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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Having loved Jaye's debut I was a little upset when the second novel didn't quite hit the same peaks as the original especially when the author left the reader on a real cliff hanger of an ending. All is forgiven with this, the third adventure for Sabina Kane and along with the rest of Team Awesome. It's beautifully written, the characters magical and above all else the emotional aspects and healings really make this a title to appreciate.

Add to this a great sense of pace, some seriously wicked dialogue and a demon that we can all love and it's a title that will make many an urban fantasy reader whimper with pleasure. Finally add to this a certain humourous wound being repeated and at some point I think a certain Mischief demon will be bending over and using his back end for impressions which will not only make the reader laugh but hopefully continue to keep the reader chuckling during the darker moments. Seriously good fun for all.
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on 6 February 2011
I liked the first book of this series, Red-Headed Stepchild, a lot. The second book, The Mage in Black, was also good but I didn't enjoy it as much. There was a heck of a cliff hanger in it though, which left me very much wanting to know what happened. Green-Eyed Demon did not disappoint and is easily the best of the series to date! I loved this book.

Green-Eyed Demon picks up a few days after the events of The Mage in Black with Sabina, Adam and Giguhl searching for Sabina's sister Maisie. There is plenty of action right from the start and it rarely lets up. It's a book full of twists, some seriously kick-ass fights, and a few awesome new characters. I loved the extension to the world building with more of a mages' power being explained and shown, along with some other aspects to various races we hadn't yet learnt about. Things always seemed so close to boiling point, ready to spill over and it created a tension that made the book very hard to put down!

But what I loved most about this book, was the development of Sabina. She's always been a loner. Working as an assassin it was something that worked for her. But now she has to learn to play with others and it's not been something she's been particularly good at. Here in Green-Eyed Demon though she takes a real step forward. I loved seeing her insecurities and how her relationships with both Adam and Gighul (who, by the way, is still as funny as ever, but so much more awesome in this book!!) develop as they work to find out where Maisie is being held and if they can possibly rescue her. It's heart breaking at times, but it's brilliantly played. I couldn't get enough of it!

The ending is seriously intense! It had me in tears (a couple of times, I confess) and wow! It packs the biggest punch. I had some issues with both the first two books, different issues and while they didn't ruin the books for me, they did stop me loving them as much as I could have. I had very few issues with this one and pretty much just loved it outright! It's fast and actioned packed, with a emotional background that kept tugging at me. It answers several questions and ties up a few plots while still leaving plenty to keep you guessing and wondering! Fantastic work! I can't wait for book 4, Silver-Tongued Devil to find out what's going to happen now after the big events of Green-Eyed Demon!
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on 17 June 2012
Sabina Kane is racing against the clock. Her sister Maisie has been kidnapped by their sadistic grandmother Lavinia, the dark races are on the brink of war and and the sinister Caste of Nod are manipulating everyone from behind the scenes. Based on information from an unlikely ally Sabina, Adam and Giguhl have travelled to New Orleans and find unusual new allies in a voodoo trained human, a colourful fairy, a renegade mage and a belligerent werewolf. But when they run across magic-wielding vampires the question soon becomes can they survive long enough to rescue Maisie?

This is the third book in the now complete Sabina Kane series (after Red-Headed Stepchild and The Mage in Black) which is has to be one of my favourite urban fantasy series. It is one of those series that really should be read in order, especially given that this installment picks up almost immediately after the conclusion of the last. This time the setting has been changed to New Orleans which is one of my favourite settings for books and this version certainly doesn't disappoint.

Once again the pacing is consistently taught with the manipulative aspects common to this series provided by both Lavinia and the Caste of Nod. A greater purpose has been brought into play which means it is no longer all about Sabina, rather she has become a tool that could be manipulated or strike her manipulators down. The frankly creepy owl Stryx has also returned and is once again following Sabina around.

It seems each book challenges an aspect of Sabina's preconceptions with the first dealing with vampires, the second with mages and this installment forces her to work with a human. While Sabina has shaken free of most of her vampire prejudices she really struggles when faced with a plain old human, albeit one who practises voodoo and is a quarter mage. The request that she abstain from human blood in favour of animal does not go down well either. There is also a focus on the fairy races, with the Queen being presented in an unusual less-than-attractive form.

Sabina and Adam's relationship comes more into play after their literal separation in the previous book. Now thrown together in close quarters, Adam makes his interest clear while Sabina struggles to deal with the possibility of love amongst so much loss. There are some incredibly sweet scenes and Adam is incredibly understanding of why Sabina is resistant.

Giguhl is dealing with a dramatic breakup but quickly blends into life in New Orleans, bonding with their hosts Zenobia and Brooks. Brooks is hilarious and his flirtation with Adam (and Adam's discomfort) add a lightness to an otherwise quite dark book. Brooks also has a unique performance which had me laughing out loud.

Once again Sabina's "Things to do:" checklist has been paperclipped to the back covers. I love the uniqueness of this feature and how it hints to the plot of the book. This one reads:
1. Rescue sister from kidnappers
2. Take on leader of entire vampire race
3. Survive

All in all, this was another great read and I can't wait for Silver-Tongued Devil.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 47/50
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on 8 July 2011
This is the third book in the Sabina Kane series. The first is Red Headed Stepchild and the second is The Mage in Black. I was sucked in by the first book and I'm still in love with this series now. Sabina is a kick ass half mage half vampire (or magepire), Adam is a hot mage Pythian guard and Giguhl is the funniest demon sidekick ever (not that he has huge competition in that category but still).

Sabina's twin, Maisie, was kidnapped at the end of Mage in Black by Sabina's grandmother. Lavinia Kane is the Alpha Domina (queen bitch of all vampires) and hates Sabina and Maisie because of their mixed blood heritage. In this book, Sabina tries to find Maisie and hopes to finally defeat Lavinia. She meets new friends and finds out more about her mage powers in this book as well as finally realising the depths her emotions can go.

Of the new characters introduced in this book, Brooks is my favourite. I'm not going to tell you anything about him so don't worry, no spoilers here. Although out of all the characters in the series I think Giguhl will always be my favourite. He's just awesome, so cheeky and horny it makes for some awesome one liners from him, and I still giggle at his nickname for Sabina, "Trampire". Can't wait for more from Sabina and co. and hope Jaye has lots of books planned for them.
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The stakes have never been higher for Sabina, not only is her grandmother trying to start a war amongst all the Dark Races that could destroy half the world's population but she has also taken Sabina's twin sister as a hostage. Having seen first hand exactly what Lavinia is capable of Sabina knows that she has a limited time to save Maisie's life, she may have only just met her twin but Sabina wants the chance to get to know her properly and she will do whatever it takes to rescue her.

While I enjoyed the first two books in this series I feel like Green-Eyed Demon really sees things step up a gear. We get more action, more romance, the introduction of some fab new characters and a fun new setting as Sabina and friends visit New Orleans in search of Maisie. Sabina takes a long hard look at herself in this book and it made her character so much easier to relate to, she has always been a loner (with good reason!) but she is starting to realise that she isn't quite as heartless as she has always pretended to be and that as a team her, Adam and Gighul are pretty much unstoppable. She makes a slip up towards the end but I'm going to blame that on temporary insanity and hope that she's finally learnt her lesson once and for all.

I love the development in Sabina and Adam's relationship, I like that he's supportive of her and understands where she is coming from but that he doesn't let her walk all over him. He tells her in no uncertain terms that he cares and wants to be with her but that he's not going to put up with her dithering indefinitely so she'd better pull her finger out. Gighul is one of the stars of the show as always, his snark always puts a smile on his face, but he has some competition in this book in the form of a fae transvestite, a voodoo priestess and a very angry werewolf. I hope we're going to see more of all the new characters introduced here because they all had something to add to the story.

This series has definitely captured my interest and I'm looking forward to reading the last few stories to find out how everything turns out for Sabina.
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on 11 February 2014
Really enjoyed this book. As with the previous ones in the series, this is well written with great characters and an exciting, well thought out story line. Loads of humour, love Giguhl!
Definitely recommend
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on 28 July 2013
This is an absolutely great book loved it very addictive book could'n t put it down til i had finished reading it would recommend this book and seller to all my friends and family who absolutely love vampire stories
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on 28 November 2011
Loved the series! Found the 1st 2 books by accident and then i just had to have the next one! can't wait till the new year to get the 4th one! The plot is great; sabina's sarcastic remarks are to die for! Literally and otherwise! Great stuff.
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on 16 October 2011
My favourite plot line of the three books so far, the great rescue attempt!

At the end of the last book, after the battle had died down and they we able to count casualties, it became known that Maisie, Sabina's long lost twin sister, had been taken by Lavinia (Sabina's grandmother and ruler of the vampire race) during the fight. Now Sabina will stop at nothing to get her back and to kill Lavinia once and for all. It's way past time for granny to die!

Just thinking about the conditions her sister is being kept in is enough to send Sabina into a killing rage. Maisie, who, unlike Sabina is rather soft hearted, almost naive in nature, is just not mentally equipped to deal with the foul evilness of the vampire side of her family. So even if they manage to rescue her, they cannot be sure the Maisie they get back, will be the same girl that they lost.

Naturally these are tense times for everyone. Luckily, Sabina has sexy Mage Adam Lazerous by her side. His formidable magic abilities as well as just the strength she derives from his confident, calming presence is all that's going to get her through this hunt. She also has Giguhl, aka Mr. Giggles, her demon familiar (and the star of these books if you ask me) as well as some interesting new characters: a human voodoo priestess, a drag queen who goes by the name of Pussy Willow, and a female werewolf.

It's a tough battle they face, As we know from book one, Lavinia and her followers have access to Mage blood which makes them doubly hard to kill. An ancient vampire is one thing, a magic-wielding ancient vampire is so much worse. It's going to be the biggest battle yet and not everyone may come out the other side in one piece.

There was a short story available in between this book and the second book in the main series, The Mage in Black, entitled Violet tendencies. I actually didn't read this and I don't think it's imperative to read it, I certainly was able to follow what was happening without it. The only thing to note is that, as you'll recall in the last book, Giguhl, the lovable Mischief demon was madly in love with the female Vanity demon, Valva, and then all of a sudden in this book, she is nowhere to be found and is referred to has "she who must not be named". Basically, poor Giguhl has had his heart broken for the first time. Bless his little cloven hooves. Luckily for us that doesn't mean we don't get some brilliantly funny lines from him in this book as we've come to expect, and in fact, he's even able to dole out a helping of relationship advice for our Sabina, which, lets face it, she kinda needs!

There were some very sweet scenes with Adam and Sabina in this book. I even had to blink back a few tears at one point. For readers of this series this is one not to miss!
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** This is the third book in the Sabrina Kane series **

[This isn't suitable as a stand alone book as it carries straight on from books one and two - Red-headed Stepchild and The Mage In Black]

The mages are reduced in number and don't have the manpower to storm the country in search of Maisie, so after the mages receive word that Lavinia is holed up in New Orleans with Maisie the second in command sends Sabrina, Giguhl and Adam [Giguhl has christened them Team Awesome] to locate them. Adam's aunt arranges for them to stay with voodoo priestess Zen and her feary familiar Brooks, so they have extra help on their mission.

As well as working along side a voodoo priestess and faery, Team Awesome will soon run into werewolves, other vampires, outcast mages and humans [ewww] as they try to find Maisie.

They're getting close to the end, but can Sabrina hold her dominant vampire side in check or will she lose it and alienate her allies, screwing up the mission and allowing Lavinia to escape again?

Whilst the story is still fast paced and has plenty of suspense and shocks, it actually has the simplest storyline by far. This means that we get more time to explore Sabrina's character and her relationships with the rest of Team Awesome are fully fleshed out.

The main obstacle that Sabrina faces this time around is her own dominant hot-headed, vampire side; she is a trained assassin and has always worked alone and leans towards charging in, threats, shouting and violence to solve her problems in the past. So she's now struggling to quickly change her approach to issues before time runs out and anyone else she knows dies.

In addition to her natural vampiric state, she also has to work through her learnt behaviour [i.e. her attitude] - remember that she has grown up in a vampire cult with her psychopathic grandmother - in fact someone calls her a dark race supremacist. So, yeah, Sabrina doesn't play well with others and needs to develop a new attitude if she doesn't want to drive everyone else away from her.

I personally like that Sabrina hasn't abruptly changed her prickly personality over just one book or become all holier then thou; she still kills when she needs to without remorse, she still drinks blood, she still has urges to be violent and she still privately thinks that other supernatural races [and humans] are inferior. For me she is saved from being unlikable because she is aware of her faults and the author shows her internal dialogue over various points, so we can see that she is working on changing her attitude and approaches to life.

My favourite character has to be Giguhl; he may be a seven foot tall mischief demon and a sexual deviant, but he is still cute [to me anyway]. He brings in most of the laughs, but he is tough, resourceful and also has no problems with standing up to Sabrina whenever she falls into one of her moods. It's nice to watch his relationship with Sabrina; unlike other master/familiar (never minion) relationships they really care for each other and even indulge in a heart to heart.

Adam is in a difficult position; he is trying to tow the line with his elders and behave as someone with his job should, but Maisie is a life-long friend who is in serious danger and it's no secret that he and Sabrina are mutually attracted to each other, so he also wants to do what he can to help her, whilst still standing up to her when he needs to. In this book we also see how his friendship with Giguhl is progressing, which is a nice touch.

Out of the new characters the voodoo priestess Zen - a self-confessed mortally challenged individual [she is three quarters human] - also stands out for not being cowed by the immortal and powerful Team Awesome and as she's the person who calls Sabrina a dark race supremacist she's partly responsible for Sabrina's self-reflection and the events that result from it. Though she isn't afraid to stand up for herself, she does know when to stay out of the way instead of playing at being a hero.

The most memorable character here is Brooks. I don't want to go into details and spoil anything but he is fabulous. To me he is the faery equivalent of Giguhl; funny, tough, resourceful and not afraid to stick up for himself and others.

In fact [flicking through the book] there isn't a single character in GREEN-EYED DEMON that I dislike - everyone adds something to the story, there's no padding going on here.

The author has proved in the previous books that she has no qualms about killing off the standard types of characters that usually are always saved in these types of books, so there's never that feeling of assurance when it comes to characters in peril - everyone is fair game in the story.

There is also no obvious way to guess the hows, ifs and whens for a conclusion to any of the major issues the three books as a whole have brought up, so I've never been bored reading the series.

As it has the simplest storyline I've been able to fully absorb everything and haven't been left with any niggling questions, like I've been left with after the first two books. Hmm, time for a series re-read....
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