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on 5 July 2013
I've had the previous model of these Philips hair clippers for over 5 years, they are still working but the battery is getting old and I worry it won't hold enough charge for a complete haircut so I opted to get this new model.

Over the last 5 years its saved me nearly £200 in haircuts, no appointments, etc.

I cannot recommend the Philips highly enough, after all 5+ years and no issues is a very good recommendation.

I like the new look of the new model and its now waterproof which is a major benefit for keeping it clean and free of hair.

You have so many options as to how long you would like your hair to be cut down to, it doesn't have to be be shaved head time, just change the combs and set the depth, its extremely flexible.

I recommend one setting for the whole head, then carefully come down a few levels for around the ears, finally take off the comb to trim the back hairline (see my tip below!) and to remove sideburns or to trim and shape them.

The first couple of times you cut your own hair you might end up with hair all over the place and think, i'm never doing this again!, don't panic, just keep at it, after just a couple more times you will perfect it and hardly make any mess at all, I now can do it over the bathroom sink and leave no mess anywhere else, then its just a simple clean of the sink which takes moments.

Here is a tip, get some packing tape, pull off a strip, line it up with your ears, keep it level and pull it towards the back of your head, now pat it down. Use it as a mask to cut the back of your head level and no one will ever know you cut your own hair :-)
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on 21 November 2016
Brilliant idea and work really well. The clipper does exactly what it says on the tin.You can revolve the cutting head around in stages to allow left or right hand use. The battery life is great once fully charged up which is not always the case cordless clippers. The only down side, according to the previous reviews, is the attachment fees a bit delicate but I haven't had a problem yet, after over 6 months of use. Its simply a case of being careful. The settings are good (Hair thickness) and they do a good all over cut in 10 mins. (I don't have much hair)
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on 11 March 2016
Definitely worth the investment. This clipper has lasted almost 3 years and is still going strong. I have saved hundreds of pounds cutting my own hair and have actually got quite good at it. my friends tell me that when I cut my hair it looks professional! It takes some time to learn which trimmer settings suit you the most, but once you have had a bit of practice it starts to become a routine every few months! Just remember not to use the shortest setting like I did first time! 7 mm is short enough in my case!

I used to spend ages cycling two miles uphill from the hairdresser with hairs all down my back inching like hell and with my wallet nearly empty!! now I can cut my own hair and jump straight into the shower no irritating journeys involved! the hairs can quickly be vacuumed up after showering. I advise using 2 mirrors, scissors and a manual razor to neaten the edges behind the ears which are hard to reach by the clipper.
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on 14 March 2013
Had previously tried a combined hair/beard trimmer but that wasn't great at either (if u muck it up it takes ages to grow back so u can try again but it can take time to learn from your mistakes)

This is a much easier way to trim your hair as it makes it very easy to get a good result & any bits you do miss can be easily got at thanks to the swivel head (which only takes a few seconds to get the hang of).

I would especially recommend this trimmer if like me you struggle with movement as the swivel head makes it very easy to get a good cut. Has 3 length combs so u can try different looks & taper the length around ears & neckline. Also can be cleaned out under tap.

Only donwside is the instructions don't make it very clear how to remove cutting head & change combs (but it's not too difficult to figure out) but otherwise very pleased with product.
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on 16 December 2016
They are nice and light without being too light and plasticy and glide over my head so smoothly that it takes half the time to cut my hair. The clippers come with three comb guides, a precision trimmer, a cleaning brush and a handheld mirror.
Charging takes 1hr to fully charge which equals 1hr of cutting time... nice and quick, other clippers always took an age to charge and I had to think 'ahead' to charge up beforehand.
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on 3 September 2012
I got these Philips clippers a few months ago and have used them a number of times. I first used them with the longest setting when my hair was pretty long and they did a good job. I have used the clippers since then to keep my hair more manageable and shorter.

I did make one big mistake...I went to cut my hair at a longer setting not realising the blade was set at 3mm so my hair was cut very short but it was not a big problem. Make sure you have the setting at your preferred length or you may look like you are going into the army!

For £26 these clippers are very good value and build quality is ok but not as "Rolls Royce" as a pair of old Wahl clippers I have (which can't cut your own hair like the Philips).
I would recommend these clippers, they charge quickly and do a very good job and for £26 you will save a lot in going to the barbers / hairdressers.

Very well worth purchasing.
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on 1 February 2013
When I first ordered this item, it didn't arrive and I contacted Amazon and asked for my money back. They did this without question and were very courteous in their replies. As a result of this good customer service, I decided to order it again later in the month and this time it arrived promptly so, full marks to Amazon customer service there. The clippers are very comfortable to use and need little maintenance and as long as one doesn't rush the task, the results are pretty good. The build quality is good, strong and simple with nothing to muddle up and is going to save me a fortune in haircuts. I don't know why I didn't get one before but now that I have it, I'll be having a tidy up every month and the thing will pay for itself in a short time. Great product and great service once again from Amazon.
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on 16 September 2014
I cut what's left of my hair really short (1mm) and this clipper does the job really well. I suppose the 180 degree rotating head might be useful for some people but I never rotate the head and still manage just fine, cutting by feel as much as anything. Once fully charged it seems to last for five or six cuts (bearing in mind that it doesn't take me any longer than 10 minutes to cut my receding mop). It comes with a number of different comb heads, each in a different size, and you can fine-tune the size on the clipper itself.

All-in-all a five star product as far as I'm concerned - can't fault it.
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on 20 August 2012
I had an earlier version of this (the QC5170) that died after a few years use (not sure how many but it's at least 4 as far as I can recall)- the motor was stalling (I had to hand start the motor at times!) and around the same time the small lugs that hold the cutter in place snapped on both combs.
It had been good while working but I looked around at alternative makes as well as the Philips ones and checked the user reviews before going with Philips again.
It has arrived and after a good look at it this seems to be far better built, everything seems better engineered. The combs are held in place with a different system which looks like it's going to be more durable and less likely to suffer from wear and tear type failures.
So, I'm happy with the purchase- it's got build/design improvements that make it seem more durable than the previous model I had, and that one was pretty good.
And it's a decent haircut too!
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on 3 January 2012
My hair thinned many years ago, and at that time I decided to go for the cropped look rather than anything else. As a result I have bought several hair clippers over the past 15 years and, without a shadow of doubt, these are the best by a long way. Battery strength, recharge and durability is excellent, and the cutting/trimming process is smooth and painless, leaving an even cut all over. The rotating cutting surface (which I thought would be a bit of a gimmick) is actually very useful, particularly trimming around the ears and at the edge of my beard, and the machine is a very useful "hand" size rather than the bulkier and less manouverable types of old.

All in all, an excellent bit of kit and I would recommend to anyone - even those with hair where I once used to have it!
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