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on 1 May 2011
This is a great little netbook from Samsung, with the initial impressions being very good. It is of the typical Samsung ilk - it feels solidly built and gives the impression it will last a long time. I am not a fan of all the pre-loaded software, as a more experienced user I prefer to pick and choose my own software. If you are not an experienced user, then you may find it useful.

The big advantage to this netbook is the dual core processor, which is not common on these little netbooks. It does make a difference, as a friend who has the 1.6Ghz Atom on the older version of this was amazed how much quicker this 1.5Ghz dual core was. My main gripe (and the reason I cannot give this 5 stars) is that the manufacturers still use Windows 7 Starter and only fit 1Gb of RAM. Fitting a 2Gb RAM chip makes a huge difference - any experienced user should do this themselves, but novices who are not confident can get someone to do it for them. For just a few quid more Samsung would have a real advantage marketing this as a 2Gb machine.

The mouse pad is easy to use, and despite the keyboard obviously being small, it is fairly easy to get used to. I have large hands and can cope with it, my girlfriend absolutely loves this machine. Remember that these units do not have a DVD drive, so you need to make sure you have a separate stand alone drive if you want to load software from a DVD or CD.

Battery life as commented by other reviewers is not the vaunted 9 or 10 hours, but I have had 7 hours when just using it for word processing, and managed to watch 2 films totalling 4.5hours on a plane flight - not bad when you consider the need for full brightness on the screen and maximum volume to be able to hear over the screaming children and engines (we were sat over the wing!)

If you want a gaming machine, forget it. If you want a small, lightweight and portable word processor that can handle the internet and watching movies, then buy this and upgrade the RAM.

Note - my girlfriend likes this that much she has stolen it from me and I've had to buy another!!!
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on 28 June 2011
My wife has had her NC10 for about 18 months now and loves it so when it came time for me to get a new laptop I thought about something similar.

I got the N150 plus and don't think I'll be regretting the decision any time soon.

It's light, very portable and the battery last for ever (well not really but it seems like it). I leave it plugged in overnight but use it for a full day without recharge.

Having bluetooth built in is a major bonus. It's handy for syncing with my blackberry without having to bother about cables, using a bluetooth headset for skype, MSN, audio or videos as well as using a bluetooth GPS. It links seamlessly to my wife's NC10 so it's great for sending photos or files without having to email or 'pendrive' stuff.

I occasionally for get it hasn't got a CD/DVD drive but don't miss having it as it's easy enough to stick stuff on a pendrive. Bit of a nuisance for installing older software but most can be downloaded from vendor's sites now.

The N150 boots up really quickly and after a couple of months hasn't crashed or frozen once. Processing speed is excellent and can use it for day to day video or photo editing.

The keyboard is ideal and pretty close to full size. It has an SD card reader built in although I didn't even notice it for until 3 weeks after I got it. (it's under the SD symbol near the trackpad - pull out the little plastic filler thingy)

It's a great little machine for playing movies on in the car to keep the kids amused, small enough to sling in a rucksack and forget it's there

One word of advice though...the little sticker on the bottom left hand side under the keyboard has a transparent plastic film over it (it says Samsung Fast Booting). It looks similar to the type you get on mobile phone screens that you're supposed to remove before use. Whatever you do don't remove it (like I did) as the graphic will scratch and fade, the adhesive will attract every little bit of dust and look really scrappy until it turns into an irritating little mirror. Learn from my experience and resist the temptation to peel it off!

It's a robust machine too as I've already dropped mine a couple of times with no apparent damage.

In summary, if you're looking for a great little netbook (or need a laptop but don't need a CD/DVD drive), want tremendous performance and excellent battery life) then this is probably the one for you. Just don't remove the the stickers...!
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on 5 May 2011
One of the few items I have managed to buy without impulse and I am absolutely delighted with the choice. If you are like me and reading this review as a bit of research, stop now and order it - it's a bargain and does exactly what it says on the box. Only had it a couple of weeks and wonder how I used to manage without it.

Performance is great, the start up speed is amazingly fast - I just open and close the lid all the time and the battery lasts very well indeed. I would say I get 8 hours on Office and Internet easily. It chomps a bit more for media, but not excessively. There is a battery manager on the BIOS, so if you want to protect the battery you can limit discharge to prevent 'battery memory'. I haven't felt the need to do that.

I added extra memory for about £22, it is recommended on virtually every review you see. It is a really quick worker for general day to day tasks, office applications all work well, internet and email are exactly as for a 'standard' laptop. I have noticed that the WiFi finds more available connections than my old laptop and my phone and always seems to have a good fast performance. The built in bluetooth works well with my Blackberry and I can call from the Netbook without taking my phone out!

I thought it was a little overloaded with Samsung software, but a few tweaks and some downloads later I got all of the functions I wanted and got rid of all I didn't.

I had a range of specific uses for the machine, keep me in contact by email keep up with the news and sport, give me ready access to all of my coursework, allow me to work on my notes and spreadsheets on the go and keep all of the reference PDF files I have available (I hadn't managed to find an Ebook to do the job properly). It does the lot, with plenty to spare.

Hope this helps in your decision!
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on 1 June 2011
This is a good all-round netbook that will satisfy all your internet browsing needs. One of the best things about this netbook is the keyboard which is easy and satisfying to type on. The battery life, despite not being as long as the manufacturer claims, lasts around 6 hours. Another positive is the screen, many netbooks have shiny screens making it impossible to use in sunlight, this however has a crystal clear matte scree making it perfect for use outside or in direct sunlight. The bluetooth and built-in WiFi are also useful features. My only criticism would be that when performing a number of tasks at once it can be a little slow. Consequently I have upgraded to 2GB of RAM which has sorted this issue out. Therefore, after the RAM has been upgraded, this is a flawless little netbook.
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on 15 July 2011
We bought a few of these for a company, who required Windows XP Professional on all computers.

Once received, we tested out 7 Starter, which we found to be quite slow as there are so many programs installed on the machine from factory! We then jumped straight ahead and installed XP with a portable CD/DVD drive.

It was difficult finding all of the different drivers for this model. Once found, we then realised that you cannot change brightness with the Function keys (not useful as they are being used outside)! We found a utility (after much searching) that allowed this, however we still find that the brightness changes to the bottom setting on startup or waking up from standby.

However, this netbook is dual core and has DDR3 RAM so has pretty good performance with XP. It machine has a great build quality and feel, despite its extremely low price! The screen is also quite good as there is no glare, which makes it much easier to read, especially outside!
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on 1 March 2011
This Samsung N150 has the new Atom 550 Dual Core processor. Also 250gb Hard drive/ DDr3 Ram. Excellent WiFi with also the benefit of bluetooth.

The main reason for choosing this one over others were; the brand, the spec and the price. Very good value. I'm only intending to use this for email/ music and photos. So I don't need
a whole lot. I'm also a big fan of matte surfaces. Too many notebooks have glossy plastic and shiny screens. This is matte and anti-glare screen, so great for outdoors.
I only have it since Friday and I love it. Very fast response with the new Dual Core and DDR3 memory. Fits the bill. Battery life is 6-8hrs . Highly Recommended.

Samsung N150 10.1 inch Netbook (Intel Atom Dual Core N550 1.5GHz, RAM 1GB, HDD 250GB, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Starter) - Black
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on 7 March 2011
I bought this for my husband who has only had limited experience with pcs.

He finds it very usefull, feels one of the gang when the rest of the family are surfing the net.

It is great little machine for a first time pc, ovbiously not the fastest there is, but it does what is says on the box!!!

Would definately recommend it, excellent buy for the money.
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on 26 February 2011
Just as the title of this review says, a brilliant little netbook. There are so many models out there so it's not easy making the choice, but this little beauty's smart dark red and white good looks are great and more importantly the stuff under the lid is excellent too. I had a shortlist of criteria, up to date processor, long battery life, web-cam, adequate connectivity, funky good looks, fairly limited budget. This fulfills them all and more.

Wi-fi is giving me a stronger signal around the house than my laptop and after uninstalling some of the useless programmes that come pre-installed (useless to me that is, others may like them) I have downloaded firefox, open-office, picasa, etc and they all run like a dream. Am writing on it now and the smaller keyboard is so easy to use. I bought this version with the N550 processor on the recommendation of someone who knows a lot more about the insides of computers than I do and on his advice I'll also be upgrading the memory to 2 gb.

The battery life is superb, I spent several hours this morning customising and tweaking and playing about on it and the battery gave exceptional hours of service, it's definitely worth getting a netbook with a 6 cell battery.

Windows 7 starter has it's limitation but then I'm a reluctant user of anything windows and feel I just have to accept it's bossiness if I can't afford the equivalent from Apple and there's always linux to experiment with at a later date perhaps.

I'm away from home often enough to have wanted something light and portable to take with me for getting on-line and keeping in touch when I'm on the move and this more than fits the bill.

Delivery from Amazon was, as always, quick, easy, free, properly packed, exemplary ! Definitely 5 stars.
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on 17 April 2011
A very capable little machine overall - I'm very happy with mine and would happily recommend this unit to anyone.

The keyboard is quite easy to use despite being 3/4 size, with the minor caveat that the touchpad is very close to the space bar and often touched without realising it, resulting in inadvertant typing elsewhere in the document than expected.

Recovering from 'sleep' is almost instantaneous - very impressive - whereas the boot time is in-line with normal Windows startup.

For me Windows-7 Starter is enough - so I suggest waiting before buying any upgrade, and similarly upgrading the memory to 2Gb. That said, upgrading the memory is very easy, as there's a small trapdoor in the base of the unit for easy access - no case disassembly needed.

Overall, the N150 feels very well constructed, and the matte screen copes well with refelctions, making it easy to use. The unit will display 1024x768, which looks a bit squashed, and 1152x864, which is pretty much unusable, at least with my eyes.

Sound is pretty good for a notebook, plugging in high quality headphones reveals a relatively quiet system with good sound. I use Reaper for music production, which it copes with very well.

On batteries I get 5-6 hours use. Note that when on batteries the processor is throttled back to running at a maximum of 50% full speed - this is user configurable. Similarly wifi is throttled back - also configurable. This means BBC iPlayer performance can be a bit 'stuttery' on batteries & IE8 - note, using Google's Chrome solves this!

Do be aware that there are two processor variants of the N150, the Atom-N550 (dual core) processor, and the Atom-N450 (single core). Buyer beware.

The unit comes shipped with a bit of bloat-ware, but Norton is easily uninstalled, replaced by MS Security Essentials (free from MS) which installed well, and runs just fine.

One tip - do NOT peel off the plastic protector from the mouse-pad's buttons - the extra feel they give makes to huge difference to finding the buttons without having to look for them.

Only the camera seems a bit poor, not great resolution and a bit blurry in use. That's my only complaint.

If your're looking for a case for your netbook, I can recommend the Trust 10 Inch Compact And Light Weight Netbook Carry Bag 16580 - which has enough space for a portable CD drive (I chose Samsung SE-S084D which seems fine and is the size of a CD case) and all the cables and power supply.
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on 9 June 2011
Bought it based on tech specs (dual core processor, ample storage space), price and reviews. I wasn't let down. It's very portable, lightweight, matte screen is visible outdoors and it is and feels well built. I found the keyboard quite easy to use in spite of its size, but I don't particularly fancy the touchpad (I use a small mouse when I can). I upgraded the RAM to 2Gb and the (very basic) Win7 Starter to Home Premium. Battery life is excellent. When used moderately doesn't need charging more than once a week. Overall a great buy.
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