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on 8 January 2012
Bought these PMRs primarily for use in Airsoft games / marshalling, but have also used them on the road with exceptional results, and for mountain biking as well. Very easy and intuitive navigation, clear display and accessible controls. The bright LED torch is a very handy accessory, for map-reading or just playing around with (it came in useful finding stuff in the car where the interior light didn't illuminate). Its 10km ability was not tested to its full range, but there was never a lost connection or interference! This is perfect with a PRO HD kevlar headset, or related unit. I personally didn't find any cons with the equipment: the charging cradle is easy to use, battery life is extremely good and the display is clear without being too bright. Definitely the best multi-purpose radio I have used, and at a very good price! You will not be disappointed. A
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on 13 January 2012
ignore the 10km range thats all crap to be honest. Probably boat to boat under calm conditions, in the real world think half a mile and you wont be far wrong. These were bought for me to keep in contact with my wife in work as Ive had a series of strokes. She works approx half a mile away or so and we're in a built up area with a taxi company right in line of sight. Around the home they work really well, but obviously the further away you go, the worse they get. We can both understand each other easily enough (as long as the taxi's aren't totally blocking the airwaves) from inside a building over about half a mile, not tested them any further as yet but will keep you posted. Im not sure how there is a difference between the T4 T6 and T8 in terms of distance as they all use the same 0.5w output chip. And when I was doing the CB radios back in the 70's, 1watt was sufficient for one mile, 5 watts five miles etc. But this was dependant on conditions too. So half a mile at half a watt is about right. Dont expect 10km like Ive said and you'll not be disappointed.
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on 3 November 2012
perfect size, not too big or too small ! Nice weight to the handsets, enough to know you have it in your pocket and havent lost it, but not overly heavy to the point that you feel you are lugging it around. Clips very securely to your belt or pocket and doesnt spring off if you bend down. Like the ideal of the lanyard loop built into the design. Bought it for my twin sons to use now they are venturing further out to play independantly. We live in a village where there is no mobile phone signal so this is an ideal way we can now find out where they are and call them in for dinner etc. Tested so far over a 2 mile distance and the signal was still perfect and crystal clear. Charged the batteries up for 12hours on their 1st charge and so far after 3 days of constant use (at least 8 hours a day !) they are still showing fully charged. Dead easy to use and understand its features. Nothing complicated to get stressed over. Will now buy another handset to leave at home so both sons can take a handset out and we can still contact both/either of them from home. I like the fact we can scan across the channels to find out what channel they are tuned on. Boys loved taking them to bed last night and chatting the night away to each other across the landing. Love the fact they are a robust design and showerproof. The LED torch is an added bonus and really is super bright. I'm sure that will be useful on their next scout hike and camping trip. I think these are a great buy for the money, i dont think you will feel disappointed with your purchase. Highly recommended.
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on 21 June 2012
My place of business has used Motorola walkie talkies for over 10 years now so we've been through many of the earlier versions of this radio range.

These are definitely the best so far - here are the pros and cons:

Smooth feel in the hand.
Pretty good range.
Surprisingly loud on max volume.
Addition of a clock is useful.
Handy LED torch.
Reasonably robust & weatherproof - a few have survived surprise dunkings!
Good battery life.

Yet another belt clip design that snaps at the first opportunity.
Still getting a slight silence immediately after pressing the talk button. A pause before talking is still required, sadly - I wish Motorola would find a solution to this.
Minimum volume is too loud.
Complicated menu system - a more intuitive set of controls is needed.
LED torch is barely bright enough to be usable.
Fussy contacts don't always touch properly in the charger.
Why do I need to switch off the radio to get it to charge properly?
Images/letters on the buttons rub off quickly, especially if kept in a pocket.

We'll still buy more of this model, at least until the next version come out (TLKR T9?)
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on 13 September 2013
I got these for a youth sailing trip. They worked reasonably well up to about 1.5km in a flat but partly wooded area. Not much use beyond that.

They are advertised as splashproof, and they certainly survived being on a dinghy in the rain without problems.

Ultimately though, they performed no better than some Binatone units I had (also splashproof and £30 a pair)
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on 13 February 2012
Bought this for the kids to play with and they work great. A one mile range is realistic, maybe more if in open space and no interferences. The kids love it, use it indoors, outdoors etc... Easy to use and set up, work a charm. They only should come with a few accessories such as headsets etc... then they would be worth truly 5 stars but at £68 still good value. This was an offer price, so if they are more expensive, shop around and for £70 you will find many similar ones on the internet!
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on 30 May 2012
On a cycling trip to Paris, these two way radio's really did the job.
They have a fair range estimated to be approximately 5km with trees and buildings and probably longer with no obstacles.
The sound is very clear and they are tough, as mine fell of my clip (my fault) and bounced along the road, went back on the bike to pick it up and not even a scratch and it continued to work flawlessly.
Very good product.
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on 29 October 2013
I know that using these radios in built-up areas reduces their range, but I hadn't expected it to be so short. We found the radios, fully charged, to have a range of up to 55 metres (0.055 kilometre) where messages could be heardly clearly and without interference. This is with my partner in the house and an additional single row of houses between us. If she'd opened the window and shouted I would have heard her. As this distance increased the message broke up and had substantial and increasing crackle until about 250 metres (0.25 kilometre) away when contact was lost altogether.

We measured the distances by using Google Earth and checking with a map.

Motorola claim a maximum distance of 10 kilometres in 'clear air', and less in built up areas, but we certainly expected vastly more than just 0.5% of their maximum distance.

As such the radios are unfit for our purpose.
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on 31 January 2013
I bought these walkie talkies to use them as a long range baby monitor in a hotel where the range on my usual baby monitor just wasn't good enough. This review focuses on that as I've not used them for any other purpose yet! The range on the walkie talkies was fine for this but as there's no link or in range indicator (like a baby monitor has) I had to test the range in the hotel. When one of the handsets is indoors you get a vastly reduced range, probably somewhere between 300 and 1000 metres. The walkie talkies can be set to monitor for sound so I set one like this and left it as close to the baby as possible. They are not really intended for this and so are not as sensitive as a baby monitor would be so you must set the walkie talkie left with the baby to be as sensitive as possible. The battery life of the walkies talkies is pretty good, around 14 hours as stated. However you can't trickle charge them, they must be flat before you recharge them (or you can use batteries). I bought these particular walkies talkies for the vibrate function. This meant that the unit vibrated if the baby made a sound which was great if I couldn't hear. Ultimately these gave us added peace of mind. However my wife and I still checked on our baby every 20-30 minutes. The torch is also great help for checking on your little ones at night.
I've given the walkie talkies 4 stars as the option to trickle charge would have been useful and the range is greatly reduced when inside or there are obstructions.
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on 1 April 2013
I recently purchased these walkie talkies for a snoboarding trip to Chamonix and found them great value for money.

During the trip we used them every day and they worked great, in terms of distance I was surpised how well they worked and the distance they covered even when we were at different resorts. Infact we could get very clear reception from the bottom of the Le Tour to the top of Grands Montets about 5km. However most surising was having a good signal from the bottom of Le Tour to the top of Flegere a distance of 8km and through mountain terrain.

Having said that being at the opposite side (bottom) of a mountain blocked the signal and we could not speak, even at short distances such as 3-4km.

The only issue I had was that the battery indicator, it's not very accurate and can go from full to empty with little indication inbetween which caught me out a few times so we were left with no battery. Having said that the battery is very good and can last for 2 days however I recommend you charge them every day.

Overall I would give this 4.5 stars and I'm very happy with my purchase.
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