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on 31 March 2011
I loathe spending good money on phone cases. The HTC Desire HD left me in a quandry, isn't it false economy to go cheapo on a case, when inside said case is a phone worth £400?

Anyway, putting ethics aside I went onto Amazon thinking that I might just find the right product at the right price, my god was I right. This case is superb. For £4 I can't fault it, literally in any way. For starters it looks great, a mashup of gloss and matt. The non slip grip on the left and right edges really does the job, it's not a novelty. All your phone's functions are usuable with the case on, dual flash, camara lens, loud speaker, usb/charge port, headphone jack - they're all sorted with handy cut-outs. Usually you'd find some of the cut-outs being a bit rough with many low cost cases, no such problems here. Also, the case is nice and snug without being so tight that you genuinely fear having to remove your sim card, and it's actually quite satisfying pushing the four corners of your phone inside the case because it's such a lovely fit.

Ok, the power button is oversized and a little tricky to find, the volume dial is also on the large side, but that's the phone's fault anyway as it's a h-u-g-e dial. Though that's just being picky. This is a great value case, tough with good rigidity, add a screen protector and you're sorted. It's cheap, looks great, and functions just as it should i.e. keeps your Desire (relatively)safe from bumps and scrapes.
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on 4 February 2011
Gel case is well made and fits easily around all corners. Also the edges do not protrude too much so that it gets in the way of using the touch screen.
It is non-translucent jet black and is a mixture of gloss and matt, and does not slip out of your hands due to the deliberately rougher texture on the sides where your fingers go.
Also, the case fits around the camera, flash etc. accurately.
All in all very pleased with it.
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on 5 September 2011
This products has given a good look to the mobile phone although it does add bulk to it..... The main problem of this case is that once you press the power or volume buttons on the top or sides the whole case will move with it..... You will notice the case edges coming over the screen and its only at that point it gives a feel of being loose.....

I have removed this case as I think it doesn't give your phone a prestigious feel while you are using it.... The phone will look good only if placed in front for showing off...... There are better cases available for Desire HD......

I also have Samsung Galaxy S2 and the similar case with same contours fit very nice so its not the whole range but the case for Desire HD which should be avoided....
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on 28 February 2011
great cover for the price, was delivered very quickly. some bubbles when applying the screen protector but that was probably down to me.
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on 8 October 2012
The 'HTC TPU Gel Skin Case/Cover (Desire 'HD', Solid Black)'.
What a terrible name!
What it should be called is the 'Solid Black Gimp Suit'.
I mean, just look at the pics!
Are they even legal?
I tell you, whereas my Desire HD often tried to pry itself loose from its old Smoke Black Wibbly-Wobbly Gel Case, now it is more than content to sit in excruciatingly confined silence, unable even to tremble with the joy it feels for its new, super-snug Solid Black Gimp Suit.
I know what you're thinking.
"OK, yeah, so the phone's all gimped to the max, but what's in it for me?"
Well, since you ask. As you've seen, your eyes are gonna be straining on their stalks when you see it in the rubbery flesh, but the real epiphany comes when you pick the thing up!
Rapture! The phone's in my right palm, index and middle fingers taking in the suit's super-smooth and reassuringly solid, latex-like goodness, but what's this? My thumb, pinky and ring finger are frictionating along gnarly strips of rough!
This is all to much.
And then without warning, my thumb begins to skate across the polished screen, deftly flicking between applications and firing off one witty text after another.
Thank you Desire HD Gimp Suit!
You're a star.
PS - The Gimp Suit also lets your Desire HD do a fair impression of a Dalek, minus the plunger etc.
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on 22 April 2011
The case looks quite snazzy when on the phone. The Desire HD fit's perfectly in and it's not too difficult to remove again. I feel it provides a lot more extra grip on the phone, as well as protecting it.

Only slight issue is with the power and volume buttons, as you do have to push in a bit further to actually hit the problem, but I'm more than willing to oversee this issue and would recommend this case to anyone wanting a cheap and simple case.
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on 4 June 2011
I've always been slightly reluctant when it comes to purchasing phone covers, as they always tend to be too big, too small, or block some of the phones' components. However, this case was nothing of the sort! It fits PERFECTLY and doesn't block any of the phones' components. It fits so well you really feel it was made specifically for your phone. It even has rough sides, to improve grip and stop the phone sliding out of your hand.

Would HIGHLY recommend this sturdy cover... The screen protector on the other hand was a let down for me. It was a different size to my screen, and left a gap at the top or bottom edge (depending how I placed it), and it still had air bubbles and dust after I carefully placed it over the screen... became so annoying for me in the end I just binned it!

However the case itself (which is what I paid for) is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone! Definitely worth the money!
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on 19 September 2011
Excellent case and it looks good. The on button is a little hard to turn on as the HD desire virtually has a flush button. The screen protector suplied doesn't adhere very well and is quite milky. Get yourself some SCreate protectors for excellent quality and clarity. Overall very happy.
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on 23 July 2012
Everything about this cover is fine, except for the cover over the power button. You have to push very very hard to make the button work. In the end it's easier to take the cover off to unlock the phone, which renders it useless. Don't buy this. It's a waste of money.
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on 9 July 2011
The case fits easily and perfectly, with ready access for the connections and windows for the camera. It is moulded to indicate the power and volume buttons, and I initially found operating these controls through the case cumbersome enough to consider cutting the indicators out to access the buttons. However, I quickly got used to it and decided that a bit less than perfection was worth the extra protection. Fitting the screen protector without blemishes was problematic, but that's the nature of the beast and not a criticism of this particular item.

All in all, this low-cost purchase provides the phone with all the protection needed in a handbag or pocket (except sitting on it!) though I wouldn't count on it ensuring survival of a drop on concrete. But you can get a wallet for that.
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