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on 13 October 2014
I have a friend who kept pestering me to buy noise cancelling headsets. He had bought a set around the £50 mark and extolled their virtues. I finally succumbed and reviewed the market and came across this set considerably cheaper than £50, I thought it was worth a punt so bought a set. Wow. I am massively impressed. I have a number of other pairs at the £10-40 price range and these beauties can easily hold their own against any of them without the noise cancelling switched on based on build quality and sound reproduction. I do like the ability to recharge using a micro usb as we now have many devices; phones, kindles, tablets all using the same charger.
For the noise cancelling itself, I can see why people are unhappy about it's effect. If you're looking to cancel ALL noise, go and get the £200+ kit. For example, I did not hear much improvement in the gym or in the house.

If you want to cancel out the background engine noise or road rumble you hear on a plane, train or car, this set absolutely works. I actually bought a second set and we will use them almost exclusively for plane travel. At the price, it's a steal. You even get a wee bag to store the headset which allows me to also store our Aeroplane headphone socket adaptor for those older fashioned systems.

One tip to further enhance their performance is to buy a set of comply isolation earphone tips. The 400 range fits these headsets.
One of my best, low cost, techy purchases of recent times.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 October 2015
I'm rather a belated convert to noise cancelling headsets, due to simple lethargy at getting round to trying them - though judging by the number of other people on my recent long flight who looked to be using normal earbuds, I'm far from alone in that.

But that flight did now make me a firm convert, and a fan more specifically of my Digital Silence DS-101A Stereo Analogue Ambient Noise Cancelling Headset.

For not that much more that you can easily pay for standard ear buds, the Digital Silence noise cancelling ear buds give you a greatly improved performance on flights, effectively cutting out rumbling background noise such as aeroplane engines without making it impossible to notice that someone is trying to talk to you. The DS-101A has a good long battery life - last over 15 hours between recharging in my experience.

The Digital Silence headset is not prefect: not everything is cancelled and for me (as for some but not all other users) there is an audible hiss if you turn on the noise cancelling without playing any music or audio. However, once the music or audio starts, the hiss rapidly gets tuned out. Likewise, the bulkier nature of noise cancelling technology means there is a unit about the size of your thumb that has to hang around between your ears and the plug. But it is pretty light and comes with a clip to be conveniently held in place. So again, pretty good.

If you spend more - a lot me, even up to ten times more - then you can get something better. But for the rest of the market, the DS-101A Noise Cancelling Headset does far better than you would expect for its very low end price.

Even better, for just a few pence (literally less than a pound most of the time) you can get an adapter which means any headset with a standard plug can be plugged into the non-standard two and three pin sockets used by some airlines: Gold Plated Airplane Headphone Socket Adaptor / Aircraft / Airplane / Airline Headphone Adaptor - Twin 3.5mm Mono Jack Plugs to 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket - For use on most major airlines - Comaptibles E-Shop
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on 18 February 2014
I bought these for working in a noisy location. At the time (in late 2012) they were priced at £19.45. I see the present price is ~£18, down from £40. I'm not saying that apparent discount isn't genuine, just that they were roughly the same 'reduced' price a year and a half ago.

Anyway, in terms of quality, they've done the job. At the same time as I bought these, I bought a pair of Bose headphones for around £275. They do a similar job to the Boses just as well to my ears, are far more comfortable to wear, and have the nice additional benefit of being rechargeable (my Bose set uses regular batteries, that need to be replaced fairly often). All-in-all, with hindsight, I'd have bought only these at less than a tenth of the price rather than wasting money on the Boses if I'd known how good an option they were going to be.

Mine are still going strong after 18 months use, including being transported about in a laptop bag / handbag daily. I've finished the contract in the noisy environment that I originally bought them for some time ago, but still find them useful. The noise cancelling is particularly useful for listening to music whilst hoovering or drying your hair! It's also nice to be able to give the volume a boost when you're listening to some video or audio that happens not to have been recorded very well and that would consequently be difficult to hear properly on regular earphones.

In summary, I recommend these. Just don't think you're getting a special bargain by paying 'half price'. :)
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on 14 July 2011
I was a bit skeptical of purchasing this product as I had not heard of this brand before and also because there are a number of products with perhaps more recognizeable brands competing in the same price range. After searching the Web and coming across a number of positive reviews, I thought, what the heck - let's give it a shot.

I'm glad that I gave these a chance. For others who may have similar doubts, here are my thoughts for your consideration.

Sound quality: Good, decent bass and the highs are crisp. The sound quality is better than I had expected and comparable to much expensive headphones that I've used before. I listen to a fairly wide range of music - classical to rap to house. It all sounds good on these headphones.

Active Noise Cancellation: Very effective, I've tried these on the street, bus, tube and overground in London and have to say when activated, it cuts out a lot of the background noise. As expected with ANC, there is an audible hiss when activated but it's barely noticeable once the music starts. I can listen to my music at a lower volume now that the sound doesn't have to contend with all the extraneous background noise.

Design / appearance: Better than I expected. It's not the most streamline or sleek looking set of headphones but it's not an eyesore to me either. The clip is handy, especially since the ANC unit adds a bit of weight to the cord so you can limit the pendulum affect by affixing the unit to your jacket or shirt.

Fit: I wasn't sure what to make of the rather strange-looking earbuds but I have to say they fit quite snug and are comfortable to wear. As expected, they are shipped with the standard 3 sizes.

Gotchas: I *forgot* to check compatibility of my Samsung Galaxy S with this device and found out that I have to use an adapter (included in the box). It's not an issue for me but this may be a deterrent for others. I would recommend checking the manufacturer's website to see if you need to use the adapter before purchasing.

Overall: I'm glad I bought these and would recommend this to others who are looking for an affordable pair of ANC headphones that offer good sound quality.
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on 19 April 2017
I am a student at University and use these when revising. The sound quality is very good when the noise cancelling is on. When noise cancelling is off, quality drops, however, this is common for most headphones.

The active noise cancelling coupled with the in-ear piece cancelled out almost all background noise. I personally found that it was very similar to the Bose in-ear noise cancelling headphones.

The charge last for 15+ hours. I use these headphones around 5 hours a day, when they run out I leave to charge over lunch time (1-2 hrs) and I dont have to charge them again for several days later.

Overall very good product for the cost!
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on 22 March 2017
This works very well. Only complaint is that the weight of the product pulls at the earphones sometimes.
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on 8 February 2015
Works well, but sound cancelling is not brilliant. But then again it is not £300.
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on 13 February 2015
Really the best noise cancelling headphones for the price.
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on 29 September 2013
2nd one bought for my wife- what higher recommendation do you need, excellent for price, great on planes & buses,
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on 25 January 2015
One side stopped working after 6 months, so ended up being a waste of money. The first 6months were good, hence the 2stars.
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