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on 5 April 2012
I think this book is excellent. I felt for Duwayne Brooks reading this from his point of view. I cannot believe the way he was treated by the Met and how they got away with it, I was disgusted by their behaviour. I am so glad he got to tell the story from his perspective. A brave man, and a very gripping read.
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on 18 June 2013
This book is a bit hard going. I find the subject matter gripping but the style of writing is not great. I have not yet finished it after a couple of months and keep dipping into it and leaving it again.
Not the best, which is a shame.
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on 16 February 2014
Stephen Lawrence was an amazing Boy,So Gifted kind,his life was destroyed all because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time,Always be a Legend in my eyes.
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on 10 May 2013
A very heartfelt, enlightening read.

Was great to finally learn an alternative perspective of this tragic part of history. Thank you Duwayne for sharing, it needed to be told.

May you someday find peace.
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on 22 November 2006
Everyone should read "Steve and Me". It tells the raw truth about the experience of racism in Britain. It is a personal story of the most notorious racist murder in recent times and the struggle for justice that followed.

Aged 18, Duwayne Brooks was a victim of the same racist attack in which his friend Stephen Lawrence was murdered. It was April 1993 in an area of south-east London notorious as `race-hate capital of Britain', and it was the national flash-point for mounting anger at the unchecked growth of racist violence. It led to two massive anti-racist demonstrations and a public inquiry five years later.

The account of the murder is all the more chilling and moving because Mr. Brooks simply gives the facts as they happened. It is the style throughout, and it is what makes this book so powerful.

The first two chapters describe their lives and friendships as black teenagers growing up in south London. Through a plain, factual account it demonstrates how racism was shaping their lives. The picture of school life is immediately recognisable to anyone who has been through a London school.

The rest of the book tells how the murder and its aftermath changed Mr. Brook's life. He recounts in detail the painful experience of post-traumatic stress disorder, the failure of the police to treat him as a victim, their repeated attempts to undermine him as a witness, and the campaign of harassment and frame-up they waged to silence and destroy him following the public inquiry.

But this is not the story of a victim. It is the story of a fight for justice - of Mr. Brook's determination to stand by the truth and refuse to be silenced.

More than anything "Steve and Me" brings real people to life. The first chapter starts with a simple declaration: "He was never Stephen to me, he was Steve. When I saw him written about in the papers, I saw people grieving over the Lawrence tragedy, I couldn't recognise my friend. He didn't seem to be a person anymore. He was a case, an abstract".

The murder of Stephen Lawrence became a major political event, but in the process it was institutionalised and made less painful for public consumption. The achievement of this book is to bring it back to real, concrete experience, without sparing the raw pain of that reality. It is a courageous book.
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on 19 March 2007
Extremely powerful and deeply disturbing account of events following the death of Stephen Lawrence.

To the general public,Duwayne is almost the forgotten victim.For over 10 years he has fought injustice and the system.

If I had not read the book I wouldnt have believed it was possible for anyone to be treated so appalingly.

Highly reccomended read.
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on 5 March 2012
I read this book after reading a book written by Mrs Lawrence. The picture Brooks depicted was very different from Mrs Lawrence's accounts. The book first of all revolves around rather a chaotic man/boy who many people may not trust immediately. But I soon realized that Brooks had a paranoia because of the death of his friend, Steve. The book tells the growth of a boy into a more stable man. The descriptions of racial prejudice in society and how black people have been treated by the Met Police are stunning. I never realized such things were happening. A very good read. It's worthwhile reading.
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on 22 February 2007
On the night of the 22nd April 1993, on a street in Eltham, south-east London, an 18 year old black student, Stephen Lawrence, was murdered in a vicious and unprovoked racist attack. This event and the notorious police mishandling of the invesigation mobilized the anger of the black community and anti-racists behind the demand for justice. It led, four years later, to a historic Stephen Lawrence Public Inquiry, which confirmed to the whole country the truth about the black and asian experience of police racism, and sent shockwaves through British society.

Mr Brooks sets out the plain truth about a personal experience of racism and injustice that was at the heart of one of the most mementous chapters in the development of race relations in recent British history. "Steve and Me" is a living document that represents a bitter struggle to get the truth out into the open in order to get justice, not for himself alone but - as he puts it in the book, "To do my best to help other people in situations like mine - people who have been mistreated by the police"

The book is written in narrative form, compiled from over 30 hours of audio recording that Mr Brooks made, telling his untold story. It details his experience at school, his friendship with Steve, the attack that led to Steve's murder and his own experience with the police and legal system, as the surviving victim and witness of the attack.

A must read.
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on 20 September 2011
I bought this book after reading Stephen Lawrence's mothers book, and wanted to hear Duwayne Brooks' words from his point of view! I went to school with both of these boys and remember them both well! What an eye opener!!!! If you really want to know what went on that night, and the years that followed, then I would suggest this book as a great read....because this book will tell you a lot more than what the general public was not privy to at the time or since! A great, but sad story of a real tragedy! This book will be in my collection forever and I will make my son reads this book too when he gets to the right age! Especially as he is a mixed race boy growing up in this terrible world that we are making for ourselves......read this book and hopefully it will open your mind up to what really goes on behind closed doors and who it is that really suffers in the long run!!!
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on 5 June 2008
Honest and direct, and brave too - being attacked by a group of racists is one thing, but seeing your friend die in that attack is horendous. Figuring out what the hell to do, and dealing with it after, most people can't imagine going there. Then having racist police hound you, and leave the murderers!

The Stephen Lawrence case, the 50,000-strong march at the time, the many people who were attacked or killed in the same ares in the early 1990s, the public inquiry into this case since, and the whole fight for justice throughout have marked out a new shift in race-relations, from which this country must move forward (not back).

Duwyane is able to speak in this book like he were speaking direct. Its an extremely important book, if you want to know anything about Stephen Lawrences' murder, what really happened, and the fight for justice, you need to read this.
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