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on 6 April 2011

As someone who is interested in simple but High Quality Digital Photography, this has to be one of the best Point & Shoot Digital Cameras Olympus has ever produced. From the quality of photographs to the general design & quality of product for the price. This Camera is FANTASTIC!!. It literally takes just a few minutes to set up. As soon as you turn it on, you do the basic set up of the date & time with the facility for this to be shown on the photos you download if you so wish. By setting the camera to the iAuto mode it literally becomes a point & shoot Camera. In my personal opinion Olympus have taken a major step forward with this camera in many respects and also in that the Menu Wheel on such previous products such as the Olympus MJU 7040 has been replaced by simple buttons and directional functions. Though my previous purchase the Olympus MJU 7040 is essentially a Point & Shoot Camera it is a little over complicated for someone like me who wants to take a photograph quickly, but also get a good shot at the same time.

The brilliant 3" screen is also excellent for framing your shots & allows you to position yourself just right before taking that all important photograph.

The software that comes with the Camera is also very good allowing you to edit the photos that you have taken as soon as they have been downloaded onto your computer.
It even allows you to plot where your photo was taken using Google Mapping & Post Codes. Click on the built in software map anywhere in the world down to street level & then tag your photo with that information.

If purchasing this Camera I would also recommend purchasing through the Amazon site the Lowepro Rezo 30 Camera Pouch for around £7.49 which is well padded, comes with a strap & extra space for holding spare Batteries or SD Cards should you need them.

Without doubt a FANTASTIC!! good quality camera for the price. I give it a 5 star rating & recommend it to anyone wanting a good Point & Shoot high spec camera at a very good price.

Richard Smiles (Middlesbrough, Teesside)

I have had a bit more of a play with this now & like a number of other contributors have had a few out of focus shots. I have established however that this seems to have alot to do with how quickly you press the shutter button to take the shot. If you press the shutter gently & allow a few extra seconds for the camera to focus you do get a much better result. Unfortunately this site does not appear to allow you to upload examples otherwise I would have been happy to do so to illustrate what I mean. Hope this additional information may be helpful. Kindest Regards Richard
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on 12 May 2011
After my Olympus MJU 700 had a lense failure/error code the search for a new camera was on. It was a choice between the Olympus VR-310 and Panasonic Lumix FS30. The Lumix had better reviews, but the Olympus meant i could use my existing batteries & it was a bit cheaper. When i visited the shop, they had sold out of the Lumix, so i purchased this VR-310 instead.
Immediately i noticed that the shutter speed wasn't overly quick (as per reviews), but was disappointed to see that a number of indoor shots were slightly blurred even with the optical and digital image stabilisation. It also gave a yellow 'ish tinge to everything indoors unless i changed the white balance. For day time shots it was fine, good colours, good macro for close ups of plants and the IA works very well with super sharp images. However at night time, it was very hard to get a blur free shot and again the colours just didn't look 'right' with a dark sky having blue uneven patches to it. There was also alot of noise/grain in the pictures. Even with a tri-pod some of the pictures still managed to have a slight blur to them. It seems 'busgirl' who wrote a review also mentioned about blurring.I was also disappointed in that it doesn't have B & W picture option (unlike my previous MJU 700, which although only 7mp i found better). 14mp is not much use if the shots are not sharp.
In the end i returned it to the shop and as i had used my old batteries & didn't have to open any packets I luckily got a full refund. I am now using the Panasonic Lumix FS30/FS35 which is AMAZING & FULLY recommended. Rich natural colours whether indoors, outdoors, at night, completely blur free and shots of London Landmarks at night such as Tower Bridge have no blur or noise at all even when using just hand-held and really look quite professional.
Hope that helps a bit !
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on 13 July 2011
I already have a top of the range Nikon DSLR, but it is not the sort of camera you can take to parties or just have on you when that great shot comes along, so I bought this so that I could have a camera with me all the time. This camera doesn't give me quite the same control over all the settings, but none-the-less, takes very good quality images, and has a very impressive range of features. The 10X optical zoom coupled with a wide angle lens gives an enormous flexibility when it comes to framing the subject, to compose just the view you want, but additionally there is a macro setting which allows you to get very close up and personal, and brings out all the rich detail and colour in nature's "small print".

I did consider, as an alternative to this, buying a more expensive smart-phone than the one I was going to buy, so as to get a better camera on that, but I found even a top of the range smart-phone would only give an 8 Mega-pixel, very basic camera, with very limited features. This camera, with it's 14 Mega-Pixels, 10X, wide angle, optical zoom, macro setting, range of control features, including variable ISO, a reasonable built in flash, and strong metal body, makes any smart-phone camera a very uninviting alternative. Smart-phone cameras are just for recording a quick visual to go with a text message, where this is a real camera, for real photographs.

Another plus point was the price, being about half that of many other comparable cameras, yet having quality written all over it, the camera is real value for money.

My only niggles are -

1) That the motorised zoom is a bit hard to control so that I tend to overshoot the point I want, and so, have to zoom back again: I guess I might get used to it, but a manual zoom is always preferable. I have the same problem with my video camera, so it is probably just the nature of motorised zooms in general, rather than the particular camera.

2) I can't see the screen in bright sunlight. This is also a general problem, I think, as my smart-phone is just the same, and it is a bit frustrating, squinting at the screen and trying to shade it with one hand, to see just enough to get a vague idea of what I'm looking at. We'll have to revert to the black cloth thrown over the head like photographers of old. I really miss the crystal clarity of my DSLR optical viewfinder, but not the bulk and weight that comes with it. The screen is fine otherwise, with very high definition, brightness, colour, and contrast.

Apart from that, I am very pleased with the camera, and it is, now, my constant companion.
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on 1 May 2011
Olympus VR 310; Ordered on Thursday arrived on saturday- cant fault that! Sadly, somewhat premature to the arrival of the simultaneously ordered all important memory card which has temporarily significantly limited experimentation... but regardless- I can already see me having a healthy and hopefully lengthy relationship with this little gem!
Looks great! Maybe a little too pink (I ordered the purple version) but then I shouldn't have been such a cheapjack trying to save a fiver having the crappy colour version. Compact, light and appears sturdy but really could do with a case.
Controls are perfect for simpletons like me, I worked out how to use it within minutes (I am a pure technophobe..) and if I feel really stoopid I can resort to Auto function and it will decide everything for me. Useful for those blonder moments.
I had a Mju before and my complaints ranged from the battery dropping out randomly, to low optical zoom and pixel counts (although I loved using the camera generally). This new version seems to have updated all those problems and provided the battery power doesnt seep out through the screen at a rate of knots (havent had an opportunity to check this out yet; the mju had an optional viewfinder to conserve energy and the battery had a HUGELY impressive life!) it could be my new best friend.
I must say that while using it Ive found that to get the clearest pictures its best to use the 2 second timer function. That could just be that I'm not so steady of hand (old and shakey...!) but it significantly improved the clarity (see other review).
I am suitably impressed and can't wait for my card to arrive so I can really get out and play!
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on 3 June 2011
Well, I took the plunge, thanks to Mr R.M.Smiles. Have had the camera about a week now,along with an 8 GB SD card, and very pleased so far.
Havn't taken many pictures, but those that I have, are excellent (all outdoors). Having owned two other basic Olympus digital cameras prior to this one, the VR-310 is very easy to use. Wide angle lens is much better for my purposes, and I like the 3" viewfinder.
It's quite compact, and fits easily in your pocket.The rechargable battery (incl) is also much better, as my other cameras had 2 x AA's.
My demands are not excessive,I am a radio ham,and often send pictures of antenna systems,electronic solutions etc, around the world to other hams, so this VR-310 will suite me fine, and so far,I can only speak well of it.
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on 18 August 2011
My third Olympus digital camera and I am over the moon with it. It needs to be set up from new and once the white balance was altered It has taken some great photos. A quality build with many, many features that I recomend to any one. Just take time to understand the camera and its settings and you have a quality camera for any occasion.
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on 26 July 2011
Like this camera.

Battery life good - lots of photos taken on our holidays. Zoom good, great panoramic settings too to get good landscape shots.

Kid love the fun of the magic setting - especially the drawing option.

Great value for money.
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on 1 June 2011
This being my first camera is hard to review as I have nothing to compare with. All I can say is I have navigated round the camera with only a few hitches, but the user manual has been very good in helping me find my problems - shame it isn't in paper though and too much to print for an individual as I would have this in my handbag with me, along with the camera (which goes everywhere with me). I am still in practice mode and everything is being snapped, which I have been fortunate enough to get some good photos. I just love it and would recommend to anyone as reasonable to understand, even for a beginner, the more experienced will breeze through it and clarity of pictures - I can even see clearly on the screen whereas my OH's 2.7" screen I am unable to see accurately.
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on 29 June 2011
I bought this as a birthday present for my sixteen year old. She is very pleased with the whole item as it is a styleish compact camera that can fit easily into a pocket's. The only thing that i believe brings this item down is that there is no instruction bucklet included and you have to go online instead. But overall this is a great buy and i would definatly recomend this to anybody ho is looking for a camera at a low price but a high quality pixel screen
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on 20 July 2011
Its a great little camera with more features than you would ever need.
Even with Big hands like mine the controls are easily mastered.
The battery although very small has a remarkable longevity, enough for any "day out" even at max. resolution
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