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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2012
It's worth beginning this review with a health warning, if your offended by nudity or sexual game play stay clear and stop reading now...This game has cause much division among gamers and I'm sure will continue to do so for a while yet. I would propose that perhaps because this game been misunderstood more than anything else. If you considered this a serious game like Bioshock, or Rage you would be grossly disappointed.

The most important thing is to recognise the context in which DN3D and the previous games of this franchise emerged. An era when gameplay was so limited, and graphics so shocking that 'serious' game play was never going to happen. If you had played the original you would have found the same chauvinistic male protagonist and women simply drooping at his feet that DNF delivers. In addition level designs were minimal (again like DNF) and even if you found cover glitchy game play meant you got shot regardless.

To be honest Duke has always been a hedonistic, psychopath spouting one liners while getting kicks out of his own reflection. Fact. So why would you expect different now? Duke has always been offensive and controversial game, particularly so in our present culture that seems to enjoy urinating on every bonfire it can find. For someone who loved the original games it's refreshing to take a step outside the serious intensity of present FPS games out there and enjoy all the elements that make my day: Porn, beer, and gratuitous violence.

- It's a good laugh and tribute to the original games
- The one liners are awesome
- Uses weapons from the original game I've still not encountered in other FPS (like shrink ray)
- Female nudity (I'm a guy and enjoy this kind of thing, if you don't like it, don't buy the game because that's what Duke Nukem's always been like!).
- Ridiculously sexual level design (just look at the different doors in the alien zones and the structures the topless maidens in distress are strapped to)

- If you play a lot of FPS you will probably not enjoy this game for a number of reasons including: no customisation, limited cover, often repatative game play (ie beating the same type of villains over),
- Not particularly ground breaking game
- Can become repetative and tedious at times for usual gamer
- Not much creativity or thought seems to have really gone into this game which I agree could have been better

When understood in context DNF is a good bit of fun. Not to be taken seriously and the level of female nudity means it will most probably appeal more to men. This game will most probably appeal to fans of the original games as a fitting tribute to what was an awesomely obscene franchise. Expect nudity, violence and a real laugh. Probably worth grabbing out of the bargin bin from your local store as it's a game to dip in an out of.
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on 11 June 2011
I've no idea what planet these people are from giving this game five stars, I'd give it zero if I could.

I waited years for this game, I pre ordered it and waited, I wanted so hard to love this game, I loved the older duke nukem games. It really wouldn't have had to try hard to impress me.

After playing it for a few hours I took into my local game shop and part exchanged it because it was so so bad in every way.

Graphic look like an average ps2 title 10 years ago, for example things like mirror images appear flat and don't even turn, it handles sluggishly, gets repetitive and the characters look plastic and completely ridiculous. The load times between dying and starting the game up are ludicrous, especially as the whole time I can't understand why the load times are so long given the quality of the graphics/game.

Gearbox you should be ashamed of this rubbish and it will make me thing long and hard before buying another gearbox game in future, I feel ripped off. They clearly bought the rights to a game developed 14 years ago, changed the very minimum to get it running on modern consoles and released it unfinished.

I've never written a review before but this has got me so angry I felt compelled.
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on 7 July 2011
After waiting 12 years for a sequel to the fantastic Duke Nukem 3d we get a game that should have a warning saying too dear, too tired and too short. Actually the too short was probably a godsend.
Though not totally pathetic the game has more lows than highs, and the high points are more like not sucking as much points.
I now know why there were no reviews before the game came out because if there were this game would have bombed.
The games producer should be ashamed at charging so much for a less than mediocre first person shooter.
Wait until its on ebay for a tenner before buying.......That wont be long.

Its a shame cos I like duke but this game has killed him.

The King is Dead.....!!!!
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on 18 January 2014
After the best part of 15 years in development hell, Duke Nukem Forever finally saw the light of day in 2010, much to the worlds disappointment.
Set after the events of Duke Nukem 3D, Duke is now a superstar for repelling the aliens from Earth yet again. However when the aliens return and begin to steal Earth's women, Duke jumps back into action to save the day again.

Though Duke nukem Forever is entertaining & funny, it rarley goes beyond that. The game looks & feels old as you play it and the loading times are near unacceptable.

Forever provides a game that is stuck in the past, but is a reasonably funny satire on today's pop-culture.
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on 16 December 2012
Okay, right away when I bought this I wasn't expecting a great game. I was expecting a rubbish storyline and quite a lot of alien ass-kicking.

I was mostly right, though the alien ass-kicking did not exactly satisfy ones need and after playing a level, I wanted to play a proper alien ass-kicking game like Serious Sam!

If you are wanting a few laughs and a few moments of fun, then wait until this game is at a really cheap price...and I mean cheap!
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on 7 June 2013
I am giving this 5 stars for 2 reasons.
1: It is a bargain
2: As best I can remember, it has kept all the cheesy charm of the original

When I was a kid (big kid now it seems) I played this to death and this is where sequils can be such a headache for game designers. If they revamp it totally with great graphics and a new gameplay mechanic old fans complain. However, if they do what they did this time around with Duke Nukem Forever they will struggle to get new fans and players who have been playing some of the latest games on the market nowadays.

I like the look and feel of it and it takes me back to the fun and easy brainless 2D gaming on my PC years ago. Its not for everyone but some old fans will love it.
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on 19 September 2013
Some games back good comeback and some don't. this one doesn't. Too much hype around this game. I bought it and i'm glad I bought it because it was dirt cheap. Its good to pass the time but its nothing great. It has the duke nukem spirit but there's plenty of room for improvement.
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on 27 September 2013
I saw this advertised at a bargain price and having played Duke Nukem games before, I thought I'd give it a go.
The game to todays standards looks like a PS2 title, but graphic fidelity aside, I've really enjoyed playing it, it doesn't have the control of a COD game but most of the time they are adequete. Since its release I believe its been patched as it doesn't have the problems from when it was released.
The games still full of the classic Duke 'one liners' and has me smiling to myself, not being a fantastic gamer some of the bosses have proved to be a bit tough but I haven't felt the need to drop the difficulty from normal to easy!
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on 13 October 2011
I'm a huge duke fan. I've been a fan since the mid 90's. I remember in school waiting for DNF to come out, I waited and waited and didn't hear anything, I gave up on any hope of it being finished. I wasn't even sure if it was just a rumour. Then many years later I heard Gearbox were finishing it and finally I actually believed we're finally going to get DNF. I wasn't expecting it to be great because I knew it wouldn't live up to the hype people thought it would, how many games could after about a 12 year wait.

When I first got information on this I was vastly disappointed, the main problem was because they modernized it. Duke was always classic and it should have been, but they done the annoying only hold 2 guns at a time and regenerating health traits which becomes very frustrating. This put me off the game instantly and then couldn't believe how much negative reviews this game got. I bought it for about £20 to see if its really as bad as everyone says, I was actually surprised.

The game is actually pretty fun, it has some very original ideas and the one liners are awesome like all the Duke games. It took me a while to get into it but it does get better the further you go, the hive is an example. The aliens are pretty funny, the pigs are beefed up and I couldn't help find it fun to shoot them, how many games today have machine gun wielding pig cops? It's no way near as good as the classic Duke games and it certainly COULD have been better, this is no way near a masterpiece but it's not a disaster either like so many people rave about. Most critics (like IGN) clearly haven't played the game fully.

You die a lot which can get annoying having to wait for it to load every time, but by completing the game you get the invincibility cheat which can stop this, but its certainly a challenge. Duke was never intended to be the next gen of gaming, it wasn't supposed to be a milestone. All it was intended to be was a fun game to play, as simple as that. Gamers today are very hard to please, many hit on the graphics. What's wrong with them? They may not be Crysis 2 graphics but they are very nice looking and good enough for me. Gamers today squabble on the things that aren't important like graphics and multiplayer which is vastly overrated and taken too heavily. Good graphics are a must of course and DNF has some pretty good visuals.

People expected WAY too much from this game. When you shake off the disappointment and actually PLAY the game you may find that its a pretty decent game, despite being buried in hate. A worthy duke game, it could have been better but it's certainly not as bad as what the people who are whining about it are saying. The story is fairly long and it has probably one of the most epic final battles I've played in any recent video game.

I think in a few years when this game is a lot cheaper and some of the hate has died down, people will pick it up, give it a shot and actually enjoy it for what it is. Its a shame too many gamers today don't give it a chance and just listen to critics, who are obsessed with graphics and online capabilities. there is much more to gaming than that, it seems this generation havent learnt that yet.

Give Duke Nukem Forever a shot and see for yourself if your a true Duke fan, its better than most of the generic shooters out on the market and deserves more credit.
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on 31 July 2011
I can't understand why people have criticised this game so much, it really isn't that bad at all, is by no means perfect either. The one thing that I blatantly dislike, which is a common compliant is the load times between dying & restarting at the last save point & that for me loses a star.

You could argue as well that the aiming of weapons is quite difficult at times, but as there aren't as many enemies as other FTPs coming at you, you'll actually find that the difficult aiming is a plus that adds to the challengability as otherwise the same would be too easy.
In short, Gearbox got it right here.
Alot has been said as well about only being able to carry 2 weapons at a time with limited ammo, is that a bad thing really? Do people want to be challenged or not?
As the game goes on & you die a few times, you'll see that the lack of weapons is good in that you have to plan what you'll be taking into the next area of the level.

Essentially, people expecting a sequel from Duke 3D will find that this is actually a reboot, much in the same way Doom 3 was a few years back.

The platform orientated puzzles & the driving sections are a definate plus point & people who have said that you drive aimlessly through the desert for hours must consider a 5-minute walk/drive down the road a long distance as well...there is nothing tedious about it at all, if anything, it's a highlight & plenty is going's no Sunday drive in the country, believe me.

Duke getting shrunk also adds a good element to the game & adds a whole new challenge when you're forced to take on enemies when your no bigger than a baked bean tin.

The boss fights are very good & getting to humiliate or execute in style is a good touch, although the 2nd Octaking boss fight is exceptionally difficult & caused me to die hundreds of times & shout at it frustration, but, was eventually overcome.
Oh & the last boss I think was a bit too easy.

To sum up: Duke Nukem Forever is very good, it's not perfect & won't go down as an all time classic. You definateky should have played Duke 3D beforehand, but don't believe the bad reviews for a second, you just have to give it a chance.
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