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on 21 November 2013
I'm a professional photographer and these are my first choice of card. I have had problems with other brands of compact flash card in the past but I have never ever had any problems with SanDisk in the last 10 years. I trust these over all others cards. I always advise people to download their cards completely, back them up on a couple of hard drives and the important thing in my opinion is to then format the card in the camera before you use it again - don't just delete files as some people do - Format Card! If you are using these Extreme Pro cards in a 5D iii you will notice the speed difference over the standard Extreme cards on write times. Shooting RAW as I always do with the Extreme you are waiting at times for the camera to catch up but the Extreme Pro is quicker and IMO worth paying the extra for. Happy shooting. Best David TheBigPicture.
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on 13 April 2013
After about 10 years of digital photography, I have tried a wide range of cards, and talked to many people who have tried others. The bottom line is that the memory cards, like the tyres on your car are the one area where it is easy to cut costs, but you will always end up regretting it. I have never experienced any problem with any of the dozens of Sandisk cards I have used, nor know of anyone who has had a problem with one. I have had problems with non-Sandisk, and have witnessed colleagues and friends who have lost irreplaceable shots of children or special events.

the Extreme Pro range is fast enough to be pretty much future proof and is also resistant to moisture and dust. I use these every time especially for any important shoot.
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on 10 December 2012
It can be frustrating when buying this card as the prices are hard to follow. Having taken the plunge I can only say its worth every penny. Much quicker than the Extreme and very handy when taking multiple sports shots. I use this with my Canon 7D and allows me to achieve the claimed 8 frames per second burst. I look forward to the day when these drop in price so I can afford another. Bottom line - you won't regret buying this card.

Only one negative to mention and that is older compact flash card readers won't read this card.
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on 28 February 2014
Using a high end camera (Nikon D4 currently) it seems daft not to use anything but quality memory cards but on any camera I think cheaper ones are a false economy especially given recent price drops. I have always used Sandisk and recently the Pro or Extreme Pro ones. I'm not as fussed perhaps as some about the incredibly quick write speeds (though nice) as much as the durability. Suffice to say this was in an inside waterproof jacket pocket as a back up card when I was recently photographing on a local river. I discovered I had lost the card at end of the day, looked everywhere and put it down to a clumsy expensive mistake on my part. Not happy I kept retracing my steps and finally after 24+ hours found it submerged in 18 inches of water in edge of the very chilly river. Dried it out slowly at room temperature, card absolutely fine. Enough said really! This time it had no crucial images on it but if it had...etc etc
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on 26 February 2015
A good size of card .... but I have now moved up to the 32 size as I am keen to shoot bracketed HDR photos that quickly fill up the card. I prefer more smaller cards rather than one large 64 .... apart from the time it takes to open and read cards on the computer I also feel better that I may only lose less photos if something went wrong!
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on 10 November 2015
Purchased this a few years ago before I went backpacking across Asia. Lots of use in difficult environments - dust, sand, pollution, dirt etc. This CF card did not error on me once! I now always buy SanDisc for my cameras.
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on 11 April 2013
Bought this card to receive the 1080 line HD video output from my Nikon D800. The card has the capacity to handle the video content and the 90mb write speed to very quickly clear images from the camera buffer. No juddering or freezing. Downside is the price at over £200. I could get a decent digital camera for that! I fail to understand why the Sandisk SD card of the same specification is less than half the price. This Compact Flash card price feel like a rip off, but the camera takes one SD and one CF, so little choice but to pay up.
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on 13 September 2012
Just received this card, ITS BLAZINGLY FAST! I also bought the SD version too for my Nikon D800.... "the perfect match".
OK, I know they are expensive but what you are paying for is speed...and thats just what you get....oh, and of course the peace of mind that you have a reliable Sandisk card too.
Highgly recommended if what you need is speed.
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on 18 February 2013
I am more than happy to recommend this product. I use only ever use SanDisk, because of the quality but up to now have not been able to afford the Pro range. My other CF Cards have a 60MB/s, rating this one has a 90MC/s rating and as someone who, at times, likes to capture continous movement (birds in flight etc) I can tell you that the higher write speed makes a difference.
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on 24 June 2012
I am just discovering taking pictures in RAW format which eats up memory for breakfast. I needed a memory card to fit a new camera but was staggered to be quoted over £260 for exactly the same card at Manchester Airport and this was supposed to be tax free prices. Amsterdam was little better, therefore at Amazons's £130 grab one while you can.
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