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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2012
i purchased this purely due to the price, i do not usually read historic novels as i find it hard to connect with historical characters. However i`m glad i took a chance with this book, it is one of rare finds that when you are reading you can visualise at the same time.i won`t give away the story as i feel you need to take this journey and it is a journey with ups and downs plenty of tears and moments when you cant bare to look, but are compelled to do so.The journey does not end on the final page, i downloaded the sequels and continued the journey over two days[well i did have to work as well]i have enjoyed these for various reasons but the main being that it is a good read.Go on take the plunge if its not your usual read i`m sure you will enjoy them.
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on 23 September 2012
I'd like to thank Author Elizabeth Loraine for the wonderful "GIFT" of her novel Katrina, The Beginning (Royal Blood Chronicles)!! I've been lucky enough lately to be able to finally get hold of some of the books that have been on my TBR or wish list through some amazing authors. KATRINA being one of them, now to follow is my fair and unbiased opinion after reading Katrina.

Katrina is being told from the POV of a young seventeen year old royal vampire, of course her name is "Katrina" as the title of the book represents.

Taking place in the 1800's, an era by the way that I absolutely loved in history.. The elegant fashions, old school manners, (so lacking now a days) and the many huge grand social balls or events that always seem to take place in the upper circle. And with her family being of royal blood, comes one of the luxuries of having you own staff/servants who tend to their every wish or need. (although their staff was treated like family)

Katrina and her family also have "Watchers" who keep them safe and trained them expertly in the arts of battle.
The Vox Brothers, seven in all were very loyal and trust worthy... Avery, Cedrik, Gregor, Gunter, Simon, Thomas and Quinn. (Unfortunately Cedrik and Gregor were killed in battle)

Katrina face sadness, love, (first time) adventure and enemies all within this great book. She knows that she has a purpose in life, and therefore she knows she must do everything possible to strengthen herself physically as well as her gifts. (Gunter helps her achieve this as her trainer) Gunter also help train Katrina's friends/companions Letta, Rosa and El.

The daily routine of her life, from bathing , feedings all the way to her training was such a new take in some ways. Oh what I would give to have a helper, and yes a trainer.. That would be fantastic!

I really enjoyed the storyline of Katrina where her you have a young teenager by all appearances and class is the sweet innocence that a teenager should be, but by no means is she.. Katrina is a WELL trained warrior with her vampire speed and a mastery of her weapons.. *takes a wide birth around Katrina* A strong warrior that I for one wouldn't want as my enemy!!

If you are looking for a wonderful book that is full of a mixture of romance, love and a dark side twist.. Then I recommend Katrina, The Beginning to be a awesome introduction to the Royal Blood Chronicles.

Well done Elizabeth Lorraine for this great first book in the Royal Blood Chronicles!!!

Royal Blood Chronicles

The Dark Prince
Cain, The Quest
Marcella, Vampire Mage

Recommend: 18 (some discretion) and up
Rating: 4/5 angel stars
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on 11 March 2011
Katrina, The Beginning (Royal Blood Chronicles)

This is my first review so I hope it's ok.

Katrina is a young vampire who discovers she has unique abilities which allows her to lead a chosen group of young female vampires. They are called The Protectors. (A bit like the musketeers but there are 5 of them.) This first book in the series follows her discovery as she realises her gift and meets the other girls and begins her journey.

This is a book written for young girls and whilst it lacks the depth found in more adult orientated books it is still a good read.
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on 21 August 2011
This book is a great read, from the first page i was hooked and have read the series, prepare to sacrifice some time as once you start reading you will find it hard to put down
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on 5 May 2011
I'm a massive fan of the vampire genre--frankly, I love the angst and the torture the characters go through. Most tales are told from the male aspect, so it was great for me to get my hands on Katrina--The Beginning. Elizabeth Loraine has done something that grabbed me from page 1--the entire tale being told from the eyes of 17-yer old Katrina. Katrina, beautiful princess that she is, lives in a vampiric world of luxury. As with all tales of the undead, there are humans that seek out vampires for elimination.
I love a strong heroine and Katrina is just that, strong and wise beyond her years. Despite living in the lap of luxury, she is strong willed and doesn't have the suspected whiney angst that most royalty would demonstrate when their world is compromised. The action is thrilling, the storyline is haunting, and the minor characters of her fellow princesses are often humorous, delightful, and highly believable (despite their vampire disposition). This is There's a fairy tale quality to Katrina's story, and I can't wait to read the continuation of the thrilling Royal Blood Chronicles.
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on 11 June 2015
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