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on 7 September 2011
Before I bought this bible (part of a collection of 8 translations up to now) I did much research, on the translation itself, and of course on the study bible. Having never heard of the HCSB I had always been somewhat apprehensive on purchasing it. But I had also been dubious about the NIV as well and having bought an NIV study bible I had been quite surprised. So I decided to jump in. Reviews had been good, and others were surprised by how accurate the translation actually was. I'm now one of them. This translation is amazing. The commentary is as comprehensive as the ESV study bible. One thing I would change if I could would be to save up one more month and get the leather bound version, but thats one of my own little preferences and in the future I will probably get it.

Invest! get this, its absolutely brilliant, the translation is like butter, soft and smooth. In many traditional places (psalm 23 for instance No shadow of the valley of death, neigh, its now, darkest valley [more accurate]) there are differences, which are more accurate. Remember translation is done by man, God writes the originals!! Its up to us to get it right, But God will help, I truly feel that this translation is an underdog that needs support from us, Remember that man runs from light into darkness. This translation is a light unto the world, bask in it!!

May the Grace of God bless you all.
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on 6 December 2012
I like this translation of the Bible and have used the hard backed version, which is a delight, both for its commentary features and for its visual qualities. Initially, I was thrilled with the Kindle edition, but later noticed some real problems. Many of the links are missing. I read though Psalms 139-150 and found that I couldn't access the study notes! I knew there were some, lots, in fact, as I've seen the paper version. Eventually, I got to them via Proverbs' study notes, through scrolling back! Most unsatisfactory. Chunks of Isaiah and Luke suffer from the same malady - unlinkeditis. There may be more scriptures suffering and in need of a good linctus. Moreover, it was impossible to reach the desired psalms from the table of contents. The 5 way arrow thingy was just paralysed by a crazy table of Psalms which would shrink or expand but would NOT let me access a psalm! I could only manage it on my Kindle for PC! I hope Holman will correct these faults soon, and provide a fully working updated edition of this excellent study bible.
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on 12 August 2011
I purchased the HCSB first attempt at a study Bible - which had a nice modern layout, interesting photos, some well executed illustrations and was a great production from this publisher. However it lacked any real commentary except a few scattered articles.

This study Bible has built upon that foundation and gone even further. It is a masterpiece of modern publishing. Perfect layout. A joy to behold. Almost impossible to want to close! What surprised me that even the hardback version has a ribbon marker. Excellent.

This Bible replaces my ESV Study Bible and a Scofield III. Most study Bibles have a 'slant' and favour a particular way of interpretation. And one of my major disappointments with modern study Bibles is the often foolish acceptance of worldly intellectualism - which usually sows doubt rather than any faith in scripture. However, this study Bible - so far - I've found to be sensitive to all who are in Christ and so is never disparaging in any way.

The articles are usually very good teachings. The commentaries are helpful and illuminating, without ever removing Jesus Christ from His seat of honour. The thing which absolutely delights me, is that the Holman CSB is pleased to raise up the Word of God as an absolute authority and as a true source of life. The HCSB study Bible is also ever-faithful to encourage us in understanding the Gospel and our salvation.

Buy this. It is a superb addition to any Christian's library. I bought the hardback version thinking it would only be used at home for research. But it would be a great Bible to take anywhere. I believe the Holman publishers have put together a version of the Bible which will help many in their walk with Jesus. Bless 'em!
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on 17 May 2011
I own many bibles and I can say that this is the one that I come back to time after time. It is so clear to read and the notes and Hebrew/Greek word studies are excellent. I do own the ESV study bible and while that too is also excellent, the HCSB is the one that I always use more. I work with people with little or no biblical/Christian knowledge and the HCSB translation is much clearer and consequently, a lot easier to understand. Don't get me wrong, I do use the ESV a lot and I think it is an amazing study bible, with a huge amount of information packed in, but the HCSB pips it at the post. The only thing lacking in it is a concordance; it does have a topical concordance, but no alphabetical one. This, however is a minor point. The only other thing I can think of is, you do, as another review has stated, have to be careful if you get the leather bound edition as the silver pages do stick together. Watch how you separate them as it would be quite easy to tear a page or two. These things aside, it is a wonderful Bible. Enjoy.
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on 25 August 2017
This version is different but very good. Very pleased
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on 2 October 2010

I am not a bible scholar, I'm just a Christian that likes to compare verses in a number of translations and also likes a bit of help from time to time.

I own a few study bibles and HCSB Study Bible is unlike any other, that I own. Most of my study Bibles live in the bookcase and just get used from time to time so that I can check a point. The HCSB Study Bible is very different, its a study bible that I feel I want to use for both study and just for daily reading. The pages are set out in a way that just makes you want to read them. Verse numbers are in blue which is great when you are trying to find something in a hurry, the text size and font is easy to read, there are great maps, city plans, drawings, photos and unlike some other study bibles it does not try and tell you what to think.

The HCSB Study Bible is available with a number of formats. Their is a luxury leather version, bonded leather and a hardback edition. I went for the bonded leather version and I have to say that if I was to buy again I would go for either the hardback version and save some money or spend a bit more and go for the luxury version. The bonded leather is ok, but it feels a bit cheap, the silver edging on the pages has cause a lot to stick together. Yes they come apart ok, but you need to take you time.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 May 2015
Having had this Bible for over a year now, I have to say that I LOVE it! Yes, I still like to have a "real" Bible beside my bedside and for devotions with the family but I have found the HCSB on my Kindle to be invaluable.

The best thing I like about it? The "Daily Bread - The Word of God in a Year". This tool is such a blessing. In the course of a year, if following the reading plan provided, you will read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. It is basically 4 chapters a day. (Depending on length you might be required to read an extra one or two if one is very short.) The 4 chapters are from four different sections of the Bible. For example when starting on January 1st you are reading Genesis 1, Matthew 1, Ezra 1 and Acts 1. Six months later on July 1st you are reading Joshua 3, Psalm 126-128, Isaiah 63 and Mathew 11.

Each reading "requirement" is linked so you do not have to search for it, just click on the link. (I have only found a couple without links.) What I have done is bookmarked each month so that I can easily find the day I need. Each day is dated but not named (Monday, Tuesday etc) so that it can be used year after year.

The joy of having this Bible on the Kindle is that if I wake up in the middle of the night or early morning, which is usually the case, I can do my Bible reading without disturbing my hubby and/or having to get up and put a light on AND before the kids start rousing. Definitely another added blessing!

Throughout this Bible there are various extra links you can click on and most chapters have a link which takes you to more info on the background/explanation of what is going on etc.

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on 25 January 2015
This is a very good study bible based on an excellent translation which deserves to be more widely used, combining accuracy with a clear, flowing English style. The translation claims to be a middle way between 'word for word' and 'thought for thought' translations. It certainly is good and the individual will find it excellent. The articles are well written and helpful; often a lot of information is given in a small space ( see Craig Blomberg's article on The Historical Reliability of the New Testament.') The study bible has many maps and charts,all well executed with good use of colour. The bible is beautifully produced in quality paper. It has a strong connection with the Southern Baptist denomination but that should not keep anyone from buying it. I commend it warmly to all.
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on 1 January 2013
An excellent study bible which provides both depth and a wide approach. Book headings and introductions have light brownish pages which facilitates identification of book starts and is particularly welcome when short biblical books are present (as in the minor prophets). Coloured maps are used within the biblical text to help in explanation of biblical content, i.e., a full page map of David's wars of conquest are present in 2 Samuel, 9:4. Hebrew and Greek word study boxes are helpfully intersperced in the appropriate texts - really helpful, especially in understanding critical textual meanings. Centre pages references are abound along with textual observations on all pages. A topical concordance is present at the end of the bible and I have found this sufficient, but it is not comprehensive. However, the bible is quite a weight and I can understand the publishers reluctance to add more weight to the bible. In fact I have found the weight issue to be my main negative for this bible. My answer has been to purchase the lightweight HSCB for journeys away from home.

For me, the main asset of this bible is the translation itself. Normally using the New King James Version, I now have a real preference for the HSCB which I have not faulted in translation (except for them following the 'traditonal' rendering of tsela in Gesesis as 'rib' when in other occurences it means 'side). For me this 'is' the English translation of most value.
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on 1 March 2015
An excellent translation that expresses in plain and easy to understand english the truth of God's word. I am finding that I can read in a much more relaxed way. I highly recommend the HCSB Study Bible.
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