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on 21 March 2017
The earbuds are soft and comfortable for long stints - typical usage for me is 8 hours working day with the earbuds in for must of that. When i have used rubber buds, they hurt my ears after a few days so that is a major plus for these foam buds. They last about 2-3 months per bud - so i have 1 bud in at a time meaning the 6 pack will last me over a year. However, 3 of the 6 buds have been glued onto the rubber insert incorrectly - leaving them at strange angles which means the sound inst getting directed down my ear canal, and it drives my OCD nuts when i look at them. The other problem, is that they get dirty so fast from ear wax. With that in mind, the next pack i buy will likely be a darker colour. I will continue to use them because they are so comfortable, however, they need to have better quality assurance to ensure that faulty earbuds do not end up getting sold for the premium price.
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on 7 May 2017
When fitted they perform very well more so than comply comfort series. Fitting was difficult however leaving the buds heavily squished for hours until useable. Large size better than comfort models that were too big. These are marginally loose but expand quickly when inserted. Minimal adjustment needed after 5 Mins. Overall best of complys products in my view and make Powerbeats 3 sound much better whilst being comfortable for long sessions.
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on 9 May 2017
Decent quality but feel different to the Isolate t-100 I had before. They definitely enhance the bass in comparison to silicon (overall the depth is quite disappointing in the headphones overall) Large have been a better fit. Only last 3-4 weeks with heavy use.
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on 7 August 2014
Like most of the reviews here, I was over the moon with these tips when i first got them. I placed the first pair onto my HiFiMan RE-0 earphones and within minutes was enjoying much improved detail, low end bass, focus and clarity in everything I listened to. Given how comfortable they were to wear too, they were an absolute joy and made an already good pair of headphones into an astoundingly good pair. I'm not a heavy headphone user. I get monthly trips with my work which involve train travel and so they get a few hours use every few weeks, but even then, the first pair of these gave me less than 3 weeks worth of use. Hoping it was a one off, I fitted the second pair and treated them with kid gloves - never stretching them, twisting them or placing excessive force on them, but once again, the second pair lasted about the same amount of time. At that point I knew that by the time I'd fitted the third and final pair, it was time to start looking for alternatives. The problem with them is that they lose their shape and go soft, so no longer form a good bond with the ear canal, so the bass disappears and they end up sounding tinny and hollow.
Here's a tip though. You can get VERY close to these by getting yourself a box of the foam earplugs from Boots the Chemist - They come in a light blue box and contain 3 pairs costing around £3. You need a retractable ballpoint pen and a sharp knife (I actually did this without the knife, sat on a train, that's how easy it is to do). Place your pen in the middle of one of the earplugs and push through all the way until the pen tip comes out the other side. Now turn it around and just push the pen through the other way so the hole is about the same size at both ends. Once you've done that, cut the earplug in half using the knife (I just tore it in half with my fingers) and now stretch the hole in each plug over the earpieces of your earphones and you're done. Now you just compress the plugs slightly before inserting into the ears.
This idea may not last any longer than the Comply tips (I've only just started doing this so cannot comment on how long they last yet) but cost much less and are far easier to obtain when you're travelling.
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on 9 March 2016
Blocks almost as much outside noise as a set of proper ear plugs. Also makes reduces the volume of your music that others can hear to virtually nothing (as long as your earphones don't leak sound themselves). Adds a weight to mid and low range notes that wasn't there before. Reduced the brashness of my cheap earphones. Very comfortable, even after hours of wear. BE WARNED: you do not hear much that's going on around you - do not walk out in front of a car or something, and certainly NEVER wear these while cycling etc! These are great for my bus ride to work, just my music - just for me no matter how quiet or loud I have it. They feel like they'll last. I particularly like the little plastic sleeve down the inside which makes them hold on TIGHT to my earphones so they don't get loose and fall off like cheaper tips I've tried before.
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on 10 March 2017
I'm a long term user of Large size Comply tips (1+ years with regular earphones, recently for Gym/bluetooth) and love the seal they make to unique ear canal shape. This not only block outside sound, but a good seal is essential to keep your music in and retain it's quality (detail, definition, not losing the low end frequencies): such a difference vs. the rubber tips supplied with even expensive earphone (my SoundMagic included Comply tips!).
Personally I find the Isolate shape is comfortable, isolates and stops earphones dropping out, in all scenarios including Gym - the Comfort large are just slightly tight in one ear. But you might find a particular shape most comfortable, but they should all work well in different scenarios.
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VINE VOICEon 16 February 2010
I use NC-22 Sony Noise Cancelling earphones with my Ipod Nano, but I have never been able to get a perfect in-ear fit with any of the supplied rubber ear buds. As a consequence the noise cancelling/reduction is good, but not perfect. These little foam tips make an ENORMOUS difference. It's just like having ear plugs in. They are very comfortable and extremely good at shutting out background noise - in fact so much so that I have taken to sometimes switching off the active noise cancelling on the NC22 because it's not needed. Despite the outrageous price, these tips are worth every penny in my opinion.

PS. there is conflicting information on the internet for which earphones these foam tips fit. Very annoying! There is a list on the back of the packet which I have reproduced here for the T-400 series:
altec lansing backbeat classic, plus, pro;
audio-technica ATH-ANC3, -CK1, -CK7, -CK32, -CK52, -CKM50; Auvio 33-266, - 267, -268, -271, -286, -289;
Creative -EP630 and -EP830;
Denon AH- C252, -C351, -C452, -C551, -C700, -C710, -C751, -NC600; Grado GR8;
Jaybird Endorphin Rush, Tiger Eyes;
Kicker EB 71/71M, EB 101/101M, EB 141
Koss KEB24, KEB79
Memorex EB200A, EB300A
Monster Turbine, Turbine PRO
Panasonic RP-HJE300, RP-HC30
Philips SHE 8500, 9500, 9501, 9600, 9700, 9800, SHS 8000
Plantronics Voyager 855;
Radius Atomic Bass;
Sennheiser CX-95, CX-300, CX-400, CX-500, IE-6, IE-7, IE-8, MM-50;
Skullcandy Titan, Full Metal Jacket, INK'D, Smokin' Buds, Riot, Holua, Asym, Striker;
Sony MDR-AS40EX, -EX32, -EX51LP, -EX55LP, -EX71SLA, -EX75, -EX81LP, -EX85LP, -EX90LP, -NC11, -NC22;
TDK EB900;
Ultimate Ears Metro Fi: 100, 150, 170, 200, 220, SuperFi 4/4vi, SuperFi 5/5vi;
V-Moda Vibe, Vibe II, Vibe-Duo, bass-freq, sport series;
2XL Bunny, nuevo sonido, snake eyes, wrecking ball.

I can't vouch for how accurate this list is, but this is copied straight off the back of the pack. More details are on the comply website.

By the way, I ordered from Handheld Audio and they came within two days. Very good service.
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on 25 March 2016
Do not buy this product. When I purchased Comply ear tips years ago they were far better quality, lasting years.

Now, they disintegrate and fall apart within a matter of weeks. Soon the outer plastic layer will fade, then the memory foam cushion itself will tear and fall apart.

Extremely disappointing and will not be buying it again. Such a shame as these kind of foam tips, are the best at blocking outside noise.
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on 16 February 2013
got these after reading some reviews and they weren't wrong they are really good they fit snugly in to your ears and don't move, add more tone toy your music and good when running at the gym as they dont fall out. they do wear out after a period but that's a small thing
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on 18 August 2012
Decent memory foam earphones that fill the ear and block out noise. Massive improvement on the rubber sleeves that came with my e10s. Listen to music on my iPhone on a busy commute at 1 or 2 off muted now.
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