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on 28 January 2013
I was surfing through the Kindle free books, looking for new authors trying to attract readers, as I have found some real gems this way. I was being careful to read the reviews as I have also found some dross this way too. The reviews attracted me to this one - and I am so glad!! I read a lot of sci-fi when I was younger, when you had to be good to get published, so I read all the good stuff. Then there seemed to be a drought as fantasy took off and good sci-fi was getting rare. This is very, very good - let me repeat that - this is VERY VERY GOOD! Good story line, good characters, good writing - and it had me hooked incredibly quickly. So much so, that I have now read all of the other books in this 'In Her Name - The Last War' trilogy, the next 'In Her Name - Redemption' trilogy, and the 1st book of the new trilogy 'In Her Name - The 1st Empress'. And I didn't read anything else until I had - that's how much you want to know what happens next. So I give it 5 stars along with a warning - if you read this, you will end up buying all the others :-)
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on 23 March 2018
There are so many epic alien invasion adventure series available for kindle that it is increasingly difficult for an author to stand out from the crowd and find his/her own voice. Michael R. Hicks has, however, done the near impossible producing a thrilling, exciting novel that holds your attention throughout. It is always difficult to come up with a credible way for the human race to stand a chance against an alien race with vastly superior technology, however, the author has played a blinder by coming up with a simple but startling effective concept to explain how this might be possible - I won't spoil it by explaining how, just read it for yourself.

The characters are well rounded throughout and the action pretty much never lets up, and by the end, you feel exhausted as though you've been dragged through the war yourself. The are many more books in this series and I'm really looking forward to read them soon.
Well done, Michael, a great start to promising series.
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on 8 March 2013
Books are really a matter of personal taste, so I am always reluctant to give book reviews. However, I am a long-time reader of 'hard' sci-fi rather than pure fantasy. Although this book had an interesting and well-written plot, the story-line of what seemed like constant war and fighting didn't appeal -hence the 3 stars. If humans v aliens fighting is to your taste, then you will most likely give 5 stars as do other reviewers.

Interestingly, the 'taster' first chapter of the author's next book 'In Her Name: Legend of the Sword' was different in flavour and very readable. This single chapter gave the 'aliens' fuller characters one could relate to and wondering what might underlay their motives intrigued, making me wish to find out more.
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on 20 March 2015
This book might make a successful sci-fi blockbuster movie. Think of Starship Troopers crossed with Zulu. So expect a high body count, kick-ass space marines and constant action. If that's your bag then go for this book. But if you are a sci-fi fan who like me searches, generally in vain, for some complexity of narrative, depth to the characters, thought-provoking themes, or if you also enjoy what might be described as 'real' literature (sorry, I can' think of a more polite term) then best give this one a miss.
Other reviews describing the characters as well developed are rather flattering. The humans are cardboard cut-out, comic book, cowboys. The author gives you a thumbnail sketch of the main characters as soon as we meet them. We get all we need to know in a line or two. No mystery, no layers, no two sides to any of them. Then they are off into action. That is an advantage if you just want a blood-spattered fast moving narrative but my goodness the bodies pile up.
The author does try to provide positive female characters of the no nonsense kind (think Aliens 2) but the journalist is especially badly written and the first description of her is very patronising and could only have been written by a man.
Unfortunately the ethnic backgrounds of the humans is stereotypically clunky; at times amusingly ridiculous but also potentially offensive. The humans of Arab or Chinese origin are suspicious, unfriendly and ungrateful. The French and Japanese are allowed to be cool and hard but of course the real heros are, you guessed it, American. Not only that but I would say their great great great grandparents all fought for the Confederates.
I would certainly not waste any more of my life reading further books in this series or by this author. Having said that the novel is an accomplished book of it's type. I would call it page-turning pulp war-sci-fi. High levels of concentration not required.
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on 20 May 2017
This is book 1 of a 9 book series. Yes, that's right, 9. The book takes place a few hundred years in the future. Humans have discovered no other intelligent life in the universe - until now. The Kreelans are a bloodthirsty race whose main ambition seems to be to kill opponents in battle. Their technology is way ahead of anything humanity can offer but they love a challenge.

If you like space opera with fearsome aliens, huge space battles and heroic deeds this will appeal.

It's free too so what's not to like?
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on 31 July 2016
I had to stop reading this book because of a problem with my eyes, so I had to read the first few chapters again to remind me of events that set the story up for latter.
This is a well thought out story and although there are lots of characters, Mr Hicks manages to keep them under control and the writing flows seamlessly at all times.
The book starts with a survey ship sent to investigate a planet that might be suitable for humans to populate, when suddenly an Alien ships appear and the Humans are captured, one of the crew from the survey ship is sent back to Earth to warn about an attack on Keran, a human colony and the battle that takes place on and around the planet.
I highly recommend this book to any person who likes Sci-Fi and would recommend that if you are not sure about this genre then try this one.
Thank you Mr Hicks, a great book.
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on 27 October 2017
OK I;ve got it now !! L took the free trilogy and found myself hooked but all over the place. To my mind a trilogy should have a beginning and an end and nothing in the middle!!
So First Contact would have been a good start
But you've got to find it because the Free trilogy istarts with Empire
Empire is fine except that part of it is Book 4 more complicated still!
So here dear readers is how it goes
First Contact (pretty obvious)
Empire ( Rezas adventures)
Then off you go Books 2 3 5 6
Book 4 is Empire!
Otherwise it just doesn't work but when it does it is just fabulous!!!!!!
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Starts out well and keeps the momentum going. Not completely a sci-fi book, more a military sci-fi mix, very militaristic and reminds me a bit of the Black Library in some ways.

Although the characters in the book are strong, it does lack the in-depth characters with which you can bond. These are reduced to one male and one female in effect. On the alien side there is still the notion of a faceless enemy as I think the author missed out on a golden opportunity to cement something on both sides here, something which would bind the reader to the characters more. Possibly this is where the fact that this was written after another trilogy which takes place in the future comes in. I personally have not read the original trilogy but will be looking to do so after I complete the three of this trilogy.

I am, however, left wondering why this is a trilogy. I don't find the book itself very long and maybe it should be a part of a complete book instead of a trilogy. I look stringently at what I get for my money. This one was for free which made it unmissable but I would never have picked it up if it had not been for free, which with hindsight would have been a shame thinking about it. I see there is an omnibus version and that at least makes it bearable as I will go for that. I won't buy the books on their own for any of the trilogies, so I hope everything eventually turns up in an omnibus.

I do like the feature of adding a chapter of the next book to the free version here. This may answer the initial question I had when I looked at the omnibus and the three books on their own on Amazon. The single books have 392, 320 and 260 pages respectively. The omnibus has 796 pages. If I consider that there are extra chapters across the singles, I believe we are at 250-260 pages per book. Not sure that is as strong as I would like and again I am left with the idea that this is one book, split into three parts. I will simply leave that standing in the room but it further cements my previous conviction that I won't be buying the books on their own, only in the omnibus version. Good job there is an omnibus version, I probably would have just read something else instead to be honest.

Good read for book one of a trilogy (or a third of a proper book in my opinion) and looking forward to the next one (third of the book). A strong four star review from me but missing that one star for a riveting read due to the fact that I think it's a single book split into three. Making it free works to get attention.


I purchased the other two books in this series and after having read them, I am updating my initial review based on the full story being such a great piece of work. Where I was initially concerned by length and that I was going to run into a book that had been cut into three parts, I have to admit I was suspecting that the other two parts would be of inferior quality, this was however, not the case. After reading all three parts of this series, I will revise my initial idea that it this series is a single book, it is clearly not and in my opinion can call itself a trilogy. A fantastic read that for me actually got better as it went along, addressing all of the issues I had mentioned before. The characters got stronger and the empathy I felt was missing, also started piling up. I can only recommend that if you like the first one, just get the other two, I would venture to predict that you will not regret it.

As the books have surpassed my expectations by quite a bit and I have to admit that I have found this series as thrilling as any of the big names in the literary world, I am revising my rating up to the full five stars. That would be the fourth author who has managed to convince me that they deserve the full five star rating. Well done and I look forward to books 4-6 of the series, praying that they may also be 5-star material. See my review when I am done, as I will certainly review it.
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on 21 February 2016
An interstellar survey vessel makes first contact with the Kreelan Empire. Unfortunately, the Kreelans have what you might call a battle religion - they want to kill everyone. Pretty much, they do.

They have rules though - they could just walk in and wipe everyone out, but what would be the fun of that? So although their technology is far superior to that of the humans, they dial themselves right back and build spaceships with similar performance to their human enemies - to make it a fair fight, so that the warriors can win fairly or die trying. Die, that's just as honourable, as desirable.

But what the Kreelans really seem to want is for a non-kreelan to win, fulfilling an ancient prophecy apparently. This wasn't entirely clear to me, and I think it is something that the author will develop in the subsequent books in the series - there are at least eight more.

It's good, well written, but to me fundamentally not credible. They do their utmost to win, but don't want to win. Doesn't make sense to me.
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on 14 February 2017
I decided to get this book as I've read them from the 4th book and it's even better that it was free. If you want a new series of books to read then start with these there an amazing read. If you like sci-fi action books with abit of a love story and loads of space wars fighting then your in for a treat. Hopefully my review doesn't put you off reading and you can't complain about the price and did I mention space ships ha. The authors writing skills is amazing. You easily fall into reading this I nearly read half the book on the 1st day just couldn't seem to put it down it'sthat good. Give this book a chance then you will have another series to go back to as I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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