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on 26 April 2011
I gave 5 stars but i mean like 4,5 and only because the very small default battery (that last around 1 hour) and only average low light perfomance (noise). Everyting else is very good about this camera.

And i pay 25% less than in my country, it was delivered in 26 hours (Uk-Romania). A very good deal.

Thank you
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on 29 July 2011
What to say... Fantastic piece of HI-TEC. Bought it for my wedding in January. Bought long time before to allow extra time for learning, but this Cam is so easy to drive and rotating ring is just 10/10.
Only minus for lack of mini-HDMI cable. There is no SD card in the box at all but that is better than receive another 4MB one. HEH.

I am realy anti-fan of SONY at they still charge a lot for brand and quality and this is not the same SONY anymore.

I love Panasonic for ist great Value for Money...

Happy owner of Panasonic CAM, TV and Slim style Microvewe-Oven.

They do not have competition at all with their prices and quality.

PS. I have checked a lot of samples and reviews on Internet an fan noise if you know what I am talking about is not an issue for me.
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on 29 March 2011
The anti-shake system works well and just about coped when I fell down the stairs.
Mind you, the camera was fine, I got a great action video of certain family members laughing their heads off!

On a more serious note, why did I buy this camera-corder thingamywotsit?

Well there was one with a hard drive. Now they cock up eventually so no thankyou sir.
Then there's another with inbuilt flash memory. Why pay so much more when you could spend it on SD cards and get even more memory?

Great camera all in all.

I like the viewfinder but took a while to notice that there is a wee focus wheel so you can get a better idea of where that top step is and not some blurred image that leads you on a bruising helter-skeltering slide down said stairs!
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on 5 January 2012
From Panasonic's description of the SD900 I could see it was just the camcorder I had been looking for; and the authors of the 5-star reviews clinched it for me.

However the 1- and 2-star reviews got me quite apprehensive about my choice -- but I felt I had nothing to lose, as I knew Amazon would give me a full reimbursement if the camcorder failed to function and perform as advertised.

Having had the SD900 for exactly one month, I'm delighted with every aspect of it. I don't know whether I've been lucky with the camera I received, but I've experienced none of the negative points mentioned by the other reviewers.
In particular, in totally silent situations I haven't been able to detect any camera noise at all.

I haven't been able to fully test out the performance of the SD900's lens yet. So far I'm delighted with its resolution; and I haven't detected any vignetting in low-light conditions (a matter which would quite bug me). And as I haven't videoed in conditions which can give rise to fringing (my anathema)I can't discuss this matter either.

As a keen photographer dating back from the 60's, I have studied the manual from beginning to end, and I have tested all the SD900's features. I'm very impressed with the Intelligent Zoom; and I am amazed with the array of manual controls which can be accessed from the viewfinder without detracting from the subject being videoed. I specifically wanted a camcorder with a viewfinder, as I often use a chest-pod (I have a weak left arm); but the the Camera Function Button and the Multi Manual Ring are beyond my wildest expectations.

Last but not least, the quality of its still photos make the SD900 a truly hi-spec hybrid camera. I have configured the camcorder to zoom up to 15X without any perceptible deterioration in image quality (for video and still photography. I also happen to be very interested in low-light photography wihout the use flash or floodlights, and in spite of what some of the other reviewers said, I have seen very little evidence of intrusive noise.

To anyone contemplating purchasing this camcorder, I would say wholeheartedly: Go for it!

Hiker Biker
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on 16 November 2011
This is my first camcorder since having a big bulky Hi8 thing back in the 90's and I've got to say it was worth every penny! I got it with the 3D lens which to be honest is a gimmick at best at the minute but the camera itself is amazing, plenty of manual controls to keep you happy and easy enough to use. The camera only has a few buttons and allows you to do what you need to in the menus, the only thing that really confused me was the viewing of your taken media you have to choose the sort of footage rather than the device cobbling together all of the media and sorting it by date / time captured.

Plus Points:
Small yet big enough for average mans hand
Good low light shooting
OIS Steadying is superb
No Faffing around with the lens cap it opens when you go to the correct shooting mode
5.1 Channel Sound
Good sized screen
clever playback of video from the camcorder to TV direct
Face recognition focusing for your family members - very clever and blown away by this (you simply shoot a picture of their face and add it to the memory, the camera then looks for these people in the footage as you shoot and focus's on them as a priority.
Shooting of images whilst shooting video. (no flash though for indoors shots and will look terrible)

Down Sides:
Feels a tad plasticy (I'm used to my Canon 1D Series that are solid metal!)
Eye piece does't angle / pivot upwards
Software is NOT Apple Mac compatible
Using 1080 50p footage is not supported in Apple software either (iMovie and Final Cut Pro X) Have to use HA1920 mode which is 25i not 50p, you can use 50p on a Mac but you'll have to convert the footage with one of a handful pieces of software at an extra cost of around £40
Have to charge the battery on the camera unless you buy extra equipment
Not convoked about the 14.2 megapixel stills, 3 x sensors at less than 4 mega pixel does not calculate to 14.2 in my view, they must be interpolated!

In all the device is superb and it's only the small things that niggle that are not easy to find when your shopping around, you'll also find that not many high street stores stock camcorders over £500 for you to dabble with before taking the plunge! If you ge the chance to find one to have a go of you'll not be disappointed.
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on 22 August 2011
Had the camera for about six weeks and so far at least very pleased with it. The picture quality is very high and the steady shot works really well (in fact I purchased this camera as I was looking for a model with a better steady shot than my previous camera).The manual controls are very usefull (although I would have liked an exposure lock button as per my Sony HDV camera). Recording at 1080/50p is very impressive however, as Bluray does not support this standard I usually record at 1080/50i and I can't really see much difference with the end result.
I always edit my video's using Adobe Premiere using a PC with an i7 CPU with 12MB of RAM and running 64bit Vista. The process is very straight forward and Premiere handles the footage very well. I would like to see a 1080/50p Bluray standard introduced to take full advantage of the camera's capabilities. Perhaps Panasonic and Sony could lead this. I would recommend this camera and suggest that it is very competitively priced.

Update: December 2011. Took it with me to China on our vacation this year. Camera performed very well. Footage extremely good and I have got used to the manual controls. Shot about 4 hours of footage and still plenty of room on the 64MB memory card. My final edit has reduced the footage to about one hour. The steady shot is very effective (which was the main reason I purchased this camera).

This camera is very good value for money.
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on 8 August 2011
I have just returned from a video shoot in the Sinai desert and conclude that this camera is fantastic! I was filming everything from people to plants to landscapes to animals and it never failed to deliver. In low light conditions the video is still clear. Distance shots are easy and the image stabilisation is a leap up from previous Panasonic camcorders, which seemed good already. I used an extra telephoto lens with good results. The time lapse feature is great for sunrises and sunsets or whenever you need to compress a prolonged shot such as setting up camp.
The buttons are generally all in just the right places so that you can go to manual at any time and change the settings. There are some features that I have not used, such a face recognition (Not necessary when I was filming camels).
I didn't buy the version with built in memory because of the extra cost. I simply bought additional SD cards and never felt the need for onboard memory.
Touch screens are new to me and I soon got to grips with changing settings on the fly. I did want a camcorder with an eyepiece view finder and this did come in useful when in the exceptionally bright conditions of the desert.
All in all this camera has enabled me to 'up my game' when it comes to videography. This camera is a must for the keen amateur.
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on 17 April 2011
Very fast shipping from amazon.uk good price,very pleased whith this panasonic sd 900, easy menu whith tactile screen ,excellent picture(photo)easier to close up picture than my dslr a 350,movie are fantastic 1n 1080/50p,untill now really glad whith it ,the only thing i'd liked is that the viewfinder could move up.Buy your transend sdhc on amazon .uk better price till now
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on 31 December 2011
Yes I have only had this camcorder 2 weeks, but I am very impressed with it's performance. This is my first camcorder and I was somewhat wary of what I was getting myself into.

After purchasing the mini HDMI lead ( the newer one from Panasonic is half the price of the older version) we were really surprised at the high quality of the picture on the TV. Five stars for that part.

Sound - I took the recorder out on a fairly breezy day, needless to say there was plenty of wind noise. I purchased a separate mike from Maplins £24, that made a world of difference and now I have purchased a furry thing called a "deadcat", from Amazon - cost as much as the mike, hopefully this will help reduce the wind noise even more.

I don't like the "Shoe Adaptor". It seems a bit naff compared with the rest of the machine.

There are quite a few things you have to purchase once you have bought your camcorder, SD cards, HDMI lead, separate microphone (if you don't want wind noise), battery charger (so you don't have to keep plugging the camera in to the charger), spare battery, the lens cap, UV filter and Polaroid filter are also extra and come as accessories in their own pack. I bought a nice little Tamrac 5696 camcorder bag, which is cheaper if you buy the blue version! Fortunately I already have a tripod but will probably need a video head for it! By the time you have finished you are looking at about £200. If you already have a camcorder then you may not need any of these but I have noted them down as you may decide to buy a video with internal memory instead.

The software seems to work OK and is needed to download the SD cards. I have done mine straight from the camera as my computer didn't like the Transcend SDXC card being used directly, nor did my Panasonic tele!

I have downloaded a still picture from the camera and looked at it in photoshop at 100%. I would call it passable. It's not up to pro standard SLR but it is quite useable. One thing I have noticed is that it tends to blow out the detail in highlights but looking at some professional DVD's this seems fairly common.

Would I recommend this camcorder- certainly, the sound and picture are excellent. I find it difficult to believe that they can cram so much into such a small machine.
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on 23 December 2011
I done a lot of research on the Panasonic SD900 before buying it, and there were so many rave reviews. I can see why! This is, without question, a phenomenally brilliant camcorder. The size of the camcorder is very manageable and not too heavy, which is very important when having to hold it for long periods. The camcorder is very user friendly and the instruction manual is simple to follow, so I found that setting up the camera was relatively easy.

The Full 1080P HD footage that this camcorder produces is quite stunning. A million times better than any other camcorder I've ever used. Colours are vibrant, detailed and true to life. Ofcourse, in order for you to really enjoy all the footage in glorious high definition, it helps if you have a top of the range HD tv. There is nothing worse than having recorded some amazing footage, and then having to play it on a tv that isn't 'up to scratch'.

One of the best features of this camcorder is its image stabilisation. Honestly, with the image stabilisation, video footage looks as though its been filmed on a tripod! I was blown away by how effective this was. Now anyone can use the camcorder without having to worry about any juddering or shaking, the kind of which can often ruin video footage and spoil your enjoyment of watching it back.

I bought this camcorder for £616's in June 2011, which was an unbelievable bargain, especially when you consider that at that time, electrical store giants, Curry's, were selling exactly the same product for £899!

Put it simply, if you want a top of the range camcorder that will produce the kind of high quality footage that you thought you could only dream of, then the Panasonic SD900 is most definitely the one for you.
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