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The fan looks nice but also looks *far* cheaper than expected: thin silver painted plastic throughout. At this price point, metal would be the expectation.

The other big issue is the noise. The implication from the sales blurb is that because the far blows non-turbulent air, the fan is quieter. The truth is that the air is blown through a small slit in the loop (think of a whistle...) which makes the airflow louder than a traditional fan for the same airflow! Worse still, the fan actually does have a traditional propeller hidden in the base, and because a smaller fan is always louder than a bigger fan for the same airflow (because it has to spin faster), even that is louder here than a traditional fan.

The fan has a remote control, but the remote doesn't differentiate between fans if you have more than one. Really fun and well thought out when (as in our office) you have fans close to each other and someone wants to adjust their fan only!

Additionally, the fan can be made to rotate, but it only rotates about 60 degrees. Why not any angle up to 360 degrees? As the fan only need to rotate the loop (and not the motor), why did they omit this bit of functionality?!

Oh, and if you resort to manual control rather than use the remote, the controls are right at the bottom of the fan (we're talking an inch from the ground) rather than at the top (just above waist height), so you have to feel rather than see! How on earth have simple design flaws like these got to market from a company that is supposedly all about design?

Little issues like these make me think that the fan only looks well designed when seen in a brochure or shop window. Some issues with it simply make me sure that no user testing was performed. If you are a designer yourself and actually use one, you just have to smile sometimes at all that style over content!

We have 3 of these fans in our office, and they probably won't be going back because they fit in with the office 'geek chic' rather than because of their value for money or additional features over a traditional fan.

Bottom line:

Once again, Dyson has proven to be better at marketing than at engineering. His vacuum cleaners suck harder than the competition, but they are also noisier, more expensive, more prone to breakage, and far too heavy (I should know: I own one, and vacuuming the steps with it is an exercise in danger management!). Similarly, this fan is neither quieter nor more efficient than a traditional fan. It's just a crippled standard fan that has been redesigned to looks better in a modern space, irrespective of airflow, usability and noise efficiency.

For the home user who wants value for money rather than a pretty geek toy, I'd be seriously tempted to look elsewhere!

***update August 2012***
During the back end of last month, I bought myself a traditional fan for home: Prem-I-Air 18" (45CM) Air Circulator and had it delivered to work. As it was a hot day, I decided to use it in the office for the day. Co-workers were coming over and saying how much better this fan looked and worked than the Dysons. Eventually the boss came over, and commented that he wished he has never bought the three Dysons, as `this one forty quid fan is pushing more air than a thousand pounds worth of Dyson'.

Sure, the traditional fan sounds like a Lancaster bomber on a home run, but the whine of the Dyson is just as loud (its more of a nondescript hissing sound, a bit like the sound you would hear if all 4 wheels on your car had their air let out at the same time, and very quickly)... I think I actually prefer the Lancaster bomber.

Need I say more?
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on 6 August 2011
Its design is in keeping with its performance - BRILLIANT. However being critical it is noticeably noisy, particular when listening to TV etc.
Another suggestion for Dyson would be the electic lead being perhaps white instead of brown as most people these days have white skirting boards and the wire could then blend in better.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I ordered the Dyson air multiplier. I wasn't even sure exactly how it worked. However, once you see the construction it's pretty obvious. The fan is housed in the base and draws air in at the bottom. It rises vertically and exits through a thin slot which surrounds the front face of the elongated O-shaped top section. The air is ducted in such a way that swirling is removed and the air is essentially laminar - a bit like you might have in a wind tunnel. The fan is very quiet in running, and only at the top end of its range does it begin to get a little noisy, but it always sounds smooth. Control is essentially infinitely variable and adjusted by a small rotating knob on the front. My guess is that they use some kind of PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the speed, which should mean that power is retained even at the lowest settings. The side-to-side motion operates at about 90 degrees of total sweep, which is perfectly fine, and because it's driven independently from the fan motor, the speed of sweep stays constant regardless of fan speed. This is also a nice feature. My only concerns are the long tern durability of the unit - it's moulded in fairly unsubstantial plastic, and doesn't feel as robust as a traditional fan - the side-to-side motion axis seems to be somewhat of a 'weak link' in the overall construction. Also, the sprayed silver paint finish on the sides of the upper section of the unit has visible banding in it, where the paint strokes don't quite overlap properly which you wouldn't expect to see in something as expensive as this - they need to sort this out, but it's not unduly distracting, since you mostly view it from the front. The air emitted from the fan unit is indeed very smooth and directional and can range from a light breeze to quite a powerful blast - after all, the purpose of the unit.

Overall, durability concerns aside, it's a nice item. If you have the space, it's preferable to a traditional rotary unit, as it blows air across a far larger swathe than a simple fan can manage, and the infinite variability in speed and lack of buffeting really do make a difference.

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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

A tall, slim, oscillating fan that, in true Dyson tradition, uses clever engineering principles and striking design.


The packaging is typically easy to open, and is laid out simply and economically. The fan itself comes in three sections: the circular base, the electrical gubbins, and the tall, oval-ish aperture that produces the airflow. There is an electrical lead of about 2 metres wired in to the gubbins, and a small remote control. Clear, pictorial instructions are provided, along with guarantee documentation etc.


It takes a couple of minutes to clip the three sections of the fan together - there are temporary stickers to show you exactly where each bit slides together. Then simply plug it in and it's ready to go. As a neat touch, the small remote is gently curved to match the top of the fan, and is also magnetized so you can pop it up there when you're not using it with no fear of losing it down the back of the couch.

The fan is an interesting looking thing in silver, and also relatively compact. It's only a metre tall, and the circular base only takes up 25 cm or so. It doesn't quite have a dramatic, sculptural presence that you might expect; it looks more like a rear speaker for a mid-level surround sound system. That may be down to colour however - given the choice, I would have probably gone for `Iron and Blue', which looks a lot more futuristic, at least in photographs. In real life, the silver finish looks more plasticky and less metallic than it does in the web photos.

I've had a couple of Dyson vacuum cleaners in the past and I've been slightly underwhelmed by their build quality. Despite the clever design and engineering, the products that I've used seem to have been `built to a price' - that is, despite being fairly expensive, you get the impression that they've compromised in some areas to reduce manufacturing costs. In the vacuums, that means some sharp edges to plastics, parts that don't clunk together with a nice, solid action, or accessories that don't last as long as you feel that they should.

The fan is a bit better overall. It feels solid enough, and I have no doubt that it will last for years, but for the price, it lacks a bit of `premium' feel - in silver, especially it reminds me too much of an Ikea lamp.


It's good. It's simple to operate with the remote control - only four buttons for on/off, more airflow, less airflow and oscillate (on/off). At first, up close, it doesn't feel massively powerful. If you're expecting the kind of flesh-wrinkling tornado that comes from a Dyson hand dryer, you'll be disappointed.

But that's not the point - the advantage of the bladeless `Air Multiplier' is the smoothness of the airflow, as there are no blades to chop and disrupt the breeze. It's just a continuous cooling waft sweeping across the room. Anyway, the fan is easily powerful enough to cool the air right across an average living room.

It's certainly not whisper-quiet, particularly at full tilt, but you can turn it down enough that you can comfortably watch TV or have a dinner party conversation, and still get a decent breeze. At mid-power, it sounds like the fan of my elderly laptop, and up at maximum it's like someone hoovering next door.


Dyson certainly demand a premium for their innovative engineering. Cost is relative, of course, and some people may find several hundred pounds acceptable for a novel talking-point that also happens to cool down your house quite effectively. Others may look at much, much cheaper alternatives such as PREM-I-AIR ELITE 31" TOWER FAN LCD WITH REMOTE CONTROL & TIMER FUNCTION and wonder how they could possibly justify paying that much.

Personally, I find it overpriced, but then I live in Glasgow, and not Miami. A fan might come in handy here for a few days in August but it's hardly a necessity. If however, you are fortunate enough to live in warmer climes, then this is an interesting looking, well-designed and very user-friendly bit of kit.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Clever Design, no doubt about it.

The box it comes in looks impressive with the pictures, and given how it looks in adverts, I was surprised how plastic-ish the unit feels. I suppose it's the requirement to keep it lightweight. But at the price I was expecting more inclusion of light weight metal in the casing.

However, after a very easy quick assembly, it can be switched on and operated intuitively within seconds. The little remote control is very handy and when you don't need it, it can be usefully rested on top of the unit because it has a magnet under the plastic at the top and the remote is magnetic too. Simple idea but very useful.

The air expelled starts at very gentle flow, but u can still feel it at a distance of 2 or 3 metres. However using the handset I'm able to ratchet the air speed to a high setting which actually makes yo feel a bit chilly (it wasn't very warm in the room when I tested it) which can be felt even 10 metres away. The oscillation function is good, you can't control frequency of oscillation, but it's reasonable as it is. And it's true it is better than any other fans I have come across.

And that's all there is to it. Oh and from about 2 metres away it does look impressive and modern, because you can't tell the plastic-ish make from that distance :o)
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on 26 May 2012
Looks great, sounds lousy, much too noisy, great design but feels cheaply made, easy assembly, I was disappointed overall, considering the price!! ReturnedDyson AM02 Tower Fan - Air Multiplier Bladeless (Silver/Silver)
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on 20 July 2014
Really, I mean REALLY - £699!!! Shame, lost business, this is the fan I'm getting but not from here - loads of places with stock at £299 - this is one of the biggest rip-offs I've ever witnessed...
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on 19 July 2013
Over rated and vastly over priced.

Does nothing that a cheap 3 bladed rotary fan can do.

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on 20 May 2014
This fan is EXTREMELY noisy and isn't particularly good at cooling. The blade less thing is just a gimmick. I'd saw your money and buy something that might not look quite as pretty but that will do a much better job.

In summary, over priced and under capable.
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on 24 May 2012
i am sorry but atfer reading the reviews on this i manage to convince my boss to splash the cash, quiet? no, strong? no, i am not quite sure what people are talking about with this, it is very plastic and cheap looking, considering the price you would expect much more, i think when the instructions are 1 and 2 it shows just how simple this is and that you are just paying a premium for a technology that some stumbled upon on whilst inventing a hand drier, i was expecting to be blown accross the room like one review claimed but to my suprise it struggles to reach my colleaguse desk from mine
i would say a £30 or £40 fan would do a much better job than this and in fact i am sure that we will be sending this back and plugging the 5 year old fan back in to keep us cool this summer
if it were a hell of a lot cheaper you could justify one or two but for such an expense it is not a viable option for most people
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