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This is a great Blu-ray player which boots-up immediately, with no noticeable noise. But the thing that really sold this model to me was its additional features.

First, this player gives you access to internet video, either via an ethernet cable or wireless dongle. Second, there is a USB port at the front which allows the user to plug in memory sticks or external hard drives to play AVI and some other video files.

Here are the pros and cons of this model:


* Two USB ports
* An ethernet port
* Virtually instant start-up
* Blu-ray picture
* Access to internet video, including BBC iPlayer and YouTube
* Very user-friendly interface and remote control


* Not every avi file is recognised by the player, but most are

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons and such a reasonable price, this is a bargain. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a home entertainment system as I liked the telly I already had, so this seemed like the best way to add new features and enhance my viewing. I'm very pleased with the result and now enjoy catching up with BBC programmes that I've missed. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the picture quality of the YouTube clips.

One word of warning - you can only get a wireless internet connection if you buy a special Sony dongle, which costs almost half the price of the player. Unfortunately, some reviewers have commented that the signla strength isn't that great. However, there is a solution. I bought powerline ethernet adapter, which turns you home's electrical wiring system into an ethernet which can transmit 200mbps. The result has been fantastic. I can now watch high quality pictures with no danger of signal loss.
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on 4 May 2011
This is my first Blu ray player and I have to say it is fantastic, picture quality is absolutely stunning (better than what I was getting from Sky Movies HD on the same tv - Sony Bravia), sound quality is just out of this world .. try The Expendables (Blu Ray) on this player and you will know what I mean!

One thing which nearly put me off from buying this player is all the ppl who complain about Sony players making a high-pitched noise.. I decided I should give it a try because I have always had Sony products and never been disappointed.

Okay, at first when I played the blu ray -- I thought oh damn, I'm going to be returning this player as you guys are right there is a high pitched noise --- but it only seems to last about 30 seconds on my player while the disc is loading -- after that , its gone and it is silent ... so glad I went ahead with this player. Have now watched a couple of movies (Expendables and The Dark Knight) and all I can say is WOW! it really is a big step up from a DVD player. Don't let the negative reviewers put you off, this is one hell of a product at a damn good price... and there I was thinking of getting a Samsung for about the same price which incidentally I saw at a store today and the picture quality is nowhere near as good as this Sony blu ray player..
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I`d been prevaricating over whether to bother with a blu-ray player for a while; the death of my home cinema system prompted the end of my indecision. My preference is for Sony, where price allows, and I just wanted something that would be easy to use and wasn`t too bulky. This seemed like the choice for me (although I`m not going to use the internet option now, I may in the future) as it is both very affordable now, and not likely to become horribly outdated in the next few years. Suffice to say it was delivered within two days, and was playing discs within a couple of minutes - plug in to the mains and the HDMI link, batteries into the remote, press OK a couple of times, and you`re good to go. It really is that easy - and I`m very happy with the performance. The only slight problem has been a humming noise that lasted the first thirty minutes of the first disc I played, and it was loud enough to be quite distracting. But it hasn`t happened any other time over the last week, or with any other disc. So maybe it was just settling in, if electrical items do that in their new home :)
I`m very unlikely to unlease the full potential of this player - internet/USB etc. - so will comment solely on what I do use it for; it plays audio CDs, blu-ray discs and upscales DVDs with a minimum of fuss, and I`m very happy with it.
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on 14 March 2011
Sony S380 Blu-ray Player - Instant Internet Video Playback, With Media Remote and USB
Absolutely brilliant product. Took about 10 minutes to set up and I was watching BBCiPlayer in HD a few minutes later. ITV player is not available yet but Five on demand is, but is not in HD. U Tube works best if you have an existing account and you can play music videos from your pre-existing play list. The Sony freebie extras are utter rubbish but there is Love Film and the Sony version for rentals in HD.
Blu Ray quality and sound are perfect and the upscaler is excellent.
I connected my external hard drive to the front USB and happily watched our MP4 and WMV home movies and our millions of JPEGs. It won't play Quicktime stuff. May look for a codec.
Most impressed, especially with the set up to my (relatively old) Bravia TV. I just used the auto set up and it did the rest, including linking to the internet through the wired connection we used and downloading automatically the latest firmware.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 July 2011
I was surprised at how slim and light-weight this player turned out to be. Perhaps I've become accustomed to my older DVD and VHS players that are so much bulkier heavier. I have a recently-bought Sony Bravia TV and this Sony Blu-Ray player not surprisingly was easy to link to the TV via an HDMI cable which enables HD quality as does component video cables, apparently, but I've never really understood that technology so I'm just quoting the instruction book. You can also just use triple AV cables, but that doesn't give HD quality. There's no Scart socket. You can also connect the player direct to the internet either by a LAN cable or wirelessly to your WiFi network to download films, etc. There's a USB socket too so you can connect your computer/laptop to play a wide-range of video, photo or music files.

Compared with my old DVD player I was amazed at the degree of control I now have to find a place on a film, for example, plus on-screen menus to alter settings for sound and viewing options.

The quality of the picture is very good even when playing DVDs.
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on 2 June 2015
love it
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on 14 July 2011
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on 18 August 2011
I have resisted buying a dedicated blu-ray player for a while on the basis that normal DVD's are cheaper and upscale very well.
However as these devices are now more than simple disk players and have internet connectivity to TV content I decided it was time to take the plunge.
The portal provided by sony includes BBC Iplayer, Channel 5, YouTube and a number of other music and pay for film portals.
I particularly wanted the YouTube access for researching technical information related to my work. Watching it on the PC worked but this make it something I can watch when I have a little time in a more relaxed setting. For those of you wanting to take a class in something then this is also an excellent source of basic introductory material which when watched on your big screen TV feels more like entertainment then study. So in fulfilling that role this unit works great.
On the DVD side, Blu-Ray disks playback is excellent. I also have a surround sound system so the sound is stunning with the new Blu-ray films and the latest sound codecs. Infact some of the new films would be pretty disappointing if it wasn't for the stunning sound tracks (Tron Legacy for one).
Things that I don't like is that the unit only has a HDMI output and a basic AV output which uses phono connections. I would have liked a scart with RBG which, as I have the HDMI going to the surround sound processor, would have allowed me to have a good quality picture without having to switch on my sound system.
Overall though for the price its a very good unit and I would recommend it for people who want a little more then just a basic player and can make use of the internet facilities that it provides.
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on 4 August 2011
A blu-ray and DVD player of reasonable quality. No major complaints as such, but...

1. All over the Internet, including the seller I purchased from, it's written that the DVD side is multi region. This was the main reason I bought it. It's not multi region. Not in the slightest. It requires hacking, like all the others.

2. If you want to use the Internet features, you either need to connect it to your router direct, or purchase a Sony wifi dongle which is half the price of the player. It won't work with any other wifi dongle.

On the upside, it upscales to 1080p beautifully, works quickly and quietly in my experience.

All in all, worth it if you're just after the basics.
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on 22 April 2011
Received the Sony the other day to replace an old Toshiba DVD player. So far, very impressed, particularly for the price. Played both DVD and Blu Ray discs without issue - the upscaling for standard DVD's works very well. Picture quality excellent. Also linked Sony TV and Blu Ray Player together using the Bravia Sync, which works well and eliminates the need for second remote. Setup very easy - up and running in no time.

Seen some reviews complaining about this particular unit being noisy, however, personally don't have any issues. Other than a couple of clunks when initially loading the discs the unit is quiet, certainly no high-pitched whirring noises.

Overall, particularly for the price, a good entry level player.
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