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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 April 2017
Been looking for this movie for ages, and I'm so glad I finally found it!
If you don't know this movie, it's really different from the books or from other adaptations, but in a sense, so much better! Alice is a badass character (in an adult and modern version), and found her way through Wonderland to save her boyfriend. But so many thinks happen! You won't find the "classical" Alice in Wonderland's characters, and those who are still there are different, but in an awesome way. I highly recommend it.
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on 30 December 2015
Really great TV series, would definitely recommend :)
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on 27 February 2011
I was a little concerned when I first saw this advertised. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite children's books with it's clever little in jokes and plays on words and riddles with no answers, so i was worried about what I would get from a modern perception of Wonderland.

I got a pleasant surprise. I found they hadn't massacred the original like I feared but used it as a starting point and moved things on 150 years. The world which the modern Alice finds is one that is just as quirky but a little less child-friendly and a lot more dangerous. We find a world where humans from our world are being kidnapped and taken to Wonderland and their emotions are being harvested for the ruthless Queen of Hearts (played wonderfully by Kathy Bates). We still have the same quirky characters including the White Knight (Matt Frewer) and the Walrus and the Carpenter but they've been modified to suit a modern story, while still being loyal to the original characters.

The script is well-penned, the acting is excellent and although it is a little predictable in places it still has some surprises in store and characters such as the March Hare being used in interesting ways. They also used characters who aren't as well known such as the Dodo, the Duck and the Rat, although they did miss out the Cheshire Cat, which was a pity.

Alice, instead of the little girl in the original tale, is a young adult who is feisty and can take good care of herself, but her thick outer shell only hides a vulnerability inside her as she reels from the loss of her father when she was ten and constant bad luck with guys.

But it was the Hatter that made the show for me. Played by Andrew Lee Potts, he had a lot to live up to and he really stepped up to the plate. He was funny, zany, very much an on-my-own-side character who packs a wicked punch with his right hand and has a big heart and a strong sense of loyalty. To me he was the best part of the show.

Although the DVD has no extras, which would have been nice, it shows it all in one part when it originally showed it on television in two. However I found as I watched it there were little snippets of dialogue in the DVD version that I didn't see on tv, presumably cut to accommodate for advert breaks.

Don't watch this expecting another version of alice in wonderland, but it's definitely worth a look. I've heard it compared favourably to Oz, which I haven't seen, but the title on it's own is well worth watching by anyone who wants to escape from our world for a little while
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Fans will probably notice that many of the (5-star) reviews for the superb 'Mini Series' of "Alice" are for the 'DVD'. But there are a few BLU RAY options too - albeit hidden in Amazon's convoluted system.

One to `avoid' is the American release on Lionsgate [US Import] because it's REGION A LOCKED - which means it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are). BLU RAY players with 'Multi Region for DVD' are no good either.

But there is a European issue that is Region B and will play on our players (on Amazon UK cut and paste the following reference into the search bar to get the right issue B004MLAZVM).

Failing that go to either Amazon.de or Amazon.fr (their German and French sites), change the language to read English, search "Alice Mini Series Kathy Bates BLU RAY" and find a seller who has `International Shipping'. You will find their prices are reasonable and the shipping is usually around 6 Euros.

Curiouser and Curiouser! Happy hunting!
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There's a girl in a blue dress, a Queen of Hearts, and a a magical looking glass that whisks the heroine into a surreal Wonderland.

But beyond that, don't expect this SyFy miniseries to have much in common with Lewis Carroll's classic novel, "Alice in Wonderland." Instead, "Alice" is a whole different animal -- a deliciously gritty sci-fi adventure filled with action, romance, monsters psychedelic horrors, and a revolution against a drug-peddling queen. It's a little silly, but still immensely entertaining.

Alice's (Caterina Scorsone) dinner date with her boyfriend Jack (Philip Winchester) falls apart when he offers her an heirloom ring. When she chases after him, she sees him being dragged off by some suit-wearing thugs -- and promptly trips THROUGH a looking glass. Of course she ends up in Wonderland, a world of grimy urban ruins and art deco casinos. And it's ruled by the Queen of Hearts (Kathy Bates), a ruthless tyrant who keeps her populace drugged with emotions from kidnapped "oysters" (ordinary humans).

Alice ends up following the eccentric Hatter (Andrew-Lee Potts), who offers to take her to the Resistance -- but when they get there, they discover that Jack's ring is actually the Stone of Wonderland (which powers the transdimensional Looking Glass). Since everybody in Wonderland wants the Stone, Hatter and Alice end up on the run from both the Resistance and the Queen's assassin Mad March. Alice is still determined to rescue Jack and return home, but she soon finds that her boyfriend isn't quite what she thought -- and that one of her loved ones is the Queen's brainwashed slave.

The whole idea behind "Alice" is that Carroll's story was real, and that Wonderland has become a very different place in the last 150 years -- crumbling smoky cities, insectile airships, bunny-headed cyborg assassins, and a pair of sadistic interrogators called Dr. Dum and Dr. Dee. It's a far darker, more complex affair than Carroll's books, and that's what makes it so brilliant.

There's plenty of sci-fi action and chaotic battle scenes, including aerial chases, bombing runs and the occasional attack from the grotesque Jabberwock; and the writers keep the complex plot flowing along nicely. But they also keep the story grounded with a love triangle between Alice, Jack and Hatter, as well as Alice's quest to free the oysters and a long-lost family member. And there's just enough humor to keep it from being excessively grim ("We don't have to use a user manual, do we? I HATE user manuals").

Problems? A few of the homages (the grinning cat, the "drink me" bottle) are pretty superfluous, and the siege of skeletal soldiers is kind of silly (especially the "Hit them with everything we've got").

Scorsone makes an excellent modern Alice -- intelligent, capable and capable of butt-kicking her way out, but still vulnerable and young ("You don't remember me!"). Potts makes a deliciously quirky, sexily disheveled Hatter, and Frewer rounds out the main trio as a mildly insane White Knight. Winchester and Colm Meaney are also excellent, Tim Curry is brilliant but underused, and Kathy Bates absolutely rules as the casually cruel, petulant Queen. And yes, she does say "off with his head!"

I don't know what beloved children's story will get reworked next, but "Alice" does a great job with Lewis Carroll's classic novel -- lots of action, a touch of romance, and just enough surreality.
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on 5 September 2012
I wasn't sure what this would be like, but it sounded interesting. It was a bit disturbing at first as Wonderland was so unexpected, post-apocalyptic in parts, but as the story went on it became very enjoyable. The characters from the original story were easy to recognise in altered form and as different as it was, the whole Wonderland magic was there. Not for children, but it had a happy ending anyway.
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on 24 June 2011
Love this movie! Really quirky take on the Alice in Wonderland story. It's funny, it's sweet, it's entertaining. buy it and enjoy it! Andrew Lee Potts is great as Hatter, Caterina Scorsone is a feisty Alice and it's got that nice little twist at the end.
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on 11 April 2011
I watched the series on television and was entertained by this quirky adaptation, so much so that I tried to order it on DVD. The only copy I could find was not suitable for my DVD player, however, very soon after Amazon offered it in a Region 2 version. Nicely acted, famous faces everywhere, Hatter is a bit of a dish and Alice is lovely, not the ultra-amazing CGI that one has come to expect from modern fantasy movies but nevertheless attractive to watch and a good modern twist on the original story. It also has an ending that, without spoiling it for new viewers, doesn't disappoint.
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on 29 November 2011
I saw this on television and loved it so much. Cannot wait to get my copy so I can watch again. It is so pretty as well, with a lot of thought gone into the fabulous costumes. A definate Keeper :)
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on 23 February 2011
I wasn't sure what to expect when I sat down to watch Alice. True, it is a bit odd at first because most people's automatic reaction will be to expect a rehash of the same old same old. There are only so many times you can make a film about the same thing, and yet still be 'original'. This Alice, however, takes a completely different turn to a masterpiece of literary genius. Whoever thought up this miniseries had a brilliant imagination.

A completely different time set, new people (on the surface). Alice, a young woman, unable to continue moving forward with her life because of the disappearance of her father many years before. Wanting to love, but terrified that the object of her love would desert her as well, she could never fully committ. On finding someone mysterious she follows him (allbeit accidentally) into Wonderland - and there the story and adventure unravels and reveals itself.

If you let yourself and your imagination go on this one, it is quite easy to see the character similarities even though they are in human form. Andrew Lee Potts as 'Hatter' was brilliant. His emotional range really took the viewer through an unexpected journey - and the journey's end was not expected (but hoped for)!
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