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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 March 2012
When I bought my Macbook air it was clear to me that some sort of protection is needed with all those shiny surfaces. For protection this item ticks all the boxes, and it actually makes the macbook air easier to handle by giving the hand a better grip compared with the grip you would have on an aluminum surface.

Having said that, my case came from the manufacturer slightly short in thickness at the point where the main body connects with the monitor. As I used it more and more the clips that where barely hanging in their place started to come off and eventually break. Now that part is only held with two other clips and the comes off every now and then - a slight inconvenience.

So to wrap up, I think this is a great item that I am not going to give up easily because the pros far outweigh the cons.

Original review 11 march 2012


As indicated in my original review the clips holding the case in place were cracking slowly until the case reached a point where it barely fit the laptop. So after some research I decided to replace this cover with "ZAGG Invisible Shield" but when I took off the bottom cover I noticed some dirt which when was wiped off I noticed that there was scratch marks! apparently the relatively loose cover at the base caused dirt particles to get in and when I put the laptop on any surface these particles do their scratching.

As one of the main reason for buying such a case is to keep the mac in as new condition I recommend not buying this product at all, it didn't last and its loose fitting meant allowing particles to get inside that cause scratching.
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on 19 June 2011
Having a spanking new Macbook Air is great but not something I want to advertise when on a train or in a cafe. I bought this in the hope that it might look a bit beat up without the computer being actually beat up. It marks easily and gets covered in finger prints, which was great for me, but it's just falling apart. After just a few months most of the tags that hold it in place are broken off. Also a corner has broken off where one of the broken tabs caught as I was lifting it out of my bag.

If you want something that's going to look good for a long time, then you should look elsewhere.
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on 2 October 2011

As some other people have mentioned before, the edges of the plastic case become brittle and chip off. After 35 days my case had almost all the clips chipped off. It must be the weather or whatever I don't I bought the product hoping it would last till at least 6 months to a year and here it is broken after 35 days.



They sent me a replacement and that just goes to show how efficient Amazon is, but Speck? I think the product is flawed and Amazon should remove it from their list of products. I add another star just because Amazon was quick and fast in responding to my complaint.

MY OLD REVIEW: I bought this and got it in two days, and it looks fantastic on my macbook air (mid-2011). LOOOOVE it! Was a bit worried that it was so thin and it might not hold (clip-on well) but it's just right. :)
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on 8 August 2011
Unless you want to waste your money on a sub-standard product then do not buy this cover. It looks soft and rubbery and the perfect protection, but it is actually brittle under the soft surface and the first of many splits appeared out of the blue after only two days. I was devastated. The Macbook Air had been treated lovingly and gently and had not even left the house so there has was no reason for the cover to split. It was put on by the man in the Apple shop, so I didn't even fit it incorrectly. More splits appeared around the edges. I wasn't able to take it back to the Apple shop for a couple of weeks and was told that after two weeks the cover has to be returned to the manufacturers. I'm not very good at returning things so I soldiered on grumbling away as more splits appeared and existing splits lengthened, but today, after 6 weeks, I noticed an actual chip at the side revealing some of the top surface of the Macbook so I've removed the cover and thrown it away and have written it off as a bad experience. Thirty pounds spent on the recommendation of the Apple shop, but a total waste of money. Wanted to share this unhappy experience as a warning to prospective buyers.
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on 9 May 2012
I bought this case for my new Macbook Air, while the case maintains the the sleek look of the laptop, after a few months during normal everyday use it started to develop cracks on the clips that keep the case in place. Now 12 months later... the case is completely useless and slides off in my hands as all the clips and corners have snapped off. I have other friends who have also purchased the same case and are having the same issues. I was very disappointed with this products and for the money would have expect much better build quality.
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on 6 August 2011
Purchased this from Amazon on the 31 March 2011 and as soon as I received it, it went straight onto my macbook air 11". 4 months down the road, it was time to take it off as I want(ed) to sell the Macbook Air 11'. Findings: top panel of the Macbook Air 11" is fine and clean, however, on taking off the bottom part of the case, I saw lots of tiny specks on the Macbook Air's underside and I'm not going to start counting because there are lots! So, I tried to clean them off, however, the little specks were not budging. So I closely examined the inside of the Speck bottom case, brushed my finger along it and found it to be quite abrasive. My conclusion: heat dissipation from the underside of the Macbook Air 11" has caused the Speck plastic bottom case to bond with it. On removing the Speck bottom protective case, it has caused the Macbook Air's aluminium paint to lift off and stick to it, for that reason it was abrasive. Sarcasm: Hell yes it will protect the Macbook Air from scratches at the expense of the paint lifting off! Despondent: I am not happy with this product as it has just devalued the Macbook Air 11" but quite a sum of money now, not to mention the £28 I paid for the Speck "protective" case. It's obviously very cheap and nasty plastic not made to withstand the heat dissipation of the Macbook Air 11". Warning: Buy at your own peril. Oh yes, I'm in agreement with what the other reviewer said: it does fall apart to, especially on the sides for it being so fragile, however, my main beef is not with that... and before anybody ask, yes I did clean the Macbook Air 11" and Speck "protective" case before assembly. Rating: This is a 0 star product!
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on 16 March 2013
Even with use only in the home, our case has now lost its clips and a corner from the bottom cover, rendering it useless. Expected better for a premium price cover. Now looking for a replacement. Poor.
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on 18 July 2012
I bought this for when I go camping so that I'm not holding the 11" MacBook Air with kitten gloves when out in "the wild". I was a little concerned that it would overheat because there are no heat vents on the underside (which is why I bought it - so I could pop it down in the tent without worry) but I have to say I am highly impressed with this. So much so that I leave it on even in the house. Doesn't overheat in the slightest.

Previous to having this snapped onto the MBA (it's easy to put on and off and stays securely in place - oh, and doesn't stop the screen from closing all the way like some others) I used to use a rather nice slip case, but now having this on all the time means I tend to use the MBA far more often than when it was in the slip case - in fact I'm using it now.

The surface is a nice matt and is resistant to fingerprints.

I wish they made one in white though. :-)
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on 12 August 2013
I do recommend as it is the best line of snap on cases for the MacBook range. Just have to be very careful when taking on and off or just general use as over time the corners will crack. Especially at the hinge points.
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on 4 February 2012
I love this product! It fits my MacBook air perfectly and feels silky and smooth to touch! You can see the Apple logo through the cover and also see when it goes to sleep. It obviously makes it heavier but you have to decide whether you want protection or scratches and it is not much heavier. I admit to stroking the cover every time I put it down - think I need to get out more!
Now 4 months later I still love it but it has started to break away at the edges which I am not happy about so have changed the star rating.
April 2016 - the company sent a replacement which I have tried to put on today (the last lid was great but the underside broke very quickly). Unfortunately they sent a replacement for the MacBook Pro not Air so is pretty useless.
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