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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Soon to be divorced Will [Ryan Reynolds] goes to pick up his far too wise ten year old daughter, Maya [Abigail Breslin] from school. Problem is she's just had sex education class and wants to know how dad met her mum and about his main girlfriends -to which he admits he had two others. Will gives in, but decides to change the names and some of the facts in order to create a love mystery as Maya tries to put it all together. [and we try to guess who the wife is]. The story is occasionally interrupted with brief interludes back into the present when Maya needs to question him on any particularly bewildering details.
This isn't your typical Rom-Com as its not altogether that funny, it's more a light hearted detective story and it's all set against the boring sounding backdrop of the American Presidential Fundraising campaigns of the 90's. What we get is a general overview of Dad's roller-coaster love life as he gradually builds his career. Despite this the film is surprisingly entertaining mainly due ro the contrasting romances as dad falls in and out of love as we unravel the threads of the story through to its climax [forgive the pun -too much Kevin Kline]. What's good about this film is that no-one comes out of it unscathed as all show some nasty traits With plenty of twists, turns and broken hearts, this is sure to please most but it can be easy to lose your way but Maya is usually there with her questions to put you back on track.
The single disc features multiple language choices at the start, has a short film on aids then goes to main screen choices, Bonus material is 3 behind the scenes documentaries and about 4 deleted scenes. So who is the mum, just who did he marry and who does he end up with? Well, you need to see the movie to answer those. This probably, definitely, maybe, should be on your to see list.
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on 15 September 2008
Will Hayes, played by Ryan Reynolds, is about to get divorced. His daughter can't make sense of why her Mum and Dad are splitting up and asks him to explain how he met her Mum, right from the beginning. From this moment we are then taken back by Will to where his rollercoaster love life began, from his very first relationship, right up to the present. We see it all played out, with brief interludes from time to time back to the present when his daughter needs to question her Dad on any particularly bewildering moments.

The story is very honest and uncomplicated. Although billed as a romantic comedy, the writers have deliberately not made it a 'laugh out loud' type film, instead concentrating on good drama and injecting it with lots of subtle humour that works well. The film never goes down the route of over-the-top sickly sentimentality, but instead shows how real people can sometimes get things wrong and how easy it is to derail a promising relationship.

This is a very good romantic comedy that successfully combines a genuinely engaging storyline with plenty of good humour, a winning formula that should even win over the romantic comedy sceptics, check it out.
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on 8 June 2008
We went to see this on its cinema release - I was not at all convinced, it really sounded like a typical romantic comedy. Not that I have a problem with that, but usually wouldn't really bother to go and see it. As it happened, it's a cleverly written 'love mystery', where a little girl is desperate to know how her parents got together, even though they are now getting divorced. Abigail Breslin is great as always - remember Little Miss Sunshine? - but all the main characters sparkle with a witty script and good storyline.
It's bittersweet in many places, seeing how easy it is for life to get in the way of relationships, or for the timing to be wrong, but I absolutely promise you will finish the film with a warm glow for the rest of the day. It's not cloying, or saccharine, and gives a real impression of just how complicated love can be - but also how enriching and life-affirming.
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on 21 September 2008
Firstly, i'm a guy, and although i'm not aversed to the rom-com, i prefer the "blow things up" catagory. Nevertheless, my girlfriend and i got this and watched it on DVD last night and i have to say, WHAT A FANTASTIC FILM.

It's interesting, insightful, funny. I think i spent a lot of time on the edge of the sofa, interested to what happens next. No Spoiler here, but the end is how films should finish. I finished watching this film and instantly all i wanted to do was watch it again.

If you want a great film that you could probably watch a number of times and never get bored, BUY THIS FILM.

ohh and if you are a guy, the presence of Isla Fisher and Rachel Wiesz is never going to be a bad thing.
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on 24 June 2008
Finally, a romantic comedy that breaks the boundaries of clichéd romantic flicks and has enjoyable characters, a plot that is exciting, mysterious and funny and with plenty of twists to justify the genre that is often slated for it's predictability.

Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends) stars as Will Hayes, a middle aged man who is coming close to a divorce and when his daughter asks about her mother, Will takes a look back at the past years of his life.

Don't judge the film by the trailer because there is so much more on offer. Though the trailer for the film would give a sense of predictability and humour, the film was a delightful surprise with its great precise dialogue and dramatic scenarios, giving an account of true realism, of real life and its complications with married people, and couples.

The plot is consistent with excellent twists and turns as Will dives deep into his relationship past, and there is always that great creativity about who it could be.

Unlike a lot of other rom-coms, this 2008 film actually invites the audience into it, trying to make them guess and wonder who Will may end up with, and who the mother of Mai could be, which makes the film very unique and rather not the same old "Will he get it together with her?" There are a few clichés there, but still it maintains a more realistic drama approach to differ it which made me enjoy it.

There are a few great one liners and a few chucklesome moments, not as funny as other romantic comedies, but that isn't the point of this film. The point was trying to maintain a realistic approach of relationships, which it did spot on.

There is great acting from all involved which goes brilliantly with the direction and settings used by director Brooks.

Other issues which were intriguing were the political side, with the election of Bill Clinton, and the views of all the characters in regards to him, which give the film different layers and points to consider.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 April 2015
To be honest, romantic comedy isn't usually my favourite type of genre, especially as I've seen so many stinkers in recent years, but 'Definitely, Maybe' (2008) is a great film. From the makers of 'Love Actually' and 'Bridget Jones's Dairy', comes a rom-com with a twist.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as a father who tries to help his ten-year-old young daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) to understand his upcoming divorce by telling her (in flashbacks) stories of his past three relationships, and the events leading up to how he met her mother. It's upto the daughter to see if she (and subsequently the audience) can guess which one of these three women (played by (Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher and Rachel Weisz) was her mum. This film has that perfect balance of romance and comedy, as well as a good story that was very refreshing, because of the different approach that was given to the subject. 'Definitely, Maybe' is one for lasses and lads alike.

The DVD comes with some excellent special features, including a 'Making Of' featurette with cast and crew interviews, the production designs, deleted scenes, and a commentary with Ryan Reynolds and director Adam Brooks, which was very insightful.
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30-year old idealist Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) walks in the sunshine from his Manhattan offices with earphones lodged in his ears. As the myriad of faces and cultures passes him by – he’s pleased to have chosen the perfect song for the day he’s having - "Everyday People" by Sly & The Family Stone. Because a short time earlier - hapless Will received divorce papers in the mail - and now he’s off to meet his 10-year old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) to explain about that 'mommy' issue…

But when he gets home and has to put Maya to bed – she is confused. Just who of Dad’s many past female indiscretions – is mom? Forcing Will to start at the beginning (or she won’t go to sleep nor give him any peace) – he unveils his three big pre-marital affairs one by one in story form in order to placate the inquisitive and searching mite.

Starting in 1992 (when cell phones are new and the revolution of The Net is two years away) we see a fired-up Will with big political ambitions and a burning need to make a difference. He leaves behind his high-school sweetheart and friend Emily (Elizabeth Banks) – both promising undying love and fidelity - and heads for the Big Apple. There he enlists enthusiastically in the Bill Clinton election campaign and is immediately put to work getting coffee and distributing toilet rolls (very funny work from Adam Ferrara as Gareth the campaign manager). Then one day he meets the mouthy but cute photocopy girl April who doesn’t care about politics (Isla Fisher) and they start a frazzled on-off talking relationship even though Will’s still technically with Emily – his girlfriend from way back. But there’s more temptation than cigarettes with April on the horizon…

Next he encounters the sexy free-flowing force that is Summer (Rachel Weisz) – an English woman shacked up with a mad writer twice her age (a very funny Kevin Kline) cueing another fling and another disaster. In fact it seems that all of Will’s female relationships seem to be fleeting and tinged with mistakes – like he hasn’t identified who the 'real one' is yet. But maybe that cute redhead he keeps coming back to – the one who talks it straight and seems to hold a candle for him - will be up for a second chance after another screw-up between them? Maybe Dad and daughter Maya will find a keeper ladylove this time…

"Definitely, Maybe" comes to us by the makers of "Love Actually" and "Bridget Jone's Diary" - so we’re firmly in awkward rom-com territory. But what gives it pizzazz and likeability is the great zippy script and a slew of hugely admirable actors and actresses clearly enjoying a nice 'little film' about love and redemption (and big hairdos).

Defaulted to 2.35:1 Aspect ratio - the BLU RAY picture quality is top notch (as you’d expect of a 2008 film) and comes with an English DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track. Other audio includes French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish DTS Surround 5.1 and even Russian 2.0. Subtitles are English SDH, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and Traditional Mandarin.

"Definitely, Maybe" isn’t a masterpiece of the genre – but it is great fun – and has a loveliness at its heart that is rare. I wouldn’t be undecided about this one…
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on 20 May 2013
I bought this film in mind of sticking it on, on a Sunday, when there is little on the tv and could watch some light entertainment for a couple of hours; and this is exactly what I got. The storyline is predictable as with most chick flicks, but isn't that why we buy them anyway, we want the whole will they, won't they and of course, yes they pretty much always do. The cast were pretty good in it, light hearted storyline, pleased I purchased it and will definitely maybe watch it again!
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on 5 March 2015
Not one of the best, but okay. Abigail Breslin is the best part of the film. Story was confusing. Couldn't figure out how she didn't know who her mother was. Took a while to understand the plot. Maybe we're just dumb. Ha!
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on 2 March 2014
I have ordered some real rubbish Romantic Comedy,s of late so I was not expecting much, but how wrong I was, this is very very good and as far as I know is an original story line, sat down and prepared my self for an ordeal and surprise surprise it is gripping and very good. Mind you I don,t think Ryan Reynolds has produced many duds, watch and enjoy.
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