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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 1 October 2011
This game is a complete failure. The driving is absolutely horrible. The cars understeer and oversteer all over the place. They seem to rotate on the screen in front of you like a corkscrew. The steering feels like a switch, completely unresponsive to small movements and then suddenly going mental. The cars feel heavy and weird. I've played dozens of racing games on consoles and this has by far the strangest handling. It would be a lot easier to play if it was a simulation or a proper arcade style game. I'm not sure which they were aiming for but they've missed both. The last three games I played before this were Driver San Francisco, LA Noire and Halo ODST. I think all of these games have superior vehicle simulation and yet not one of them is a racing game! I was actually quite disappointed with the driving in LA Noire, but it's a lot better than Shift!)

In summary, this is the worst racing game I have ever played and I will be trading it in as soon as possible.

A message to EA: If this is the best you can do then you don't deserve the exclusive licence on Porsches in video games. Go and tell Porsche you're hopeless and let a proper racing game company have access to them instead.
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on 12 July 2012
This game is amazing great cars! Great graphics! and great gamming! I found I had faults with the DLC content to this game many months after I bought the game but other than that the game was excellent to play and very entertaining.
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on 18 June 2011
I can't understand why this game is so poor in people's views. This is as close as you will get to real car racing at the moment without it feeling overly simulated e.g Hot Pursuit or too technical to be fun (GT 5). It blends both real simulation with arcade racing getting a feel of a game somewhere in the middle of Forza 3 and Blur. In my view Hot Pursuit was amazingly bad, I could just hold down accelerate and not even have to steer, the game felt like it was not actually the user playing it. So I went back to original Shift and I then realised how much better shift really was. So now with Shift 2 Unleashed it has brought out a more polished, and better game than before with improved controlls, viewing angle's, onilne, singleplayer, graphics and autolog (the only good part about Hot Pursuit). So if you have an Xbox or PS3 I would very much consider this amoung the top racing games avaliablle at the moment.
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on 2 April 2011
At first i gave this a great review with 5 stars but now i've played it more i have to lower it to 3... I am enjoying Shift 2 but 3 things really piss me off!!

1- I can't get on with light handling, cars feel unrelistic at best

2- The AI is the worst part by a mile! Thick, stupid what ever you call it, it sucks. If your behind an AI car and you simply touch the rear you'll go flying off the track, even worse so if your overtaking on a corner, 50/100 you'll see the AI car driving away as your getting back on the track...

3- I dont get this one... When your pushing hard on the track as you do and you accidently cut the corner because the light handling sucks you'll have a warning, when this happens your time wont be posted on the wall so you'll have to start the hole race again. You get 3 chances before your disqualfed.

Some people will read aginst what im saying but this is what im experiencing, as soon as i finish Shift 2 im selling on ebay.
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on 12 April 2011

Wireless Speed Wheel (Xbox 360)

Bottom line

Shift is a great take on motorsport disciplines, with a sim/arcade take on racing. A few bugs and glitches stand out, which could spoil the experience, but the fun factor of the game soon relinquishes that. With tweaking to handling and other elements could be genre leading pace setter.. Race pro is a more realistic and yet sterile take on simulation racing although also barred with bugs.

-Great visuals, immersion of "edge of seat racing" is the best on any racing game around.
-AI are fun to race, make mistakes push you and are challenging on hard.
-Has a good career with plenty to do, and keeps interest fresh
-General physics are good (car, yaw weight transfer etc!)
-Plenty of race tracks, even though some are fake.
-Plenty of cars, and cash is easy to come by, so good cars are accessible early.
-Ai keep in line with the upgrades of your car, meaning you cant upgrade to win, akin forza and Gran turismo
-Includes gt3 and gt1 events with cars!

-Collision physics slightly off causing abnormalities when colliding etc
-Default Handling through a Gamepad is too sensitive (suggest 0% on deadzone and steering sensitivity)
-Tuning cars are hit and miss sometimes, units dont make sense to real life tuning.
-Doesnt need drifting and the whole "USA dudebro" theme
-Needs a full season mode, with qualification and proper race rules
-Loaner cars not tuneable leading to frustrating events with dodgy handling cars

8 out of 10
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on 14 August 2011
This is a good next step in the NFS franchise, graphics are really stunning, gameplay is good however I find the handling quite disappointing, this has nothing to do the the sim oriented concept of the game, its just poor. Even on straight lines you must be very careful on how you adjust your position in order to follow the "perfect line", if you don't the car immediately starts wobbling from one side to the other which doesn't make any sense.
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I loved the first, and i`m pleased to say that i love this too. They have rebuilt the game from the ground up, with improvements to the handling, graphics and sound. This is now a Full-on sim, so those who enjoyed Forza/GT5 will revel in this. The AI now behave far more aggressively, in fact, it`s just like racing online[much more realistic]. Down sides? Well, on a personal level, TWO. Firstly, if you don`t own a HD TV[i don`t], you will struggle to read the text, but really that`s my fault and not the developers, as they make ALL games for HD ready TV`s. Secondly, i could have done without the schpeel espoused by the various drivers in the game, but really, that`s just my minor gripe. Overall then, a deep, hopefully long lasting game, that should appeal to a wide audience, especially those who feel let down by the travesty of TDU 2. I have noticed that a lot of people complaining about the handling. If you go into the Controller sub-menu, set the Steering and Braking to 100%, and tinker with the rest of the settings ( I altered them by 3-4 clicks each ), you should now have a much better handling car, baring in mind that you still need to set the car to your own personal taste in the usual way i.e. Suspension, Brake Bias,etc,etc. Hope this helps.
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on 5 December 2012
I personally loooove this game. It's a great challenge which for me, sets it apart from all other racers. The concept is no different to Forza but it's much more of a challenge. So if you are a talented racing gamer then this is the game for you. If your not then you'll probably not enjoy it as much.
However there is a mode called Modern A. In theory it sounds like the best mode, as your driving all the worlds best supercars, such as the Pagani Huayra and the Mclaren MP4-12C. But it's terrible. It's far too hard, especially when you're driving them at high spedd.But apart from this, the game is epic. There are tonnes of tracks with several different layouts. For me the best modes are Drift and GT1/3 championships.
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on 17 July 2011
Possibly the worse racing game I have ever played. The physics are terrible, the cars feel like tanks. You can't drive in straight lines because for some reason, the Lotus in particular tends to wobble. You try to correct it, it makes it worse, you end up going in a straight line, but you're having to steer, left-right-left-right & it's impossible to continue like that.

Don't buy it. The first NFS game I have bought for years (since PS2) & I will never buy another one thanks to this title.
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on 7 October 2012
If you're a fan of the normal need for speed games then this might not be for you, the arcades racing has gone & this is an attempt at making a full on racing simulator.

The game is very fun to play if you're what they call a "petrol head" but is not for everyone some people will struggle as the driving can be challenging but once you get the hang of it you'll be sat infront of your Xbox feeling like a pro!

I love the original I bought that in July 2011 for about £3 so this was always going to be bought once it came cheap (I don't like paying loads of cash for my games) the new helmet can feautures is absolutely fantastic & works very well which is great as from reading articles prior to release I had doubts & felt it would jut be a cheap gimmick but it is not, it is a fantastic feauture which adds more depth to the realism!

Get the game of you're a liver of racing sims or the first game! I love it!
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