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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2017
I've seen Tron: Legacy before, I liked it a lot. Even though acting sometimes is a bit off putting and the story doesn't offer much depth to it, I enjoyed the overall experience. It's a good film that people choose to ignore for some reason.
The original though, that's new for me. Usually I don't like old films, because they feel so outdated (obviously there are some exceptions), this film is an exception too. Even though CG is obviously old and very 80s, I still managed to enjoy the film. The story is better, but also confusing. I feel that without watching Tron Legacy first, It would have been very hard to understand what's going on, because the whole idea is not used very often, and so it feels fresh and hard to follow sometimes. The combination of the two is amazing. I highly recommend this Blu-Ray release.
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on 11 December 2015
Came on time and enjoyed watching the classic one again
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on 28 March 2017
As expected
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on 23 June 2011
Now Tron Legacy was always going to look good on Blu-Ray , but the real gem here is The Original Tron movie that you get with it for an extra couple of quid.
Certainly not the greatest film you'll ever see by a long shot , but the transfer to Blu-Ray is absolutely flawless and really does look as crisp and sharp as if only filmed yesterday.

Have had a few duff Blu-Rays recently where Zero effort has been made to make a film look and sound its best or have its features skimped on , but Tron really has been lovingly transferred and the fact you get it for what is basically loose change just shows up other companies who do their transfers to SHAME !
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on 20 April 2011
ive always been a fan of tron.from the orignal in 1982 to the updated follow up in 2010.so was great news that a double blu ray would be released including both films.
straight off tron the original looks magnificent.for a near 30 year old film you aint going to see it any better.ok granted the effects look dated,but that adds to the whole feel of the film. Disney have done a real good job at cleaning it up.the sound is pretty good to presented in dts,and utilises all speakers.
extras.Are in abundance,including a commentary,the tron phenomenon,photo tronology,making of etc.
subtitles.english,french,italian,german,spanish,swedish,norwegian,danish,finnish,portugese and dutch.
languages.english,french,spanish and italian.
Tron legacy
well this is probably the best quality blu ray i posses!the picture quality is sublime and the dts is just a pure "daft punk" thunderous soundtrack.sounds submerge you in the action.your neighbours will love you with this on full blast.
there is a variation in screen size,like the one on batman the dark knight.this is due to the film being shot partly in IMax.
extras.some good extras,making of etc but no commentary track but a daft punk derezzed music video in 5.1 sound makes up for this.
subtitles are the same as tron the original(see above)
languages.english and spanish.also includes an audio description.
all in all a great double bill.the story may not be up there with the best but lets be honest these are meant to be pure escapist eye candy,and both tron movies are visually stunning,and worth repeat viewing.a stunning double set that should be on any sci fi/daft punk fans list.
5 stars.
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on 20 April 2011
I have always been a huge fan of the original Tron movie, which in my opinion was one of the most ingenious, underestimated visionary cinematic masterpieces of the `80s, even if it needed years to reach the "niche" cult status it enjoys today... Actually, for all the people that never had the chance to see the original movie, and especially for all the young people that only saw the "sequel" (which actually was just a sort of uninspired remake with up-to-date CGI, IMHO...), I think this offer is unmissable!

Tron Legacy of course looks simply stunning in this Blu-ray, even if it is NOT in 3D, which is even better, IMHO, since the 3D glasses in theatres IMHO took away _a lot_ of brightness and saturation from the polished and contrasted images of this movie. Actually, I enjoyed much _more_ the movie in this Blu-ray, than when I saw it in 3D in a theatre, since I was not distracted by the 3D effects and I could concentrate on aspects like CGI, costumes, design, cinematography, etc.

The picture quality is absolutely first-rate, with minimal grain, perfectly rendered CGI and stark, contrasted colours. (Even if the red/blue neon-like movie colour palette is much more muted and "boring", IMHO, compared to the multicolour-galore that was the original Tron...).

Audio is great too, with a beautiful rendition of the mesmerizing soundtrack (maybe the strongest point of this movie), perfectly balanced with the digital effects.

Extras are definitely limited, unfortunately: I would just recommend to Tron fans that never saw Tron Legacy to watch the short "Flynn Lives" on this disc _before_ watching this movie, since it ties the 2 movies together. The best one is probably the Derezzed music video, which is a _much_ more faithful homage to the original Tron universe, compared to the matrix-like, neon-disco style of Tron Legacy...

Too bad this movie basically sits on itself after the first 45 minutes or so until the ending, IMHO, but considering the very low price of this twin-pack offer, I think you should not miss it, even if you - like me - are just interested in the Blu-ray version of the original Tron.

Regarding the latter, although the 20th year DVD edition was already an extremely fine quality package, with a lot of interesting extras (all included here again, with very few additions), only with _this_ Blu-ray we finally have the chance to re-experience the pure work of art and imagination that was the gorgeous, vibrant, oversaturated universe of the original Tron movie in every minute detail. (Errors included, unfortunately, more on that below...).

Disney made an incredibly good job at transferring this 30-year old picture to Blu-ray, and in my opinion Tron never looked better! Colours (especially the intense reds and blues) are astoundingly brilliant and vivid, backlit drawings, line-art and lighting effects (both digital and hand-drawn) literally _jump_ off the screen, often in stark contrast with the more "coarse" original B/W live-action footage of the actors' faces in the "digital world", (showing a more prominent grain that has nothing to do with the fine grain of this Blu-ray transfer); the level of detail, actually, is so high that even has some interesting side-effects...

In fact, the high resolution of this Blu-ray edition highlights not only the graphic qualities of the movie, but also every wrong matte line, glitch, light flickering, colour banding and moiré pattern that have always been part of the _original_ film. (Technical issues that have been explained at length in the making of the movie.)

In this Blu-ray, actually, even _more_ issues of the original film become evident: for instance, in many digital scenes you can clearly see the vector lines of CGI models _through_ their solid-colour surfaces, as if these models were transparent. Moreover, the fine lines in object edges are so well-defined, that you can even notice the aliased, "jaggy" graphics of some fine-line objects like the Recognizers (remember, no anti-aliasing filters existed at that time...).

You can even spot clearly some still backgrounds repeated and panned over and over to simulate movement (in the Sea of simulation scenes, which in this edition are mesmerizingly beautiful).

All of these issues, anyway, do not detract from the global beautiful picture quality of this transfer, since they have always been there from the start, and they actually contributed in creating the unique "hand-drawn digital" look of this movie.

By the way, all the scenes shot in the real world are transferred perfectly, with an extremely high detail level: you can really appreciate the realistic details of the unique Livermore Laboratory laser sets and the incredible design of the Encom touch-screen glass desk, for instance: a really visionary glimpse into a future 30 years ahead!

Finally, regarding the audio, the new DTS track is extremely good (as was the 5.1 original remastering on DVD), for a movie of this age, and its quality is particularly evident in the electronic score by Wendy Carlos.

In a nutshell, both for Tron and Tron Legacy fans this is really the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, do not miss it!

End Of Line
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on 6 April 2011
Okay, this is a review of the blu-ray, since no one else in the universe seemed to list what was actually in the box.

Tron Legacy:

Yeah either liked the film or you bitched about it, but watching it again last night I found I was just as blown away, with the Blu-Ray, as I was seeing it in 3D at the cinema.
The sound on the Blu-Ray is just immense as is the picture.

The thing that lets the Blu-Ray down is the lack of special features.
There are some nice little things on there, but no-where near enough. No commentaries, no deleted scenes or gag reels, screen test, no music documentaries. All there is is a few featurettes regarding casting, the legacy of Tron and the look of Tron. The only saving grace is a ten minute minisode called "The Next Day" which is set... the day after Tron Lagacy finishes.
But after enjoying the film so much, I kinda want more.


The Blu-Ray transfer of the original Tron is just stunning, and they really did a great job on it. There's also some nice extras which don't appear on the two-disc special edition DVD.

So all in all it's a great product, I only wish people would embrace Blu-Ray and make the most of the format buy filling it chock-full of bits n' pieces, just like they did on the Scott Pilgrim Blu-Ray. Also it would have been nice if each of the films had separate slip-covers, but these are just minor gripes.
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on 11 June 2011
Whilst Tron was original and brilliant when it was released way back in 1982 it is hardly a looker by today's standards. However with it's transfer to the Blu-Ray format Tron suddenly leaps forward to modern day. Retro, classy and crisp, the whole movie gets a complete new lease of life. Torn was made for Blu-Ray! the follow it with the amazing Tron Legacy and you have an amazing double header not as ground breaking as it's predecessor but just as fun and true.
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on 7 April 2017
Good films for me.
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on 14 July 2013
Both films were OK, but they failed to provide that fully satisfied feeling to be gained from great films. Having seen and enjoyed the original TRON many years ago, perhaps I was expecting to much! Worth seeing, but I'm glad I didn't buy at the full retail price.
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