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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 September 2011
I bought this album after having watched her perform at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Carlisle. I wasn't really a huge fan before, but now after seeing how much unrelenting talent and enthusiasm she has for making and performing music, I had to kick myself for missing out on it after all this time!
In terms of the music syle, Gaga holds absolutely nothing back. Filled with everything from fast paced electro, synth, 80s pop, rock, techno, acoustic, honky tonk, there's pretty much something for everyone in this album. From the opening vocals of "Marry the Night" to the end beats of the "Born This Way Remix" the predominate vibes are liberation, empowerment and inspiration, a genuine feel good album, and coming from Gaga the queen of embracing identity, I would have it no other way! My particular faves are "Judas" (just for the sake of getting up and dancing your ass off wishing you had a dirty leather outfit on like she does!) "Hair" (this is a belter of a track, and makes me feel so much better) and also "Edge of Glory" which is another heartfelt and very danceable track.
A lot of people will say she's weird and just creates music off the back of other musical legends like Madonna (which to an extent may be true), but I believe she is very much her own person who knows her own mind and just does what she wants to do. Having been successful in spreading joy and inspiration to millions of people through the messages in her music, I find it quite hard not to love this woman.
I really reccomend this album, even if you're not a fan, I dare you not to get up and start dancing to it! :)
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on 15 September 2011
An album that she deemed as being primarily for her expanding fan base, for most of Gaga's third album, Born This Way sees Gaga take a leap of faith away from the industrial RedOne dance pop that she performed every night of her incredibly successful Monster Ball tour, which hit the UK for 6 sold-out nights at the O2 Arena in 2010. RedOne co-produces just three tracks on the record - the amazing Judas, a progression from Bad Romance that talks about choosing bad over good even if you suffer for it, the inspirational Hair, with lyrics that only Gaga could pull off, and the sleazy Schiesse, written after a night out in the back room of a dirty German gay club.

Replacing RedOne is DJ White Shadow and Fernando Garibay, the latter having worked on one of the highlights from The Fame Monster, Dance In The Dark. The sound of the record begins to incorporate Bruce Springsteen American drive time rock, Journey-esque choruses, but with electronic dance beats. The opening track sets the pace, talking about Gaga's love for New York, her hometown - Marry The Night has a soaring chorus and epic key change that never gets old, leading into the album's divisive lead single, a powerful radio-friendly anthem that is the first hit single to use the words 'gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life'. Overshadowed by unnecessary comparisons to a certain other blonde New York female popstar, who also had to tolerate unnecessary comparisons (admittedly ones that she would never admit to taking inspiration from), the track was a brave move for the world's biggest popstar. Gaga's Mugler Catwalk track, Government Hooker comes next, shortly before Gaga goes Espanol to discuss American immigration issues, discussing immigration laws, gay marriage and Christianity in one song, the rowdy Americano.

This special edition also includes the pre-built-for-fashion, Black Jesus Amen Fashion and the 80s Cyndi Lauper-esque, Fashion Of His Love and The Queen. Whilst not 'essential,' the latter two provide even more moments of joy on this inspirational record.

The album is not without a Gaga ballad or two, the precursor to the closing track is a surprising Shania Twain-esque Mutt Lange-produced country power ballad, originally performed acoustically at the Monster Ball. You and I is a dedication to her fans and to her boyfriend/ex, Luc Carl, a huge inspiration on her life from Nebraska. Almost out of place, yet so at home in the record, the fourth single from the album leads into the closer, the epic, moving The Edge Of Glory, written about her grandfather's death. ABBA-esque in the mix of melancholy with a soaring melody, the track sends shivers down the spine and is a perfect closer.
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on 29 December 2011
I'm such a Lady Gaga fan, I've been to some of her concerts, I even bought tickets to the Pussycat Dolls just because Lady Gaga was supporting them at the time. My natural instinct is to give this album 5 stars just because I love her so much!

I love The Fame and I love Fame Monster, but I feel that this album just doesn't live up to them.

Born This Way is full of likeable dance songs with elements of other genres clearly noticeable. There are elements of heavy metal, opera, techno, etc... Her creativity really stands out as each song is just so different. There are some pretty heavy dance songs and a couple of ballads.

While I like most songs on Born This Way, there is just no one song that stands out among the rest as a break-out song. Most songs are pretty good, but there is no song that I absolutely love. The Fame had Poker Face and Just Dance, The Fame Monster had Bad Romance and Telephone. But there is no equivalent on this album.

Saying that, I just had to have this album and don't regret buying the deluxe version. I had to have all the Gaga music I could get my hands on and I wouldn't change that.

At the end of the day almost everyone knows what Lady Gaga is about, and they don't need to be told whether to buy this album or not. But as a fan, it is a must-have.
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on 27 June 2011
Gaga is an undeniable talent when it comes to writing a pop song she has her foot firmly on the peddle and continues to create great pop music which is good but not exactly groundbreaking or original in the vein of bjork or kate bush. So to born this way my overriding feeling is that shes definitely pushed things forward and dropped some of the sugary sweetness that was found on the fame and retained the darkness and edge of the fame monster whilst adding a more eerie self reflective element with alot more of the songs having an overriding theme and concept with the best results being the singles and Blood Mary but the major problem again comes in the shape of the albums theme with her first two albums there was an undercurrent of the aspect of fame that she didnt take far enough but with BTW the theme is rammed into places and becomes tiring and a bit tedious like we get it we are born this way and your ex is your judas etc and also some songs ovverun and lose their potency whilst others start slow and end on a high making for a complicated and overwrought listen but it is definitely far more interesting than the first two albums just not the perfect pop concoction she wanted or claimed but there is scope for more from her as is evident on BTW. So although not the best or most original album this year or any other its a great pop album full of catchy songs and just as good if not better than either of The Fames.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 February 2016
I first heard about Lady Gaga when she released “Poker Face” back in 2009 in the UK.

I’d already have Lady Gaga’s album “The Fame” Deluxe Edition.

This album of Lady Gaga’s is a double CD set. It has 23 tracks in all and the last track is a bonus track.

The CD booklet has lyrics to the songs plus there are some lovely still photos.

If you were to ask me if I’d any favourites I’d have to say yes, (even though I love listening to the entire CD set), they are:- “Born this Way”, “Judas”, “Marry the Night”, “You and I” and “Edge of Glory”.

Personally I think she has an excellent voice and does a great job with her composing. :-)
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on 14 August 2011
This album is arguably a little over produced and a lot of the songs sound vaguely familiar without being to quite pinpoint it. At times a bit like Madonna, or Pink, or Britney or many others (but then what or who is COMPLETELY new in pop today?) HOWEVER, those criticims notwithstanding it is nevertheless a brilliant record. Irresistible melodies, catchy choruses - it is every bit as good as her first CD which I thought was a classic. Indeed, it is probably stronger overall than the 1st record, although perhaps without having an outstanding classic pop song like 'poker face' or 'let's dance'. Gaga even succeeds in making German sound sexy on one song! A great record, and those like me who thought she would be a one album wonder and the follow up would be a turkey have been proved very wrong! Buy it, worth every penny. You wont be able to take it off your CD player.
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on 9 October 2012
This 3-disc Limited Collector's Edition is an excellent purchase. From all the different releases this would be the most economical. The difference for the Remix CD and Album would only be that the Japan Import has extra tracks vs the regular releases. So unless you must have those extra Japan tracks then this would be a worthwhile buy. I personally recommend the Japan Special Edition 2 CD, The Remix Japan Import, and the DVD seperate. Why? Because the extra tracks are definitely hot! This one is nice and very handy to travel-for those who are on the go a lot! I usually take this to the beach with me as it is easy to carry. The set comes in 3 separate open up style almost digipak like with the booklet inside one part - like the Japan Britney Deluxe Japan set or Mariah Deluxe Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel but not shiny style. It's pretty nice. The overall experience of all the discs is an escape, a liberation, and a set yourself free vibe--definitely a great release of emotions to enjoy!

The DVD part is the Explicit version and my review portion of the DVD is the following:

Lady Gaga takes to the stage a never-before-seen concert from any music artist in history; Named TOUR OF THE YEAR at the Poll-star Awards on February 3, 2012. How so? Lady Gaga is an entertainer, a performer, a talented singer, a designer, a theatrical pop art fashion creator and a diva with a purpose! This concert as stated by Lady Gaga is about liberating yourself and freeing yourself from whatever or whoever is bothering you, putting you down, or causing you to feel defeated; it's about being a freak, it's about not being afraid to be whoever it is you want to be, and definitely to experience the post-Apocalyptic house party vibe!

The stage opens with "Dance In The Dark" and the crowds are roaring with excitement not knowing what to expect. The music is not teenage bubblegum pop but rather music of all ages. It's not your typical pop music concert but more of a rock show. There's guitars, head bobbing, raw edge shouts by Lady Gaga, and most definitely jaw dropping moments. From seeing Lady Gaga dance, sing [not lip-sync], and entertain to having her pour her heart and soul into the fans who cry for her. She lies on stage covered in blood on one number as she begs the crowds to show their love, she wears all kinds of outfits from the flying nun, hoods, head gears, sexy fishnets, to other styles.

The tour is divided into four acts. It's aim was an "electro-pop-opera" according to People In The News. As stated in their book Lady Gaga (People in the News) the tour told a story through the acts--loosely based on the Wizard of Oz. "In Glitter way we hava a 21st century Yellow Brick Road and in Gaga a big-city Dorothy leading her friends on the journey. Unlike Dorothy, Gaga's mission is to arrive at the Monster Ball to celebrate." "Acts include: City, Subway, Forest, and Monster Ball."

From all the numbers I must say I enjoyed the song "Monster", "Alejandro", and "Boys, Boys, Boys" tremendously. The experience watching this is about forgetting your problems, empowering your soul, freeing your mind, rising
above the person who perhaps told you that you were not a certain way; it is evident: DON'T LET ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN OR TELL YOU HOW TO BE!!!!

This show is like no other because the viewer not only has great music, a rock stage performance, and Euro styles combined with pop but because it has a theatrical aspect! There's much variety and surprises to enjoy! The slower
songs like "Speechless" were done marvelously and with great vocal pitch and clarity!

The repetitive talk and shouts of Lady Gaga are a force of strength, inspiration, inner energy to give to her fans as a present to share, emit, and most of all make a difference! She cares and it shows! The most creative of all music artists is Lady Gaga! She has brought pop culture into a new dimension: "Pop music will never be low brow". Her messages are to many but her fans that are going through the tough times will most definitely "feel" the light.

Anybody still in doubt whether this is the experience for you? As a viewer ask yourself what you want. Is it to free your demons, get empowered, strengthen your confidence, reinforce your desires to love yourself, stick the middle finger to the person who got to you... If those are some of your questions and you need to entertain your senses this is for you! And if you are a victim to societies and family pressures know one thing You were born the way you are! And no matter if you are the way you are this musical theatrical concert experience will take you to feel not only like a "post-apocalyptic party but like a condomless sexual experience and a exorcism combined!" [lady gaga]

The Born This Way Album Review for this would be the following:

BLOODY MARY, ELECTRIC CHAPEL, AND SCHEIBE are big favorites of mine for the dance style beats and punk hints on some. I hear Ashlee Simpson's punk rawness styles on some tracks ELECTRIC CHAPEL AND BAD KID definitely not bubblegum fluff or mainstream. HEAVY METAL LOVER will sure bring much fantasy like elements along dance friendly style definitely infectious. HAIR would be another song that addresses issues many face of not being accepted the way they should be. It's about being strong for your WAY of being and not letting anyone try to mold you to their style--self love! Quite noticeable are the mesh of pop, heavy metal, dance and even opera and church organ hints on a few.

Tracks that address issues are BORN THIS WAY as being the way you are and being proud of yourself is key. MARRY THE NIGHT displays a more emotional Lady Gaga as loneliness is common to many and can relate to that. Marrying your loneliness, solitude, or work [musical career in Lady Gaga's case] can be rewarding if you embrace it. This is like a Rocky song that motivates you and gets your juices flowing to run that marathon you were not in the mood for or to feel like a million bucks. AMERICANO is one of the few tracks that stands out as a Latin infused style with clapping, some Spanish, and references to culture. Obviously, it addresses many key issues.

For the Remix CD my review would be the following:

Lady Gaga presents a set of remixes that can be stated as anything but ordinary! From retro-glam 70s, 80s, 90s to New Wave Elect-Rock-Pop! While Lady Gaga never came to the limelight with the intention of exploding in such gigantic iconic proportions her music is definitely surpassing expectations! Most notably with these remixes; comes a new sound encompassing elements of rock, pop, metallica, punk, R&B, hip-hop, Opera, with much reminisce of Elton John at times in tracks like "You and I" Metronomy Remix, Madonna in "Born This Way" -Zedd Remix, Christina Aguilera jazz/pop/rock fashion in "Marry The Night - The Weekend & Illangelo Remix", and Bruce Springsteen "You and I Metronomy Remix".

The remixes are good yet they are not like DJ Junior Vazquez style, Beyonce, Rihanna or Britney Spears or the dance club styles most commonly heard. This, to me, sounds somewhat European meshed with a combination of dance, electro-rock, electro-pop, and with dark elements; mysterious, and out of this mind type. Sort of like the music one hears when visiting a MAC counter, a fashion show, or a wild night club where perhaps the strangely dressed person on the corner of the club stares at you straight on and unfriendly. The mood is varied with some remixes bringing the club ambiance quite strong, others the mystique, and then the inspiring styles with hope and empowerment on others. The remixes stray a bit from their original sound thus transforming the experience to a much more goth dance rock pop experience definitely different and interesting!
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on 17 April 2012
Bought this CD for my Husband as he is literally gaga over Lady Gaga. I dont mind her, but having said that, I have to say this CD is brilliant. I cannot say that there is one bad track on this follow up ...... all in all a great CD & a great price!
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on 25 June 2011
This was one of the best albums I had purchased in a long while. While already a Gaga fan, I think it was important not to have my download interrupted at the time of purchase or be told that there are technical difficulties by Amazon. The album, meanwhile, is a mix of 90's music, rock and roll, and a little bit of Gaga's own flavour which could be seen in The Fame and Fame Monster. Definitely worth buying the Deluxe version of Born This Way over the regular one, because the remixes and the extra tracks are fantastic, in my opinion.
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Review of the standard CD, i.e. not the 17-track Deluxe version.

After seeing her live performance at the Radio 1 Big Weekend at Carlisle a few days ago I felt compelled to buy Lady Gaga's new CD straight away - she was just sensational and I think I discovered several new sides to her talents and abilities. The album has 15 tracks including a bonus version of the title song 'Born This Way', a remix by Jost and Naaf. I was looking forward to hearing the studio rendition of the penultimate track 'The Edge of Glory' and wanted to play it first, have to say I was a touch disappointed with it as I believe she performed it better at the live show, but it's still excellent and reminds me of Bruce Springsteen in his heyday, it has that audience-participation feel to it with everyone singing along. As a whole the album can be simply played as a high-class dance backdrop for a party; the first seven songs are all fast-paced with a strong bass beat and the impression is that the singer is always trying her best to entertain, to please an audience. Track eight - 'Bloody Mary' - is the first to offer a more measured pace. Contrary to expectations there isn't really a stand-out classic, anthemic song such as we have come to expect based on her previous two albums The Fame and The Remix, instead the quality is consistently high from start to finish - there are no duds here at all, and the singer was at least partly responsible for writing all fourteen tracks. You would expect this to be a lavishly produced album in the musical sense and it surely is just that. One of my favourites is Americano, a raunchy foot-stomping number with a distinctly theatrical flavour and one I would like to see her perform live on stage - it's an emotive, fast-tempoed and exciting song. One or two songs such as 'Bad Kids' have a vaguely 1980s-Donna Summer taste to them, no bad thing as far as I'm concerned, I know there have been frequent mentions of (or comparisons with) Madonna but I don't find myself thinking in that way myself. Lady Gaga has her own identity that may have been inspired by some past icons but she's very much her own woman with a much greater depth of ability than I had previously given her credit for. This is simply a fantastic collection of songs with no weak points for me. I just wish the lyrics had been in larger print so that I could read them more easily!

I know Lady Gaga is just about the biggest singer in the world just now, but on this evidence she deserves all the praise she gets and I can only see her going on to even better things in the future. Must have played this album at least 15 times in a row and I'm liking it more and more every time. Recommended!
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