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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Price:£79.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 29 May 2017
This vertical mouse is fantastic and my hand is much less painful after using it, compared to a standard mouse. Well worth the money and highly recommended.
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on 26 April 2017
This mouse made me go back to using Apple's Magic Mouse, which is saying a lot because the Magic Mouse is the reason I switched to a vertical mouse in the first place.

Positives first (there aren't many)... This mouse is okay ergonomically, and eased my wrist pain (in conjunction with a cushioned wrist support). In every other way I would not recommend it.

Now the negatives: First, and the most serious complaint I have, is that it sometimes prevents my computer from booting up (I use Mac, and I have all the up to date drivers installed). At first I thought my iMac was broken - the loading screen lit up but then the boot-up process stalled out. Then I noticed the green Evoluent logo (which lights up green) flashing. Unplugging the mouse then allows the computer to boot up as normal. This happens sporadically, with no real rhyme or reason to it.

The second complaint I have is that the materials used for the buttons seem to attract all manner of grime. I'm a clean person, and wash my hands pretty regularly, but somehow grime seems to build up on this mouse. I think it's in part due to the 'sweatiness' of the shiny plastic, which is really unpleasant to the touch. I have the least sweaty hands, too... they're usually cold, and I definitely don't have clammy hands! Maybe it's build up from hand cream? Either way, I found myself having to clean (and being a clean freak, disinfect) all the time, and I haven't had this issue with any other mouse in my life.

It gets more than just a single star only because the ergonomics are... meh. It's okay. It doesn't outright hurt my wrist like normal mouses (mice?) do. I've since bought a different brand that looks more like a shark fin, and it's WAY more comfortable to hold, and doesn't have the issues I encountered with the Evoluent, and it was less expensive.
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on 12 August 2011
I was hoping that this would help me with arm problems that I have as a result of a neck injury.

Sadly for me it didn't work and I had to return it.

Leaving aside my persoal difficulties with it I found the mouse very good. It was very responsive and precise and the (progammable) buttons felt very sturdy and long lasting.

I would hapily recommend this product to someone looking for a good quality mouse that eases the RSI that so many mice can bring on. My only regret is that it ddn't work for me
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on 31 October 2011
Just love this mouse, it is soooo cool. And my hand feels so much more comfortable.
I was especially pleased that I had a choice of sizes cos my hand is rather small and this one fits like a glove ! The speed of delivery was impressive too.
Wish I had had one a long time ago, it might have saved me from the very painful mouse injury i suffered (rsi) using the normal mouse for so long.
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Ideal for the smaller hands of ladies and teens for whom the standard 'Large' version may be too big. Although male with moderately large hands, with the 'Large' version its controls were almost uncorfortably out of reach. With this version, they are well-placed.

Operation is extremely smooth on the desktop and the controls initially functioned very well and smoothly. However, after a couple of days, the user - with somewhat arthritic fingers and other related issues - was finding it increasingly difficult to control; sometimes things worked, but not always. Whether a problem with the mouse or personally is uncertain but, although less comfortable, working with another standard mouse is perfectly normal and feasible.

When ordered, the price of the model was rather less than is currently advertised, and therefore the value was substantially better at the lower amount. If a standard mouse is not what you require and you have the types of issues for which this type of design is ideal, then you will probably need to bite the bullet. You can find similar designs at far lower prices, but this is an instance where you definitely get what you pay for. The Evoluent products stand more than head and shoulders above the remainder.
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VINE VOICEon 20 December 2011
This mouse is an elegant shade of metallic purple. It fits my partner's small hand very well, and performs excellently as a mouse.

It can be set to various different resolutions. It worked well on my partner's old XP Laptop and runs equally well on her new Windows 7, 64 bit computer. You can get basic functionality with the Windows mouse drivers, but it performs better and can be customised more easily if you download the correct drivers from the Evoluent web site.

It reduces the pain of RSI for my partner, and so was a very worthwhile purchase.
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on 6 August 2015
I bought this in June 2014, it is very comfortable relieves traditional mouse based forearm pains I was getting, but the pinching action does cause other aches for a while until you adapt to the new 'pinching' posture, which is what happens when he primary mouse button is used.

Click is very light action which I though was great... But there is a reliability trade-off, part longevity is very poor; thirteen months later and the primary mouse button double clicks every other click, I tried pushing the double click speed to the fastest setting, which reduced the number of double clicks to about every 5th or 6th click. I then uninstalled the v5.5 driver using Revo uninstaller and the Evoluent supplied uninstallation tool so only the native windows driver was left to see if it was a driver issue; still did it. So I tried to clean it using an air duster (compressed air) still no fix…

I tried to contact the seller but there is no way to do this via Amazon.co.uk, in fact it says to contact the manufacturer (even though that contravenes the UK Sales of Goods Act 2003 which states that the contract is with the seller and not the manufacturer). Any way I looked at the Evoluent website; they do not to offer any returns at all: to quote their Warranty section of their website "4. Refund is not available for products purchased through a reseller (not through our online store)." Which echoes what the Sales of Goods Act 2003 states (are you listening Amazon.co.uk?).

So in summary this VERY expensive mouse will likely start to play up after ~1 year and there is no comeback on Amazon.co.uk...
I recommend if you want to buy this check the refund policy of the reseller very carefully. I consider this is relatively low reliability device as I have a three year used MS Natural Laser Mouse 6000 that still works fine except for the battery cover broke (which was my fault) and that costed about a third of what this mouse did.

So I have since bought an Anker 2.4G vertical mouse, much better as it is not so vertical so the hand is at ~60° rather than the rather extreme ~80° with the Evoluent product and it only costs £13!, it has the same number of buttons and the same three stage mouse speed/sensitivity settings and is wireless and the same easy grip finish and feels well made. (note that the wireless Evoluent is even more expensive than this one!). Also the Anker mouse has slightly stiffer action buttons, more like those on the MS Natural Laser 6000 in action, but that is no bad thing as

1) It is not so still that I cannot get used to it
2) They are likely to last longer as are a more robust design
3) I can buy three Anker mice for the price on one of these Evoluent ones and if I want cheaper, the wired one is £10...
Also I have experience of Anker warranties as I had a battery from them that had problems and they replaced them no quibble (18month warranty)did not even want me return it!
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on 6 July 2016
This is my second Evoluent mouse as my other one was showing signs of dying after around 6 years of daily use. I used to get very tired and a rather sore wrist/arm using a conventional mouse but the Evoluent stopped this as the position of your lower arm is in a natural position and the radius and ulna are not twisted, which happens when using a regular mouse. Took me about an hour to get used to the L/R clicks and the scroll wheel being on the side and I have no disadvantages when playing computer games! You can also custom assign the various buttons if you wish.
I use the wired version as it's easier for me to take away with me if I'm using another computer. Yes they are a bit on the pricey side but hey if you are using it on a daily basis, what's not to like? I also recommended it to my chiropractor who thought it was simply marvellous and now has them on his practice computers.
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on 24 November 2016
I am 56, and work in full-time administrative role requiring me to use a computer all day. I had been using a normal mouse for years, with no problems. However, I started getting stiffness in the middle joints in my fingers a few months ago. I went to the doctor, had a blood test to rule our rheumatoid arthritis (which it did) and the only conclusion was that I had RSI. I was advised by my colleague to book an appointment with the health person in HR at work. I did this, and my IT department provided me with an Evoluent mouse. To say I hated it at first is an understatement. I was thinking "No way will I ever get used to this!" However, somebody else at work who had been provided with the same mouse said that I needed to persevere, so I did. I had to admit, it caused no pain in my hand as the regular mouse had done, but I found it very hard to use accurately. I decided to initially keep both the Evoluent mouse and the regular mouse so I had a choice. I was slow with the Evoluent mouse so made a point of using it for just a part of each day. I did this for about two weeks, and gradually I found I was using the Evoluent mouse more and more, until one day I realised I hadn't used the regular mouse for a whole day. At that point, I gave the regular mouse back to IT. I have now fully adjusted and find the Evoluent mouse as easy to use as the regular mouse, but now I'm comfortable so it's finally become a win-win situation. My fingers no longer click or give me pain, and in the end, I actually found that when I was using my computer at home, I found I was missing my work Evoluent mouse. I only use my home laptop for personal use, so obviously I couldn't ask work for another Evoluent mouse for home. I therefore decided that to have the same comfort at home for £80 was well worth it, and I have therefore purchased the same mouse for myself to use at home, and I am very happy that I have done so. Please note this is a completely unbiased review, I'd never even heard of 'Evoluent' before getting the mouse at work.
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on 30 April 2013
I bought this mouse having suffered really painful neck and shoulder problems using a conventional mouse. It was very easy to install, just plug in and go. The mouse fits my hand perfectly, is very very light to use, and I got used to it within minutes. Looks strange but works wonderfully well! My neck pain has been greatly alleviated and I would highly recommend.
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