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on 10 October 2017
I read the first, second and third book in this series in just four days! This is an amazing series and I thank my friend so much for introducing me to it. I can't wait to read the others. Every night I would read way past my bedtime (don't tell my mum!) because it was so amazing. It never got boring and I always had my head stuck in my kindle. The last thing I have to say is:
Thank you so much for reading and please get buying!
- Mimamaww
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on 27 April 2017
Love the book and it has the new epilogue, it was a bit scuffed, though, which was disappointing
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on 8 April 2017
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on 17 May 2017
Great series!
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on 3 June 2013
After reading Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy (book two), I was quite keen to get started on book three. Unfortunately, I didn't feel the same connection with book three as I did with book two, but it was a brilliant book nonetheless.

Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover starts off in the school holidays as Cammie goes to visit her friend and daughter of the future vice president, Macey McHenry. Things seem pretty normal at first until the pair of friends, and Preston Winters, son of the future president, end up on the derelict roof of a hotel. Cammie's spy instincts kick in, but there's nothing she can do to stop an oncoming helicopter that's heading straight for them. Macey and Cammie manage to get Preston out of the line of fire and kick some serious ass but not without a whole heap of injuries and a thoroughly traumatic experience. It's campaign time for Macey's father and so she's being transported to and from major publicity events but ever since the attacks, everyone has been on edge and the security has been topped up. Cammie's mysterious Aunt Abby appears and takes on the role of Macey's special security agent since she is a former Gallagher Girl herself, none of their spy school secrets are revealed. Although there has been no trace of the group that attacked Macey and Cammie on the roof, "The Operatives", Bex, Liz and Cammie, are still highly concerned for their best friend's safety, so they start making investigations of their own. Things don't go so smoothly but they need to find out who the group that attacked Macey was and what they wanted.

Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy (book 2) was largely unrelated to book one in my opinion, so I was expecting book three to be a sort of stand-alone novel as well. In many ways this was the case as there was only really one plot strand that followed through into book three and that was that spy-boy Zach made a few appearances. I'm glad that he did because I was very disappointed that Josh from book one just dropped off the radar with very little explanation and I would've been quite annoyed if Ally Carter had done that to another one of the love interests. Although Zach and Cammie weren't really the focus of this novel, I was glad that these little snippets were included because they added to the mystery and suspense of the novel. We're not really sure why or how Zach keeps popping up and I don't think it was revealed at the end of the novel so it's all still up in the air.

Again, this book was very much focused on Cammie and her spy antics. Although the story revolves around Macey McHenry, I don't actually think that she had that much more of a role than she does in the other books. A lot of Cammie's action/thoughts seem to be independent of most other people and I think she did quite a lot of the work herself in this one. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing and I completely understand why this was the case (Apart from Macey, Cammie was the only one directly involved in the attack), but I felt that his book wasn't as funny as the other two, probably because Cammie had to be serious as she was acting alone. I wish there had been more comedy, or more boarding school drama to lighten the mood but then again, we've already had two books of that so it was refreshing to see a change. You can definitely see a progression in Cammie's character and their spy training. All the Gallagher Girls are becoming much more adept at their spy studies and to match that, the situations seem to be getting more dangerous and exciting.

I wasn't particularly fond of the plot of this novel because I thought it was pretty predictable and a bit simple, but towards the end there are some pretty big plot twists which are exciting. There were a few moments throughout the book where I was pretty surprised by what was going on but it wasn't until the cliffhanger (not really a cliffhanger, more of an open door) at the end of the novel that I felt myself really engaged. I just didn't particularly find Macey McHenry's personal security that interesting as a story line, but the effect of the events on Macey's state of mind and character development was really interesting and really quite sad at times. As Macey was a 'new' character at the start of the novel, I always felt like she was the character we knew the least about, but after Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover, we've learnt quite a lot about what was under Macey McHenry's hard exterior.

This book ended on a cliffhanger, unlike the previous two which had more of a sense of finality about them. I'm hoping that book four will answer the questions that arose in book three because otherwise I'm going to get very confused, very quickly. This series is definitely moving from strength to strength and I hope it continues in that way.

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on 20 April 2012
Of course I am an avid reader of this series and for me this is one of the best books ever.

I felt thrown deep into the book with the turn of the first page, I was instantly back in Cammie's super spy life and felt the excitement creep up on me as for the first time ever Cammie has a mission that's real, unplanned and deadly dangerous. I felt I was right there with her as she battles for survival and narrowly makes it out alive. This is only the beginning!

Throughout the book I felt the Gallagher Academy as a whole becoming closer, with the knowledge that real life threats exist and the threats are after one of their sisters! Most of this book is based outside the walls of their Academy but I felt like I knew every place Ally described in the book just as well as I knew their school!

The characters in this book are so likeable. Every character seems to have their original personality and in this book we see the mind of mainly Macey come to light. Cammie's Aunt is introduced as a new character and the way she blends into the book so well really makes her such a loveable character. Her strong willed personality sets her apart from the rest of the characters and the way she interacts with Cammie and Rachel makes her really interesting. I'm sure fans will be pleased to know this book certainly holds a lot of Zammie(Cammie and Zach) action!

The Twists and turns in this plot are madening (but in a good way)! Nothing is as it seems in this book and it questions who to trust building a long list of suspects in the readers mind, none of which are anything like what actually happens at the end!

overall another well written and action packed book, much more action packed than previous book and focused hugely on Cammie and Macey. This book finally brings in the element of danger and reality to the series and is a fantastic lead up to future books.
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on 19 April 2011
The Gallagher Girls rock! Cammie and co are back in the third installment of the teenage spy series, following a group of girls at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. It's taken me a little while to completely fall head over heels for this series but it's finally happened! I really enjoyed this book which was a fun and extremely entertaining read. Although I'm a huge fan of many of the current series about teenage boy spies, it's refreshing to see the girls kicking butt instead. I wish I'd gone to a school like the Gallagher Academy.

This time around boy troubles are still on the horizon for Cammie but the focus is on her friendships with the other girls and particularly Macey whose life may be in danger while she's out on the campaign trail with her parents. In typical Cammie fashion, she's soon embroiled in the action and determined to keep her friend safe no matter what. I love Cammie - she's a great character to base the series around. She's always hurtling head-first into dangerous situations but she's incredibly loyal and always puts her friends first.

Zach, the boy that she was involved with in the last book, appears mid-way through the book. He seems to keep getting more and more mysterious and I'm looking forward to finding out what secrets he's hiding. I would have liked to have seen more of him but on the other hand I think it was good that their romance took a backseat while the focus of the story was on Macey and Cammie. I'm sure there's plenty more Zach to come.

A little more about Cammie's family history is laid bare and her Aunt Abby is a new character in the story. It was interesting seeing a Gallagher girl actually out there in the world doing such a high powered job. She came across as having quite a mercurial personality and I wasn't sure whether or not she was entirely on the level but I thought she was a good addition to the series. I hope she appears again in later installments.

This is such a fun series and I'm enjoying it more and more with each new book. The characters are hugely appealing, the plots are always action packed and running high on adrenaline and I'm finding myself really getting hooked on them now.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 September 2009
DON'T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER is the third novel in the Gallagher Girl spy series.

Cammie is invited to Boston over summer break to join Macey and her family for a political convention where Macey's father is to accept the Vice President's candidacy. Both girls are excited for a fun time.

What they didn't bargain for was a kidnapping attempt. On first appearance, the kidnappers seem to be after Preston, the son of the Presidential candidate. But after replaying the attack in her mind, Cammie is positive it was Macey they were after.

After the kidnapping attempt, they return to school and Macey is put under tighter Secret Service protection. But due to the secretive nature of the Gallagher Academy, the agents selected have to be carefully screened. Cammie is thoroughly shocked when the head of the detail shows up and it's none other than Aunt Abby.

Cammie hasn't seen Abby since her father died, and has so many questions for her. But there are other things that need answered, as well. Namely, why would anyone want to kidnap Macey? So begins junior year for Cammie and her close friends Macey, Liz, and Bex.

When Macey has to attend campaign functions, the other girls find cunning ways to sneak out and accompany her. To confuse Cammie even more, she encounters Zach from the previous term at not just one, but multiple locations. What is up with that?

As with the previous books in the series, DON'T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER has much intrigue and spy technology throughout. Ms. Carter suspects that there may be up to six books in the Gallagher Girl series, and DON'T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER does a lot of development for future installments. There is a lot of action and bruising that occurs in this story, but more than anything it sets up a lot of background information for forthcoming novels.

Reviewed by: Jaglvr
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on 2 January 2015
Ok,I didn't really enjoy this book for a few reasons.
1. At many points in the story, I thought the narrative was fragmented and confusing. I was like 'What?' and then 'But why...?' and 'What the...? I thought they were....oh, forget it.'
2. As with the previous two books, certain phrases were repeated many times such as 'but...well...', 'and.....well' and 'because...well...'.
3. Use of exlamation marks turned what could've been serious paragraphs into something that looked as though it has been ripped straight from a 10 year old's diary.
4. Again, like with the previous novels, the author really does try far too hard to be humorous. The worst part is, most of it is not even funny.

However, I did still like the different characters. In conclusion, I thought that it was better than the first book (which was terrible) but a lot worse than the second book (which was actually alright).
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on 20 January 2012
She loved it! It continues the Gallagher Girls story line and she enjoyed this one every bit as much as all the others!! The plots seem to be well enough constructed for my daughter to want to read on!! From the little I read of it I was pleased to see that it seemed to be reasonably well written!
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