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on 28 June 2011
From time to time I add books or DVDs to my Amazon basket and mark them "save for later" being unsure whether I really want to buy. Then later (sometimes much later) usually during a bad day at the office I give in to temptation and end up buying the CD or DVD not sure if I'm doing the right thing. The end result is that there are occasions when the DVD or CD arrives I end up wishing I'd pressed "delete" rather than "move to basket".
Anyway - on this basis I recently ordered Series 1 of "The Virginian" - there it was resting in my basket and I thought - why not? - and ordered it and it duly arrived the next day.
So am I pleased with the DVD's - or has nostalgia let me down? Well I'm pleased to report that "The Virginian" is just as good as I remembered - really superb. I've just reached my sixtieth birthday and remember the fifties and sixties when Westerns reigned supreme on BBC and ITV. I have fond memories of "Champion the Wonderhorse" and "The Lone Ranger" for children and so many great series for adults - "Rawhide","Wagon Train","The High Chaparral" etc. But for me "The Virginian" was the biggest and best of them all - great stories, great characters,and the lure of the American West. James Drury as The Virginian and Doug McClure as Trampas were the classic buddy combination with some amazing supporting actors.
So far I have only watched a few of the thirty episodes in the pack (great value at about £1 per 72 minute episode)and they have been every bit as good as I recalled. Sometimes nostalgia doesn't let you down!
It was a mystery to me why "The Virginian" was lost in the vaults - well now it's back and ready to be enjoyed again.
If like me you remember it in its heyday then buy these DVDs - and when the titles roll with James Drury,Doug McClure and Gary Clarke riding together to Percy Faith's haunting theme tune the years fall away and you are back in time at Shiloh and the good guys and the bad guys of the Old West.
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on 5 April 2011
Although The Virginian was first broadcast over 50 years ago (from 1962 to 1971), I consider it to be one of the best western series ever made. The series was made in colour and has been restored and remastered for this DVD boxset, with each of the 30 episodes of season one (from 1962/1963) running for approximately 75 minutes.

Anyone who grew up watching this series in the 1960s will immediately recognise the opening titles and theme music and remember the strong story lines and characters, set at Shiloh Ranch and the town of Medicine Bow, Wyoming in the 1890s.

The main cast include, of course, The Virginian himself (James Drury), Judge Garth(Lee J. Cobb), Trampas (Doug Mc Clure) et al. And watch out for the numerous famous guest stars, including George C. Scott, Bette Davis, Lee Marvin, DeForest Kelly, James Doohan, Robert Vaughan, Ricardo Montalban, Nancy Sinatra, Edward Asner, Robert Duvall, Jack Warden, Eddie Albert, Vera Miles, David White (Larry Tate from Bewitched) and many others. A veritable nostalgia-fest for people of a certain age!

Producer Roy Huggins also produced such well known series as The Fugitive, The Rockford Files, Cheyenne, Maverick, Alias Smith and Jones et al.

Special features include cast interviews, including James Drury.

For anyone with an interest in the TV Western genre, this is a must-have series, an absolute classic (alongside other great western series such as Bonanza, The High Chaparral and Alias Smith and Jones) and a real bargain at the price for nearly 37 hours of entertainment. I certainly hope that the later seasons are released on Region 2 soon. Buy it and you won't regret it.
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on 10 August 2014
I bought it as a present for my cousin who is looking forward to viewing it. I watched the Virginian many years ago on the TV and enjoyed it.
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on 7 August 2013
I have only played the first Episode and am impressed with the quality of colour, sound and playback.

One thing that stands out is the excellent acting and the depth of actors who can act. Not just a Star supported by Newbies.

However, and this is not a criticism, just a thought. My memory tells me that I watched an episode of the Virginian that showed Trampas arriving at Shiloh Ranch (IN B/W). Yet the first episode has him firmly placed in the cast. I have done a bit of searching, but thought we might have a The Virginian Nerd here who might know. ;-)

Was there an earlier Episode?
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on 30 May 2016
I had forgotten why there was so many cowboy tv shows. The classic series is The Virginian was a trailblazer and lead the way. It was far better than most and I suspect it may have inspired Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry himself to coin the phase" the western of the stars". The plots were built around the central three characters and the main character, the Virginian standing for and fighting all that was good and best about American values, freedom, justice and right to roam the great wide up spaces.
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on 26 January 2011
"The Virginian" is the third longest-running TV Western (249 episodes), behind only "Gunsmoke" and "Bonanza."
I always liked the 90-minute Episodes and unlike "Gunsmoke" and "Bonanza", this was a Primetime-Show in Germany. Each episode is more a good B-Western movie to me than a tv show, plus, this was largely shot on location and not some fake outdoor set like "Bonanza."
James Drury starred in the title role as foreman of the Shiloh Ranch. Doug McClure portrayed Trampas and Lee J. Cobb played patriarchal figure Judge Garth, owner of the Shiloh Ranch. The storylines are entertaining, it's not about action and shooting all the time, but more about drama, character development, and a bit of humor.
A great series which I am happy to watch over again, the Episodes have beautiful picture and sound. I also be happy that the DVDs are uncut (Cutting is a specialty of German TV, to get Shows in their Time-Schedule).
I would recommend this series to ANYone and EVERYone! Doesn't matter if you are old or young, if you like good tv shows, you'll like this!
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on 2 February 2018
Excellent series, always high-lighting a different aspect of how humans far too often tend to think and how they should really think. One should always ask oneself: "What would The Virginian do or say in this situation?"
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on 1 January 2013
I really love this TV series. This is made for the adults. Great cast like the star, James Drury, who gives us ladies an extra heartbeat. I really like the fact that this is not a childish series like Bonanza is. I watched every episode from the TV when it was shown in my country in early 2000's. And now I'm so happy that it's available on DVD so I can order it and watch when ever I want an escape to the West. I just hope that the rest of the seasons come available in region 2 DVD's too, so you'd be able to get this wonderful series to yourself.
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on 6 June 2013
as good as I remember it years ago. Intelligent plotting, good locations and a splendid cast make each episode a great pleasure to watch. Some credit for these goes to James Drury, who insisted on a high production values and would stick his heels in if the production team tried to cut corners. His efforts have paid off..

Sadly, the remaining series don't seem to be available in Region 2 format yet (C'mon Amazon!) But don't let that put you off buying; Series 1 has 18 episodes and the restoration/remastering gives them a delightful clarity and vibrancy.
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on 3 March 2018
Series 1 of Virginian is a western series l am looking forward to finding time to view this series. Many thanks.
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