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on 10 April 2015
I already had a pair of their earlier R7 BT headset, so I knew these were a very good buy for the money. They perform much better than their low price might suggest, connect with everything without any problem.

The newer version uses a Mini-USB socket for charging which is probably better than my first set which used a small 2mm or 2.5mm jack connector which makes the newer version more compatible with all my other devices.

Sound quality is good, being the same headset as the earlier R7 headset one would assume the sound quality would be identical, but I think my first R7 headset sound a touch better, with a more lively richer sound to them. This may be due to the fact they have been well used, so may have settled in, as it's a known fact that headphones like ear buds take a little while to loosen up and deliver their best sound. I suppose in reality that even same brand headsets rarely sound exactly the same, however I am being picky, and IMO anyone buying these R7 headset will be very pleased with the sound quality they produce. I also have a set of August BT heahphones and can say that both sets of R7's sound noticeably better to my ears.
Battery charge lasts ages, and in conclusion I would say for there low price these are the best value Bluetooth headphones out there, the sound quality is very good, and at a bargain price too. I'm also of the opinion that you are better sticking with BT3 as IME it seems more compatible than BT4, as the 7-Dayshop R7 headsets with are BT3 connect with everything, and the August headset which are BT4 refuses to connect to a couple of our devices. Therefore I can highly recommend the 7-Dayshop R7 BT Headphones
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on 16 April 2016
I received the Bluetooth headphone several days earlier than scheduled and, upon opening the package was very pleasantly surprised by the extremely neat design. The entire unit is very light and adjusts perfectly to fit on my head without any awkwardness as I have experienced with other headsets.

Extended use may cause very slight discomfort with the ear pads but I am sure this can be easily rectified by adding the leather ear pads available from the supplier. It has to be said that I have quite a wide head so the problem is probably down to that and it really is a very minor issue - I am talking about use for over 8 continuous hours..

I initially paired the headset with my Sony Vaio laptop which was accomplished with ease.

I then paired the headset with my Acer 10 tablet and then played a downloaded CD on it. The player controls on the side of the headset worked perfectly allowing me to Pause, Resume, Skip to Next Track, Skip Back to Previous Track.

So far, I haven't paired it with a smartphone to test the functions such as Microphone, Pause music whilst Talking. etc.

The sound is very good for the size of the ear pieces with a nice bass and plenty of middle. I have been testing it with a CD of Northern Soul and the sound really is quite exceptional.

I can thoroughly recommend this headset for your needs.
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on 31 July 2014
I had a pair of these last December and worked great for me. I use these when walking to the gym and using them there 4 times a week. These have a tendency at times, to slip of your head when bending up and down (in gym).
These are my second set, as I was losing the sound in the left side. I stripped them down, and couldn't see any loose connections, so could be bad wiring, but at a low price of seventeen pounds, I couldn't care less if they break every 6 months, as they pay for themselves being used 4 times a week.
Wife has a pair and listens to music on her samsung tablet whilst cleaning the house, so good coverage without signal loss.
They're not too bad on an airplane, still a lot of outside noise, but better than the wired in-ear earphones.
Only gave them 4 stars due to them slipping off in gym and breaking within 6 months, otherwise, fantastic headphones and would recommend them.

Edit 116/12/2014
The sound in the left ear goes after a few months. This is my second pair, which I didn't say much for the first as I thought it was a one off, but it seems to be a problem. They're really comfortable and great to hear when they do work, but I don't think they last more than 6 months. Other people have picked this up also. Thus the reason to drop to 2 stars. Shame
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on 16 May 2016
Bought this headphone (Nov 2014) for use with my Galaxy Tab 2 - cheap and cheerful for sure, but I have heard worse in the £100+ price range.

Sure they don't have a lot of bass, but that doesn't matter to me as I mostly use them when watching documentaries on Youtube.

Besides which I think my hearing has been buggered up by years of listening to loud music when I was younger.

No problems connecting to my Tab 2, Moto G3, Samsung Galaxy S5. Bluetooth range works well up to around 10 mtrs before starting to fade.

Also works well with Viber and Skype :)

Hardly notice these when wearing them, so no issues with comfort, and sound leakage minimal too.

All in all - very pleased, and likely to purchase again if they go faulty.
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on 16 May 2013
I bought a pair of these headphones to use with my Macbook Pro, I was so frustrated with the persistent tangle of wired earphones.
Setting up was a doddle,having to make sure that they are selected as the sound output medium, is no trouble.
They work very well, sound reproduction is good enough for my taste, Van Halen still sound pretty good with acceptable bass response.
I was so impressed by them that I bought a second pair for my iMac at work.
They have a pretty good range too, providing that there are not too many walls in the way, I got about 20 feet away. The volume control works fine and tracks in my iTunes library can be selected back and forth in sequence.
Haven't used them for Skype yet but I have no reason to expect the microphone to be any less effective.
They feel solidly built and look very stylish, I can't praise them highly enough.

Update! June 1st.
OK, I've been using these Bluetooth headphones for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that I am a little less in love with them. They still perform well when connected, but that's my main concern, 'when connected'! It may be just a peculiarity with using Mac computers, but I find that I am having to re-pair the phones, every time I want to use them. If I never shut my computer down or put it to sleep, maybe the pairing would last, but the computer seems unable to find the Bluetooth signal from boot up or awaking. Still not a huge problem, but a bit tiresome having to go through the pairing process every time.
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on 12 February 2013
Very simple to set up on Android and Blackberry. The heatset activly seeks connections and readily accepts them, I am not sure if this might cause issues connecting to other peoples phones. The music control function buttons work well on the stock music players. Setting up on a PC can be a little more tricky, but nothing a re-boot couldn't fix. Remember that the device will appear in the Windows control panel as new audio input and output devices, you may need to make it default or tell specific applications to use them. I got the heatset working fine on Win7 64 but trying to use Ventrilo kills it.

Sound Quality:
It's not HiFi but quite acceptable for the Gym and Computer games.

Phone calls:
The microphone seems very sensitive when connected to a PC hoeever when making phone calls the other parties complain of background noise and quiet speech.

Noise Cancelling:
Some reviewers have mentioned noise cancelling capability. This heatset does not have noise cancelling.

I have a large head. The heatset was not unduly uncomfortable but I would not like to wear it all day. In the Gym I found that it easily falls forward so it will not be suitable for jogging or cycling unless you have enough hair to hold it in place.

The charger uses a non standard connection meaning that only the supplied cable can be used. It is a shame that the standard micro USB is not used. Only a USB cable is supplied, no mains charger.
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on 13 September 2014
These headphones work well, are easy to use and arrived well on time


Easy to set up
Informative manual
Able to answer calls, listen to voice mails, pause/play, change track and volume from side controls
Clear sound
Works perfectly up to 10 metres from device, usually fine even more
I have connected it easily to an Ipad, IPhone 5c, Kindle Fire HDX, Samsung S4, and Laptop
Quick to set up - only takes a few seconds
Strong - they have fallen on the floor, (even thrown) many times

Not so comfortable - after an hour or two they can get a bit bothersome, but in general they are fine

Blue light flashes every few seconds when connected to device, quite annoying when listening to music or watching a movie or something in the dark

Overall these are incredible for their price, with no noticeable cons.
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on 3 January 2013
They come with a usb to pin charging cable and require a charge before use.

Connecting the headphones to my Galaxy S2 was straight forward. Hold the centre button on the headphones down for several seconds until the light flashes alternating colours. Click pair in the Bluetooth menu on my phone and check both the media and call boxes. Pressing the centre button started my music app and started my tunes playing while the other buttons control volume and track.

I find them pretty comfortable on my big head. The design is one that leaks sound to/from your environment.

Sound quality is pretty good. The lower midrange trends towards flabby. The treble can trend towards digital sounding but this might be the limitations of Bluetooth. They aren't the most detailed. No real punch to the music. At reasonable volumes there is no harshness but harshness does creep in above. Most of the listening range balances an airy, smooth and pleasant listening experience. The sound doesn't compete at all or in any area with a set of wired AKG450 headphones I have to hand for example. I may not come across as that complementary about the sound but for the price combined with the ease of use paired to a phone I'm impressed.
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on 9 February 2013
What an excellent product. I had no problems pairing the device with my Sony Ericsson mobile, the music came through loud and clear, the buttons on the headset are easy to find and use.

The headset is quite comfy and snug so I could air guitar whilst vacuuming and they didn't slip off.

The only tiny little moans I would have is there is a delay when you pause or skip to the next track, so I kept jabbing away at the buttons thinking they weren't responding, I have now learnt to be patient.

The range also seemed more than adequate, I went upstairs with no loss of audibility and outside to the bins.

I am truly besotted with this product, harmony now reigns in our household because before when using ear buds, which I hate as the right one kept falling out (I think I must have a funny shaped ear) and normal wire head phones my language was shocking as I managed to snag and snarl up the wire on everything I walked past, even when air guitaring I would usually manage to catch the wire, which I'm sure you will agree is soooooo annoying and sometimes painful.

I had narrowed down wireless headphones to 3 candidates, I am glad I chose these!
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on 30 August 2014
Just bought this for boyfriend for his birthday. I thought it would be a good idea to use at the gym without seeing him getting wound up around wires etc and swearing at knots the way he does! All I can say is that they are absolutely everything I was hoping for. The design is sleek, unobtrusive and not trying to be 'designer' or and imitation of another design. They are super easy to connect to the Bluetooth element of an iPhone (just hold the on button down til it flashes red and blue and search for it on your phone) and the price is way cheaper than I thought I'd have to pay. They fit my head (he hasn't had them yet) comes with charge but not sure how much and the sound is spot on. He's in his 50s, I'm 40 and I think he'll like them as much as I do. Buy them for your kids (no branding on them so they'll pass teenage muster), buy them for your grandparents.... Great idea for hospital use too so if you have to care for someone whose watching film on an ipad or summation, they'll hook right up. Can't wait to get myself a pair now as usually headphones in the gym with weights don't work out....
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