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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Myron returns from a break to find his partner Esperanza has been arrested for the murder of one of their clients. No-one will tell Myron and Win what is going on and their investigations take them to some unexpected places and into areas no-one wants them to go.
If you like the author and/or the Bolitar stories then you will love this. It has all the elements of plot twists, wit and character inter-play that we have come to expect and it all hangs together very well. Interestingly Coben has, in places, introduced a couple of subtle changes to his narrative. There are some slightly darker aspects to this one and there are times where he puts humour directly into the narrative rather then into the things his characters say but it does work well.
It is all here, the wit, the banter, the twists and the way it all comes together neatly in the end.
Very enjoyable.
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on 18 January 2005
Fantastic book. Love all of Coben's books, particularly the Myron series. Was thrilled to see this one appear, then mightily disappointed to realise it is a re-issue of a previous book! I had already read it and nearly bought it again, so beware. However, if you have never read a Coben book, log on now and buy the lot, you won't regret it. (I sound like his agent :-)) )
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on 2 March 2007
This was my first book by this author so I had no idea what to expect. On the whole it was a good read. The style of writing was witty, fresh and very entertaining. I liked the fact that the main character was emotionally vulnerable; in so many books the 'hero' is hard as nails, nothing gets to them, so I found it refreshing that Myron wasn't portrayed in this way. I also really liked his sidekick Win and the rapport between those characters. Win's attitude and philosophy of life did make me smile; he is a great complementary character.

I was all set to give this book 4 stars but the ending just didn't grab me. I felt after such a great build up it ended rather flat. I would definitely read more of HC's stuff although I did feel a little disadvantaged not reading the previous MB books.
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on 30 January 2006
“The Final Detail” is the 6th book in Harlan Coben’s series of novels featuring the sports agent Myron Bolitar. This time Myron finds that it’s not really himself that’s in trouble now, but rather his sports agency partner and ex-wrestler Esperanza Diaz who has fallen foul of the law.
One of Myron’s clients, baseball pitcher Clu Haid, has been found shot and circumstantial evidence all points towards Esperanza. Mryon, who was out of the country when the crime happened, feels a surge of guilt that he wasn’t there to help his friend Likewise Esperanza’s friend and former wrestling tag-team partner Big Cyndi seems determined to throw all her weight (and that’s a lot) behind getting Esperanza released.
As Mryon starts to dig into the case he realises that it could well have been him to be facing the charges and when Esperanza won’t co-operate with him, Myron beings to wonder if there’s something deeper going on. A run with nasty piece of work, FB Junior, (who we’ve previously met), the owners of the New York Yankees baseball team and a trio of drag wearing hit men convinces Myron that Esperanza is not only in great danger but is being set up to take the blame for the crime. Luckily for Myron he can still rely on Win to protect him and watch his back.
Fans of the Myron series won’t be too surprised to find this another solid and entertaining addition to the sequence. Both Myron and Win are on top form in the wise cracking stakes and the continuity of characters is a nice thing for any series. I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, that I still much prefer Harlan’s on-off books than the Bolitar novels, there’s still too many things I dislike about the attitude of some of the characters, namely Win, that just don’t sit too well with me. This time I found it a little more comforting that Myron is doing much soul-searching both in his attitude towards Win and how Win deals with his problems, and also there’s some nice touching moments between Myron and his dad.
Mr Coben can certainly write a “page turner” though and whether you prefer Myron or the other books I guarantee that most will have packed this book off in a could of sittings at the most.
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on 9 April 2006
I have only recently discovered Harlan Coben and as the other books I had read were stand alone, I didn't realise when I bought this that it was part of a Myron Bolitar series.
It definitely wasn't a bad book - one of those hard-to-put-downs that you can polish off in a weekend. While it had its fair share of twists and turns, it wasn't the cleverest of plots, but it did make up for it with a few moments of laugh out loud dialogue and an amusingly cynical take on the world of golf.
However, unless you are deeply entrenched in the Myron Bolitar world, be prepared to wade through seemingly irrelevant references to past events and characters that have nothing do do with this particular story ... at times I felt like the invited guest at a family dinner packed with in-jokes.
Having said all that, I enjoyed it enough to go out there and do my research and will be starting again on the first Myron Bolitar novel - Deal Breaker. Would suggest other novices do just that!
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on 7 May 2006
Apart from Fade Away I feel none of the "Myron Bolitar" books are worth more than 3 stars.

Dont get me wrong this is a decent enough book and there are enough twists and turns to keep you interested. Its just the sometimes annoyingly smug Bolitar and his charmless psycho friend Win that slightly ruin the enjoyment. Quite often references are from other books in the series and be a tad confusing if you've not read them all (several references appear about Brenda Slaughter from One False Move)

For any Coben virgins out there definitely try the non Bolitar books particularly Gone for Good and Just One Look.
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on 25 November 2001
Myron Bolitar has messed up and run away to the Caribbean to try and escape his guilt. He told no one where he was going but three weeks later Win has tracked him down and Myron realises that this can only mean one thing, trouble.
Esperanza, Myron's close friend and business partner has been arrested for murder and she's refusing to talk to anyone but her lawyer. Convinced that no matter what the evidence seems to point to Esperanza is not a murderer, Myron is determined to prove her innocence even if she doesn't want him to get involved. But the more Myron discovers about the crime, the more questions he has. Who killed Clu Haid? What is Esperanza keeping from him? And what is the connection to Lucy Mayor the missing daughter of the billionaire owner of the New York Yankees?
In this sixth Myron Bolitar mystery, all the usual characters put in an appearance, fans of Big Cyndi will be able to get to know her a little better, and there's the usual witty dialogue between Myron and Win all of which makes reading this novel like putting on a pair of comfy slippers or talking to an old friend.
This novel would probably have got a five star rating from me but I can't help but compare it to the other Bolitar novels, some of which I thought were fantastic. In my opinion, this is good but no quite so good. Nevertheless, this is a great read which I would recommend.
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on 12 April 2001
I just love Harlan Coben books! The story line is plausable, never dull and written with sharp one liners that have me laughing out loud every time. Myron and his pals wander into my living room and keep me entertained from the first page until the last...and I keep coming back for more. The Final Detail doesn't fail to please, Esperanza stays loyal to Myron, even in her greatest hour of need and Win adds his own unique brand of support to the romantically troubled and confused Myron. Your books are well 'articulated' Harlan, keep them coming and I'll certainly keep on reading them!
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on 17 January 2016
No offense meant at the heading because I like the Bolitar stories. Him and Win are the adult version of schoolboy capers, play it for fun and the banter between them is excellent. This story is good and has the usual twists and turns. OK the serious life threatening escapades he gets in to are at times a bit far fetched but it doesn't really detract from the case in issue. Crime writers sometimes get too involved in side issues such as voyeuristic sex scenes, past cases etc and it us a distraction from the storyline but Harlan Coben plays it straight and cuts out all the unnecessary side issues.
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on 21 June 2013
The sixth book in the Myron Bollitar series follows closely on from the fifth, as the character deals with the repercussions of his actions. As such, it feels deeper and more emotionally real than the previous novels, while retaining the disconnect from reality that gives the series its entertainment value.

The main plot follows Myron as he tries to help his business partner, who has been arrested on suspicion of murder. It's much more of a classic whodunnit than the series to date, and the plot is more realistic, lacking some of the more unbelievable types of scenes and action that the earlier books were littered with.

The narration retains its informal style - sometime too informal I felt as there are occasions where it breaks the fourth wall, which feels uncomfortable, particularly as it's not all the time. The characters also all seem to be becoming more rounded - it almost feels like the author has become bored of the simplistic nature of some of the earlier books and he's trying to turn the series in a new, more series, direction.

Coben's work is pure escapism and I enjoyed reading it - it's a nice contrast with a lot of crime stories that are written to be realistic and can get hard going after a few in a row.
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