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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2004
A film about racial inequalities in a small town in the USA, Denzel Washington plays the legendary Herman Boone, who brings an american football team of black players and white players together to overcome the feeling of inequality in this small suburban neighbourhood.
What makes it even more amazing, is that this 'story' actually happened; that one man could actually change the views of a whole neighbourhood of people through high school football.
With equality being recognised, one very saddening scene and a great soundtrack, Remember the Titans is the best film i have seen in a long time. And Denzel washington is, again, on form, presenting Herman Boone fantastically. Absolute brilliance.
If you haven't seen this film already, buy it and watch it over and over again until you know the words to every part of the film, it is a great watch with a great message behind it. No matter what colour skin you have, you can still work as a team with someone from a different background. And if it takes more Herman Boone's to make that happen, bring on even more titans. SO " before we reach for hate, always always, Remember the Titans".
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Don't listen to the one doubter, Although D I Redfearn below may know more about what happened in real life than the real coach Boone that helped with the film i doubt it, and bad acting?!?!? in a denzel washington film!?!?!?! i very much doubt it! This is a phenomenal film about a small football town in the US.

The story is a very moving portrayal of the racial problems in America. When two schools are combined to make one mixed race school the white families are in uproar picketing the school gates in protest of black people being allowed to go to school with their children. The school board then contreversially assign a black coach to the football team who insists that the players integrate and come together as a team.

In real life the T C Titans went 13 - 0 for the season, not losing a single game! the whole towns love of football caused them to see the way the players integrated and follow suit.

This film works on many levels, it works as a sports film about american football and on a deeper level it works as a moving drama dealing with the issue of racism. I watched this film because it was about american football, I love this film because it is about so much more!

The acting in the film is good - much as you would expect from an actor of Denzel Washingtons quality. The historical accuracy is ensured by the contributions of the real Herman Boone who is played by Washington in the film. Obviously there is some dramatisation for the film and not evry word scripted is exactly as it was spoken in real life but if it is close enough for those that lived it it is close enough for me!

This film has something for everyone buy it now!
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HALL OF FAMEon 18 January 2003
However, if you did let this film get past you, remedy the void by seeing this story. The well known names are very few, almost beginning and ending with Denzel Washington, although Will Patton has become a much more familiar face on screen in the 3 years since this film opened. There is also a tremendous performance by a young girl, Hayden Panettiere who knows as much about coaching and critiquing the team in this film as the two coaches played by Denzel and Will. I do not know of another film I have seen her in, but she is a treat to watch during this tale.
Movies that are based upon, or inspired by true events are somewhat difficult to quantify for you never know how closely the true events are followed. This DVD has lengthy additional documentary features that bring to viewers not only the two coaches that made a seemingly impossible relationship work, but many of the players of the original team as well.
The forced integration of the team and its high school was as ugly as any other imposed changes involving forced integration. In this case not only was a black coach hired, he then replaced a very popular and successful head coach, a job that not even he sought. It is a testimony to both men that you will meet in the film that they stayed, worked together, and produced one of the most successful high school teams in the nation. The accomplishments on field would have made a great story, that it was done amidst such racial strife is amazing.
The cast of little known or unknown actors that were put together to create these teams are an amazing group. Whether they worked so well because of the material they were given, or it was just a pleasant happenstance is unknown, but they do a great job portraying not only the Titans, but their opponents as well.
The film deals with race, and forced integration in all its ugliness and shameful behavior, and were it not for the fact the story is true, and you have a chance to meet the real people that were once the coaches and young men, it would be easy to dismiss this as Hollywood embellishment to varying extremes. But the men, who were the boys that year, will visit with you and you will reminisce with the coaches that guided them as an amazing group of young men.
On a final comment, the soundtrack is phenomenal, that rare instance when you may likely go out and purchase it to place next to the DVD, so when the film is not on, the music will remind you of the great moments in the film.
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on 23 September 2005
Outstanding, Denzel washington plays the character of Coach Boone brilliantly .The power this film gives off is amazing, for some reason, the energy just his you and you feel you have a sense of achivement in your life when you watch this film. Jerry Bruckheimer has produced a fantastic film, as he does with all of his films. In my books, its "The Best Film There Ever Was".
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on 30 December 2016
Didn't really know anything about this film, purely purchased on a whim. Found it to be a rather heart warming and uplifting story. Only one major name (as the cover clearly indicates) but some very strong performances.
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on 14 December 2006
This flik is absolutley brilliant. Based upoon a true story with a breakthrough on reacial issues within US College football. Hire or buy this - You wont be dissapointed.
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on 30 October 2001
An excellent movie that inspires all. The way in which the film covers the breakdown of racial hatred through the medium of sport & the dreadful naivety that existed at the time is a superb educational tool for all ages. We should all view this film for the shear un-barriered companionship that sport can offer. An excellent evenings entertainment - a sleeping dog for all to discover and enjoy.
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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2009
I have seen "Remember the Titans" about five times now and it gets me every time, one of my all time favourite movies.

It's got Denzel Washington who, in my book, is always worth watching. But it also has Will Patton as Coach Yoast. Mr Patton isn't a big name but he is an excellent character actor who works consistently. There isn't one bad note with the casting - everyone is superb.

You don't need to understand American football to love this film. It's about the human spirit, about shedding prejudices, about recognising and accepting the differences in people and realising that the human race has many faces. It's a film that uplifts you, you watch it and come away in a good mood. It's about how if we all pull together, we might just achieve something and, in these current difficult times, anyone who hasn't seen the movie will find it very therapeutic!

The soundtrack is also excellent!
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on 2 October 2001
This film and it's story are classic! It's a true story of overcoming all the obstacles that society can muster. Denzel Washington proves - once again - to be in a class of his own with yet another true life portrayal, this time as the Head Coach of a mixed race high school football team. With a brilliant supporting cast, 1st rate cinematography, action, and humor, this film will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat!
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on 6 April 2014
Brilliant feel good film! A good story, enhancing and uplifting film. I came across this film as a lovely accident. Not for the faint hearted, some viewers may cry for the characters, tissues at the ready if you're a cryer!
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