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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 23 January 2011
So, I've been listening to 'Passive Me Aggressive You' for a couple of weeks now. In fact, since the CD arrived direct from the band's native New Zealand, I've barely played anything else.

The Naked And Famous have been compared to MGMT and Passion Pit. I have MGMT's albums and they're nowhere near as good as this. You find yourself listening to the first track saying 'This could be a single', then the next track starts and again you find yourself saying 'This could be a single'. Then the third track, then the fourth. They're all such high quality.

'Young Blood' was a big hit in New Zealand and it's easy to see why. 'Punching In A Dream', their first UK single is just as good. 'Young Blood' is seeing a release here in March 2010; If there's any justice, it will be a big hit here too. Judging by the fact that several dates on their forthcoming tour of small UK venues have already sold out months in advance, it looks like word's certainly got round.

It's fair to say that not too many people in the UK right now have heard of The Naked And Famous. Mind you, when I first started listening to Franz Ferdinand, nobody had heard of them either. However, by the end of 2011, I'm willing to wager that The Naked And Famous will be the name that's on everybody's lips.

By the way, check out the great video for 'Young Blood'. It's reassuring to see such a quality video matching a great song.
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on 3 June 2011
Reading the reviews of this album on amazon ('beyond music!' 'the sound of 2011!') you'd be forgiven for thinking that The Naked & Famous were some combination of John Lennon, Dubstep and Jesus. Frankly though, I'm not concerned with the 'sound of 2011', only the sound of their music. This is a brilliant, solid, highly enjoyable album and they're already proving to be the biggest (and best) thing to come out of New Zealand for years (OK, that's not hard when the main competition is The Flight of the Conchords, but still). I listened to little else for days when I bought this album it's still more than decent six months later. Their sound, though not unique, is certainly distinctive and ideal for festivals (this album has 'Glasto' written all over it). It's not musically complex, or even ridiculously catchy, but the thumping bass and combination of distorted guitars and crystal clear keyboards just make you want to move. The stand out songs include the singles Young Blood and Punching in a Dream, but also the less well known (but fantastic) Girls Like You, which is bound to feature of several upset teenager boys' mix-tapes this summer (though that's not a criticism in this case). The Sun (an all too familiar story of hangover ridden post-coital shame) also has a sinister, haunting quality to it which is just so cool. If I had a complaint about it, it would only be that the promised crechendo isn't impressive enough, but I'm nitpicking really. No Way also has a brilliant breakdown at its end which makes one lament that the rest of it isn't as good.
There are holes, people could find Alis Xayalith's voice trying (though I don't), Jilted Lovers tries (and fails) to cover its emptiness with shedloads of distortion and The Ends, with its annoyingly 80s guitar lick, is a needless interlude, but again, these are hardly massive complaints and at worst you can just click the 'next' button (you won't have to much). It's definately a contender for best album of 2011 and does deserve far more accolades than it has recieved, particularly given the competition from summer's sub-par festival bands. So this is one of the few times you can actually believe the hype.
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on 25 September 2012
On first hearing this album, my first reaction was one of disappointment, and I didn't play it again for a couple of weeks. Then it turned up in the car and I stuck it in the player. It was a lovely sunny day and the music just suited the mood.

My first impression was how unoriginal the album was, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's got mixtures of MGMT, Metric (a criminally underlooked band... check them out), Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a few others. The thing is they put their own spin on things and the result is very uplifting and that can't be a bad thing.

Some people are so different they seem like they're trying too hard to be quirky. Much as I love them, all of the aforementioned artists have fallen into this trap from time to time. Yet The Naked and Famous make it all seem effortless and most important... FUN!

It has a couple of 'duff' tracks, which just stops it getting 5 stars, but I highly recommend this album, especially if you're getting depressed at the thought of those autumn nights drawing in and want to retain a bit of Summer.
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on 6 October 2011
In short this album is amazing, my most played album of the summer. It might not be ground breaking epic music but it is seriously good and a very satidfying album. I bought it on the baseis that Punching in a Dream is tune and there might be one or 2 other good tracks on there. Good news there are no bad tracks it rocks from start to finish. If you dont have it, you're missing out!
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on 15 March 2011
My tastes in music have a broad range, i LOVE Madonna, The Doors, Sly & The Family Stone, Bjork, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Bjork, Britney and Blondie to name but a few....and by those names alone explores the nature of The Naked & Famous, they defy classification.

They diverge between genre, art and music space. and defy with Thom Powers and Alisa Xaylith vocal talent....truely beyond phenomenal! the BBC review is really lazy i must say. Jessie J may have a solid debut album, but The Naked & Famous truly have given the album that has set the standards for contemporary artists.

Have it on blast right now for the second time today since i have recieved the album! after following them for the past year near enough! FINALLY their material and their first two EPs are available on the Deluxe Edition of the album (also found here on Amazon!)

Passive Me, Aggressive You is the most musically defining album of 2011, full of sound of pure Electronica, Synth Rock and Art pop this exceeds all expectations!

I agree with a fellow reviewer that each song on the album could be a hit after hit! i mean the songs are so explorative and diverse that each can be released!

Young Blood is already my song of the year! and Punching In A Dream is already having successful impact!

I truly feel this album is one of the most defining coming of age explorative records in years! and i truly feel that as a group they are my favourite band out there right now.

They have the power to become absolutely huge worldwide! and i am glad they are finally being recognised here in the UK! they are sensational! and won their NME award last month for Best New Artist International, so i am hoping this will just be the start!

here is an overview of the album -

"All of This" - powerful opening to the album, sonically it grasps your attention. 10/10
"Punching In a Dream" - Defining single! and powerful video. This song truly is the definition of music art.
"Frayed" - Beautiful driven song, and absolutely surrealistic and arty. 10/10
"The Source" - a smartly made interlude
"The Sun" - could be a great release, absolutely dramatically something else. 10/10
"Eyes" - another astounding song!9/10
"Young Blood" - The greatest song in years in my opinion, it is properly coming of age and the best of 2011. 10/10
"No Way" - beautiful and absolutely dramatic and symbolic song, very synthy too.10/10
"Spank" - Absolutely distorted and punky techno song on the album, a real stand out! 10/10
"Jilted Lover" - continuing the trippy blend of the previous song! it is much more chaotic and has beautiful textures, a properly elemental song. 10/10
"A Wolf In Geek's Clothing" - what i havent said already is that they are genius right! well this is the eleventh track that shows this! 10/10
"The Ends" - a smaller magical song at 1 minute in length, BUT absolute quality nontheless
"Girls Like You" - the EPIC finish to an album o sheer wonder and brilliance!at over 6 minutes long it truly makes the album have that epic quality finish and brings the entire collection of songs to a full circle.

Please seek this group out and buy this album! there truly is nothing out there quite like it! Believe me i have looked. It is an audio wonder you will want to repeat over and over and over.

Wonderful, Dark, Elemental, Dance, Electronic, Retro, Future thinking....The Naked & Famous are the Kiwi Band that has officially set the standard and template for the year!

a beautiful dark masterpiece!

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on 7 December 2011
"Passive Me, Aggressive You" by The Naked and Famous contains a clever blend of indie rock and electronic music. The vocals in each of the songs convey intense and organic emotion. My favorite song on this collection is "The Sun." "Passive Me, Aggressive You" is best for anyone that is curious to hear unique songs of the indie rock, alternative rock, and or electronica music genres.
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on 4 May 2011
I discovered The Naked and Famous when I bought tickets for Reading Festival and found them in the line-up. After listening to 'Punching in a Dream' and realising I recognised and liked it, I listened to some more and tracks and bought the album.

Fantastic stuff, nothing on the album disappoints. It's upbeat and fun to listen to without being generic pop music. It's music for the summer, music for the beach, music for listening to in groups and for listening individually. I often listen when I'm running and it's a great motivation.

I cannot wait to see them live!
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on 16 September 2011
This album has to be one of my favourites of 2011. Their music is so uplifting and so representative of the direction music is going recently. I love love LOVE it - "Punching a Dream" is such a good song, but my favourite has to be "No Way". On most albums too, you expect there to be a few "filler" songs that aren't really that good, but all the tracks are really, really great.
If you get the chance, see them live too. I've seen them at two festivals and they were unbelievably good!
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on 5 October 2011
An Amazing album. This whole album links together well and builds with each and every track. The singles Young Blood and Punching in a Dream are great tracks, Pop-y and alternative But my personal favorite is the first track All of This. Great album, great band. Buy if you like CSS, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bombay Bicicle Club (people would commonly lump this band with The Temper Trap but I think they only do that as they are from NZ *shrugs*). Or if you enjoy good music... Treat yourself!
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on 15 March 2011
This album is great. The BBC Review team got it wrong this time. Best music from New Zealand for a long time.
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