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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2014
What we have is a film that is unsure whether to be a rubbish horror film or a dreadful comedy. It works as neither. The plot (if you can call it that) is about a biker gang in the 50's (made up of guys either in or close to their 50's) who kidnap a 'teenager' (a woman in her 30's to you and I) and are killed by the girls father in a laughable scene involving a biker guy with a chain versing a guy with an axe with the result of the woman on the cover being crushed by a motorcycle beneath a wall of obviously fake bricks. The acting is woeful, the script is dreadful, the 4 'teens' are easily in their late 30's or 40's. The special fx are really 'special' such as a crap puppet fish and the scene with the guy being attacked by the resurrected bat has to be seen to be believed (the bat has visible strings and doesn't even fly, it just floats around the guys head and gets smacked across his face a couple of times). Possibly a film for purveyors of so bad they're good films. Other than that, ignore the intriguing sounding DVD case description and save your cash and your time, as life is too short for nonsense like this.
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on 8 March 2014
Tagging onto the tail end of the 80s video revolution Hellgate is a periodically silly horror comedy with a mishmash of ideas that somehow seems recently to have unfairly been labelled as the worst film of all time by newcomers to the genre, who I can only guess don't seem to understand eighties horror sensibilities. Of course, it's no fantastic piece of work, but as something that entertains on at least an occasional basis, it certainly not a pile of steaming turd either. It actually, I would argue, has a few things going for it. Aside from the pretty cruddy crystal laser, the special effects (which include a nifty reanimated turtle and an exploding goldfish) are pretty impressive whilst not necessarily winning any Tom-Savini awards. It also contains a touch of nudity and gore, and even a few laughs, not too far away from the territory of many other American eighties horror comedies really. If I would level any criticism at it, it is that the acting can leave a little to be desired, plus the main characters are not as charismatic as, say, the posse of punks in Return of the Living Dead. And then there is that rather screwy stage host that appears for a couple of minutes before a surreal dance show. But really, people, it aint that bad. And I'd rather stick this on than much of the PC dross that drips forth from Hollywood anyway, to be honest.

Arrow's Blu-ray/DVD combo is limited to 1000, probably realistically given the small target audience for something like this. But grab it quick if you want it. Transfer-wise it is excellent, looking a million times better than you would ever expect something like this to (based on the Blu-ray - have not checked the DVD as I have no reason to!). Audio quality is delivered via uncompressed stereo but limited by its 1989 origins - still, it sounds okay. You also get towards an hour's worth of featurettes (slicing out a good portion of that for unnecessary integrated film clips), something of a surprise for a low-key title such as this. There is also some nice new art on the cover, and original video art on the reverse if you're not keen on that, and even a booklet containing an essay. As is often the case these days, Arrow have delivered a fantastic package for a title that you would never have guessed would ever get it. Definitely one for fans of American eighties horror.

Review by Paul from The Grim Cellar (BlogSpot). To potential buyers, you might want to check Arrow's store and buy direct (they still have stock at the time of writing) rather than pay some profiteer forty quid or whatever now that Amazon et al have ran out of stock.
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on 11 February 2014
I first watched this on video rental and I remember thinking it was a little crazy back then. The main star of the film is Ron Palillio from Welcome Back Cotter. It starts in the 1950's with a gang of bikers chasing a girl (Abigail Wolocott) into Hellgate, without revealing too much about the story, which is part campfire tale, we cut to present day (1990) and Abigail Wolocott spends most of the movie flashing quite a lot of flesh. A miner finds a crystal which can bring the dead back to life (there's a brilliant scene with a stiff winged prop bat on fishing line) and it's all set in a ghost town. It's one of those films that if you grew up with video rentals you have possibly got some vague memory of a film set in a ghost town with circus performers and can can dancers.
South Africa doubles up pretty well for America and the cast were picked for their ability to do an American accent, don't buy it for the acting, buy it for the memories of growing up with campy horror movies on video.
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on 11 March 2002
WARNING! Avoid this dull, crass 'horror' film, for you will be wasting precious cash on cack. Hellgate is one of those late 80's horrors that was a trashy, straight to video yarn. I thought the plot sounded good, but the acting, FX etc are just plain BAD. NO one I know has ever liked this film, it's only redeeming feature is the cool cover art, but that alone is unworthy of a sale. It could have been really good, even by B-movie standards this is unenjoyable. The only 'horror' to be found here is the time you wasted on this movie. A shame.
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on 6 January 2016
I was going buy this film again as I though the cover looks good and when I read the Synopsis it all came back to me.. There's only two things I remember about this film was the white tortoise with red eye's which makes this evil noise(didn't think they make any hearable noise. ) and a guy gets beheaded by a hanging sign the only horror on there.. The tortoise was on there for about about a minute the guy brings it back to life near the beginning along with a Bat I think by some sort of crystal that can bring the life back to dead objects. He uses it to re-animate his daughter who was abducted and killed by a Biker Gang years earlier.. His un-dead daughter seduces any young man that comes to visit the small town and he takes offense to it and kills them..

Or she kills them as I was constantly fast forwarding the utterly pointless sex and dancing scenes that added nothing to the film.. No character development, plot twists or any horror whatsoever (only the Tortoise, & beheading) a Girl gets killed by a clown with a garroting rope, but you don't see it as it cuts to some can can girls dancing then you see her with bruising around her neck and a glassy look in her eye.. Its not a Horror just titillation and oh so unfunny jokes like "what's the difference between a gay and the Eiffel tower" ..

Two boys and two girls spend a vacation near the town, Hellgate. They hear about the story and decided to go there, you don't give a damn about any of the characters and the Cover has nothing to do with the film.. I think at the end a few zombies come out of the ground including the 2 kids that get killed I was fast forwarding a lot of it just glad I only paid 50p for it.. Tried to give it to a friend but he gave it back after he watching saying he only keeps good films
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on 27 February 2014
I think this movie is great! Personally, I think people do not realize this film is supposed to be stupid and funny.
Everyone goes into this movie expecting 100% seriousness and Horror and gets disappointed. It is a Horror Comedy! I have my mind correctly set when it comes to these types of films. I like these types of films much, much more than anything that comes out these days.
For fans of this film, It looks great on Blu-ray, some scratches and specks here and there, But that is to be expected with a very low-budget film such as this. The audio is great as well, It contains the original mix as a Uncompressed LPCM 2.0 track.
This Blu-Ray is limited to 1000 copies, Which is not many considering.
Looks like this is now sold out here at amazon, I believe that Arrow's website still has it available though.
These are probably nearly sold out everywhere by now, Get one if you can.
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on 4 February 2014
I’d been meaning to see this movie for a while now but was always put off by the extremely negative reviews, it’s even currently rated as low as 2.8 on Imdb! But then I noticed Arrow were due to give it the Special Edition blu-ray treatment and I thought the film must have some redeeming qualities for them to bother. So I decided to pre-order and give this one a go hoping to be pleasantly surprised with a decent film... but I wasn’t. In fact I feel this was a real missed opportunity as the set-up of the story of a beautiful ghostly hitchiker seducing and luring drivers to their deaths was a strong enough premise to work with, but the whole thing descends into a hilariously bad wreck of a film! Acting, dialogue and attempts at humour were just embarrassing. The humour was funny for not being funny and therein lies the entertainment appeal. I watched on just to see how consistently awful things remained. Had the movie stuck with a more serious tone, eased up on the cheesiness and develop a better script a semi-decent film may have been born. That’s not to say the movie was totally without its merits. The actual ghost town of ’Hellgate’ was creepy and atmospherically created I felt, and there’s a bit of moderate gore and all the female cast bare some flesh on various occasions. So it has that sleaze appeal and the so-bad-it’s-good vibe going for it.

As for the picture quality of the blu-ray I found it pretty nice to look at, not exactly pristine, but very good. This dual format release is limited to only 1000 copies and as it’s the only blu-ray release of the film currently they may not be around for long. Though you may find very few reviews telling you to rush out and purchase this film, it’s a nice little collectors item that’s reasonably priced at the moment. But blind buyers beware!
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on 18 February 2014
I absolute abhor the attitude of the lazier amazon review, the amazon reviewer who labels stuff that they didn't understand or stuff that wasn't quite as good as they excepted as the 'worst film they have ever seen'. Takes a special kind to throw that line out for every bad film they ever see. But for Hellgate, I have to concede, I am certainly heading that way. It's very rare that music, acting, editing, script, costume, cinematography, effects, pacing and realization all combine to make something as outright terrible as Hellgate. It does show some glimmers of promise with a great location on which to shoot and a fun use of the diamond (that brings the dead back to life), early on. But any hope quickly falls away. It thinks it is hilarious, it's not it is tragic and quite smug. I know this is a cult film loved by people who subscribe to the "so bad its good" theory. Not me, this sort of stuff really tests me. Yeah. It's nowhere near as bad as Troll 2, The Room or Plan 9 from outer space, still... come on!
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on 30 April 2013
It came on a nice package with an inside pic of the movie, shame it wasnt the double sided dvd that everyone talks about wich as the movie "The Pit", i want it!!!
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on 20 March 2014
Great fun and quality arrow purchase!
Couldn't resist buying it as it was limited edition and took me right back to my youth.
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