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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 September 2013
This was such a different film when it first came out, creating a dinosaur from the blood ingested by a Jurassic period mosquito. Imagine it, a theme park with live dinosaurs!

Most people are aware of the plot of this great film. Dino theme park, something goes wrong and all hell breaks loose. After that there are just different reasons to return to Dino Isle.

The first film is by far the best, with the other 2 stretching the theme a bit. A forth film is due in 2015, but I think they have milked it enough - we'll have to wait and see.

The blu-ray quality is second to none. I had a much better appreciation of the film than I did with the DVD version. The reptilian skins seem much more real.The audio has transferred well with the all important and infamous thump, thump when T-rex is homing in - that really does resonate well through the speakers.

I bought my set for 8GBP and for that I had a bargain and excellent VFM. At the time of writing the set is at 17GBP - I don't think it is worth that much. Put it on your wish list and watch for the price to drop.
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on 2 November 2011
This review concerns the Jurassic Park Blu-Ray set. I have watched all three films and the transfer is satisfactory and while the picture is not flawless it is quite good. I am glad I bought this set, I have heard there is some grain but I didn't really spot any even in darker scenes. The scene in the first film with the T-Rex breaking out of the paddock had great picture. If anything it is the third film that has the worst quality. This is a good set and while not everyone will be satisfied with the picture the sound is incredible. The 7.1 Audio certainly makes itself known as I was able to tell even in the first scene that it is a vast improvement over TV broadcasts and DVD and arguably rivals the cinematic release in terms of quality. I again refer to the T-Rex paddock scene with the volume turned on loud it was amazing to hear. If you have a decent sound system I would highly recommend this set and I would consider getting better sound equipment for this purpose. The extras are decent but not fantastic, the new documentary 'Return to Jurassic Park' would have been better if only it had been a little longer just seemed too brisk and I would liked to have seen more. It features good archival features as well, but the only deleted scenes I have seen are for the second film with only two of them anyway. The one thing I would have liked are deleted scenes of the first film and yet they have failed to surface on this set.
To summarise though I would recommend this set as the sound quality makes up for any picture that isn't quite up to scratch but when it is up to scratch you'll see that it is amazing.
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on 1 September 2005
Everybodies seen Jurassic Park but if you hav'nt...what are you waiting for? Even looking back, it's amazing that a 12 year old film can still have such brilliant special effects. These dinosaurs LOOK REAL!!! You don't think of them as special effects but as actual creatures and Spielberg never lets you forget that their not just a bunch of monsters but animals. Great cast-Sam Niel, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenburgh are all excellent (a then little known Samuel L Jackson has a supporting role too!). The action is delivered with just the right amount of suspense. The end scene with the raptors is tops. 10/10
The Lost World is not bad but feels pretty uninspired. Jeff Goldblum as clown figure=great but his character as a leading man just dos'nt work and you can't help but want Sam Neil in his place. Julianne Moore and Pete Postlewait are much better but mainly the films just lukewarm as if Spielberg just wanted a film about people being chased by dinosaurs. The T-Rex and raptors are back and the really little ones have a scene stealing moment but on the whole it's not a patch on the original. 6/10
Jurassic Park 3 is much better. Joe Johnston dispenses with most the ethics subtext and concentrates on delivering a theme park ride of a movie. Short and sweet. The new dinosaurs are excellent Pterodons finally get an action scene after being introduced by Spielberg about 5 seconds before the end of the second film .Sam Neil is back reminding you just how great the first film was and the raptors are developed further and unlike the Lost World where they seened a bit foolish, come across as just as dangerous as in the original movie. The ending is a let down (I guess it was meant to be tense but it isn't coz we know the characters will survive) and theres a major cop out but overall a fun movie. 8/10
Great range of special features. Mainly on the effects. Theres a few things I would have liked to see-why does the Lost World disc contain the Dinosaur Encyclopedia for the creatures from the first film only? But overall this is near enough to be truly considered the Ultimate Edition of these films. Great. And the price dos'nt hurt for what you get too!
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on 5 August 2005
Without a doubt a collection of some of the finest movies ever put on film.
Firstly, with Jurassic Park, a film which redefined movie history. Realistic computer effects put in the ``Ooohhh!'' factor - and nothing ever beat seeing that on the big screen. The dinosaurs are just as impressive to us, as they are to Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) when he sees them for the first time. The dinosaurs look living and breathing, and still look good today.
Even on the small screen, it doesn't take anything away from the film. This is mainly down to Spielberg's great direction, building the suspense by keeping most of the dinosaurs out of view for the entire first half of the film. And then exploding them out in a action packed ending.
Everything is authentic - the look, the roars, the interaction with the human cast - astounding. OK, everybody has seen it, but it's worth adding to your DVD collection.
Unfotunately The Lost World is not as good (3 stars). It is more of the same. Once again, a slow build up that is actually boring, but at least the dinosaurs appear earlier too. The plot line of rescuing someone stuck on dino island is pretty thin, but once the action kicks in you don't mind so much. The cliff top fight with the T-Rex and the trailer, and the Raptors in the long grass stand out, as does Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm. However, the T-Rex in the city ending feels tacked on, and fairly pointless. Dissapointing.
Luckily Part 3 picks up again (4 stars). It's a cut to the chase movie. No introduction - let's just get the characters onto Dino isle, and have them run through the forest narrowly missing being chomped on by huge teeth. Taken as it is, it's a non-stop thrill ride for 90 minutes. The dinos are even more impressive, theres some great humour, and a big ruck between a Spinosaurus (The new bad dino on the block) and a T-Rex which looks stunning.
Spielberg passed directing duties over to Joe Johnston for this, and he proves a fair whack at the action. Impressive.
Overall, it's a must-have collection for anybody, not just movie fans!
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on 22 April 2016

All three films arrived at blu ray with VC-1 1080p 1.85:1 encode. I watched these films with 2 trepidations. Firstly, Universal has a bad track record of lousy remastering, like excessive use of DNR (Digital Noise Reduction). Secondly, the films were remastered using the more primitive VC-1 encode, which in some circle is considered as the Rodney Dangerfield of video compression techniques. More recent films usually used MPEG-4.

While Terminator 2: Judgment Day might have introduced audiences around the world to the possibilities of computer-generated effects, it was Steven Spielberg's 1993 smash Jurassic Park that truly revolutionised modern cinema. Seamlessly mixing CG visuals and life-size models, this movie convinced audiences around the world that dinosaurs still walked the Earth, and in the process transformed the visual effects industry almost overnight. In Jurassic Park 1, many of the dinosaurs are life size animatronics. Close ups are generally animatronics while full body shots are mostly CG. The effect of this is that it gives a weight and presence that can often be absent from CGI.

I am glad to report that all three films bristle with fine detail, and the CGI elements look especially fantastic in that regard. CGI skins of the dinosaurs all look absolutely crystal clear, and the scales and reptilian textures on many of them are virtually tangible.

Jurassic Park: There is a thick grain pattern, which made the picture more film-like. There are fine details, like Sir Richard Attenborough's white hair and beard. The colour reproduction is excellent and vibrant showing off the greens of the island's foliage and the bold red and yellow of the Jurassic Park branding. DNR, if done, is not intrusive. (3.5/5)

Jurassic Park: The Lost World: This movie features a much more muted colour palette and a more refined grain structure, both of which help to serve up a slightly improved picture experience over its predecessor. Delineation is clearer throughout the film, and detailing never really feels obscured by the grain structure. (4.0/5)

Jurassic Park III: Jurassic Park III features the strongest of the encodes.The disc's fine grain combined with the generally brighter, clearer and sharper visuals (real and CG) register increased detailing and vibrancy throughout the film. (4.5/5)


All three films come in DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, which is all reference quality and truly electrifying. All three film's mixes sport brilliant fidelity, with absolutely incredible dynamic range, fulsome low end (with some absolutely wall shattering LFE courtesy of little dinosaur footsteps in the night and some great dinosaur roars), with well prioritized dialogue, effects and that anthemic John Williams score.

Equally impressive in all three films is the incredible attention to detail with regard to Foley effects, some of which being almost hilariously brilliant (the little clicking noise the velociraptors' claws make on the kitchen floor in the first film is a great example). Directionality is also spot on throughout all three films, and each film is awash in fantastic panning effects, especially when one of the dinosaurs lumbers into view. But even in more subtle moments, we get some incredibly smart use of the surround channels. About halfway through Jurassic Park III, for example, Macy and Leoni wander off stage left and their voices clearly travel with them, even when the main action is still anchored in front of us. Again and again throughout all three films "little" moments like this help elevate the film's sonic majesty as much as the humongous effects surrounding the dinosaurs do. (All three films: 5/5)


Jurassic Park I won three Oscars: Best Sound Effects Editing (Gary Rydstrom and Richard Hymms), Best Effects, Visual Effects and Best Sound. It has a budge of $63 million, and the Worldwide Box Office Receipt was a cool $919 million. And did you know that the glass of water sitting on the dash of the Ford Explorer was made to ripple using a guitar string that was attached to the underside of the dash beneath the glass?

Jurassic Park: The Lost World was nominated for Oscar in Best Effects, Visual Effects. Its budget was $73 million, while its Worldwide gross was $614 million. And if you watch really very carefully, you will see that when the T-Rex bites the traffic signal in San Diego, a street sign on the right edge of the screen reads in part "NO DINOSAURS".

Jurassic Park III had a budget of $93 million, but grossed only $363 million. The Spinosaurus was the largest animatronic ever built. It weighed 12 tons and was operated by hydraulics. This allowed it to operate while completely submerged in water. The effects crew used 250 gallons of oatmeal to simulate Spinosaur droppings.


In summary, Jurassic Park I is a classic and a must-own, but the other two are also entertaining. Both the video and audio are great, although the video is not top-notched. But it really doesn't matter when you start to watch the films. You will be totally immersed in the journey of the actors/actresses in the world of dinosaurs. It is a fun and exciting thrill-ride. After all these years, there are moments that still startled me, making me to jump up from the chair (e.g., while digging a hole underneath the fence trying to escape, the face of the dinosaur suddenly appeared from the other side of the fence!). It is total enjoyment for the whole family. Stop picking at the small deficiencies, but simply just sit back and enjoy the exciting ride. This Jurassic Park Trilogy is truly DINO-mite. Highly recommended.
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on 19 June 2015
I used to watch Jurassic Park all the time as a kid so before purchase it would of been over 12 years since i seen these films and wow that seems insane but i never forgot any part of the first 2.

To get the Trilogy for such a great price it was an offer than couldn't be refused.
The films are great and you get loads of special features too which i also remember seeing on TV, it's all old special features so they don't look glamorous but it's all interesting stuff.

The films are great, I've watched the first 2 so far so i can't comment on the 3rd.
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on 11 July 2016
I am not interested in the DVD’s content, only in whether it contains English subtitles for the deaf. A simple solution is to display the back of the DVD case where this information is shown. If you wish to help, please email Amazon asking for the rear of the DVD case to be displayed. Thank you.
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on 28 February 2008
The collection comes in a regular 4-DVD box, rather than the nice fold-out sleeve pictured, which seems a bit of a cop-out on the presentation front.

Content extrmely good, as we know, the films are great entertainment, and the extras aren't half-bad either. The film quality is better than mentioned by one of the other reviews, looking particularly good on a sharp LCD screen. Don't expect it to perform on HD, but that's the beauty of those new TVs, they make your old films look worse so you buy them again...a lovely bit of self-marketing. In short, if you have a regular telly, don't worry about the picture quality, it looks just as you'd expect it to.

Well worth a purchase if you don't have these films.

Two thumbs up.
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on 4 April 2016
What you pay is what you get.
I am giving 4 stars, just because I've got package slightly damaged (one box is broken), but on the other hand, I can say quality of picture and sound are excellent.
I never use reviews to write about movies itself, because this is to answer are we happy with a product itself : technical & visual effect.
However, due to fact that this was first time that I've watched part 2 and 3, I will make exception and would say :
Movie 1 : 8/10.......Movie 2 : 4/10.....Movie 3: ....6/10
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I loved these movies when I first saw them and my granddaughters were interested in seeing the so I bought this box set. They absolutely loved them, OK some of the time they sat with their eyes covered saying "tell me what's happening as I don't want to see it" but this all added to the enjoyment of the movies.
A great buy.
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