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4.3 out of 5 stars
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The drama opens in the thirties, deep in the Tennessee backwoods, where old Felix Bush has lived alone for 40 years. He's known as a crazy ol' hermit and people taunt him, but don't know him. Felix decides it's time to "get low" - that is, to get down to business, and his business is dying. He comes to town to arrange his own funeral party to be held while he's still alive, not because he likes parties, but because it's finally time to explain what happened forty years ago that drove him into solitude.

This little indie movie is a real gem. Robert Duvall (Felix) is given the opportunity to really show his acting skills. He plays a man of very few words but his wrinkled face and pained eyes reveal a world of hurt, guilt, and love. He's a wonder to watch, completely convincing and absolutely heartbreaking. Bill Murray brings humor to his role as the funeral director and Sissy Spacek is fine as Felix's old flame. The wonderful Bill Cobb is outstanding, as always, as the only person who knows Felix's secret. It takes a very long time for us to learn the secret and I almost become impatient, but the ending brought me to tears and I felt a real connection to Felix.

This is a well-written character study about a tortured man and the power of forgiveness. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 25 May 2011
I came upon this movie on a long distance flight and saw only to about half way through before the systems were shut down for landing.

Despite there being many tens of current movies available on the flight, I switched off all I tried except this one after about five minutes [my boredom threshold for poor films]. Having seen half, I wanted to see more, so have bought it.

I like the acting a lot and all the players are understated and most convincing. The humour is lovely, a great change of the slapstick stuff we see these days. It isn't a fall about laughing film though and was never intended to be so. The photography is excellent.

It is quite dark, but beautifully shot, and the music is compelling - I never did find a credit, but I'm sure Alison Krauss sang the closing credits song.

The second half of the film - the bit I didn't see on the plane - turned out quite differently from the way I expected. I expected Sissy Spacek to have been the love of Felix's life, but that wasn never the case.

There having been a huge build-up to the funeral party, I was a tad disappointed to see just how short an event this was made - it was almost as if the film budget ran out towards the end and they had to minimise the ending.

Overall, this is a film well worth seeing, and I'll be watching it a few times.
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on 29 March 2011
Duvall revels quietly in this role, as an enclosed hermit character. The film is slow, mysterious and somewhat dark, and almost has this in mind throughout in the way it tells the story of a man troubled by a past that unfolds. I found the ending a pleasing conclusion, having stuck with this film which is slow and minimalist.

Bill Murray was a good, interesting addition, and probably the best element.

The film may suit a more mature audience, who will appreciate the story, and it is almost a Western in feel, just without the action only the drama, and reliant on a strong character lead.
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on 1 December 2012
Apparently this type of movie is hard to get made today. It took 8 years to produce, 5 of which were spent just getting the finances together. They had no trouble attracting a stella cast to the project however, because the story is so strong and original it was a case of bees to honey. But since it was also a period-piece bit of Americana to be shot by new director (Aaron Schneider), Hollywood wouldn't touch it; So once again, another modern classic (which this may well be) had to be made as an independent.

For most of the film you are so amused and engaged by an effecting and funny tale of engrossing characters that it's hard to appreciate that actually this apparently easy-going yarn of small-town Americana is, at core, a heart-wrenching drama of love, loss and redemption sought by a quirky central hermit character whose back woods existence has really been a tragic, guilty retreat. The narrative evolves so skilfully that by the end you are thoroughly engrossed and delivered deep into into a life-story of enormous poignancy and pathos; the emotional resolution of which is killingly beautiful. At least, I found it so. Simply brilliant storytelling that does that special thing only the finest films manage: it casts a sort of spell. Gravitas delivered with the lightest touch.

As far as I'm concerned, any film that Robert Duvall is in has got to be worth watching. Add the extraordinary Bill Murray (who just seems to get better every time he turns up) and the superb Sissy Spacek and you know you are in for something pretty good. Each of them loved the project and gave apparently effortlessly compelling performances to it. The supporting players are equally assured and I found Lucas Black's performance in particular to be outstanding --a revelation. Understated, perfectly nuanced acting. So, here's an utterly convincing ensemble with a lead who knocked it out of the park with a career-highlight performance.

Finally however, for me the film's biggest star is it's director Aaron Schneider who also edited it. Apparently his background is cinematography and prior to this, he had only directed an award-winning short film. Unsurprising therefor that every shot is superb and the film has a gorgeously sensual visual quality. The first-class production design and a beautiful location setting in the woods of Georgia all add-up to a richly atmospheric evocation of Southern rural Americana which is a sheer delight. Indeed, this is such a completely polished directorial accomplishment in all respects from the soundtrack to the perfectly judged, tightly focussed dramatic narrative, that you would never know it was a first feature. It has the warmth and polished assurance of a little masterpiece from the pantheon of classic American cinema in which Schneider is obviously steeped. His unforced, un-gimmiky style has a freshness and natural maturity that fits right into that illustrious tradition.

Get low is a feel-good gem right up there with the best.
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on 23 April 2014
This film is apparently based on a real life incident from the 30's. The synopsis reads like a knockabout comedy, a grumpy old man stages his own funeral while he's still alive to see what people will say about him. Thats not how it plays out though.

Robert Duvall, always dependable, is on excellent form as Felix, a man haunted by an incident from his past which has led to him living in isolation away from the local townspeople. Rumours and conjecture fly around the local town, everybody has a story to tell about Felix and why he lives the way he does. None of them are pleasant stories. Felix isnt short of a few bob so he approaches funeral directors Bill Murray and Lucas Black (both on top form also) to help him stage his own funeral. He baits the townsfolk into attending by the promise that one of them will win Felix's possessions after he really does die. He wants each of them to share their stories of him.

As the funeral approaches Felix attempts to atone for some of his past mistakes and the tension builds as we're teased with what exactly did happen all those years ago that has led him to this way of life. There are laughs to be had along the way but the film is more of a dramatic character study of this mysterious man. The 30's town is brilliantly realised and the acting is top notch all round. Sissy Spacek also provides a touch of class in a heartfelt performance.

Definately recommended from me.
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on 5 October 2013
truly touching film. it's a quiet film and seems quite basic but it's one of those films after watching that somehow strikes a chord inside you, kind of difficult to describe. In my opinion Robert Duvall acting in this is fantastic and he has done it really well and not missed a beat with all the little details of a rather funny and simple old aged character. throughout the film until the end, the suspense keeps you hooked and guessing that what has Felix done that's made him live a single lonely life and the telling of what happened was acted really well with a strong sense of emotion and stillness. it's one way to make your peace, confession and to put all the untrue gossip at rest. Its one film which I will rate highly alongside "There will be blood"
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on 29 February 2016
An intriguing idea for a film which starts strongly but which doesn't quite live up to expectations. I gave it 4 stars rather than 3 because of Duvall's amazing performance, because Bill Murray was perfectly cast as the funeral director, the film looked gorgeous and it kept me watching. But the end is a bit weak compared to the beginning. It's a shame there are no stories at the funeral party apart from Mr Bush's - it would have been interesting to hear him give his side of some of the townsfolk's stories, debunking their view of him as a crazy, dangerous hermit before explaining why he turned out the way he did. Having looked at the info about the real-life person this film was inspired by, I think the film-makers should have steered away from trying to recreate his funeral party (which seemed to be a massive, jolly affair) and made it more appropriate to the film itself.
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on 18 September 2015
Ok,where to start,I'd been waiting ages to see this and although it didn't disappoint I did expect something extra extra special.Robert Duvall in his 80s carries on along with Clint Eaastwood in his twighlight years and can act the socks off his younger contempories and here he doesn't disappoint as a reclusive old man living alone with a past,that has built into legend as the years roll on.Wanting to plan his own funeral whilst still alive invites all those that have the stories he wants to hear about himself and hires funeral director Bill Murray to make all the living funeral arrangements.There are some great scenes along the way capturing the mood of the Deep South of the era.The conclusion is a bit of an anti climax,but who cares,it's Robert Duvall and a very underused Bill Murray.Great movie,just missing out on movie greatness
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on 29 December 2014
The story is told elsewhere. This is just to state how excellent the cinematography is.The lighting is very good and the camerawork is a supreme example of how to use a film camera correctly.Images are razor-sharp.Lovely film.
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on 29 May 2013
Very funny, very well acted black comedy. so glad I found it on here as was very reasonably priced compared to other sites I looked at. I just loved this film, it was heart warming.
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