd like to start by saying I am not an expert on Japanese film by any means but I have watched my fair share. Like any other country Japan is allowed to make films in any number of styles from Comedy to Horror, so it does wind me up slightly when some reviewers on here tell us they are fans or experts of Manga, Anime or Asian films and then say that this was a let down and not in the same league as any other number of Asian Films. Just because we are starting to see more of these films appearing on DVD in this country does not mean that every one of them has to be a 'masterpiece'. I would also state that anyone buying or renting a movie with this Title and expecting 'The Seven Samurai' is missing the point!!

The film is great fun, full of over the top gore (yes it does look unreal but again that's the point) and, contrary to what some others have said, does have a semblance of a story. At least there is a reason behind the lead characters actions, but the film has not been made so you and I can explore deep meaning behind the dialogue.

It actually reminded me of Robocop at times, completely different in style but in the fact that the Police were being Privatised, that a lot of them were corrupt, how the lead character was moulded to fit what was needed by the corrupt and mostly the inclusion of several very funny futuristic television adverts. It's not a copy by any means but there is a debt of gratitude to that movie.

Another reviewer quoted 'It does exactly what it says on the tin' and you really cannot put it any better than that. Good extras on the 2 disc version as well.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 August 2015
The film opens to a typically 60’s style romantic imagery title sequence but your just over a minute in when the first head bursts over your screen. This sets the pace for this 2008 Japanese-American film staring Eihi Shiina as Ruka, a vengeful police officer who hunts down ‘engineers’, genetically mutated psycho killers who are plaguing the city. Injure them and the injury mutates into a weapon –in a way only the Japanese can get away with.
There is self mutilation, cannibalism, shooting, exploding heads, gushing blood, chainsaw duels and that just the first few minutes. This blends a ‘Blade Runner’ city atmosphere, wacky ‘Starship Troopers’ style ad breaks that bring a lighter twisted humour to the carnage of the film, as does the intermittent wacky soundtrack that reminds one of ‘Botched,’ all endlessly shaken –not stirred, with samurai elements to bring a gore fest beyond belief.
Well filmed, with a good sound score and some decent background but a thin plot, so if you like the Japanese OTT style slasher gore movies with spurting blood by the bath-load, then this is for you. If you want a realistic movie with a deep philosophical plot, look elsewhere. A bizarre ***** view –definitely not for children!
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on 18 November 2015
well when this film started I almost turned it off and laughed to death but then the gore started and what a ride, I was mostly laughing at how insane it was throughout the story is simple but effective the acting is all about how pained you can act while having something chopped of or bitten off!,
Gushes of blood and then some, fighting genetically mutated killers is the Tokyo Gore police who accept for the main character die in spectacular fashion, technically this film is well filmed on what I assume was a shoe string budget with the gore effects of worthy note.
quite funny in places not many but overall the gore will pace the film well worth a watch if into overtop style horror where you can get past the film style and crazy story luckily there's a trailer on amazon which I recommend you watch just about some's up the film definitely a B- movie through. The film for all it's faults does create a world and has some interesting ideas that play out if you look well enough.
Recommend to watch when your in a good mood a really funny mood. get some nachos in a bowl and then you can laugh dramatically while throwing them in the air while gushes of blood splatter out of a guys neck when his heads rolling on the floor.
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on 11 April 2016
Ridiculously over-the-top and often hilarious splatter-fest that does not take itself seriously at all and no-one else should either. Not particulalrly well-acted, not big budget, standard messed-up-Japanese girl-seeks-revenge plot. Regardless, Well worth a watch if you like Japanese movie gore fests or even japanese cinema in general. Not for the faint of heart mind.

Three things to love about this movie.

1/ The commercials.

2/ The police dispatcher

3/ Eihi Shiina's legs.

Loved it. A guilty pleasure
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on 30 April 2012
This is the best japanese film in years, full of gore and over the top violence, blood sprays all over the screen throughout the movie. the story is fun yet a little weird but has some great effects etc and alot of original ideas. if your into this sort of thing then you will love it, there is nothing quite like it. Go nuts and have fun.
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on 13 August 2011
it might just be the "greatest japanese fun splatter" for a nice movie evening with friends. It has all you need packed in two hours (apart from a good story but come on... who would really expect this from a movie called "Tokyo Gore Police" xD ). It has some nudity... it has funny scenes... it has weird scenes... it has blood... and it has even more blood... furthermore it has a Rocketlauncher that fires human arms/Fists and a "Blood-Jetpack". Surely this kind of film and entertainment might not be suitable for everybody and I understand that many might not like this one. But if you're intrested in Japanese splatter films this one is it... And for this price... just give it a try. I wasn't sure if I would like it when i first watched the dvd but after all i loved it. Some scenes remind me of The Texas chainsaw massacre... some are more like Braindead... some are like in a psychotic weird Manga.

After all ...Great movie. 5 out of 5 Bloodfountains xD
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on 27 May 2014
In the near future Tokyo's Police Force are privatised, and then faced with the tall task of bringing to justice an underground faction of crazed murderers named 'Engineers'.
These Shaky Jakes can go berserk at any moment, proving themselves to be extremely dangerous to the general public; and who, if injured, whilst being stopped from attacking said public, can mutate their injured body parts into deadly organo~mechanic weapons of evisceration with which to cause more damage..
Long live the new flesh.
Now, to be fair, it would seem that by and large, the police force are understandably, completely out of their depth, and struggle to deal with this tide of psychopathic mutants, but with more and more of these time bombs surfacing, do even the heavily armed boys in blue even stand a chance?
Well... Errr... No, not really!

But wait!!

Because they have an ace up their sleeve! The ace seemingly being the only cop able to handle these killers. And that cop is Ruka. A lady samurai with a penchant for short skirts, long legs and kicking ***, who just happens to be the finest hunter of Engineers this side of Okinawa.
But with Ruka suffering from the ghosts of her past; and a new, controlled breed of Engineer stalking the streets, will one woman be able to stop herself from self~harming just long enough to solve the case and find salvation, by becoming a one woman mutant massacre squad. . . . . Or will she just get turned into a big slop of offal like everyone else in the cast seems to...

Okay, so this is obviously never gonna be high art from the outset, but is this gaudy J~mix of Robocop, Blade Runner and an abattoir's waste vat, actually any good?

Well, I found this to be a rather hectic, amateurish film.
Packed with endless noise, fountains of claret, dismemberments, strobing colours, eviscerations, and of course, offensive depictions of bloody body horror...
Certainly the gore is pretty cheap, but is also admittedly none stop, which although far too fake and rubbery for my liking, will still no doubt please the gore hound J~brigade it's intended for; with gallons and gallons of fake blood geysering up and down every set, and hitting every fan possible.
Which obviously should be considered as both music to some ears, whilst a chime of concern for others, certainly those slightly squeamish or easily offended viewers, who, if by some miracle, might have actually misunderstood the film's motives from reading it's honest title.

Anyway, the actors sort of manage to keep straight faces throughout the ludicrous plot, which when considering the film's utter ridiculousness is no mean feat. With a minefield of so many silly plot holes, that one begins to wonder about the authenticity of the subtitler's credentials.
The makers, only real way of justifying the OTT content, coming by means of bombarding the audience with sporadic Verhoeven styled commercial satire, in a feeble attempt to make it seem cooler and cleverer than it actually is..
Their biggest other failed endeavours are wasted in trying make Ruka cool and less one dimensional, by giving her a sexy skimpy outfit and an addiction to self harming, brought about by her past, which of course they fail at monumentally ~ with her instead coming across like some ignorant, self obsessed boring arse, with a chip on her shoulder ~ which depending on your opinions of the police force in general, may seem quite realistic, I dunno.
That, and the other major problem being, that the film is also far, far too long, ending at around 1hr 50m. Which I found a bizarre choice by the makers, assuming that they didn't want to desensitise and potentially alienate all viewers attention levels, to the point that their sanguinary shockcase has all just become rather boring and redundant, due to the stretched run time.

Ultimately though, even when given the runtime, events and flaws, if you can channel some sort of demented, adolescent, male monkey power animal into your brain whilst watching it, you might find the constant displays of gore~shed, inventive madness, shock tactics and sheer vulgarity mildly amusing... after all, I did.
But then I stand by the reasoning whereby, any film giving us a deformed hooker, getting cut in half by machine gun fire, only to then transform her front bottom into a giant snapping alligator's head, so she might start chewing up her enemies, has gotta be worth something right? Right?!

If you like Japanese lunacy, body horror or offensive humour, or if indeed you can channel your demented, adolescent, male monkey power animal, I'm sure you'll get along with this just fine. It's trash, but lively trash.

The Uk single disc dvd is pretty much extras free. Subtitled only. And seems to have a minor glitch during the scenes shot in all red lighting. Dunno if anyone else suffered this problem though?

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on 16 July 2016
As the reviews show this is brilliant, I prefer it to Machine Girl or Meatball Machine, coz its just more abstract gory rather than completely Japanese mad gory.
No one dislikes this, if they do they're mad. Brilliant film. , amazing sfx. Synopsis is somewhere above.
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on 8 December 2012
As I have TGP on the 2-disc Collector's Edition, I was interested in trying the Blu-ray. After a bit of research I found that the US Blu-ray is listed as Region A, but it is also Region B compatible, so I took a chance and ordered it - from All Your Music in the States - and after a quick delivery time of nine days (for trans-Atlantic post: ordered 29th Nov, delivered 8th Dec), I've just tried the disc out on my UK-bought Playstation 3 - no problems!

One interesting thing, which was a bit of a shock, was the English dub - this is not on the DVD, and differs from the translation subtitles from the DVD, which may annoy some. When I get time this will be an interesting watch...!

Picture quality. Well, after checking a few scenes, it's an improvement - in places; almost too much as the prosthetics are a bit obvious at times. Maybe because I sit closer to my monitor (PC/PS3 plugged in) than I do to my TV, I noticed some instances of not-entirely-HD-quality, but that may also just be the film and it's low budget origins. For example, some shots of the Crocodile Girl are soft focus and others are pin-sharp, but her attack/posing are pretty much sharper than the DVD.

The extras disc is a DVD - probably Region 1 (from hints thrown up in my research), I haven't tried it - but it only contains the short insert films/adverts from the film, which for some reason are not on the Blu-ray. Odd, as a Blu-ray has quite a bit of space available...!

So, to sum up. If you want TGP on Blu-ray and have been put off by Region A notices, fear not. Mine is UK-compatible, so yours almost certainly will be. Go on, get yourself your very own Crocodile Girl for Christmas!
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