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on 21 January 2011
2600 is as much social commentary as technical information. Informative, open-minded and entertaining, it examines security, privacy, law and society with a mixture of anarcho-punk enthusiasm and concern at emerging threats to our liberties. Whether you're a bearded *nix guru or an everyday user of IT systems, you'll learn something from 2600.

It's also worth noting that the magazine is completely free of restrictive Digital Rights Management measures. You can freely back up or convert the files to do with as you pleased. Nice to see a publisher which doesn't treat its customers like criminals!
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on 26 December 2012
I got a tablet for Xmas, and the first thing I did was download the Kindle app and subscribe to 2600. It's near-on impossible to get the paper version anywhere near me in the UK and having it mailed from the US is expensive, therefore electronic delivery looked to be the way to go.

I downloaded it to my Tab2 and had a good read. Then I thought - I'll set up Kindle for PC on my laptop so I can read it during downtime at work when I don't have my tablet with me.

First thing I find is that I can't have it delivered to the Kindle for PC App. "Never mind" thinks I, "I'll just copy the book from the tablet to the PC as it's supposed to be DRM free. That didn't work either when I found out it WAS encrypted and DRM'd to the eyeballs.

Now, the publishers of this particular magazine are anti-DRM and copy protection, so why do Amazon insist on DRM-ing the darn thing? If I was to buy a paper copy of it, I wouldn't expect to be unable to open it if I took it with me to a different room or building, so why should this be any different? I set up the subscription, I should be able to download it to whatever Kindle app I have associated to my account, not just the tablet.

Until this is fixed, I'll not be re-subscribing.
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on 28 July 2011
I've been a reader of 2600 magazine for about six years now and it's the only magazine I've ever found that I'll read cover to cover every time and enjoy every bit. If you work or play in the computing and telephony world or you're just interested in privacy and freedom of speech in the digital era this magazine will have something for you. Some articles have code snippets or entire scripts in them but many just outline tips and techniques or just talk about the problems out there that end up leading to yours and my personal data getting spilled out across the Internet when the companies we trust don't take security seriously. The best bit though, every time, is the letters section - sometimes they're stories that make you angry and sometimes they'll make you laugh but it's the best way to take the pulse of the hacker community. Don't forget to check out the listings for 2600 meetings all over the world on the first Friday of the month, details also in the magazine.
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on 19 July 2011
I'd never heard of 2600 before I found it on the Kindle store and subscribed.

As someone who has been working with computers (as a hobby and now professionally) since I was about 5 years old, I find it fascinating. There are some articles which aren't any interest to me (like any magazine) and there are some that are very interesting - mainly in terms of how things work and how I can look to protect the systems that I work with from outside attacks.

One thing to point out, though, is that if you subscribe, the copy provided as a subscription is DRM'd, but I think that individual copies are not. Not quite sure that I'm happy about that, but that's the way that Amazon work, it seems.
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on 24 December 2012
If you want the truth about "hackers" what drives them, what they're looking for, what they find. You'll find it all here. Outside of Online ezines, like Phrack and 40hex, this is the original bible of the underbelly of the digital age. What really goes on, how secure things are, (or aren't) tales of spellunking in strange parts of the network that many people think are a myth. More than that, it's a genuine bit of Geek arcana. How the online world really works, from the systems inside of the US prison system, to the telco's and the industrial world, you'll find it all here, from time to time. Think of it as a travel guide to places you never knew existed, or simply took for granted. The authentic voice of "hacker" culture. I recently found a copy in a nameless newsagent near gates C thirty something in Vienna airport. Finding it in print, outside of the USA is like finding rocking horse droppings. I buy it on sight, even though I get it via Kindle. Buy it!
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on 17 December 2012
Excellent well written piece's exploring the more unconventional uses of modern technology with a little bit of whimsy on the side.

The writers reveal how many everyday technologies can be used for good and ill and how you can exploit or protect yourself, while encouraging you to explore beyond what's inside the sealed box.

Quirkily written by self confessed hackers this journal will open your eyes to a side of technology often sidelined, the joy of taking stuff apart and seeing how it works.

Recommended reading.
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on 25 January 2012
This is an excellent magazine to get. it is an enjoyable and amusing read; not to mention learning a thing or two.
I wish there were more like this and cannot wait for the next quarter.
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on 3 February 2016
2600 is one of the best magazines for people with an interest in hacking and system security. Where hacking is meant in the positive sense of the word. Learning about how technology is implemented, where it may be vulnerable and how it can be secured.
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on 27 April 2016
used to buy this when our town still had a real bookstore, so glad to have discovered the Kindle edition, and, incredibly, it costs me less. win-win.
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on 22 August 2014
I am interested in Security. Not sure about the Hacking except for the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Doubtful about the phone box meetings?
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