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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2015
Quality of the content is pure tragic. Aspect ratio is LESS than 4:3 (?!) worse that DVD (and maybe even VHS). No subtitles (is politeness to see subtitles for hearing impaired). I really regret buying it :(
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on 3 April 2011
I really wish i'd read the reviews before purchasing this film!!!!

I grew up watching Airwolf and have all the box sets on DVD (which is far better quality than this Blu-ray).

This is a real let down, poor recording of a great film.

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on 14 July 2000
Great to see "Airwolf" on video once again, but I wish the other epsiodes had been released along with it. This is the 'movie' that introduced the television series "Airwolf" to us. It is the pilot episode with extra footage and dialogue spliced in, although at times (If you have seen the original epsiode "Shadow of the Hawke") it does jarr and spoil the flow of the show. But all in all, it is great to see The Lady back in action, along with Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent), Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine), Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III (Alex Cord) and Dr. Charles Henry Moffett (David Hemmings). The famous, catchy and pumping theme (by Sylvester Levay) is brilliant and captures the whole feel of the show. With outstanding air sequences showing off the full range of Airwolf, this is a show you have to watch! Even if it is to see where THAT theme tune came from. A show that should receive the same treatment as the other Universal shows, "The A-Team" and "Knight Rider". And take my advice, ignore the AWFUL fourth season of "Airwolf" where Barry van Dyke et al took over! Not a patch on the original!
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on 21 April 2000
Wow!Guess what I came across while browsing Amazon DVD/Video section ?My favorite TV show/series! Unfortunately not all of the episodes are available for sale - just the pilot movie.But,perhaps I'm much too demanding! This movie is tubular ! Jan Michael Vincent,Ernest Borgnine,Alex Cord et al are excellent actors in an excellent film about a state-of the -art military chopper stolen by terrorists and its creator Dr. Moffett.String Fellowhawke (Jan Michael Vincent)is a natural born pilot who knows a lot about CIA's illegal ops and is chosen to seize and fly the airwolf.Full of action,twists,great soundtrack (produced by SILVESTER LEVAY) and excellent special effects this TV show became famous all over the world and was aired for 3 years - every Sunday afternoon in my country.It received excellent reviews and was terminated because of a misfired stunt that almost killed a stuntman/double (who sued the producer and maybe Universal).What a pity!Unluckily ,wondeful things don't last forever! Thank you Amazon for always bringing back the best !
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on 9 July 2016
It is great that that it is possible to beable to go in time to watch films that led on to a fantastic series and it helps bring back happy memories of when I went out for a drink the main topic was airwolf and what you could do a helicopter like airwolf and of course the young Jean bruce scot.
it's a must see film and the seires that goes with the film.
I will give this film 10 out of10.
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on 12 December 2015
I was and still am a fan of the TV series but the terrible picture and audio quality on this Blu-ray, make a very distracting watch. My copy had the pointless added swearing dubbed onto it, making it an 18 certificate. This is also is a painfully slow to get going extended pilot, where the story drags so long before Stringfellow actually fly's Airwolf (about 15 mins before the end), that it's almost is a joke calling it Airwolf. I recommend you stick to the series, as once it got going, it was great. My copy of this movie, went straight to the charity shop...
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on 3 July 2016
The movie is the pilot movie unchanged and unenhanced. Disappointingly its not full screen, it only comes up 4:3, but thus is probably an issue with the source.

Good for nostalgia but if you have the DVD, don't bother unless you are upgrading all your collection because this is identical and quality wise is not much higher than VHS.
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on 5 March 2011
While it was nice to see this film again i thought for the price & that it was on blueray it would have been re-mastered. Sadly it looked like a direct VHS tape to blueray transfer, i can only imagine that the bluray was a selling point & given the quality of the film it could have been released on dvd for under a fiver.

Pitty a opertunity missed to show an awsome film and introduce it to a new younger audience.
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VINE VOICEon 15 July 2011
Probably the most serious and darkest of all the classic 'man and machine' TV shows of the eighties, Airwolf follows the exploits of Strinfellow Hawke and co. as he fights evil with his lethal and supercool chopper which is armed to the teeth and incredibly fast. The pilot introduces us to the main themes and characters of the series- Hawke, a Vietnam vet, and awesome pilot whose past has been full of tragedy, losing his parents at an early age, and his brother in 'Nam. However, his brother's body was never found and he never gives up looking. His only surviving friend is Dominic Santini, a friend of his parents and together they run Santini Air a pilot school. Often String is called in for dull jobs like being a stunt man for movies, but when they hear from the Firm, a mysterious government group that Airwolf has been stolen, they try to get Hawke involved-he is the only man to have flown it, aside from Moffet, the sociopath who has stolen it. Moffet, creator of the helicopter plans to reign terror on the World from Libya. He is psychotic with a penchant for murderous games. Hawke will only agree to the mission if the Firm agree to locate his brother. Archangel, the Firm's spokesperson accepts and Hawke begins his search. Undercover agent Gabrielle has also been sent in, though against his wishes Hawke has fallen for her. As everyone he loves dies, he begins a race to save her and Airwolf, after she had promised she would not die on him.

The dark tones of the film and the series by the master Bellisario are largely covered by the intense action and bursts of humour. Jan-Michael Vincent, the world at his knees shows his considerable acting abilities here before crumbling into himself in later days. His portrayal of Hawke is strong, a man eternally haunted by the past, but who will always do the right thing. Veteran Borginine adds much of the humour and s the perfect co-worker for Vincent. The late Hemmings is clearly evil as Moffet, giving one of his best performances and we are genuinely pleased when he gets what he deserves. Cord has a small role here which would grow over the series, and he fits the role perfectly. Bauer as Gabrielle is both sultry and strong, but vulnerable, and she gives a strong performance. The film has a few exciting moments, but it is mainly just a pilot setting up the main elements of the series. The music is god throughout, not only the main theme, heightening the emotional scenes, and the action is well crafted. Of course Airwolf itself looks cool and all kids watching would want one of their own, firing sunbursts and missiles all over the place. One of the best shows of the eighties, and a strong movie to start it off.

Even better now is the fact that all 4 series have been released on decent boxsets so you can snap up the entire collection. This DVD doesn't have any real special features which is criminal in this day and age- how about a retrospective documentary from cast, crew, fans even? And at least a commentary from Donald- Jan MV is crying out for work, but how much of making this he would remember is anyone's guess.
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on 28 February 2011
3 combined effects and we get this? i can remaster footage better with my xp computer, this isn't hd quality the menus are rubbish the sound is mono and the picture is 4/3. they should be ashamed of this release. airwolf deserves much better. shame on all evolved. we want remastered we want HD we want it now not this rubbish.
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