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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2013
I bought the final season and thoroughly enjoyed it. I now have all ten seasons in boxsets and lent them to friends who also enjoy them.
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on 10 September 2013
quick delivery and everything seems fine. haven't heard a complaint from my brother so it must work etc. good price. would recommend.
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on 13 May 2012
For Smallville fans it goes without saying that this final season is a must, just so you can see how it all turns out. But, having said that, this final season is really quite disappointing. I've watched the show since the first season, and stuck with it through the ups and downs. This season repeats many of the mistakes of previous seasons and also doesn't generate any sense that this is the epic last season; there is no sense of momentum or build up towards a climactic ending. Considering this was the final season I was quite shocked by how weak many of the episodes were, as it just felt like little thought had been given to developing a driven, powerful and emotive story arc. Instead we get a season that feels like a collection of standalone episodes. Sure, it ticks the boxes in terms of Clark getting the glasses and a few nods to the Superman movies, but it all feels contrived and poorly integrated into the whole. At a time when the show should be focused on the end goal the season insists on taking the focus from Clark and putting it onto other superheroes, parallel universes and distracting plotlines. How can the reveal of Superman be something unique to the world when we have so many other superheroes running around the place? Seriously, the first 'red and blue' flying save comes not from Superman but from Supergirl...awful! In addition we have the terrible Hawkman and his buddies(too many to mention) and we get yet another flying hero in the form of Booster Gold. Whilst the Booster Gold episode was actually good, I don't think the show should have any other flying superheroes! It just doesn't fit and only detracts from Clark's journey and his uniqueness. And that essentially sums up season ten: It's a watchable season and the episodes are entertaining enough for the most part but many of them don't sit comfortably in a show that is about Clark becoming Superman.

Having 'watchable' episodes is not the same as having a satisfying season. In season ten Smallville continues to make the same mistakes that it has in previous seasons : too many other heroes, too sci-fi with parallel universes as a vehicle to bring back long dead characters, awful filler episodes, too many kryptonians running around, main characters developing superpowers, standalone episodes, memory wipes, poor fight sequences, mind control, undeveloped plotlines, overuse of the same sets, time travel, possession storylines, rushing good storylines, etc.

For me Smallville was at its brilliant best in season two. Wow! I was addicted. A real driven season! But it was clear that at the pace things were moving in season two the producers would have to slow things down if the show were to continue long term. And that is what happened, they put the brakes on and started getting sci-fi. And once that happens you have a show with no rules, where anything can happen and any event can be undone or rewritten. We can jump into the future, change the past, memory wipe, etc. In essence you back the show into a corner, and the end result is a show where nothing of any consequence can now happen, and it therefore feels like little is ever at stake. When Smallville grounds itself a little the show is a total winner.

I don't doubt how difficult it is to keep a show going for ten years, especially when the producers rarely know far enough in advance if they are going to get picked up for another season. This must make it very challenging for the writers when they are geared up for the end game only to then get renewed for another year at the last minute and on a smaller budget. But I still don't think that's an excuse for not getting the basics right in a final season. Don't get me wrong I have loved Smallville, there have been some incredible episodes and seasons, I just feel the whole series could've been epic had there been tighter control over plotlines.

Here is my take on the episodes in season ten:

Lazarus: Awesome. Heading in the right direction. Loved it.
Shield: mixed. Terrible Hawkwman stuff and just messy.
Supergirl: awful. The first red and blue save is from a flying Supergirl. Who wrote this?
Homecoming: great. But it should've been a two parter and much later in the season.
Isis: awful. Smallville at is worst and we've seen it so many times before.
Harvest: v.good episode but filler.
Ambush:brilliant. Smallville gets its heart back.
Abandoned: average. The granny goodness stuff really sux.
Patriot: brilliant. Good ol action episode.
Luthor: Watchable but just has no place in a show like Smallville.Parallel universes and the return of Lionel? Really? There isn't time for this stuff in a final season.
Icarus: awful. Looks cheap, and no impact.
Collaterall: very good episode despite being matrix inspired. But again, pretty much filler.
Beacon:very good episode.
Masquerade:rubbish. Feels so out of place.
Fortune: total filler episode but watchable.
Scion: very good episode but Conner seems to be character they don't know how to handle at all. The lex clone should've been much more of a plotline Instead of being used ad-hoc.
Kent: pretty good episode but there isn't time for parallel universe stuff in a final season it just detracts. Filler.
Booster: very good episode but another flying superhero in Smallville is just a big no-no if you want Superman to have any impact at all for Metropolis and the world.
Dominion: again a watchable episode but it delivers nothing of any value and is totally wrong for the show. All of a sudden it seems we are allowed to see Clark throw a few punches for once but sadly it is mainly whilst beating Oliver up! Why don't we get so see Clark/superman throw punches elsewhere against real foes?
Prophecy: dreadful. The penultimate episode and we see lois with Clark's powers.deary me.
Finale: Good. Some awesome moments mixed with some rubbish (Darkseid stuff, Apokolips, Lex being a clone, Lionel channeling Darkseid, Oliver being evil are all rubbish moments). It could and should have been better. Not quite the send off I'd hoped for but I'm just glad it had some powerful and memorable moments in there. We may only get strange CGI suited Clark In th end, but at least we do get superman.

Extras: couple of good documentaries but not having the series retrospective on here is mean, and an insult to the loyal fans who have stuck with the show. If you want to see it you have to shell out for the series box set.

So, overall I still love Smallville and this season is worth a watch it just could've been so much more.

Season rating from best to weakest:
Season 2
Season 5
Season 1
Season 4
Season 7
Season 9
Season 3
Season 10
Season 8
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 20 February 2014
For me this season was the best season by far. In my opinion that was because the story lines were nearer the original story lines of the superman's series without some of the ridiculous bypaths smallville was known for in some earlier episodes.This season dealt with the important question and task of Clark Kent becoming Superman. This also meant that we had more of Lois and Clark episodes and ultimately their wedding.

The dvd comes with lots special features - commentaries x 2 episodes,;how do we do music video; back in the Jacket -a smallville reunion with the cast and crew reflecting on the making of the 200th episode- home coming, the sons become the fathers etc.

My favourite parts of this season are the lois and clark moments. Not since Teri Hatcher in season 1 and 2 of Lois and Clark have I seen another Lois portrayed with incredible gusto and comedic timing. Erica Durance is the 2nd best Lois in my estimation. I loved watching her here and I think she was very funny and quirky.This season is the best and it surpassed my expectation. season 8 and 9 were also good. Ending on such a high note was good for the fans as well as the actors and producers. It is entertaining to watch and I recommend.
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on 7 April 2016
Actually ordered this for a friend so cannot comment my self but it was what he wanted so can only guess it was good.
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on 19 July 2013
love this. i am a smallville fanatic. never missed an episode on tv. so it is good to have the whole set and watch it whenever i please
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on 12 July 2013
Can't wait for the next series (hopefully!). Lived up to expectations and well produced. Good Story line and action details
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on 24 May 2017
pitty its all over
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on 12 March 2013
It has some very good episodes like Homecoming (best episode in the whole series) and Ambush. Also, the last scene in Finale is fantastic.
However, the season as a whole suffers from inconsistency (one episode is so-good-you-can't-believe-it, and the next is crap), and focuses too much on the villain and his family matters, instead of focusing on the leading character.

While season 9 is by far the best, I would rank season 10 as the 2nd best (if only for Homecoming and the final scene in Finale).

Best episodes: Homecoming, Ambush, Finale.
Good episodes: Kent, Dominion, Icarus, Booster, Isis, Harvest.
Bad episodes: Luthor, Scion, Masquerade, Fortune.

Extras: not much. The best: the audio commentaries - Lazarus and Dominion. It includes a rather dull Homecoming documentary.
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on 10 November 2011
Smallville recently concluded it's 10 year run in May and while the final season itself wasn't the best of the series it did have many super moments, particularly the amazing Finale that would have been more amazing had we seen Tom Welling in the suit.

However, Smallville has never looked or sounded better, for example, the Finale episode looks way better than any HDTV rip it is clearer and the main reason to own this besides the great 1080p video is the DTS-HD audio which is a first for the series on Blu Ray. The DTS track sounds unbelievable, it's loud, completely fills the room and is the best way to enjoy the final season of this awesome show.

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