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on 4 August 2011
A blu-ray and DVD player of reasonable quality. No major complaints as such, but...

1. All over the Internet, including the seller I purchased from, it's written that the DVD side is multi region. This was the main reason I bought it. It's not multi region. Not in the slightest. It requires hacking, like all the others.

2. If you want to use the Internet features, you either need to connect it to your router direct, or purchase a Sony wifi dongle which is half the price of the player. It won't work with any other wifi dongle.

On the upside, it upscales to 1080p beautifully, works quickly and quietly in my experience.

All in all, worth it if you're just after the basics.
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on 15 March 2012
It worked well, it worked with the same remote as my sony tv, it even made dvds look better than they had in a dvd player connected to a full hd tv. But then it didn't really want to play the Game of Thrones discs, eventually refusing completely on disc 4.

So I gave in and downloaded the firmware update it had been suggesting for a couple of days. Now EVERY dvd I have tried it claims is just a data disc and wont play, and EVERY blueray disc I have tried is either recognised correctly but wont play anyway, or triggers a message about being the wrong format or scratched. So far, sony havent replied to my requests for assistance, and unfortunately, it's just over the 30 days for sending back to amazon.

So for now, it's a pile of unusable junk sitting next to my old dvd player. I just read the amazon message about needing firmware updates to be able to play all discs. Just be aware that sometimes, it's utterly the wrong thing to do!
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on 15 May 2011
All around this is a good Blu-Ray player, and good for the price. I picked this brand/model over competing less-expensive ones for its iPlayer and Lovefilm support. Mostly it works well, but sometimes the Internet video stops working mid-programme, and I can never watch beyond that point. Other than that, I have no complaints about this player.

The free download iPhone remote control app is really good and handy if only for the keyboard. Also, the Bravia Link feature allows me to control the player from the remote control that came with my Toshiba television, so I don't have remotes lying all over the place.

In all I'm quite pleased with this purchase. If the Internet video were more reliable, I would give it 5 stars.
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on 13 January 2013
I was at first very happy with this player, it was a huge step up from a traditional DVD player.
For simply BD discs the player is fine, good quality playback. No complaints there.
However, the Internet capability it promised...:
1. Netflix doesn't work, I have followed all the instructions and all, even got in touch with Sony, Netflix simply doesn't exist like it promised
2. Everything under the "Network" menu suddenly disappeared forever

Then here's the worse bit:
The machine began to play less and less media content, to the point that now it refuses to play any media content for more than 20 minutes. If the content is 1 hour long, it will play 20 minutes of it, then stops as if it has finished.

Took it back to Sony, and they say they can't fix it.

If they had just sold it as a simply BD player, then this machine is fine, but they didn't
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on 6 January 2012
I chose my Sony BDP-S380 on a recomdation by the review website Front Room Cinema. I only had 80 pounds to spend but wanted the most for my money.

I wanted blue ray with access to online content so I can access Iplayer and stream movies, and this little beauty delivers all that and more. All I have had to do us buy hdmi cable and register with love film and I'm up and running this is a great bit of kit at a amazing price I highly recomm

Sony S380 Blu-ray Player - Instant Internet Video Playback, With Media Remote and USBend.
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on 11 January 2012
First off, why this is a great blu-ray player...
-Fast loading
-Simple setup
-Neat menus
-Support for internet-streamed TV & youtube/dailymotion etc.
-Remote is clear & solidly built.

Now, why it isn't...
This won't affect most people but if you want to stream movies across a network do not buy this player. It was initially advertised by Sony that this player would, after a future update, support DLNA as did it's predecessor the S370. All reference to the S380 one-day supporting this has since disappeared from any Sony site. This player DOES NOT SUPPORT DLNA which I find most disappointing. It seems Sony held back this feature (and possibly some others?) to distinguish between it's budget and it's more expensive premium players.
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on 6 May 2011
I took a bit of a gamble in buying the S380 having seen the generally very positive reviews for it's predecessor. My experience has generally been very good.

Positive: The initial setup was very easy, updating the software and general usage is very easy (anyone who's used the XMB interface on the PS3 will find this a doddle). Picture quality and sound are very good, I have this hooked up to a pretty basic 23" LG HDTV going through my Onkyo HT-S6305 surround sound so for the kit I have it seems pretty decent. DVD upscaling works very well too.

Negative: Browsing the online content such as YouTube is a bit messy as you're forced to use the remote for searching, as a previous reviewer has said, best used if you already have a YouTube account and plenty of videos saved in playlists. Also highlighted by a previous reviewer the lack of recalled playback is quite annoying, especially as I'm pretty certain my PS3 (which this was the replacement for as I sold it to a friend) had this feature. Finally, in some panning scenes when playing BR's the picture seems to stop for an instant and then continue, I only notice it occasionally and general BR playback seems to be fault free.
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on 28 June 2012
I feel I got screwed by the ad. There is NO BBC iPlayer. The fact that there would be was the main reason I chose this machine. It is not available through the latest firmware update either. The reference to the BBC iPlayer should be removed.
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on 20 May 2011
If your looking for a good Blu-Ray player, look no further, it does everything you could want it too, USB support, profile 2.0, constant updates and has the BBC I player built in! The sound and Picture sounds and looks amazing when watching Blu-Rays and older DVD's. You cannot go wrong with Sony when it comes to viewing experience.
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on 28 July 2011
I read before buying about this player being a little noisy but my concerns were unfounded when i started using it. It is an excellent player for the money with the added feature of playing media through the usb. I can watch all most of my media without first burning it to a disc. Its slightly noisy when first switched on but I think thats people just nit picking. I am delighted with my purchase and would recommend to anyone thinking of buying it.
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