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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have read some reviews of this product and people rate it down for reasons that are kind of unjust.
This can't be compared to a standard hoover or vacuum cleaner, because it is not.

Main Features:
The hoover is quite large, light, and cylinder in shape. There is a set of wheels on the bottom which you attach and the whole device can be wheeled around the place while hoovering. It has a large on/off button which is easily seen and pressed. It has a long hose with many attachments and poles for it, aiding for both dry and wet usage.

Dry(normal) Usage:
I have mainly used this for normal usage, and it actually performs better than my existing vacuum cleaner. The suction is very powerful, and I didn't have to go over and place twice as it took everything first time. That for me is a huge plus.
The wheeling of the device works when it's close and no wires are in front of it...but sometimes it fell over as it is light and if the wheels get caught it topples over. But it can be managed so it doesn't do that.
So overall I am quite impressed with how it performed its function, only concerned about it toppling a few times.

Wet Usage:
I usually don't have anything that requires this, but managed to get a burst pipe in the house and the carpets were flooded, so thought it was a good chance to try this out. The bag inside needed to be removed, as it can only be used for the dry collection. The whole container of the hoover is a metal cylinder which is used to collect the water. It actually worked quite well, and removed a far chuck of water from the floor into the cylinder, which meant the carpet had a chance to dry out without being waterlogged.
Overall I did managed to do its function, but nothing a few towels couldn't soak up.

Blow Function:
This hoover can blow leaves. I don't have any leaves in my garden so I didn't use this, and I'm not too keen on the idea of using a hoover outside on the grass or patio. But I tested it out on bits of paper, and it worked fine and was actually quite strong in how it blew them...I would say not too far off from a proper leaf blower.

For a multi-purpose hoover I would recommend it, but I find it hard to think of usages for the wet part of this hoover or even the leaf blowing part. But for what it is, it performed quite well, and if anyone is looking for just this, get it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This multifunction machine appears very good value - a wet and dry machine at a real bargain price. It also blows leaves - sadly it's the wrong time of year to test this, but it shifted sheets of paper across the room nicely.

If there was a word to describe this, it would be ungainly. It reminds me of the Vax wet and dry machine I had 25 years ago - rather unstable, large and with trippy little wheels that didn't work well outside. I have a cobbled front to my townhouse where leaves tend to collect and I've a nasty feeling that it won't cope with the uneven surface well.
The onboard storage is reasonably useful but you can't store all the tools with it - and they are quite fiddly to change. A long cable is a big plus, the lack of automatic cable wind less so, There isn't even a manual wind as with the Henry/Hetty machines. It's a good, old - fashioned wrap - the - cable -round - the - body job. Ok, that method served me well in the 70s and 80s, but machines have moved on a little since then.
The machine is lighter than it looks which also makes me wonder just how strong and robust it will be with long - term use. If price with multi-functionality is a key consideration then this is a really good buy. For just a straightforward, easy to use cleaner there are better options.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 October 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing I need to point out about this vacuum cleaner is its size. If you are looking for something compact, then this is not the cleaner for you. But, the reason it's such a big machine is it's capabilities'; a 10 litre wet tank and a 4 litre dry bag capacity. It has a really long cord (I think its ten meters) as well as a long hose with numerous attachments.

The attachments (for the most part) are okay but can be a little fiddly, although I tend to be one of those people that don't bother using them for that very reason. Once its plugged in and switched on the performance is okay. I have owned a Dyson and can honestly say that I don't think it picks up half as much as a Dyson does.

However, this machine can do things that a Dyson can't! The wet facility is for spillages which I happily tested out following a leak underneath my sink. You do need to remove the dry bag when using this for spillages and then you just empty the `wet' chamber and pour away. On that front this cleaner proved very handy and performed well.

I think overall, for the amount of times I use it clean spillages versus the hovering time, I would prefer to go with hovering function over spillage collection. For that reason I would only score it 3 out of 5. One of the other reasons for the lower score is the fact that it is pretty noisy and there is nowhere to wind the cord so I end up having it wrapped around the hoover itself which can get quite messy if you are in a hurry.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 12 March 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I don't regularly buy vacuum cleaners so can't give an in depth comparison with other hoovers on the market. So just looking at this on its own, this is a robust, old fashioned BIG Hoover. What you get is a large rounded tank (which quite frankly looks a bit like R2D2) which can either be used with an old fashioned paper bag, or empty to suck up wet materials (perhaps when stripping wallpaper). It can also be used in blower mode (to clear leaves).

As a cleaner it does its basic job well. It has good strong suction, and effectively deals with the bane of my cleaning life - cat hairs. It also has few fripperies, there is little hard plastic to become brittle and break off. The cord storage is manual, which is simple but effective. I always find that automatic cord winders break, or at least become less effective over time. The cleaner moves around easily on three freely rotating castors and has a rubber ring to protect furniture against accidential collisions.

There is on board storarge for all of the tools with the exception of the alternative fittings for the main head, which is a little irritating.

The main potential downside is the sheer size of the thing. This is a Hoover suitable for large spaces. The cable is nice and long, and the body is very big if you only have a small house, cottage or flat.

Its OK, and is reasonably priced for such a big beast, but I'd research other vacuum cleaners on the market before buying.
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on 14 March 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a powerful cleaner and the ability to convert it to scoop up water or to blow away debris has got to be a bonus. Its fairly light in weight and easy to manouevre around and lift too. Access to the bag was easy and it has a pretty good capacity before it needs emptying. And it has a great long cable.

On the downside though - the attachements to deal with different floor types are overly fiddly to change. They snap in and out of a shared cleaning head and if like me you have a combination of carpets and lino in your home - then this is a pain. Also the cleaner doesn't store all its parts very elegantly. R2D2 soon becomes festooned with lengths of pipe and attachments and looks pretty untidy. No big deal if you have a nice big cupboard to stash the thing away in, but a bit of a clutter if like me you have to tuck it in the corner of a spare room or kitchen. Oh and it is very very noisy.

I suppose you need to make a decision on whether you prefer an upright cleaner or one of these. I suspect for me an upright makes more sense, and stores more easily. But if you only have one kind of floor surface in your home and you have plenty of storage room - this cleaner is worth a look.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 23 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Love our Hoover wet and dry tank vacuum cleaner (or R2 as it is now called!).

The design is robust and we use it regularly in the houses we manage (Letting agents) and so it gets a lot of varied use. From hoovering-up cigarette butts and other horrible stuff to sucking-up water from defrosted fridges. It also comes in handy in the gardens for blowing leaves and rubbish into a neat corner.

Looks as though it will take years of hard use and if/when it breaks we will repair it or buy another one.
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on 20 September 2011
This little chap has been a real lifesaver.I bought this as a cheap alternative to the very expensive proffesional wet and dry as an emergency for my grandson who runs a car wash.It has proved to be better than the one he had(which was designed for this job and cost almost four times more).So if he only lasted for 6 months he would still be cheaper.However my grandson is very pleased with the performance and says he will replace it with the same model should this one come to grief.Considering it is used 6 days a week on some of the dirtiest cars,vans and 4x4s you have ever seen(we live in farming country)this is a glowing referance.
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on 28 February 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all I think it is important to be clear that this is not a 'carpet shampooer', though I am still undecided if that is a good or bad thing (the old VAX one I had was a pain to fill, was difficult to control the water flow and was renowned for leaking). I have however used this quite successfully to suck up the wet patches from spot cleaning, the only bad thing is having to go around with a spray bottle of hot soapy water. I wont mark the Multifunction Pro down for this though because it's not something it says it does!!

It was delivered in a massive box that hardly fitted through the front door and I expected that was just packing materials... wrong! This is a monsterous machine. Much bigger than you would expect for something designed for domestic use. On the plus side, the tank is huge, so if you need to use it to clean up from a leaking washing machine or burst pipes, etc etc, it will do a good job in less time! The downside of such a big machine is storage because it is quite imposing and doesn't just 'blend in' when placed in the corner of the hall or landing!

- Long cord
- Large wet tank
- Built-in blower (great for autumn leaves)
- Really easy to set up
- All the tools attach to the machine for storage
- Not as heavy as it looks!

- No auto winder for the long cord
- It's HUGE!
- The 'dry' function uses a bag (not very hygenic or allergy friendly and one more thing to buy more of)
- Not ideal if you want to use it for wet cleaning carpets

So, in summary, who is this for? In my opinion, someone who has a larger than average house, needs a leaf blower, already has a dedicated carpet shampooer and has plenty of storage space. Not ideal for anyone who struggles to make space, and definitely a no no for anyone living in a 2-up 2-down!!
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on 20 June 2012
We bought this a couple of weeks ago now and to be honest I am not that impressed with it. We have only used it as a vacuum cleaner but there are several design faults with it.
1. The two metal hose lengths fit together very well. Too well as they are difficult to part.
2. The join between the plastic hose and the metal elements of the hose is not substantial enough. The two elements keep parting company whilst in use. We have actually used an old hose from a different vac to make it work properly.
3. The main vac head has a wide gap for suction which is too wide and limits the suck. Again we have used another head from another vac and it now works OK.
4. The clips on either side of the vac holding the top to the base are not very good, though they work, they are easily knocked open.
In summary I think this product has been poorly designed and not rigorously tested. Had I still got the box it would have gone back!
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on 27 October 2012
I absolutely loved this vacuum cleaner. Very light & portable with a very long lead that allowed me to go almost all the way through the house without having to unplug.

I used it every day for about 9 months, at which time it made a terrific noise when switched on and there was no suction. When I read through the instruction manual I discovered to my peril that it should have been used with a bag, and can only be used without a bag when the 'wet' option is used.

I have searched for a replacement (bagless) cleaner but cannot find anything that matches the performance of this one.
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