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on 9 February 2016
Very disappointing quality.

The combination lock jammed and got stuck - several times. I had to force the lock open (which, the fact that this is possible is in itself a worry).

Despite a very low level of usage - after a single trip, the wheels had completely worn out, the rubber falling off, and the wheels jamming and locking noisily.

It's a decent size, and looks nice, but the build quality just isn't there, I bought this to last me a couple of years, it couldn't even survive a single trip. In the end, I asked Amazon for a refund, which they (thankfully!) obliged. I'd recommend that anyone else that has had issues with the case does the same.
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on 7 August 2015
I bought this luggage set a year ago but didn't really use it until this year. I used the large case for a trip to Gran Canaria and the plastic clips on the inside that separate the two main sections came off where they were stitched on!. Last week I used the smallest case for a weekend away and the main handle came clean off when I pulled it out. They look ace but poor quality in areas!. Waste of money.
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on 24 December 2017
I have only used this suitcase four times. Two short-haul flights and two long-haul. The red plastic shell is completely scratched and has gone white (stress lines) in places where it has not been able to resist the baggage handle processes - it looks like it might crack. The lock no longer works. The internal clips that help keep your clothes in place have both fallen off - and not due to over packing. While it looks good, it is shoddy and a total waste of money! I will not be using it again!
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on 12 June 2017
Bought this in 2013 and it has lasted reasonably well with the exception of the wheels. On one the axle has broken out of its plastic housing and so the suitcase does not pull properly. The other wheels look like going the same way. As usual a decent product ruined because of one weak component.

After posting this review I contacted customer services at Hauptstadtkoffer and they shipped a pair of replacement wheels from Germany very quickly. However, they were not cheap - 4.5 euros each (you have to order 2) and then 9.90 euros delivery and then on top of that you have to do an IBAN transfer for which my bank (one of the big four shysters) charges £10. An expensive fix but cheaper than buying a new suitcase.
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on 25 December 2013
the case is secured with its built in combination lock.i used it first time long haul flight arrived with damaged lock,
combination lock with opening mechanism on side , piece of plastic had come off so made the case difficult to open had to use some thing to put into lock and slide the opening mechanism ,
returned item to Amazon , got a replacement in 5 days , lock opening mechanism on bottom
this time a push mechanism to open case ,

bright enough to stand out on a conveyor,
spotted it as soon as it appeared.
the expansion ability which proved extremely useful
found it very mobile when pulling it, did not need airport trolley
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on 11 July 2016
Initially these suitcases seem stylish and well built. But after moderate use (small case x12 trips, medium case x2) both have had wheels that have melted. It seems that if you intend on walking any distance with these, the wheels overheat, disfigure and then rub against their equally flimsy wheel holder. So frustrating when you're rushing across town to catch a bus. Not reliable at all, and unless you plan on taking a car/taxi everywhere, these are not for you.
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on 14 September 2016
The case itself look nice but has a few flaws that make it impractical in my opinion. The handle does not pull out properly if the section with the telescopic handle in has clothes in it ( ie the cass is packed) and if you are able to get it to pull out the handle wont go back without you opening the case. Also, the wheels are quite deeply set into the case which means it scrapes along the floor when pulled.

However, the biggest issue i have found is that when using all 4 wheels the handles are not sturdy and twist making it very difficult to steer.

Unfortunately i ordered this in preparation for a holiday that got cancelled so didnt find out about the issues until another month later which was too late to return.
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on 5 January 2016
The suitcase itself is made of what appears to be a very hardwearing plastic and it looks great. However the wheels are very small and do not roll very well. Several times with a full suitcase it looses its balance when being pushed forward and you have to push it down as well as forward which makes it an effort to push forward on 4 wheels. Also the handle is very flimsy and has a lot of movement in it when fully extended. The handle broke clean off after my second use and was quickly replaced by the manufacturer. After now having used it for 5 trips all with above experiences I have now sent it back. Good service and fast response from the manufacturer though.
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on 22 September 2016
I have ordered one of these suitcases for an upcoming trip where I need a hard, hand luggage only suitcase. The first suitcase arrived with protective film on one side and the second side unprotected and scratched so I returned it. I've just received the second suitcase and the same thing has occurred - this one is even more scratched. Sadly I will be returning this one too and seeking an alternative suitcase. The suitcase in itself is just what I want and it could be said that it will get scratched anyway - however, I would like to start out with a pristeen item
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on 30 October 2017
I would advise anyone who wants a new suitcase, do NOT purchase this brand, not only didn’t the lock work (I had to buy a padlock and keys) it was like trying push a Tesco supermarket trolley. It was impossible to push it along as advertised, I had to drag the rotten thing everywhere. You might be wondering why I didn’t return it, well have you ever tried returning something to Amazon? I will never purchase anything from Amazon again, that I might need to exchange or replace. They assume everyone living in a village has access to a car or reliable public transport, but if you live in Bedfordshire then public transport is not easily available.
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